16.04.20 – All Is About To Shift In The Next Few Weeks And Months

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“All Is About To Shift In The Next Few Weeks And Months” – Sananda, One Who Serves and Ashira


“Sananda” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: these messages were given during our Wednesday once per month joint call with

Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on April 20, 2016)



This is ‘Sananda”. Yes, it was possible that there would be another guest here this

evening but alas; you are stuck with me at this time. That is not to say that you will not

have others speaking with you in times to come in this manner and in many other ways as



There are so many sources we are working with right now to bring through so many

messages because this is an immense time that you are moving into. You have been

moving into this for some great time here but the moments you are getting ready for now

is a culmination of all that you have been building toward.


Back in your December of 2012 you expected much. You have been expecting much for

the past several years here as well. Those times are nearly upon you. This is the

“crescendo” I spoke of some time ago. We may have been a little premature at that time

but all of these messages are meant to prepare you, to get you ready. To enable you to be

in a position that not only will you be ready, yourselves, you will be in a position where

you can assist many others.

That is what this all has been about for the Lightworkers, the Light Warriors. This is your

time. Your moment. You have been working for this and preparing for this. Those times

that you have been preparing for so that when they do transpire you will be in a position

to assist others. Those times that you have been waiting for are very close indeed.


You have heard from our brother, Archangel Michael, who spoke through another

source. He spoke about the Waves and about the third Wave coming this summer, 2016.

And when this third Wave comes, those who are not part of the third Wave will not be a

part of the continuing evolution that is happening on this planet. That is for certain. They

cannot be in the frequency that is going to be on this planet very shortly.


You have been preparing and acclimating yourselves to these energies for some time. It

is not always so comfortable to be in these energies, you know. You have many of what

you call Ascension Symptoms but you are making it through.


Think about all of those who have not been acclimating to those energies. They will not

be able to understand or deal with this greater portion when it comes this summer. So you

are going to experience a great deal of new energies coming. So, you will be

experiencing those energies and those that have not been working through this are going

to have the most difficult time with this.


That is not to say that there is anything to be fearful of for it is exactly the opposite for

those of you. It is the time you have been working for. Not only in this last lifetime or

that past few years, but for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. That moment is near now!


So, be ready, my brothers and my sisters because all is about to shift in these next few

weeks, these next couple of months here. You will find that you will easily move along in

the mission that you came here for. We have spoken about this many times. These

missions are yours. This is what you came to do. This is what you are all about!


So, allow yourselves to be in the present moment and work with these energies, work

with the Love for the Love is moving throughout the planet. As we have said, nothing can

stop it now. The Cabal has reached its limits. They still try to hold things back but they

know that they are working at a losing cause. Many of the lower minions, the lower

levels of the Cabal have begun to move into the light. Move back toward the light

because they know also that it is a losing effort. They have chosen to switch sides, you

might say. There are no sides here. There is only the idea of Divinity, Divine Plan and

Divine Order here.


That is all for me this night. Next time we are all together we will likely have my

brother, St. Germain joining us. We may have another too. It will be time to bring out

new messages for the energy is rising and it will be good to have some new

understanding. My dear consort, Lady Nada, has shared with this group that there is a

major happening within the next two weeks and will be in your news. That is very rapidly

approaching as well.


I leave you with my peace and love. Please know that you are never alone. We are

always with you.



“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! You know who this is. This is “One Who Serves”.


We are to be with you now to assist you in any way we can, to be of service because that

is what we do and you are also here to be of service because that is what you do.


The times of service to self are coming to an end for the entire planet. That is not to say

that there will not be a transition though. You have come through your programming

thinking that selfishness is something bad and we would say that this is not quite correct.


You need to find the self-love within yourself and then turn it out to others. As you move

up in vibration you will see that you will be of more service to others existence or

consciousness upon the planet.


The Waves are occurring. You heard of the first two Waves and know the third Wave is

on its way and its going to be a miraculous experience for all of you.


That is our message here. We will not take any more time with message but stand by

with “Ashira” to assist you with your questions.


Question: I am wondering about the incredible rain we are seeing in Houston. What can

you share about this?



Much of what is occurring is the cleansing of the Earth. Moving through the different

dimensional frequencies and into the higher vibrations. As this occurs the Earth is

shifting herself. She is moving into the higher vibrations and you are moving with here.

