16.06.19 – The Higher Frequencies Continue to Alter Your Bodies

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“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 19, 2016

“One Who Serves”
Greetings everybody!

This is a different “One Who Serves”, not the usual one who comes through and I have not come through this particular channel before. Even though I sound somewhat the same, we all sound alike. That is just the way it is. But I wish to address this group and those listening on the phone and those who will read these words.

You are going through tremendous changes. Your bodies are experiencing many different frequency alterations. You are going to continue to have these changes within you just as all the people across the planet are also going to have these changes. They are going to experience them in many different ways but they are going to have it never the less.

Many of you are having these experiences now and are not sure of it, not knowing if it is beneficial for you or not. Please understand that it is very beneficial for you. It is not the old aches and pains you have grown used to. It is not something that gets you to head to a doctor or to a hospital or anything of this nature. Of course, if it got to beyond your ability to handle it, that would be a different story. That would be something you would take care of at a different understanding, at a different level.

For most of you it is a change in the frequency that is helping to alter your particular bodies now. Your bodies are going to continue to go through this, as I have said. It is not anything to be concerned about. There are many across the planet who are going to have these experiences as well. They will have a more difficult time with it. As “Sananda” has said many times, you have been acclimated. They have not.

There is going to be discomfiture for many. They will not know what is going on. They will not know what is going on and it will be up to you, more and more, with those who are your loved ones and those acquaintances whenever you have the opportunity. Whenever you can do so. When there is an opening for you. Because they are going to be wondering more and more what is happening. What is going on. What is happening with the world. All of these things.

It is for you to right the ship. It is for you to bring the balance. That is what you came here for. You have been primed and trained for the experiences that are coming up now. Take this understanding and know that the frequencies are going to continue to rise to this Third Wave that has come aboard here or hit the shores you might say. Not fully yet but in the next 2-3 days you will experience more of the shifting of consciousness that is coming with this. This is to allow for the process and continue to allow for this to happen. OK?

I will leave now and allow your normal OWS, if that is a word we can use, will come in here.
Shanti. Peace be with you.

“One Who Serves #2”
Greetings to you.

We are here to continue with the various trainings we have been working with you on. Please understand that this is a training. You are under a rather rigorous training. Not in sense of the bodily training working with the emotional aspect of self as it happened in the Eastern influences. But you are going through training, regardless.

We are going to do all we can to help you through this entire process until you move into Hollow Earth or into the ships or the Cities of Light and all of these things. Then you will be continuing on with the various mentors that will be coming to you. Some of you already have an understanding of this. They are standing by. They are ready to jump into action as soon as the frequencies have risen enough for them to take this action.

You have questions now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”.

Question: For three days last week, “Buddha: said to me to sit under his tree. I am not sure if I should meditate longer or what action to take.

There is not a need to stay longer in your meditation. It is only about, you are believing you are receiving in the moment. The energies are certainly picking up and are continuing to do so. Whenever you can find yourself in a centered state, in nature, in ways you can raise your vibration continue with that. Watch your diet. Drink lots of water. Be in a state of complete relaxation as much as possible. This will all help to move these energies as they come in full force here.

In terms of “Buddha’s” comment, in terms of staying in the moment, in the now. Everything you are dealing with will be much easier. Don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday. Be in the NOW.

Question: My son had a dream where he was shown a left door and a right door. He chose the left door. The Reaper was there and when he went through his body, he shivered. What was that?

Do you believe this was a positive thing?

Comment: Yes. I told my son that an old part of him did and a new part was coming out but I wasn’t sure.

I do believe you did a wonderful job answering this. If you have a sighting of death in a dream, any of you, any of us, any of all, it is a sign that a part of you has gone. It is time to have a new experience, a new life. Congratulations to your boy! This is a wonderful dream. We would expect to hear other dreams in the future where he begins to flesh out what he is building.

Question: How do you know if you are a Lightworker or just a real person?

If you are on this call, you are not a regular, average person. You are a Lightworker because you are here. You are resonating to these types of words and understandings. You would not be here if you were not ready for this.

You can all, all those who resonate to these words, are Star Seed or Light Worker or Light Warrior or any of these different terminologies that have been used. You are the vanguard, the ones who come before. You are the ones preparing the way for all of mankind to follow after you.

Be in the space to acclimate more and more to these energies that come to you.

Question: I believe I am not feeling worthy of Ascension. I am worried that I am not taking in of the Light.

Yes. Take that particular wording and way of thinking and throw it away! It is not useful to you anymore. It does not work in the higher vibrations. As was said earlier in these discussions, feel more into everything. That was a wonderful thing to be shared here and we clapped our hands when we heard this. That is wonderful that you can feel more into vibration and be one with everything.

Stop thinking so much. Thinking is what brought you into this particular illusionary state you are in now. It is time to feel into the Fifth Dimensional experience. Do not think of anything holding you back any more and certainly do not think in terms of being unworthy. There is no one in the entire universe that is unworthy. Because everyone is one with the God Source. We are all one. This is what you need to work with and work on.

Question:How can I tell a real Lightworker from a non lightworker when one who I thought was a lightworker is not exemplifying this?

Apparently you have met someone who does not approach things the way you would imagine a Lightworker would. Lightworkers are made up of humanity. Lightworkers are made up of people who have flaws. They have their own plans for doing things and approaching things.

