15.10.04 – “It Is No Longer Seeing Is Believing, It Is Now Believing Is Seeing”

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“Sananda”, – “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our special call on Blog Talk Radio with Hollow Earth Network from Glendale, AZ on October 4, 2015)

It is wonderful to be here with you again this time, in this place, in this moment following the great energy wave that swept across the land. You have all heard of this. You have expected this and it is continuing. It is not as if it was a one-time thing. It is a series of waves, a series of energies that have been coming into the planet for quite a long time now. But they are gaining in intensity, gaining in strength.

There is no letting up of this but understand that if the “Wave” had come in fully, you would not have been able to withstand it. So, it had been lessened quite a bit and needed to be. Because it was necessary for a great many people across the planet to go through this Ascension process. And go through it you have! There is no question that many of you, according to Archangel Michael who spoke recently through another source, he said that 2+ billion people moved through this Ascension process. And I am saying also now, that is the case.

A great many have passed over through the portals. Many are now coming back and have come back. These are now helping those who are still waiting or are not sure what these energies are. These energies are catapulting a lot of people and a lot of people are not sure of what the energies are doing. You will see people who would have gone about their business in the same old way and they will have changed. They will be moving in a different direction. Some even unconsciously but they will do it. Where before they seemed to be in the dark and completely unawakened, now it will appear as though they are moving toward the light.

Will this happen with all? No, certainly not, but we would love to have that happen but we know that is not possible. Many have already turned their face away from the light. This is just for now the way that it has to be.

But please know that all of you are in the process of a transition, transitioning from the carbon-based cellular you have now into the crystalline structure. You are all moving into the crystalline structure. Why? Because it holds the light, it anchors the light. It allows more light to move through you and as it moves through you, you can send it to others. That is what is happening. You are sending the light out to a great many. The more you awaken, the more light you will send out to others. They will awaken and they will send the light to others as well.
In some cases this will be at a subconscious level but still the light will spread. The light is spreading and the love, the consciousness is spreading with this “Wave” of energies, these waves of energies. All is being orchestrated, all is in process.

There are so many things happening behind the scenes. You have been told of some of these things but yet there are so many more that will come forward. So many more coming forward as “whistleblowers” as you call them. They will be coming forward and joining those who have already spoken the truth. They will add their truth to those who have already spoke the truth and more will awaken as a result of this.

It cannot be stopped. This “Wave” of energy cannot be stopped. And it will spread. It is already spreading across the entire planet and is engulfing all in its wake and will continue to do so. Now, you have had a saying in your lives, in your many live leading up to this point. That saying is, “seeing is believing”.

That is no longer the case. We ask you now. We implore you now to begin to change that. Change the “seeing is believing” to “Believing is seeing.”
That is the new way. That is the new “Wave”. This is what you need to work on. Practice this. Practice believing and then you will see! Change this dichotomy that has been created across the planet. Change this. You can do it! You can do it in your speech on the Internet. You can do it in your groups. You can change this. It will make a great change across the entire planet.

Just as the “seeing is believing” became the words, the type of energy that was needed at that time by the Cabal, by the Dark Forces, they used this and they used it purposely. They knew what it would bring.
And now, I am saying to bring about this new change start saying to yourself and to all that you can, it is no longer “seeing is believing” it is “Believing is seeing”. The die is cast. All is in momentum. All is in change. All is in flux. As you continue to move through this transition there is no stopping you now.

Continue on in this way, in this moment that you are in. Be in the present now at all times. Find yourself where you are creating your new world. You are creating the New Earth’s Golden Age. You are doing this with your imagination. Up until this time you were held back with your imagination believing it a just something you were told not to do, told to believe that your imagination wasn’t real. But “imaging in” is real! You are creating your new life, your New Earth, your new Golden Age in front of you. The more you believe that the more you will create that.

So, know that as you continue on through the various changes that will develop, are developing now. And yes, your 3D consciousness will see these develop but if you wish to see in the 5D you need to use the eyes of the 5D. Do not try to see the 3D through the eyes of the 5D or see the 5d through the eyes of the 3D. That does not work. Begin now to open the 5D center and see the realms that have been held back from you for a very long time.

You are coming back to this. You were there once; no, you were there many times before. You are Masters, you have been told this many times. You are only coming back to your Master-ship. So, believe this. Believe in all of our words as we tell you that you are coming home. There is no one who can stop this any longer. So believe this. Know this. It is happening and it is real. This is your moment. This is your now.

