15.09.06 – We Are Preparing You For The Wave So You Will Be Able To Help Others

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“We Are Preparing You For The Wave So You Will Be Able To Help Others”

– (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on September 6, 2015)

“One Who Serves”
(Following a guided meditation across the “Rainbow Bridge” to reconnect with our Higher Selves)

You all back here now? What you have done here is to reconnect to your Higher Godself. The Higher Self that has always been you, never not been you. It is only the mind that has created this disconnection, purposely by those who would seek to enslave. This is over now. There are many who are finding this disconnection over now in many ways. This is only one way we have used with this group. There are many different ways.

This is a way to get a head start, let us say, when all the others begin to experience this when the “Wave” hits. You have been prepared and we have been speaking of preparing for the “Wave” have we not? This has been our way for some time. To not only prepare you for the “Wave” but to prepare you to help others. This will help you prepare others who are seeking this information or want to prepare for it more, more about this strange feeling they are having over them and boy, you will have the answer then, no?

So, it is a time that you have been waiting for and we, ourselves, are waiting for and are working toward this. Many across the planet and from outside of the planet and within the planet, all are working on this process. All are working together to make this the tumultuous event that you are all expecting because we certainly have built up the expectation. Because we have a sense of how this is going to go. And as we have said in the past, we don’t know exactly how it is going to be, because of man’s consciousness. It depends on how each one affects the consciousness and the consciousness affects each one as the “Wave” comes in.

As you have heard, this has never happened before, as it is going to happen. So there are many inconsistencies, many different ideas and notions of how all of this is going to play out. But be assured it is going to play out and in the next Sunday group there is going to be an announcement from Sananda who is going to share something with you at that time. We are preparing you ahead of time for this.

That is our message for now. “Ashira” will deliver her message at the end and she is standing by for questions. Will there be any questions?

Question: I have three questions and I will keep them short. Please do one at time here. Yes, I will. On Saturday night, during the Advance, several of us witnessed a large light we thought was a plane until we saw it skip across the sky. Can you tell me what that was?

Yes. But we will ask “Ashira” to answer first.

“Ashira”: There were many plans throughout the weekend for those in attendance to have your faith built up by seeing those things you invited into your experience. Do planes skip across the sky? No, they do not.

That is your answer. You were there in faith and belief and the Universe was there to provide you with opportunities to support your belief systems so that you KNOW that you are on the right track!

“One Who Serves”: Yes. You certainly were correct in your assessment there. Do you remember what you said about the seeming change in the stars? You said there was a star gate there and that was over your head as you were experiencing those. They were coming in from another part of the system, through that star gate purposely at that time to give you a show. It did not last very long but just long enough to give you the glimpse you have been looking for.

We know that there was hope that a ship would come down directly over top of you so that you could see the little beings inside it and all those types of things but this was not to happen this time. But we can assure you that those times are still coming.
Does someone else have a question?

Question: I have a question for “Ashira”. Can she relay any messages from the one who passed this week?

“Ashira”: We will answer this but we would prefer this one be here herself so that she might feel the love from the realms to which he has moved. We can share that in a way, the contract was done. She had feelings and concerns about this previously and she had time of self-criminations. This is a time of freedom. This is a time of her graduation as well as his. We will be happy to speak to her when she returns to the group. Many blessings.

“OWS”: Also know that the one who is passing to the other side is not having a difficult time of it. It is only the ones left behind who have the troubles here. That is only in their minds because it is part of the programming that has been developed here. There is really no death. There is only life and life continues on, eternally.

There is never a reason to feel sad or feel that there is a loss because there is a gain on both sides. When one has lost a loved one, even though there is that mourning and period of sorrow, there is a period after that where there is a gain because we received something back because of what has occurred here. Anyone who has gone through this before knows of what I am speaking here. Understand that the one who has passed over is in a good place.
Would there be other question here?

Question: I had a change in income recently and I wondered what is the next step for me?

