15.11.08 – Those Times Are Coming

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Those Times Are Coming

Prepare for Change Group

Glendale, AZ

November  8, 2015

Dr. Susan Sammarco-“Ashira”

James McConnell-“One Who Serves”


Greetings to you. Good to be with you here again, always in this way. So enjoy these times when we are in camaraderie with you. And you have understood and we have said many times that we are looking forward to being with you more fully and personally. Those times are coming.

We know from your discussions and such that you get a little disconsolate sometimes, a little frustrated, no? And that is understandable because of all that you have been through in your various sojourns, your journey of life. And in many of the lifetimes that you have been through.

All of this is coming to an end you might say. It is now the beginning of another chapter of your life here. And all of this is right around the corner. That is all we can say here on this now. We know you have heard these things before. We know there is concern about elections and all of these things that are some of the old ways, some of the old paradigm seeping through.

But, is the old paradigm going to continue to seep through and we would say, no! No, it is not. The old paradigm is gone. The new paradigm is here. The new consciousness, the new understanding, this is what you are moving toward. This is what you are building toward within yourself and you know once you find it within self, you are also finding it outside of self. It is for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Just as you have been having in your discussion about having the eyes to the sky to see something that the others would not see because of who you are and where you are in your conscious development here. So, we say more and more it is time to look at the skies. Things are going to be changing. You are going to see more. Where you may not have seen before you are going to get the glimpses now. They are going to be there more and more. Those who have had these glimpses before are going to have more of them. Where there were those who have not seen they will also begin to see these many experiences coming to their understanding here.

That is our message for this time. Would you have questions here for “OWS” and “Ashira” who is standing by? Know that last time you did not ask questions because of your many opportunities to do so. Now is your opportunity!

Question: I notice when I am drifting off to sleep or when I am meditating my voice box seems to make a noise. I am wondering if this is a physical thing happening or something else?



We’re going to turn this first one over to “Ashira”, if she is ready.



I am ready. Indeed! These are experiences that you have not had a lot of but they are becoming more vital for you. This is an experience of your chakra that is being worked on in this area. As the work continues to open this area release your jaw and allow it to express whatever it chooses to express.

It is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. It means that you are opening to those things that you have planned and experienced and invite into your life. Does that make sense? Yes. Thank you.

You are welcome. Bless you.



As always allow for the process to move through you. This is for all. Allow the process to move within you. Go with the flow here. As much as you possibly can.

Other questions here?

Question: I have spent the last couple of weeks simply asking for signs. I have had a lot more showing. Can you elaborate on this?



Yes! It is important for all to understand now that as these changes and processes continue on to allow for them to occur. Be expectant. Be expectant in the present moment that all of these things are happening and changing and that you are a part of this entire process. Being a part of this entire process, of this entire organization that is going on, that you are in the position to have these glimpses, as we have been saying for some time now, that you are having these glimpses. They are showing you, they are preparing you for these changes that are happening within you. Does this help here? Yes.



Yes, I would. We want to add congratulations for keeping your camera alive! For capturing these moments for yourself and for others as well. For sharing with this group and with others as you have done.

Question: Will we begin mentoring after the third wave?



You are speaking of once your Mentors show up and then you become the Mentors yourself? This is coming and depending on what wave you say here, we cannot say at this point because it is a continuing process and will continue to be so. There will be many waves of consciousness and these things coming in. And this will continue.

But that does not mean that it will culminate at any one given time. It is not the third wave or the fourth or the fifth or whatever that might be. It is a continuing program that is happening. Yet at some time, you spoke of it earlier when you spoke of the resonance here on Gaia, the Earth, and this is continuing to increase very dramatically as we find it. As the people on the planet are resonating with that frequency, which is very important here, it will be time to bring about these changes in financial movement and all of these things. Of course, with the financial movement coming there will be these various removals of those who held this back as well as Disclosure about the Extraterrestrials as well as all of the revealing of the truth here. All of this is a part of the whole here.

Anything to add here, Ashira?



No, I do not think so. Thank you.



Would there be any other questions here?

Question: What can you share about the three earthquakes we have had here?



You mean are you going to have the “Big One” here?  No, you are not going to have the big quake. That is not for here. That is not even for California at this moment. So, there is no concern for this. But that does not mean that there will not be tremblers here and there to keep thing going a bit. To keep going with the flow. For the Mother Gaia herself to keep going through her processes to cleanse, to move into the entire vibration more permanently.

These things will continue. You do not have anything to be concerned about here in your area, in Arizona. But in other areas maybe a little bit here and there. Nothing again to be concerned about. All is being orchestrated and being worked on by those who have the technology to do so. So, on the one hand you have the various Cabal doing their dastardly deeds and trying to upset everything here but you have the ones of the Light counteracting all of this. See?

Anything to add here, Ashira?



By George, I think you got it!



Any further questions?

Question: I know that Mother Earth is being cleansed but isn’t there a point where we won’t be here to help her return to her pristine state?

Yes. At one point this is still a possibility but it will be well after the changes have occurred. If this is necessary you will be lifted into ships or go to Hollow Earth. That is not at this time though, certainly. Thank you!