I am Sananda and I leave you now in peace and love and that you continue on in this journey, although this journey does not have an end, it certainly has a new beginning.
Peace and love be with all of you.

“One Who Serves” (OWS)
Greetings to you, this is “OWS” here now to assist you with your questions. And “Ashira” is standing by for this.

And we wish to say, as “Sananda” has said, everything is in flux. Everything is changing. Know that within you. There is nothing to stop this ever again. This is the momentum you have been looking for. These are the changes you have been waiting for. And we tell you it is coming, it is happening! There is nothing that is going to stand in the way. You are going to begin to more and more to be seeing these things as you are believing them. As it begins to become more and more prominent you will begin to see more.

You will see various things, even at your 3D level; you will begin to see these things because it is necessary still in this awakening process or for those who have not awakened yet, it is necessary for them to see some of these things. They now become believers as well.

But you, yourselves, as Sananda has said, need to work on spreading the light, spreading the knowing, spreading the “Believing is seeing”. It is no longer “seeing is believing”. This is so important. We cannot tell you how important it is! We know this is going to be picked up and spread across the Internet. This little saying is going to create great change across the planet to go along with the waves of energy.
We are ready now for questions, Ashira and I if you have questions here.

Question: Can you explain about the 2+ billion people who have supposedly Ascended and come back and about the portals please?
“OWS”: Yes. We will do this and “Ashira” will add her two cents or maybe ten cents, (laughter) we will see.

Yes. And it is not a supposedly thought for the one who asked this question and to all who are wondering this, it is a 2+ billion people who have moved through the portals. This has certainly happened and will continue to happen. As they have moved through the portals they are not necessarily aware that they have done so.

This is what you must know, that all who are in on this call and resonate with these words, in other words not turning away from them and saying that this is a bunch of poppycock. Those of you who are here and doing this have moved through the portals. There is no question. You have moved through but because of who you are because of your “Master-ship” as Sananda has said, you are in service to others. You have come back to help those who are straggling behind. There are many who are coming to the finish line but they cannot yet make it across.

They need help and you are there to help them. This is your purpose. This is your destiny for many of you. Many but not all. All are in different levels of understanding of this. You are in different levels of awareness. Whatever your position in the given moment, you are there to do what you are called to do. In the next moment these things will change.

The more you move yourself through these portals the more you will find yourself staying there for longer and longer. You will feel the bliss, as some said in this group earlier in discussion time. They have felt the bliss during this week. Many of you listening in on this call have also felt the bliss, have you not? Ask yourself this. You know this. And you will continue to feel this more and more.

Does that mean you have completely ascended? That this is the end of this matrix? No! That is still going on. You are the “Neos”. (From the “Matrix” movie) You are the ones who are making these changes. Two billion of you are “Neos” here. You see? You are all doing this. You are all the “One”.

Do you have something to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: You are so colorful, my friend!

I will say, dear ones, all who are listening, dreams have been impacted with colors this week. The skies, nature, all you have looked at this week have had more of an impact this week. Had more love in it. All of these are aspects of the 5D experience. All of these things are what you have in your experience and the more that you call them forth, the more that you relax into those experiences, then you allow yourself to drift back into a 3D experience only to launch yourself back into a higher frequency, all of these are parts of your individual Ascension experiences.

“OWS”: Very well said. Next question?

Question: I am in a lot of pain. Should I worry about this?
“Ashira”: I am “Ashira”. I would share with you that this is not the time to be worrying about these types of things. We know that the sleep deprivation can be a challenging experience. The “Wave” that came in can be exacerbating to those things that are a challenge in one’s life.
We would suggest meditating. Sharing with yourself that which is working. Taking the time to meditate and move into different dimensions. We would suggest that you think of the things that are working in your life, focusing on these and allowing those things that are not working to flow away from you. Allow this “Wave” to carry you into a new place and a new understanding.

“One Who Serves”: It is time to find yourself. Seeing those things around you and within you as 5D, as higher dimensional consciousness, as higher vibrations. The more that you do this, the more you think this way, the more you BELIEVE this way, the more you will create it happening.
You see, illness, disease and sickness, all of these things are not supposed to be a part of the physical body. They are not supposed to be there. They come from part of the programming that has happened to purposely put you into that situation. To purposely lessen your lifespan. To make it where you are not here for a very long time because if you were, you would have the higher technologies already. You would have been out of this matrix a long time ago.