So we would say to you that if someone is not in resonance with you, if someone speaks or acts in a way that you do not think they should, walk away. Walk away for a period of time. This new energy that is unfolding may change them.

Take care of yourself first, as a Lightworker. If it seems that someone is not in resonance with you, walk away for a period of time and see if they change.

It is the message that counts, not the messenger. Do not become bogged down by particular beings, people, whatever they might be who are bringing messages to those out there. There was a woman early last century, “Madame Blavatsky”. She could be very curt and not one would think of being a spiritual being but she shown from within her light. And that was the best message that needed to be given. And not to throw out the messenger here.

We would strongly suggest not to be in judgment of anyone here or anything out there. It is all one. You all need to come to the understanding that everyone is part of the One Source. You are all brothers and sisters. No one is above or below.

We are all one. OK?

Question: Can you describe the three waves?

Each Wave is to bring in the frequencies more and more. The First Wave that came through was for Lightworkers certainly but was for those who would have been Ascending back in 2012. That did not happen the way you thought it would, the way it was meant to be at that moment. But this particular Wave that came in September was to raise all of your frequencies.

The Second Wave was to take the next group up, the next phase of this Ascension Process. To bring more and more people to awaken. Of course, when this happens, those of the First Wavers were raised even more.

Now the Third Wave is to awaken more people to higher consciousness, higher frequencies. And to raise the frequencies of the First Wavers and the Second Wavers too. Hopefully, everyone is moving up in frequency and maintaining it longer and longer.

Those who are not awakened will experience something that will awaken them. It is not going to be overnight but it will happen. Those of the First Wave are experiencing the energy shift. Think of it as a Tsunami of Love raising consciousness across the planet.

Question: Can you please comment on Obama not making a statement that he was expected to make this week?

Yes. This particular one is still of the Light. He has not gone to the dark side. He has teetered at times. There is ego involved for one in this position. It is very difficult to hold the ego down. It is expected that one shows power and these types of things. Even though this one has not had much power as you might expect for a president. There are so many behind the scenes manipulating him and also those guiding him as well. There are those guiding from the Light and those manipulating from the Dark Side.

He has been going back and forth and has had a difficult time with this life. He came here to do this. This was his calling, his mission. He continues on this mission and there are times that the fragile ego comes in and takes over. This has occurred numerous times here where this one makes changes that are more prominent out there. This particular thing though may take additional work to bring it about. We can only make probabilities based on what is happening now. Sit back and be ready to enjoy the show.

Question: I have had this impression made over the past few days. I am a bird like being, very tall, living in Egypt. I am saying, “Be the Power of Ra, three times, three.” I know I need understanding for this because it is very powerful for me. Help?

Dear One, this is one of your many, many experiences of past lives. One of your many truthful experiences. This is very obvious for you. We are not going to be who tells you exactly what this is for. There is a message in here for you.

We would suggest that you take time to explore this life. Take time to experience to hear these words, feel these words and find out what is happening at that moment. Find out what is special for this life by understanding your past. We know that this is not a lot of information but we can tell you that this is a truthful experience for you. We can tell you that if you meditate deeply on this with the credibility we give you this day saying that this is a real experience for you, you will find where the truth is and how you can apply it to today! OK?

Question: I am hearing pounding on my front door. I answer it and say, come in. What is this?

As we can tell and this is for all, we bring this to a larger population here. This is not specific only to you. There are many experiences that are coming to you already that are wanting to bring the higher awareness to you, as much as possible. In terms of breaking down the door, your higher self wants to communicate more directly with you. In terms of creating a spectacle, a commotion of some type to get your attention. Again, this is for all. You will experience things that are getting your attention. This is to get you to be aware of the frequencies attempting to reach you.

We release channel. Let the energies acclimate in your bodies. Let your feelings get into the mode. Not to so much the analyzing of what is happening but the knowing it, experiencing it. Being it. That is what the idea of being it, is. Simply be at one with your Higher Godself.

Next time we have someone who will be joining you but we cannot say more now.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. As always it is our pleasure to be here with you today.

Two and three years ago we told you that you would be experiencing more and more. We are pleased to hear all of those things which you share with one another today. The raising of the veil. Portals in people’s bedrooms. All types of things that you had never thought of previously. Fewer and fewer conversations about the outside world and more and more about your experience, your manifestation.

Are these not exciting times? We know that as you have these experiences and you share them with one another that it builds credibility for yourself, a worthiness for yourself. Yes. You deserve this dream. You deserve this vision. You deserve seeing all of these things. And yes, it sets you up for even more!

As you continue to work with these energies flowing in now, changing your body, changing your DNA, change your chakras. These are all things that you cannot necessarily manifest. They are happening for you and to you. Everything is exactly where it needs to be. You are doing exactly what you need to do, whatever that is.

Be there to pick up the pieces for friend or family who fall apart and do not understand what is happening in their world, in their homelife, in their body. You have had a wide avenue of experiences in these areas, have you not? You are ready for the position that you have been trained for and that you came in to accomplish.

When you are busy doing the next step, you will look back at these times and think, “Boy, that was such a long time ago!” Yet that was you.

Call out for us in the times to come. We will be happy to be with you. We will be happy to talk with you and to share with you.

We give you our love and our blessings! Namaste

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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