“OWS”: The next step is to take the next step and the next step and then, again, the next step. Do not be concerned about the monetary system because the monetary situation as you know it now is not going to be there very much longer. So, it is something to take care of in the moment and do whatever you need to but know it is not for the long term. It is only for a very short term.

Anything to add here “Ashira”. No, I believe you touched on those things I would have touched on. Thank you.
Another question here?

Question: Regarding the pictures I took in Tucson, did I capture the “Mother Ship” in the pink form?

“OWS”: We can tell you that there is much in your pictures that was experienced in many different levels. You certainly captured images beyond the veil and the veil, as you have been hearing, is dropping and is shifting to a point where it is not going to be there anymore.

You got a glimpse beyond what others would see. To say that it was a “Mother Ship” directly, would not be the right answer here because when you think of a “Mother Ship” you are thinking about something that is much smaller than what is actually there. Do you understand this?
Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Áshira”: Yes. We love the vision of seeing beyond the veil. Having the faith to take the photos and then, having the faith to see the images arise for you. It is a gift for you again as it was for Cynthia from your Higher Self to assure you that you are on the right path and that your belief is raised that you have seen.

“OWS”: Very good. Any more questions here?

Question: I may have asked something similar, I apologize. Is the magnetic wave similar to the “Wave of Love”?

“OWS”: All of this is an electromagnetic type of frequency. What you are speaking of has been going on for a very long time. It has been given many names and yes, “The Tsunami of Love” is one of these. The “Tsunami of Love” has been coming in from the Divine Mother for a very long time now. It is now picking up in intensity and frequency. So those who are directly attuned to this are feeling it in many ways. Those who are not directly attuned are feeling it as well.

It is picking up more and more in intensity and will continue to do so. The major “Wave” comes it will be beyond what you have experienced to this point. Yes, to answer your question it is an electromagnetic wave of energy that is coming. Know that everything in your body is an electromagnetic connection and this will amplify the responses in your body and will bring you closer and closer to the crystalline structure you have been hearing about. Does this answer your question? Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: No. I believe I am going to hold my comments for this ties into my message for the end of the meeting today. Thank you.

“OWS”: Would there be any other questions here now?

Question:We understand that the Goddess Energy is high on the planet and in fact, the Goddess of the Sisterhood of the Rose has incarnated in Asia. Can you expound on that?

“OWS”: Yes. This One you are speaking of is ancient. And yes, she has come to bring the Goddess Energy more fully into balance here with the Male Energy. It is not for one to overtake the other but to bring them into perfect balance.

This is her function. To come into a physical body to experience the 3D realm although she is mostly out of this and to assist in the process to bring this balance about.
Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I would add that the “Sisterhood” has been a part of the planet for a very long time. It has been diminished at time and covered up totally by those of power, who love the power versus the power of love.

She returns in service again and those who have been called to this particular group feel their heart opening and joining in with the power of the feminine. Not to overpower but to bring a balance of the energies of Creation in the evolvement of humanity and the planet. Does that make sense?

“ÓWS”: Very good. Any other questions? No, we have not forgotten about you, Cynthia.

Question: There are many people waiting on the exchange of currencies. What can you share with us?

“OWS”: We have answered this question many times previously but we will do it again. It is important to know that with all the changes going on there is a need for a temporary shift. This will bring about a shift in the need for money on this planet and in your 3D realm.

So, in order for this to happen there needs to be a balance to the monetary situation across the planet. This will mean that there no longer those with more over those who have nothing. There will still be some who have more than others but there will not be the complete diversification there is now.

Where there have been those of the 1% and those others. It will not be that way any longer. So, to those currencies, you will be able to turn those currencies in for a monetary exchange. This is coming and part of the event of working with the “Wave” here. So, if you have the various currencies, hang on to them. Do not let them go yet. There will come a time where you will know how to proceed here.
Anything to add here, “Ashira”? No, well done!

