15.10.25 – “Believing is Seeing” !!!

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Believing Is Seeing!

“The Changes You Are Waiting For Have Already Happened At the Higher Vibrations” – (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on  October 25, 2015)


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! It is wonderful to be here with you as always. We always welcome this time when we can be together to feel the camaraderie to join with you.

Did you feel the connection as you did this exercise? Did you feel the movement of the energies? First through you and up your spinal column? Did anyone feel this? Would you share what you felt here?

Comment: -Yes. I felt the connection to the Earth. And the drawing of the energy through the various chakras. Then I moved to the Soul Chakra and to visualize what was there, what spiritual image inspired me. I saw golden clouds, no actual form, and a rosy pink color. It was gorgeous. For me that was inspiration and creativity and it’s everything, it’s beauty.

Even as I came back from there I could feel the tingling on top of my head like its opened up and I am really out there. Even now I feel pretty spaced out and floaty. Now I have a knock on top of my head saying “we’re here” or something. But even now it is wonderful.


Wonderful. Anyone else here wish to share?

-I saw one of my past lives. It was a rock house with a beautiful garden with beautiful colors.


Wonderful! Anyone else?

-I feel very peaceful now.
Peaceful is good! Anyone else?

I also feel a lot of tingling on the top of my head. I also saw something unusual. I saw two baby footprints in my mind. I don’t know what that means.

Very good. Anyone else here?


-I want to add that while I was out working with the armed forces seeing them lay down their guns. I saw some carrying their guns and walking away and then turning around and putting them down. They took the hand of the person next to them and it got more purple and pink. It was really incredible and I am sure we anchored a lot of peace there today.


Yes. Very good. Wonderful.

We appreciate all of you sharing this. It is important that you know how powerful these experiences can be using your imagination. As each one participates with this you join others who are doing it too at the same time. They may not necessarily know that they are doing this because they are not doing it with their conscious knowing self.

But there are parts of them, what you would consider inter-dimensional experiences that are doing this as well. Although they may not be using the Kundalini energies in this way, this was mostly for this group to experience this, but there are many across the planet that are doing a similar meditation with the Soul Chakra here, as the one who called for this, that you know of as Cobra. He has called for this particular meditation.

It is timely. Many things are happening behind the scenes that you do not know of. They are not showing themselves to you yet at this point. So many things are happening and occurring to bring about many different changes. You always hear and we say it many time, “so above, so below”, so all of these things happening behind the scenes have first happened at the higher vibrations.

When they have happened at the higher vibrations they have already occurred. Then it happens that these move into the lower vibrations for the manifestation of these things. This is what is occurring and why, yet, you have not yet seen these things with your physical eyes or heard these things with your physical ears necessarily. But they are coming. They are a part of this. These expressions have already happened.

Your financial situation has already changed at the higher vibrations. Your world peace has already happened at the even yet higher vibrations. So these things are in motion. They must happen. They cannot be held back. They have already happened in the higher vibration they must happen in the vibration you now find yourself in. We are not going to say lower vibration because many of you who listen and resonate to these words are not in the lower vibrations any longer.

Yes, you slip back now and then but mostly you find yourself in the higher vibrations and in the higher experience of yourself.

So, be of good cheer people! These things are happening. These things are happening right now! Very soon you will know these things as it is spread across the planet. As these things come more and more to the forefront. You will see with your physical eyes and your physical ears.

Know, again, that you cannot see 5D with 3D eyes. You cannot hear 5D with 3D ears. You must raise up in vibration. As you continue to raise up in vibration you hold yourself there longer and longer and longer. And this is the transition process spoken of for a very long time.

That is our message here. Now, do you have questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by?


Question: This question comes from a member in the UK. What happens to our loved ones during Ascension?

OWS”: We have answered this question previously the last time you were together and there was a lack of a recording for this. We will attempt to re-answer this question but certainly know it will not be in the exact same words.

