16.01.24 – “Come Join Us In This Celebration Of Light”!

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“Come Join Us In This Celebration Of Light”! – (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira)

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on January 24, 2016)


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Wonderful to be here again with you in this way. You are music to our ears as we hear you chanting like this. It is wonderful. Do you not feel the energies here when you do this? Do you feel the excitement building within you? We feel the excitement building within us. We know what is coming and we are readying and preparing for it.

But we also know that the collective you are grows weary and tired. And we wish for you to understand that all of this is coming to an end or as many wish to look at this as a new beginning. You are in the very ending stages.

There are those levels on the planet that are continuing to hold this back. As much as they can they are throwing out all the stops. They are doing everything they can to keep this from happening.

You, yourselves, know that it cannot be stopped from happening any longer. You have come here for this purpose. You have come here to bring this collective consciousness up onto the higher heavens of their own being. You are the ones that are doing this. You have heard this many times.

But there are those forces at work that are attempting to hold this back to keep you from having your Ascension. Because they know that as you have your Ascension, they are finished. Their day in the sun, you might say, is gone. If it were up to them, they would have no sun whatever. They would be in complete darkness because that is where they find their peace, their comfort in the darkness.

But you, yourselves, find your peace and comfort in the Light. And this is becoming a Planet of Light. You are the ones who are spreading this Light. And we want you to understand more and more how important you are when you do these experiences.

We have been doing these meditations for a long time. But now you are joining us. We have called this the Celebration of Light in the past and you are now celebrating along with us in celebrating this Light, in bringing this Light and sharing it across the planet.

It is important now for you to know that you are in the expression of change within you that is moving to its ultimate, what Sanat Kumara spoke of as the movement of consciousness. You are feeling this and experiencing this.

We are noticing that there are more and more coming forward and speaking about this. That they are having their initiation or a part of it or a portion of it.

The full ramifications have not come yet but it is coming. You are all going to feel this at one point or another. Some more than others but you are all going to experience it.

Those of us who mentor to you already have our celebrations. We have been celebrating for some time now. We are ready to include you in this celebration. We know that as you ready for your celebration that you need to work just a little bit longer to move the energies through meditations and energy movements just a little bit longer.

And all will come true as it has been given. There is nothing now that can hold this back. They can attempt to. They can send their chemicals into the air. They can try to block the sun. How ridiculous is this? How ludicrous is this? That beings here on the planet can even begin to think they can block the sun?

You see it is not possible but they think in their ignorance, in their black magic and these things, that they can hold this off. But they can no longer do it. Ascension is going forward. Many of you have Ascended but have not caught up with it yet in your mind. But it has happened and you will have more and more of the full knowing if it.

That is our message here, as One Who Serves. We will turn this over to question and answer now with “Ashira” who is standing by.

Question: I can use help and I am sure I am not the only one who needs support with working with ones who are not awakened. I feel intolerance many times. What is your advice?



Very good question. “Ashira” would you like to take this first?



You have been in this group for more than a year and you have heard us talk about spoon feeding. Spoon feeding. Feeding small amounts of information when you have the opportunity, when the questions are asked. Intolerance is not something you want to put energy into is it?

What we will say to each and every one of you is to stay awake! Stay aware. And remember that all of these beings upon the planet are to be awakened at their time. When the Grand Initiation takes place then all in this room, on the phone will be spoon feeding these people. Sharing with them what you know in bite-sized pieces.

In that way you can awaken them but this is not an awakening you are in charge of. This is their own soul’s experience. As “OWS” said, “This is the time when all of this is happening.”



We would add here that your use of the word here, intolerance, is this not a 3D terminology that you use here? Along with frustration? Along with disappointments? All if these types of things are 3D constructs, programming, part of the illusion that has been created here.

And if you, yourselves rise above this or as we continue to assist you in rising above this do not look at the situation out there with frustration. Look at it with love. Love within your heart. And share that love with all you come in contact with. And even those you do not come in contact with.