So, it is time now to create whatever you want in your life. An example of this was discussed in the group discussion earlier when one or more talked about their eyesight issues. They use glasses but they are finding now that they don’t even need their glasses as much now. They can see now without their glasses. This is changing. And it is going to continue to change but the more they depend on those glasses to see, the more they will need to use those glasses.

So, begin to put those away. Let your eyes refocus. Let your eyes come back to the way they are supposed to be, the way they are meant to be. And nothing will hold you back. Nothing will hold you back.
Just as in the movie, “The Matrix” here. We use it because it is one of the James’ favorites. It is one that is very apropos to these situations. As the Neo became more of a believer he was able to stop the bullets. Anything can be created if you believe in it strongly enough.
So, that is our answer for this.

Is that a complete enough answer?
Yes. I am OK.

We would like to add one thing. That one answered OK and that is saying something. That is saying that it is time to change that. I am not OK. “I AM that I AM”. I am the Higher Consciousness. As you begin to believe that you will be that. Look at how the words you are using and how powerful these words are. I am OK. I am fine. These are not 5D expressions.
If you want to be in the 5D world then use the words to know that you are there! Speak out your 5D expressions. You will be coming up with many 5D expressions in the times coming up.

Question: We would like to have a healing pulse for the group?
“OWS”: We are not necessarily in the business of healing over the phone. Zorra is more the one who works with this and does a wonderful job as is our understanding. For the one asking this and anyone else requesting healing, in the asking you will receive. So, simply knowing that as you ask for healings of various kinds, it is already happening within you because you are the healer.

There is no one of us saying that you are healed. Even when the Master himself, Yeshua, laid hands on another, he said many times, “It is not through me that the works are done, it is through the Father.”

This is how it was done. It needed the one who was the recipient to believe in this. So, again it comes back to the same thing. The more you believe, the more you will see. So create it in your mind and you will be healed. It is not necessary for you to hear from us on the phone that here, the healing has been done now. You already know it. Just believe it!
Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: No, I think you did a magnificent job.

“OWS”: Second question from this group.

Question: Should we be worried about the IRS concerning our re-val monies?

Yes. When the revaluation money happens, it will happen as there is time for it. It will happen in the moment that it is necessary. It will happen when those who are to receive these monies are ready for it. Understand that if this happens directly to the public population right now, it would not necessarily be a good thing.

Now, we know that this does not resonate with you because you have wanted this for such a long period of time. It is coming. There is no question about this. In some respects, it is already here. But the general population has not been a part of this yet.

We would say to you to look at your financial situation that you have now and know that it is going to be changing drastically. There is not going to be the banks, as you know them. It cannot be this way. The financial system is going to be replaced with a new financial system. But this won’t be ready to be opened until those behind the scenes are ready to bring it out. It is coming out.

We are not going to say it is not but we are not going to give a timetable out because when a time is given, it changes the next moment because of man’s consciousness. So, those of us who are being a little bit psychic here and we see things that possibly you do not, we only see probabilities that is all. We see the probability of something happening the very moment we are looking at it. But at the next moment it can all change and that is what has been happening here.

The entire system. The financial systems. The mass arrests. NESARA. All of these things have been in the works and have been postponed because of those forces that believe they are in charge. Because they believe they are in charge, they are. As soon as those who are no longer in charge realize that, then they will not be. That is being waited for. Until those that are now in charge either come to the light or are taken out by themselves.
That is an important thing. It is not that they will have a rise up and take them to prison although it is going to happen when those who are ready to go to prison will do so. That is a strange thing to say we know this but wait until it happens and you will see from these higher vibrations.

Would you add something here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: No, I do not think so. Thank you.

“OWS”: When the time comes the IRS as you understand them will be no more. An entity such as that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. There will also be many corporations that will cease to exist as you know them now. The Larger banks will cease to exist as you know them now. All of these things. But it is all a process that has been working here for a very long time. They are coming to the crescendo as “Sananda” has said. All of this is part of this.

Question: When will we be united with our Twin Flames?
“Ashira”: Yes. The Twin Flames have been in contact with you through dreams, in states at other times. As the frequency of the vibration has risen with the Ascension process, and you are in that particular group, your mentors and your Twin Flames will be seen, talked to and worked with. That is my reply for the time. “OWS”?

“OWS”: Yes. It goes with the discussion that was happening here earlier all of this is being orchestrated you must understand. In the discussion earlier there was discussion about the various changes that are happening and all of these things that are in development. We are just going to share that there is so much more of this coming. It is happening. All of this is coming after disclosure.