If there are no further questions, we will answer Cynthia’s questions here. The reason we put your’s off is that you have had opportunities with us for a long time here. We wanted others to have the opportunity. (I realize that).

Question: I have two more. The night of the “Advance” where we walked across the “Rainbow Bridge” I, as you know, have a hard time experiencing things but I went through acting as if I did experience things. The next morning I had an experience in a dream state. This was really profound to me. I was chanting in the dark and as I was seeing this a dust devil started spinning around me. What can you tell me about this?

“OWS”: We think you have already answered your question. It was important to you. And you felt this. That was the indication that something was there. To look directly at the cyclone or what you called a dust devil, this is the whirlwind that has been spoken of many times in the past here. This is the whirlwind that is going on in your 3D experience. It is happening and it is gaining in strength.

As the whirlwind or the hurricane or the tornado seems to speed up and grow, it will SEEM to stir up turmoil but those who are here can be in the “eye” of the tornado. You will see all of this going on around you and you will stay in perfect calm.

You are seeing this in your various news outlets, in your Internet, all upset many of those around the world but the Lightworkers remain calm. This is what is being indicated here. Do you understand this? (Yes. But it seemed so real).

Who is to say it was not happening? Anything to add, Ashira?

“Ashira”? No, I am rather tickled about the experiences this one is having. She has sat for such a long time unaware of the experiences that were there and NOW her veil is being lifted! Are we not joyful for her?

“OWS”: Yes it is! Thank God! Hallelujah! It is finally happening!

Question: OK-my last question. I felt that I was possessed as often happens in my dreams. I had these two nights in arrow. I levitated in the dream and floated about the room. What can you share with me?

“OWS”: And you know what we are going to say here. (What does it mean to me?) Yes. (My friends are having dreams of being on ships and I am happy for them but I am having all these scary and terrifying dreams). You are having these terrifying dreams because of who you are. Because of where you come from and because of the experiences you brought with you. You have had this battle with good and evil within you for a very long time. And as you have learned previously, at one time the Dark Forces won.

This is working at the consciousness level and you know the Dark Forces are not going to win this time. Part of you is experiencing this trauma that you brought with you into the life. And at that time you were fighting for the Light. You were the warrior. The Warrior Princess!

(So these dreams are clearing that out to help prepare me for Ascension?) Very much so. It is a positive, yes. You can work on taking control of your dream but it is working things out for you.
(Thank you!) More questions?

Question: Last night I was going to sleep with some calming music and I was awakened by a shrill sound but when I woke up, I was listening to the music again. What was that?
“Ashira” we turn this to you first.

“Ashira”: Thank you. First we would say a quick bit to our friend. You have shared good dreams with us today. (Yes) . We( would invite your language. You said you are having all of these dreams that are negative, all of these dreams that are frightening.

They are not. Every person in this room will tell you that you have had good dreams. It might be a shift in your perception that will help you move through this. Does this make sense to you? (Yes, it does. Thank you.)

Where did this sound come from, to you? What did you feel?

Comment: My first thought was that something negative starting coming through and it was stopped.

That is a good message. We do not believe that it was an event that you need to be concerned about at all. These songs you listen to at night raise your frequency and allow you to be in a different head space. This allows you to move into dreamland and allows you to work on the different life paths you are working on. We see this as a sound that came in from one of those experiences and not for you to worry about. The work that you do during times at sleep is so much more positive. Let this go. Let this go as something that popped in but is of no concern to you and the night work you have. Thank you!

“OWS”: Would there be any further questions here?

Question: I know this is silly but I think my cat is communicating with me. She seems to be placing her body across my feet to prevent me from leaving my body. I thought I misplaced a piece of fluorite and after looking for it, she had it in front of her and looked at me as if to say, “Is this what you are looking for?” What can your share?