You see there is no place for frustration. We are not frustrated with you so why would you be frustrated with any other individuals out there? Whether they are members of the Cabal or whatever they are they are regular human beings. They are experiencing their own experience of consciousness in whatever moment there are in. And they are wanting, some of them, in their deepest level to come back to the Light. They are just not aware of it at their conscious, knowing self-level.

So the more you can assist in sending them love and light, sending all love and light with no difference. For within the Creator, Him, Her, Itself, Prime Creator there is no difference, there is only neutrality. Love for all beings, all life.

Does this answer your question? Yes it does.


Question: I believe that all those situations you spoke of are attachments. I have been experiencing intolerance in myself and know I need to continue to learn the lessons. I need to know how to let go of that and how to listen when those who don’t walk their path give me advice.


There is a simple rule. You know it as the “Golden Rule”. Love others as you would love yourself. Think for a moment, dream if just a little bit, what if all on the planet would do this? What if they would look at another being with love because they feel love within themselves? They would love that other one because of the way they feel about themselves. In the understanding that they are already in love with themselves.

It is easier said we know. You are not here to learn lessons; we have spoken about this before. That is not why you are here at this time. Other times yes but not in this moment now.



Your lessons are basically over here. Now we know this might cause some concerns being that we are not done with our karma and all of these types of things. But you are done with the karma. You have contracts and you will honor those if you want to and you can change those if you want as well.

But know that it is simply love of another being, love of yourself and all will take care of itself. Going with the flow of the energy moving through you.

This is why we have been speaking of this. Just “go with the flow”. “It is what it is”. “Be who you are”. All of this is wonderful. And all of these sayings, if you say them will take you out of the attachment about which you speak of.

For it is the attachments that are holding you back from your full Ascension. You see? Does this answer your question?


Anything to add, “Ashira”?


We were waiting to see if you answered her question.

Comment/question: I just wanted to add that I believe it’s a conscious awareness that we lack that keeps us attached.

Even though we say that many of you have Ascended but do not realize it yet, there are still those working on attachments. Be nice to yourself. Give yourself a break.

We cannot do for others. We cannot change others. We cannot do for them what they need to do for themselves. What is yours is yours.

You have a wonderful example of what you wish to be and when you falter, step up, brush yourself off and say, you are doing a good job! Alright?



We wish to add here now, speaking in the now, all will take care of itself when you have your mentors introduced to you more directly. They will assist you in many respects of working with this attachment situation here. You will come to find that it is not as big a deal as you thought it was. That many of these attachments were not there anyway.

This is the same as there is no spoon from “The Matrix”. It is one in the same. These are the lessons you are here to learn. Not to overcome your karma or anything of this nature! You are here to learn the lesson of love and expressing that love to all that you come in contact with. Starting with yourself.

Would there be further questions?


Question: Can you offer any guidance about healing and self-healing?


Self-healing comes from within. If you believe you are a whole being who is perfectly healthy, you will become so. It is “believing is seeing”.

You have come to be programmed over a long period of time that you must see it to believe it. But it is exactly the opposite. And as you are moving into the higher vibrations it becomes even more so.

Believe that you are whole. Believe that you are healthy. And you will be! Believe that you can see and you will see. Believe that you can hear and you will hear. It is simply that because you are Creator Beings! You are one and the same with the Creator. We are all one in the same with the Creator. And being that oneness with the Creator, we all have that creative ability. You see?

If you could only believe that you have that creative ability within you to create anything you want in your life, you would do so! We have said this many times now in many different ways. Maybe one of these days we will get through here, through the miasma that is all around you like knocking on a brick wall sometimes.

Trust yourselves. Believe in yourselves. You are the Creator of your own being. Be the Creator of your own life.

Ashira, would you add here?



You are all gods and goddesses. We have talked about this before as well. You are each Creators of your lives and also Creators of universes and worlds. Each of you has infinite powers. Each of you has the ability to do as “OWS” has said. Create your life. Create your body. Create your world exactly as you choose to.