This is being called A.D. now- “After Disclosure”. Everything will be altered after that point. That is not just the disclosure of extraterrestrials but the revealing of truths that have been held back. This is in the works here and shall be coming out very shortly here. Everything is happening in waves it seem, such as the waves on the planet now.

Things will continue until the opening of the truths becomes a flood coming through. Breaking the dam as you might say it. The water is flowing and the truth is coming out. And has been said many times, “the truth will set you free”!

Question: How can we quicken the process of receiving our mentors? Where do they come from?

“OWS”: Yes. As “Ashira” has said they are already here with you. You just may not know it. But they will certainly make you aware of them as the moment arrives. After disclosure this will happen but some will find this even before disclosure.

It is in the process and those mentors are there for you but there is something else you see. YOU will also be the mentors. You will be the mentor for those who come after you. So they will be receiving you as the teacher. You have a saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” And we would also say that, “When the teacher is ready, the students appear.”

So, this is happening and gaining momentum as these processes continue on.

Anything you wish to add here “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I will add. Thank you, “OWS”.
You also asked, where do they come from? They come from all the places that all of you come from. They come from inside the Earth, they come from ships, they come from angelic realms, they come from all places.
Each of these has taken on the responsibility for each of you. They have been speaking with you in meetings with you. They have been sharing with you during dream times. Get your plans together so that you know that when you meet them you will immediately resonate with them.
This is not to worry about. It is already being done. Already being accomplished. It will be about the time that you are ready and the frequency is right. It shall happen. We bless you.

Question: Can you give us more information on the portals and the 5D?
“OWS”: Yes. We are speaking here of raising of consciousness. Moving into higher vibrations. As you move into the higher vibrations and you have been moving into these and will continue to do so, you will find yourself not necessarily in a totally new space or place here but in higher consciousness itself. The higher consciousness will give you a sense of bliss and peace and calmness. This will lead to others around you gaining from you your bliss and peace and calmness as well as more and more and more awaken.

Now that is not say that in your new Golden Age you will not have your beautiful cities, not as you know them now but as communities and such as this. They will be higher vibrational experiences and gatherings. And there will be more movement into Hollow Earth certainly and up into ships and all of these things as you are wanting to do this, as it becomes necessary for you to do this.

As that time comes you are moving through a transition and you are moving through a transition right now. Those of you who are moving back through a portal, you are moving back through to be of service. You are finding yourselves treading the line, you might say. Sometimes you are in the higher vibration and sometimes something brings you back down again. You are going to find that the more you travel through this Ascension process you will find yourself in the higher vibrations more and more and more. You will get to the place where you will not come back to the 3D anymore unless you choose to come back. That is certainly what is going to happen as you move more fully through this Ascension process. You will know when you have fully Ascended and you will go back to assist others as Sananda has said.

Do you have something to add, “Ashira”?

“Áshira”: Yes. This comes in shifts let us say. Shift up. Shift down. Shifting and experiencing in new dimensions and coming to learn how to be of service to others as they are still walking their path on which they are just awakening. But also to be of service to yourself, to the Lightworkers upon the planet who have awakened.

You will have the opportunity to choose your thoughts each day. You will have the opportunity to have your imagination play for you. In this you affect the mass consciousness. In this you affect all of creation upon the new planet.

So, be of good faith all who are listening. These are only the beginning steps, the ones that will take you forward more quickly than you can imagine in this moment in time. We bless you.

“OWS”: Yes. We would like to add here that Ascension at one point in time was going to take you into a new land. Into a completely different understanding such as the “Rapture” and these types of things. That was back in your 2012, December. At that time, that was going to happen for a great many of you but nowhere near what is meant now. And some of you would have found yourself disappearing and then appearing somewhere else. Then you would go back to assist just as you are now.

Much of this has changed to allow for the awakening of humanity, the entire humanity, as much as can be possible here. It is the saying, “No one will be left behind!” and that is what we are doing! We are following through with that as much as we possibly can. We wish to leave no one behind who does not want to be left behind. You see?

Question: Am I correct in believing that, while we are waiting for disclosure, the Dark Ones need to make a choice to stay and follow the Light or not to before we can move fully into 5D?

“OWS”: Yes. Certainly and you also used the term, “Waiting for disclosure”. You are not waiting for disclosure. You are waiting for the changes coming within you. The changes within you are creating the changes outside of you.

This is how it is happening.

So, do not wait. Do as Sananda has said, jump into the game here. Be a part of the game. Be a part of the team. You are already a part of the team, become the team. You see? Do whatever you can to bring these changes about. Whatever it is that you might be able to do.