In order for this to take place, there must be a cleansing. The cleansing is taking place in

the Earth and also within you, your Earth within you. Your Ascension Symptoms and all

these things. So within, so without. The microcosm and the macrocosm, you see?


There will be much more of this with volcanoes, earthquakes and all of this but know that

it is being monitored from those of our friends upstairs. They are holding the more

forceful shifts away here from the people of the Earth. OK?


Question: Many people on Earth have the same name. Does our Higher Self have name

that is designated just for them?



It is interesting that you talk about this. Your Higher Self has its own name, its own

definition. It may be a name that is found somewhere else in the galaxy. We are not going

to say that it cannot be. You will come to know your Higher Self in the months to follow

here. You will have a relationship with that one and you will have full knowledge of that

particular state of being.


So, it is not important to know if anybody else has that name because it is most

important to build a relationship with that one, with yourself.



We would add what is in a name? That is why we go by “One Who Serves” to keep the

idea of attachment out of the picture as much as possible. That is not to say that we do not

have our names, we do.


And your Higher Self has a name and you, yourself, have a name but it is all about the

resonance. The vibration rather that is brought up by this name. As you come into the

Higher Vibration of yourself, your name will be fully revealed to you. It is about the

frequency, the vibration that comes about because of this name. OK?


Question: We have been told that we are gods and goddesses and that we can heal.

However, I am not being successful in healing my eyes. What can you share with me?



We can give you an answer that will work with all for many have very similar types of

questions. They talk about hands on healing and some seem to be able do it and others

ask why can’t I do it?


We would say simply that you can do it but you simply have been programmed that you

cannot. The more you hold onto that programming, the more it affects your thinking and

your healing process.


The more you believe, the more you will see. This was given to you purposely so that

you can change the programming within you. You have all believed the programming

from the Cabal that says, “Seeing believes”. You have created that in your mind and you

have lived that in your lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.


Now you are in a space where this all shifting and as you raise up in these vibrations you

will be able to utilize your Higher Godself working through you. He (Yeshua) said, “It is

not me that doeth these works but the Father through me.”


So your energy flows from your Higher Godself down through you but if you are not in a

high enough vibration you cannot handle those energies coming in. It is a consciousness

type of thing. The Higher Conscious you achieve, the higher vibration the greater your

ability to heal yourself and others. Not only will you heal bodies but also heal their minds

and their emotions. All of this!



Basically, the energy is here and it is right. As you continue to rise up you will continue

to do more and more of those abilities that you have as a god. Gods and goddesses

indeed! Masters of planets and solar systems. Healing your body is actually very simple

and something you will be doing in the very near future.


Comment: Testimony for Plug!



We appreciate you for sharing this. This is part of the old technology that is being re-born

on the planet now. Many devices will be making their entry soon. These are devices of

the higher vibration. They cannot work in the 3D world that the Cabal has kept you

somewhat enslaved within.


So, as you move up in the higher vibrations you will see many more of these types of

things but this one you speak of, the “Plug”, is extra ordinary but it is a precursor for

what is coming.


Question: I looked up into our skies recently and saw a large ship. What was it?



Those who have eyes to see is something we use a lot within this group! You have had an

opportunity to see Galactic ships within your sky. This is more than something you

would observe. This is a ship that part of you is working on in your soul travels as well.


So, you would, no doubt, feel a strong attachment for this ship. Be grateful for the

experience and know that you are having many more experiences of seeing ships in your




We would say that this is only the beginning. Not only for you who asked the question

but for so many. It is going to be so much greater than this. You are going to see so many

things in the skies. Some are getting a precursor and indeed, as “Ashira” said, it is for

those who have the eyes to see. As your vibrations increase, you will be using your Third

Eye and not your physical eyes so much. OK?


Question: What will happen to those people who did not raise their vibration with the

Third Wave?




As this occurs all will be right. All will be where they are supposed to be. To be in the

right place at the right time and in the particular frequency they need to be in. If they


choose not to be part of the evolution they will be accommodated in whatever level they

need to be.


Question: What can you tell us about the Declaration presented to the Dark Forces by

galactic counsels a couple of days ago? They were given a 48 hr. time frame.