To understand that as you move through this Ascension Process you are moving into higher vibrations, higher frequencies. You are the ones who are crossing the finish line first. It has been said many times that as you cross the finish line you will turn around to help others because that is who you are. You will turn around to reach back to help those straggling behind you.

Yes, your loved ones. Those who are going to be close to you. Those will be the ones you normally reach for first. Some will take your hand and some will not. You must understand that if they do not take your hand, they are not ready. They are not.

It is what it is and you need to allow them to have their own experience. When it is time for them, it is time for them.  But no one will be lost. That is what you must come to understand. That even if they do not make this journey with you at the exact time you are doing it they are not lost to you. No one is ever lost to you.

So, they will come along when they are ready. But if you go back and show them what has occurred from you moving across this finish line, across the transition, they can see the changes in you. Do you not think that will propel them to have these changes as well? Not all but many will in this respect.


Would you add something to this, “Ashira”?

Ashira”:  We would welcome this. Thank you.

Dear Ones, this is a time we are talking about. This is an era. This is when all of the Human Family came together to say, “We will do this together”.

So, it is a time thing. We know we have spoken of getting rid of that word but it is a time thing. There is a group of people who stand in line. The front of the line have started through this process. There are those in the middle of the line that are the largest group to go and then there are those at the end of the line. Some of those may not choose to do this.

Do not let these things hold you back. Do not let these things hold you from your own Ascension Process. As we have said and “OWS” has said many times, you will reach back to help those you love. Those in your families. Those in animal form as pets.

All of these are travelling forward in this road of Ascension. It is not to worry about for all of those in the families of Lightworkers are moving forward in exactly their pace. Remember, everything is exactly as it shall be.

OWS”: One more thing, the children. The children who do not yet fend for themselves will certainly come along with you so there is no concern for them here.

Ashira”: Yes. We talked about the pets, not the children. Thank you for that.

OWS”: Would there be other questions here?


Question: I have a question about people transitioning to the Light. What happens?

Ashira”: Thank you. I will take this first.

We have talked to you ourselves about death being an Ascension Process. This is the old way upon this planet. Those who pass move into the arms of those they love. They move into the arms of those who have been caretaking for them in this lifetime. They find the love and the light that they seek as they move out of this body. This is the easy part! It is an easy process.

Moving out of the body is the easy part. They are surrounded by love. And they are close to comfort those. Those who call upon them need to hear that they have a new place, a new process, a new way to be.

So, as the early days pass and those times come and go when one is called upon from this realm to the next realm, know that they have done what they need to do, they are on their way! You will be seeing them in another dimension, in another time, another place.

This “death” that is processed from this lifetime is the easy part. Know and tell those with who you share that this is what happens. This is the truth.

OWS”: And know that there is no death. You have been programmed that the body ends and the journey ends at this point. Many have been programmed to believe this. So, they have this fear that they will cease to exist at that level or at that point.

You have had many experiences come forth from people that have shared what you have called a “near death” experience. They have come back to share that there is no death. It does not end. Your consciousness continues on forever. There is no end just as there was no beginning.

We have said this before. We know that is difficult for the 3D consciousness to grasp. But grasp it you must! This is the new way. This is the new paradigm that you are being presented with here. There is no death. It is only a continuation of the journey.

And many of you will not experience this so-called death anymore. You are moving beyond that. The body will continue on with the consciousness inside of it. When the time comes you will be able to move your consciousness into another body. Not the idea of death though but just the idea of transporting it from one to another. This will be part of the technologies that will be given to you. And the understanding that you will be able to create for you to do this. To be able to transform your body.

Doe this answer your question? Yes, it does. Thank you.

Are there other questions here now?


Question: The Light Body, the Merkaba and the Star of David, do they have anything to do with the Light Chamber?

OWS“: There is very much connection here to the Merkaba Light Body, yes. We have introduced this to you. Many have introduced this on your Internet through many who have re-discovered or re-found their Merkaba Light Body.