We are glad you brought that up, Ashira, in terms that you are creators of worlds. If you would look back into your lifetimes, if you would do past life regressions you would find that sometime before your human existence on this planet or in this solar system that you would find that you have done exactly that. You have created worlds!

This one, James, who we speak through, had an experience where he remembered he was a world Creator. He had a world at his beckoning. That was pretty astounding as we remember here when he was experiencing this. But it was to show that you are so much more than what you have been programmed to believe you are, what you are here in this life.

Would there be other questions?


Question: Does this come down to the phrase we discussed last week, “I AM”?


Believe you are and you are. What is your saying, “You are what you eat”, and all those types of things? This is all the programming that has been built into you. You are what you are. And nothing more. And nothing less.

So, believe in the ultimate within you, the idea of being unlimited, and you will be unlimited. You fly in your dreams, do you not? What if you could fly like the birds do? Well you can. You can if you just believed you could do it. Somewhere along the way you were told you had to have a contraption around you, with wings and things of this nature.

You do not! You simply need to believe there is no gravity holding you down. But you have heard from the Newton source that if you drop an apple it falls. See? Erroneous programming to create this matrix that you have become accustomed to.

It is time to be “Neos” people. It is time to break out of the Matrix. It is time to become the ONE!

Anything to add, Ashira?


No. You have done a great job!


Yes. We think so too! Getting our spunky back again.

​ (laughter)​

Any further questions here?


Question: Is there a good practice to start and complete my day for the most positiveness?


What we would share is gratitude. Wake up in the morning full of gratitude. You have the opportunity to make this day. Make it what you want it to be. Think about all the positive things that you say to yourself.

You can look in the mirror and be gracious and full of gratitude for the day your about to have commence. Sieze the day in your mind. Be of a positive nature and at the end of the day, be in gratitude. Thankful for all that went your way. Being thankful for all that unfolded in your day. Grateful to all the people you have shared with.

You are a gift in your daily work. You are a gift every day to those who surround you. You are a gift. Be in gracious gratitude for that.



Yes. The simple affirmation that can be used each time given by our dear brother, Zorra, “It is a wonderful and glorious day today. What a wonderful and glorious day this is!”

Whatever it is that you wish to say but know, as Ashira has said, it is a day to be grateful for! It is another moment to be grateful for! And each one after that and each one after that.

If you are grateful in this way, moment to moment, and find the joy in each of those moments as you can. What a change in your life you will experience. And a complete letting go of the attachment process here will result from this.

Any further questions here now?


Question: I have been getting that Feb. 15 is a significant date. Can you comment on that?


Oh, here we are. One who is looking for a date and time and all of this. We hesitate to give any sense of dates because, as we have said previously, it all can change. We can say Feb. 15 or Jan. 25, tomorrow, or whatever it is, as soon as we say it, it changes. Because it is up to the collective consciousness of all who are involved in that date.

Since you are speaking about a date for major changes to come to the Earth, you are talking about the collective consciousness of the entire planet. Much can change, can it not? But you see there is so much energy that is already in motion here? It’s like a speeding train. Can you stop it by simply putting your hand up and saying stop? No.

Yes, you can! You can’t if you don’t believe that you can. You can do anything you want if you believe you can do it! Does this answer your question?

Question: I have tried everything to quit smoking. Someone told me I needed a karma clearing. Are we still in the grips of that kind of karma?


As you asked that question we heard a collective sigh in the room here. Because the idea of karma is the program that has been given you. It is only there if you believe it is there. If you believe you cannot stop smoking without another assisting you then that is what it will take. But if you believe that you can stop it because it is not what you want to continue to feel an attachment to then you will stop it. You see?

Karma is a construct of programming in the 3D illusion. It is not something we wish for you to focus on because if you do, you will stay in that realm. As soon as you say within yourself, and you believe this completely, that there will no longer be need for karma. Not only for yourself but for the entire planet will be through with this, be beyond it!

You do not need to dot every “I” and cross every “T”. It is not necessary. Only if you believe it is necessary.