You, yourself, working in these ways are reaching not thousands but millions of people. And these millions are coming into an awakening process because of what you are doing. And because of what many are doing across the Internet and because of the “Wave” that is moving across the planet and awakening more and more people in its wake.

It is unstoppable now. There is nothing to wait for. Create it and make it happen! Believe that creation is in the Believing. You will be marveled at what will happen as a result of this. You can put it everywhere. Everyone is sick and tired of “seeing is believing”. It is no longer the way. You see?
It is important as you are just speaking here, it is important as you look at all the sources out there. Some are back biting, back stabbing and kicking to the curb and all of these questions that were brought up last time. We wish to share that it is time to put all of that aside. Put aside all the animosity that may be there for other Internet sites. You are all one. You are all in this together. Divided you fall and united you stand. Right?

That is what you need to do. You all need to come together. You need to come together to spread these words and have no more dissension and as much as possible keep the disinformation that is out there down in hese spiritual sites, the alternative sites that speak on these things.

You are one Anne (of Hollow Earth Network) who can do this if you wish to take it on. You have already taken a great deal on but there are many who will help you with this, to join the other sites together as much as possible. This would be a great benefit to spreading the Light here if that is possible.

You are going to find that as these energies continue to move that fear is no longer going to be the case. More and more of the anger will begin to dissipate more and more. And there will be less and less sites devoted to this. And there will be less and less people moving in that direction.
That does not mean that there will not be those people who are preparing for disaster. They are still there because it is giving them a purpose. You see? That would help them see that they were carrying out for their purpose. These will change as they see that the negative things they thought would happen do not.

(response is given that she will do what she can although her plate is already very full)

Wonderful! That is all we are asking for. We are not wanting to step on any toes or anything of this nature. Just allow the process to take over and allow the orchestration to continue. Understand though that it is not our orchestration taking over. We are giving a helping hand here to your orchestration. You are the ones actually bringing it all together. We just help out here and there.

Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: No. you covered many of the aspects I would have covered. Job well done!

Question: I see peace for all part of the Earth and for my home and all of my relations. Am I on the right track?

“OWS”: Certainly. Whenever you are bringing the higher consciousness into this and the words you have spoken are certainly that. There is no question that you are on the right track!

Question: I have a close friend who has been struggling for a few years. Last night I saw her come through the veil the happiest I have ever seen. Did I see her higher self or is this who she is going to be in this lifetime and is she my Twin Soul?

“Ashira”: We are pleased with your question. What you saw was your friend having gone through the veil, having gone through the energies on the planet to heal. She will experience more healing as she takes in of these vibrations. Although this is not a conscious path for her, she has begun this path already.

This was not her higher self. It is the self she is moving into in this world, on this planet and you will get to experience this with her. Enjoy that with her and be in joy as these changes take place.
Does that answer your question, dear one?

We are not going to answer that at this time because you have shared many lifetimes with this one. The question about Twin Flame we are going to allow you to be surprised when you find out.
“OWS” do you wish to add anything?

“OWS”: The same thing, we will not spoil the surprise.

Question: In our speaking and writing books what are other 5D phrases you can suggest?

“OWS”: Rather than us to give you phrases you will come to those of your own. They are within you and are just waiting to be announced. You will find this as you move up in vibration and stay in them longer in the 5D realm is the only thoughts you can have will be positive thoughts. So, this will be the only way.

The more that others move up in these vibrations, they will move up in these positive thoughts. And the negative programming that has been produced will dissipate more and more and eventually disappear entirely because in the 5D realm there are no negative thoughts. Not as a continuous type of situation. That is not to say that you will not have an occasional negative thought but it won’t hold any influence. You see? That will be the difference. It cannot be there. You see?

Anything to add, “Ashira”?

“Ashia”: We were waiting to see what phrases you share with this group on a regular basis. Letting that go, I agree with you. Thank you!
“OWS”: Certainly one phrase that “Ashira” has reminded us here and we do not know how we forgot this one, “Go with the flow”. Allow it to take you. Know that as it takes you, it will take you exactly where you need to go. You see?

We are blessed to have you and all of you on this call!

Question: I have been diagnosed with cancer. My question is do I believe and see for myself now or in another way I see myself?

“OWS”: Yes. That is completely up to you and how you wish to view this. If you wish to allow this sickness to take a hold and take you through the Ascension process in another way, in some ways maybe the easier way here, although we are not giving any indication here that we are saying to allow that to happen, but if you wish to do that you can.