Question: I live in Alaska and it seems that when it is dark and cloudy there are a lot of jets going over in the air. I know we have that HAARP thing going. Are these dastardly deeds?



It is not so much the dastardly deeds here but there are also training exercises going on everywhere. These training exercises have increased in many respects. They are training as they regularly do but it has increased as we find it. There is nothing to be concerned about here at this moment.

Anything to add, Ashira?

You mentioned the HAARP situation. That situation on the planet has been destroyed in many ways. It has been taken out of service. That is not something to be concerned about at this time.

There are other ways and means of affecting the weather by those of the Cabal. But

HAARP is nothing that you need to be concerned about now or for your future.



Question: Our dog is having seizures and has been sick since last night. What can I do?



As we visit this dear one, we know that we have talked about getting off medications as this Ascension is being made. There is medication that will assist this dog in his efforts to move through the seizures.

What can you do? You can give him energy Reiki style throughout his body. You may need to take him to a veterinarian for bloodwork. See what he requires. We do not believe this is an emergency today but it is something you need to take care of this coming week. All right?

Bless you. Bless him. We will be with you today.

Question: I was meditating and I felt myself rise and I got scared. What can you say?



“OWS” did you want this one?


OWS: “It’s why we stayed quiet! It is yours”


Ashira“: We appreciate the balance between all of us in answering questions.

As you move up in a meditation it is not something that you are accustomed too. This is an area that is trying to open you to greater experiences, greater understandings. Say to yourself those things which bring you comfort as you move into your meditative state. Know that you are surrounded by this beautiful golden, white light that you are protected by. Know that the golden, white light pillar here moves into our phone audience and those who read or listen to these words in days to come. This golden, white light that is developed by this group reaches out across the world.

As you come into your period of meditation and you feel a sense of rising see yourself moving into this golden, white light. Allow that experience to take you where it will take you. Know that you are protected thoroughly and completely. See what this has to show you!

Does that make sense, dear one? Yes!

Question: On Wednesday, 11/11, I am not quite sure I understand if the 11:11 am or the 11:11pm will be more powerful. What can you share?

Yes. There is a very magical moment with this 11/11. It is a gateway where energy process continues to come into the Earth to move through you. And this is a continuing program in process.

This particular day that you are speaking of, since we are not giving dates anymore, is it more important than any other day? No, not necessarily. It is not something that you will see directly. It is more of those things which are happening behind the scenes. More of those things that are happening at an energetic level. As well as those things that are happening at the three dimensional and fourth dimensional as well. And those that are working with all of these processes.

It is not something to necessarily “hang your hat on” for this particular day. But it is another day and another movement of consciousness because of this. Does this answer your question? Very well. Thank you.

Any further questions here now?

Question: Can you explain what the beams of light and the rainbows that are around the sun are?


It is certainly the rising of the frequencies, the rising of vibration here on the planet as well as those that are witnessing this. It is for those who are seeing this and those who are aware of it. Like we have been saying, “Those who look at the sky and see the beauty and those who look at the sky and see nothing different here.”

This is something though that is going to increase and increase and increase and more are going to become aware of this. This is also part of the great Disclosure that has been spoken of here. All part of the same orchestration here. It will increase dramatically here as we move forward.

Anything to add here, Ashira?

We would say that you are looking into the skies expecting to see. You are looking at the skies with eyes to see. All of you in this room and on the phone, you look into the sky and there is a wonder about it. There is a wonder about the color. There is wonder about the sounds. There are wonders about all of the planet as she wakens to her new dimensions.

As you see with the eyes of one who knows it is happening and you capture that and share it with others as we said earlier. This is what you have and part of what you bring. This is your gift, dear one.



And what is the saying that goes along with this? Believing is seeing! Yes. Very important!

Any other questions here before we release channel?

Then we are going to release channel.  It is important to all, those who listen or read these words, to not become entrenched in all that is going on now. Do not become caught up in the quagmire of fear that is being brought out by all the disinformation that you read on the Internet. Or that you hear about. You will hear more and more of these things. They are increasing somewhat. Become aware but do not become entrenched in it.

Be aware but do not let it bring your frequency vibration down.

Continue to look for the beauty all around. Be in gratitude as much as possible. Everything will take care of itself and you will continue to be part of this great orchestration that is happening.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira and I close this day.

Remember, each of you that this is a journey you are walking. The experiences that you have you are having in your own life. This is a culmination of lives upon this planet. It is a culmination of your experiences, a culmination of that which you came to do.

As “OWS” says, allow these things to unfold in you and as you, as you move along this path. This is something you can share with others as they are opening up to the wonders upon the planet.

Much has been said today about those beautiful sights that you are seeing. Much about those activities that are going on. We would also share that this not the time to get caught up in3D activities. It is time for you to move forward on your path. It is time to be that New Being upon the New Planet. Build it the way you see it!

All of these things are happening according to the Plan, the Divine Plan. Do not lose faith. Follow the Plan. Day by day. Night by night.

Dear Ones, we love you. Love yourself. Know the world is moving forward in love.

We give you our peace and blessings. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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