They have received this warning, as you said. It is in process. They have said either yes

or no, depending on the guidance here. If they say yes, then they will be coming more

toward the light and will be taken care of in this respect.


If they say no, then that is there right and they will be accommodated that way also. We

try to not get too involved with activities behind the scenes. From your perspective you

have whistle blowers and the like but we have our hands tied sometimes. We cannot do

what we are not allowed to do and we have the Prime Directive to operate within as well.

That is all we can say on this at this time. The Councils are meeting and all is happening

right now.


Question: How do I handle being reminded that I am not healed?




Again, this is a continuation of the program within you. Again to all that are listening.

This is for those who have been told they are healers and yet when they go to do it, it

does not happen. It does not happen because you have a belief somewhere down in you

that says you cannot do it.


Until that belief becomes a firm understanding that nothing can hold us back and there is

nothing that can keep the healing from happening, then a healing will occur. So, it is just

as the Master Yeshua with the healings he did, it was not him who did the healing but the

Father who worketh through him to bring these healing energies through. If the person

who was being healed did not believe or were programmed to not believe, they reverted

back to where they were. You see? It is the same thing here now.


This is the key people. Raise your vibrations through all the ways that have been given

you. See the beauty all around you. See what is wonderful in your life. Be thankful. Be

grateful for all that is in your life. And on and on. There are so many ways to raise your

vibration. Just do it and you will be amazed at the miracles that begin to happen in your



Question: Is it normal to feel out of place with my feelings of inadequacy? I feel like I am

in judgment of others and judgment of myself and don’t know how to get out of this. I

heard Sunday night, “Let me born anew”.



When you say you wish to be born anew, visualize the Violet Flame and as the Violet

Flame moves through you, step out of your body and into the Violet Flame. If you cannot

do this directly, do it in your mind and visualize it. Move into the Violet Flame and let

that purge you completely. Within that Flame you will be born anew.


All the old will be purged away. The old ways. The old paradigms. All the negativity is

purged by this Violet Flame. St. Germain has given this to be used by all. Use this and

you will do much to increase your rate of vibration.



We would just add that you need to be nice to yourself. Everybody has their attachments

that they are working with. Everybody feels a sense of apprehension. This group was

asked Sunday about who was ready for Ascension and nobody raised their hands!

Everybody has their own quandary about being prepared.


And we, with the greatest of love, that every one of you is doing things perfectly, in

Divine Order and in time given to them. So, in addition to working on transmuting of

things before you , be in forgiveness. Be in love.


As you go forward know that you are letting go of the old, embracing the new and

allowing it to manifest for you. OK?



We wish to add one think here. For all of you who are resonating on this call, you are

already on the Ascension pathway. You are already in the game. There is not one of you

who will be held back unless you decide to hold yourself back. You are all ready for it.

You are all worthy of it. So, let it go, peoples, let it be! OK?


Question: I am worried about my husband being “ready”.



There is not going to be anyone left behind. No one is going to be judged as not ready.

No one will be left behind who wants to go. Nobody will be in a position of not working

hard at this.


There is no working hard at it. There is just doing…just being. It is “effortless effort”.

That’s what it is. This is the reason for the mentors down the road. You are not supposed

to know how to do this Ascension thing. You are just a baby walking through this.


Question: There are volcanoes and earthquakes going on. Could we as the H.E.N. family

mitigate this?



Dear Sister, there is so much love out there to mitigate all of this. You have all the

consciousness of those on the planet and all of your brothers and sisters up there. The

Ascended Masters, the Company of Heaven, all are assisting here. Because we were able

to go against the Prime directive a bit, we were able to mitigate what could be happening

here. Because if we didn’t have the situation playing out as it is today, this would have

been over some time ago.


The Cabal was running on the direction of destruction and that would have been

disastrous here. But it was not to be. So, don’t be concerned. Everything is happening in

Divine Moment in Divine Time. Just as it needs to.


Question: My neighborhood dogs seem to be quieter now that I put the “Plug” in my

home. What other great ideas do you in how to use it?



Remember that your house is covered to five feet within your home. This past Sunday

people were talking about pests and how the pests were affected by the “Plug”. Pests

were determined to be something that is bothering you. What is getting on your nerves?