But you can also find it within yourself to find the healing, receive the healing within you. It is there. It is not something that you have to go to a doctor or a hospital for. They are actually exacerbating the situation if you believe they are.

You see, this is a condition of believe it and you will see it. If one goes to a doctor, a medical professional and believes that they can help them then they very possibly will help them. If they go and do not believe they will be helped by them but are programmed to do so then they will find that it will not be very helpful.

So, we would suggest first of all, where you would want to be, do you want to go or do you want to stay. If you do want to stay, then make it happen. Then do what that inner voice, that little whisper is telling you to do. I can tell you that it is not telling you to have surgery or chemotherapy or any of these things. It is not telling to do this. If you are, then it is time to do something different.

There are many stories out there. You can speak to many people who have already done this. They have changed their lifestyle. They have changed their way of thinking. They have moved into the higher vibrations and stayed there as much as possible. In doing so they have healed themselves. There are thousands of stories on this. Keep believing.

“Ashira”: I would say the same thing. See yourself as strong. See yourself as healthy. See yourself as one who is not going to buy into the idea of medical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation. Work with the one you are working with and if it turns out that you are not to enter the new dimensions in ways we have discussed today and it is a time for you to exit and re-enter in a different body then that is perfectly OK too. Everything is perfectly OK. Everything is in perfect Divine Order. What that is for yourself, you will hear from your higher self. Your guidance will come from within. Bless you, sir.

Question: Is there anything I should know at this time?

“Ashira”: I will be happy to answer this. Everything you should know about you, you know. Everything you are walking through, everything you are working through are all a part of Divine consequence, the Divine Plan for you. Everything is your’s. Everything we would share would not be valid. We are not going to look in and tell you what we see.
You, along with everyone on the planet are walking this 5D experience. We would share with you, enjoy every dream, every moment, every interaction with others and take that love and that bliss that you feel every day on a continuing basis into the world to share with the world. We bless you.

“OWS” do you have more to share here?

“OWS”: We wish we could tell you more here. We wish we could tell you that x marks the spot here but we cannot. James has been after us for a very long time to mark the spot for him. And we have told him, “No. We are just here to give you a little bit of guidance here and there.”
He would always say just a little bit more. And we would say, “No, you have to find it within yourself.”

We think he has finally listened. But for all of you out there this is what it is all about. It is not about us, It is not about psychic awareness or gypsies. Or about anything of this nature. It is about the knowing within you. As “Ashira” said, you already know it. Everything we are telling you here is not new. Everything that Zorra tells you is nothing new. You already have it and just need to remember it or have a little bit of nudging here or there to shake you up!

We are here to shake you up. To get you moving. To move you into some type of action. It is not meant for you to go out and save the world; you are not meant to do that, but maybe a little bit. OK?

We will release channel in just a moment. Thank you for providing this opportunity. As you say that this reached 5,000 listeners last time and we know that will be reaching 10,000 and 20,000 and more each time. We know that the words are sent across the Internet and reach many here. They are resonating to those people who are listening to them. This is not only through here but through all the sources on the Internet. This is what you must understand.

Yes, there is a great deal of misinformation but that is purposeful also. It is purposeful for you to use your discernment. We have said this many times. All of the sources are saying this. Be discerning. Do not take everything through any source at all, through us, through Zorra, through any of them. They would all say the same thing. Nothing is 100%.

So take what you can. See if it resonates and if it does go with it! Go with the flow here. We are going to finish here by saying this is quite a journey and you are going to have a ride and what a ride this is going to be! But you ain’t seen nothing yet. You will continue on this ride and it will get a little bumpy here and there but afterwards it will be smooth sailing!
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira. I chose to end this program today with a message.
You have received the message very clearly today that Believing is seeing. This is the phrase that we want to get across the wires, across lines. Get you to share this with other people.

This is a beginning this week. This was the beginning for the New Earth, the new creation. It is time for you to be able to share with one another and to share with others as you see their faces in awakening.
These are the times you have been waiting for. These are the times we have all been waiting for. As you grow and increase in your frequency and vibration, we do as well. We will be partying with you before we move into new responsibilities.

We congratulate all of you within the hearing distance and all of you in this room. You have made that fresh new step on the New Planet. Every day you will see things change. Every day you will see minor changes in the world that end up growing and being huge. All of this leads you onto a new path that you can, at this time, only dream of, but in the next moment you will find yourself in the new environment in which you find yourself living.

We give you our love and our peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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