“Ashira” : I am happy to take this unless you wanted to speak first, “OWS”? (No, this is your realm, “Ashira”.”
Dear One, yes we have spoken many times of the communications between the Animal Kingdom and the Human Kingdom. They are indeed, holding doors and helping us with our Ascension.

This one is speaking with you on a constant basis. This one tells you when she wants to be fed and when she wants to be fed. This one is also sending you messages. Messages about inspiration and about love. She is sharing her vibrations with you not to hold you back but to raise you up. To give you the power and the strength for you to accomplish those things you need to accomplish.

As you think she is holding your legs, she is sending you this power. The power from the Animal Kingdom to inspire you and help you move into the areas where you will be most fulfilled in your spiritual nature. You are a spiritual being. She knows this. And she is continuing to show you the way in every step of her day. Does that make sense?

We will share with you what we have shared before. Many of you will be surprised at the Ascension times when your frequencies are of the range where many of you will speak to your animals more clearly and distinctly and learn who are your pet actually are! You will learn the purpose they came to play. You will learn if they will go with you into the future or they will take a new path.

“OWS”: Very good Any more questions before we release channel?

Very well. There is another who wishes to come and visit before we release channel. “Here’s Johnny”! (laughter)

“2nd OWS”
This One has taken a little of my thunder. He thinks he is the comedian here! He is not. (laughter) We joke of course here. We are all having fun here. We have joyful times here. We get along beyond your imaginings here. It is amazing how a group of people can get along. And yes, we are a group of people. Do not think of us as up in the clouds. We are right here with you, well maybe not quite with you, (laughter) not quite in the situations you find yourselves in. We’ve been there and done that before as you are fond of saying. Some of you may say after the Ascension process that you are not going to do it again either. (laughter)

That is coming. Some of you will come back and assist. This is part of the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood and all of the Hoods out there! (laughter) You are going to have many great experiences and we will have many great experiences with you. Do not be surprised if, in the not too far off future, that there is a knock at the door or a ring on the door bell and one of our smiling faces is with you. We will be with you and join with you. We not say exactly who we are at first but we will be with you and have been with you for a very, very long time.

We are so looking forward to breaking bread with you or have a cup of coffee to experience the camaraderie with you again. Maybe even drink some wine, how would that be? (laughter) Get ready for surprises that are coming!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. We have shared time today answering questions. We have shared time today while touching each one individually, opening your hearts.

This has been a week when many people have passed into the next dimension. Not only the one in this group but many around the world have felt that void. This has been prophesied. For there are those who have not chosen or will not choose to go through this experience.

But broaden your understanding of this. Stop to think that these people, no matter their age, came in for a specific mission. Came in as assistants and guides. Perhaps came in to be challenging in another person’s life and one or both overcame those challenges and were freed.

These are times of changes. These are times when you see loved ones those who are in this group and those around the planet, will see their loved ones again. We know that much of this is tied to belief systems. This is the time of evolution upon this planet. The agreements between people prior to this life may come to an end when the Shift takes place.
Do not pay heed to those words in the mainstream news. There are many who would scare you or to move you to action. The quietness of this group moves our hearts to joy.
The quietness of this group and those on the phone tell us that you are in the right space and the right time. You are doing what you are called to do which is to bring the patience, the peace, the love in this very moment to the entire planet.

That is your job. To send it forth. To call it forth in situations. We like the question that raised the “eye of the storm”. Because from the “eye of the storm” you can see everything. You can see all levels. You can see forward. You can see behind and you can see in the moment. You can see all that is happening.

We are glad to be with this group. We are glad to answer your questions and to be in service for other groups as well in person, in channelings, in messages. This group is one of the favorites of the Masters for all of you are in the place of love, peace and expectation. You are ready to handle the changes that come even if you do not think you are.

These are perfect times to claim your Divinity, to claim your Power and to know that everything that is happening is for the highest good of all humanity, all of the Kingdoms, all of the planet in the system and beyond.

We give you our peace, we give you our love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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