So we would say to you, get off the Wheel of Karma. We can see this contraption, the mouse runs around this ring and goes nowhere. You see the picture we are creating here? It continues to run and run and goes nowhere. This is the Wheel of Karma that you are on. Until you are ready to jump off, you will be on it.


But that jumping off is up to you. See?


Dear friend, you heard of the “I AM” statements this week as last. Put the “I AM” power behind your belief system. You “I AM” power behind your statements in this area.

Know that you are the one who creates your life in all areas. This is your power.

“I AM a non-smoker”. “I AM free of smoking”.

You may not see it happen overnight but you will become a non-smoker as you see yourself as one. Does that help?



Remember when Luke Skywalker was “trying” to raise the ship from the water? What did Yoda say? “Don’t try, do!”

So we say, don’t try do!

Simply let it go! Don’t look to others to raise their hands above you or clear you in any way. Simply let it go!

Luke raised his hand and raised the many ton ship out of the water and you can do the same, out of you! If you only believe enough. See?

Question: I don’t have anything to compare to and I believe I am in the 4th dimension. I understand that heaven is 4D too and I have been trying to connect with my son who passed a while ago. Why have I not been able to connect with him?



First, heaven is not the fourth dimension. There are so many levels of what you would call heaven in your three dimensional or fourth dimensional states.

Where are you now? We would say that you are not in the fourth dimension. You are not in the third dimension or the fifth dimension. You are going between them all. You see?

You have all Ascended already. Each one in this room. Each one listens on the telephone. Most of you who would read these words and resonate to them, have already Ascended. And you may be wondering why you cannot see those who have already passed on into the continuing existence called Life.

We would say to you that you can see them. They are there yet you do not believe it. Your mind has not caught up with this understanding yet. Your brain continues to hold onto the programming. Your chakras continue to hold onto the programming. The programming that has been brought up from all of your past lives here. You have bought into all of this.

It is time now to move beyond this programming. To let it all go. To raise the ship out of the water. It is all time for you to do this!

You will find the way we work here is that we do not come right out and give you an answer. We won’t say X marks the spot. If we give you exactly what you are looking for then we would be doing it for you. We will never do it for you. That is not what we are here for. We can guide, nudge and assist you in helping yourself. We are held back by the Prime Directive as well.


Question: Is it possible that she might find a connection with her son through a medium?

We chuckle at this. Ashira, would you like to answer?


I am chuckling as well. Mediums can be beneficial to one who feels compelled to contact one to help with the relationship. It is not a lot different from what we do.

If one feels compelled and all the circumstances fall into place for that to happen then it can be a good thing. It is really up to the one who is calling for that to feel and to know if that is the right thing for them to do.



We would add to this that if you wait a short time that particular question will be answered in due time here. You will experience connection with all who have passed over if you wish. They are all there and ready to experience the celebration along with us! In whatever level of expression they find themselves. All come together.

We must release channel here.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am Ashira.

What a wonderful gathering today. A wonderful gathering of new people who have joined this group today. We smile as we see all coming together, sharing with one another.

This is indeed a time of new beginnings. Can you feel the energy in this room? This is the time of the New Earth structure. We speak week about the mentors and all the great things you are looking forward to and yet today is a gift.

Today is a gift of all of those who have come here to be with you. Today is a gift that opens more doors than you can even imagine. Today is the day that all of those portals from around the world to Inner Earth spring open to share with you.

To see the Light of Hollow Earth, Middle Earth, Inner Earth spring forth. You will hear stories and tales in the week and weeks to come from those who come from the world from which I come from. Coming to the surface to share more. You will see images you take of yourself and others and you will see us as well.

These are wondrous times, my friends. These are remarkable times. And seeing those who picked up on the messages to be here today this is only a step on the road of brilliance in the weeks to come.

We are excited about this year. We are excited about all of you. We are excited to see as each of you goes forth this week and shares with others of the love and the heart that you have here today.

We give you our blessings and our peace. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco




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