For some people those were pigeons. For others it might be lizards. Others it might be

bugs. For you it might be dogs. To see this working with dogs in your area is very



If you haven’t read what Anne has on her pages about this item, you may give it a quick

read. You might find other things to do with this item. There are people who report that

their cut flowers last much longer. There are those who report a drop in dust in their

home. We appreciate the good news you have and look forward to more good news

coming from you!



It is important that you continue to work with this device, the “Plug”. We look forward to

more testimonials that can help others as they wake up to these types of energies. These

are ancient technologies, as we have said many times but it is also the new technology.

These new vibrations will do many things that you have not ascertained yet.


It is also about feeling good. When you move from a negative building, a negative car or

the like into a positive one how do you feel? In your neighborhood you may only have a

couple of “Plugs” but it is spread in different ways. When you have a “Plug” and your

cell phone, you can transfer that energy to the next one and the next one. You see there

are millions that have been affected by this little tiny plug. It is all fed by one, Lemurian

Crystalline Device.


Question: I see a portal outside my body that opens and shuts very quickly. /where does it

take us to?



Whenever you talk about portals, there are many different kinds, many different types

going to many different destinations. There are many that are for consciousness and

others to go to destinations. Many different things.


The particular one that you are speaking of is an internal portal, within yourself. This can

take you very deeply within your own consciousness. We caution you to make sure you

have a great deal of protection and your guides with you. If you have your Higher Self,

that is also beneficial here.


You are being introduced to this more and more. This is an answer for all who wonder

about portals. Some are wondering what to do with a portal that showed up. Others are

wondering why they don’t have one. As you move up in vibration you will see more

portals and gateways. They will become very familiar to you. You will have the memory

of how to work with these in the process.


Again, you will be incredibly amazed when all of these things begin to happen.


Question: What is the basis of the reval that is coming?



We could spend hours and hours talking on this, my friend. There is so much information

for you to read out there to see where things are and where they are not. Everything will

unfold when it is supposed to. And everything is going to unfold in the same time,



There is an “Event” that some people speak about. There are actually many “Events”

which happen so close together that it seems like one. The reval, NESARA, GESARA

will impact everybody. It is not only for the 3D world because you are out of that! We are

talking about increasing wealth, manifestation and giving everyone on the planet a

balance of heart and harmony.


In this move everything that is owed, gets wiped away. It gives everyone an opportunity

to walk around the pathway of new money. This needs to come! It is spiritual, yes!

Initially it will give you an opportunity to achieve things you wanted to achieve.


As you move down the road there will be no need for money. Your intention is so clean

that everything you do created life for you in every way.


Question: What can you tell me about Monatomic Gold?



This Monoatomic Gold is a higher vibration material. This has been lost over the past

thousands of years because the Cabal decided they did not want it here anymore. They

wanted it removed to more easily keep you as slaves here. To keep you from freedom. To

keep you from your own Ascension process here.


It was taken from you and whenever somebody wanted to use it, they put that person

down until they lost interest in it. Now things are changing. Many are hearing about this.

You are reading about this and silver and much more that is to come.


The gates are opening people, the floodgates. As this happens you are going to see so

many healing devices and oils and liquids. These have been held back but their time is



You are right. Pyramids were not made by slaves and large blocks were not rolled up

hills. They were not used as tombs except in some very strong cases. Plus the energetic


connection here where the Egyptian Pyramids connected with pyramids around the




We will close our part of this. As you continue moving forward toward the crescendo in

the summer of this year all of this will come to you. Your frequency is rising

dramatically. There will be 4th of July fireworks like none before!


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!



I am “Ashira”. I will close this evening.


All of those in this audience know that we are here to support you. We are here to share

with you We are here to love you.


Feel your heart area and your high heart chakra extend from your body. Feel it as it grows

more and more and begins to process that energy. Take the time to invite those who serve

you personally. Invite the Archangels and Ascended Masters to come and be with you.


We so want you to feel loved at this moment. We so want you to be forgiving of yourself.

And be ready to move forward with great joy. These are wondrous times and we are so

grateful to be able to share these times with you and to lead you along the path.


Answering questions helps but we hope that you feel “One Who Serves” and myself

beside you. Sharing with you, caring with you and loving you. We let it be so.


We close this with our peace and our love. Namaste.



Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco



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