This is something that everyone moves into at a certain point in their transition. You have been shown this and the more you move into it to experience it and to create it as real. Believe it and you will see it! Believe it and you will see it. As you work with your Merkaba Light Body, it becomes you, it is you. You can experience many different dimensional levels by using this body.

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”? No, I do not think so. Thank you.

Did this answer your question? Yes, thank you.


Question: I have been having very vivid experiences during meditation. I had an experience of seeing myself with hundreds of other Buddhas around the planet like a grid. I saw aqua beams of light coming down from the sky and into their crown Chakra. Then out their throat or chest. What would you think about this?

Ashira”: Yes. I would love to take this.

This is an altered vision for you from an alternate dimension, let us say. During your meditation you joined others around the planet in the consciousness it needs to move forward. The consciousness of compassion. The consciousness of love.

You and all of those in Buddha states are important for that which is happening now. You are able to see another part that you are playing in this moment while you are at your moments in your day to day life. Does that make sense to you?

This was a way for you to manifest and know what you are doing in this other dimension. This is not exactly what you asked but it is a reality that you are experiencing in another dimension.

You do not need to strive for this. This is an example of what you are demonstrating in your day to day life in another dimension.

OWS” :  Yes. This is all about the multi-dimensional aspects of yourselves. All of you or more of you will begin to experience these types of things as you come to realize that you are not just the body you are in. You are many experiences. Many different levels of yourself. As you move to connect with your higher God Self.

All of this is going to increase in experiences as you move along and catch the glimpses through the veil here.

Would there be other questions?


Question: When are we going to know the Crystal Chambesr are ready for us?

We can say that you know it, deep within you. Otherwise you would not even be asking this type of question would not even be in your potential understanding here. But because you have asked this, you have this deep knowing that they exist. And you have been in them before.

This will not seem to be new to many of you although they may seem to be at first. You will have the experience as you move into them that you have done this before. That will take away the fear that could possibly be there. We believe that by the time you are ready to move into these, the idea of fear will be gone.

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”.

Ashira”: In the past two years we have taken you on trips, have we not? Aboard ships. To Hollow Earth. You have had these experiences seeing them, feeling them and experiencing them. Believe it and you will see it! Know that everything is exactly where it needs to be.

OWS”: Very good. Any further questions here?

Then we will release channel here. Please, if you would, begin to spread that saying. Believing is seeing. Do it as much as you can. The James, here was guided to put it into his email message, it is always there.

Think of ways of spreading this so that it becomes a regular axiom or phrase that can be used. Just as seeing is believing was spread across the entire planet so too can this also spread. We ask that you begin to do this. Can you be the catalyst group that does this? We ask you. We beseech you. Do this in any ways that you can. You will be amazed as it begins to spread.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. I will have the message for closing this day.

The message of hope, of joy, of compassion. All of these are 5th dimensional vibrations.  All of these bring you to the highest point, for this point in time.

Each and every one of you has those of us who are visiting you nightly. Each and every one of you has those of us who are visiting you daily as well. These are time when there are so many things happening behind the curtains, as you say.

These are times when even your home pets, which is the reason I mentioned it earlier, are having their moments, having their times. They may be extra loving to you as well. They have a job. They have a purpose.

Everybody on the planet is waking up. Everybody on the planet is experiencing new things. New ideas. New understandings. You have been at the front of the pack. You have been trying to bring the others along. You have been grabbing them by their collars and dragging them sometimes.

This is no longer necessary for the portals are open now. And those who are leading the pack are coming back to help. To help those who are not yet fully aware of what they know, what they feel, what they see.

This was an important meditation today. It has been given by the one, Cobra, to share upon the planet. To move the planet forward. To move the planet and all those upon her toward the direction of full peace. Full peace. Full understanding.

Many of you are watching the news about the re-val. Many of you have felt the coming and going of that energy. But the time is coming. St. Germain shared with you three weeks ago that the time is here.

Continue to do the work that you do on a day to day basis. Know that, indeed, the world is in an instant of changing.

We give you are peace and our blessings. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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