15.07.19 – You Are About To Experience The Crescendo

“You Are About To Experience The Crescendo” – Sananda and One Who Serves

Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on July 19, 2015).

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. We are only here briefly, to welcome another who wishes to give message here. Be back here shortly.

This is Sananda and as you know I come quite often to this group as you are my charges. You are those ones that I am working with very diligently, very closely. That is not to say that I don’t appear and be with many other groups, as I certainly do. But there is a calling – you have heard that calling. You, each one, are answering the mission that you have come here for. And the time is now as we have been saying many times. You have heard it from many different sources; many different levels have given you this understanding that you are close, you are nearing the finish line. All of these different ways that it is being said, the dominoes are falling and yes the dominoes have begun to fall as you are beginning to witness. Even with all the eyes, the 3-dimensional eyes, for if one wishes to see and know that something is happening they only need to open their eyes, open their ears, for it is there for all to witness.

But it is only the beginning. There are many things yet to come for this is an undertaking that has been in the works for a very long time. And you, yourselves, as you are beginning to more and more understand and have been preparing for these times for also a very long time – many, many lifetimes. For even in a seeming lifetime where there is very little that occurs or seems to occur, even those times you were preparing for this. For this is a momentous occasion and one you are moving fast into. Momentous not only for those here on this planet but momentous for those in the solar system, those in the galaxy, and those even in the very universe. All is being orchestrated as you have heard, all is coming together.

But it is you yourselves, those who understand and resonate with these words, it is you yourselves that are the ones to bring this all about. For we could not do it without you and we cannot do it for you. You must be the ones that make the changes in consciousness. You must be the ones that move up in vibration as you are being taught how to do. You must be the ones that share with your neighbor when there is a need. For even though we could, we cannot do it for you. There is, as you know, the Prime Directive called in many different ways but this does preclude us from directly interfering in your affairs. But yet we interfere to a point and we can assist to a point. And we have been assisting whenever and wherever we can and because of this you are still here. For if it were not for this much would have happened already to have changed the course of history.

The times are upon you now. Do all that you can to prepare. Do all that is necessary to be in the present moment so that when the moment comes you are in a good place to receive the blessings as they arrive here. We are constantly watching over you, constantly aware of the changes that you are going through, both internally and externally. And we welcome those changes as all is coming to a conclusion, all is coming to a culmination. And what has been spoken of before as moving toward a crescendo and you are about to experience that very crescendo.

I am Sananda. All of my peace and love be with each of you. I am always with you as is my cohort Lady Nada and all of those others that continue to mentor to you. Very soon now we will find ourselves together. Peace and love.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. One Who Serves here with you now to answer your questions and, depending on the questions, may also have a brief message to give as well. Do you have questions now for One Who Serves? Minus Ashira we do not have our cohort today at this time. Do you have questions here?

Question: “I have a question as we talked about maybe getting prepared for what could be a new currency or something that we could potentially use in the future instead of money. Would you think that focusing on getting maybe some gold would help – what are your thoughts on that?

As we see it, to this one who has asked this question and to many who are also wondering about this very question, is to look at this from a different point of view. Look at it from a point of view of balance here. Look at it from a point of view of understanding how all is changing in the ways that you know them now in your 3-dimensional understanding is fast-moving away. So that you have very little concern about the old ways or hanging onto the old ways. For it is time to move on, is it not? Is it not time to move up into the higher vibrations as we have been saying and you have been working toward for some time now? Is it not time to let go of the old ways, of the old paradigm that holds you to this 3-dimensional illusion? And yes we are using that word again because that is certainly what it is at the 3-D level it is certainly an illusion. And you, as you continue to find yourself in that illusion and continue to worry, to be in a survival mode in that illusion then it holds you to it. So it is time now to move out of it, to go with the flow as we have been saying many, many times in many different ways and in every way we can think of to give you this understanding. To let go, let it go, do not be concerned anymore. Yes, we have an understanding that you are dealing with others here who do not have your acumen or have your understanding – they are still operating within the old ways. And to them, or for them, it is important for you to assist in any way you can but not in a way to hold you back. So if you insist on finding ways of preparing yourself in the way of holding money, hoarding money, or finding various precious metals, gold and such, this is not anything to be concerned about in terms of to think it is anything bad or negative. It is what it is. If you wish, if it would make you feel better, if it would make those around you feel better then certainly do it. But not to the point of holding you back, you see? Do you understand the difference here? (I do, thank you very much). Was this sufficient for everyone here to understand this for we know that there are many that are dealing with this particular subject? Anything else on this or any other question?

Question: “I am going to continue with this just because the reason I came up with the question about the gold is at one point through this group there was a concern that everyone go ahead and get some dong and we were always asking for everyone to be prepared to get some dinar. As well as finding if does it really resonate with everyone’s heart and for me it comes to the point that this is… would it really hurt to get prepared and the same as when we focused on getting the dong to actually may be looking into some gold. But this is a different avenue and I understand not to get completely obsessed and go with the flow. I totally understand that since you clarified that point but this is why I came up with it. It’s something, that’s potentially something that I feel would help me personally move forward and maybe allowing me to let go of that physical dollar, that physical monetary system. I understand that you have just a piece of gold as something as whether it goes up in value or down in value it’s not money in terms of paper money. This is where I was coming from originally.

Yes and we would say here to you to do whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable here. If it makes you or those loved ones around you feel comfortable to have this, something to hold on to, something solid to hold onto, then certainly that can be beneficial for those who would be working in this way. But again we would caution you to not hold onto it, to not think of it in terms of long-term. If anything it is only but a short term here, something temporary. Just a point where you are moving from one system to another system. And that is all you are doing – you are moving from the system that you know now this system that has been created by the cabal, run by the cabal, controlled by the cabal. Yes you are responsible for it as well in some respects but in other respects it is somewhat beyond your control, other than how you look at it. So if you can look at this entire system that you are in now as something of the past, something that is no longer working, and can assist others in coming to that understanding that it is the old paradigm and to let go of it and move on. Because there is a whole new system ready to move into place. It is there, it is ready to have the final go-ahead. And once the system comes in, which is also temporary, then there will be the times when you will move completely out of the need for this in terms of any kind of financial system whatsoever. But that is a little bit in the future so just be in the present moment and do all that you can to be in that moment but continue to raise your vibrations while you are in it, okay? (Okay thank you so much). Any further questions?

Question: “I have a question. Last week we talked about raising vibrations and being in joy and there also seems to be another part of raising vibration which is avoiding attachments. Do you have any guidance on how best to release attachments and expectations?”

Yes attachments are also something that is a part of your 3-dimensional understanding in this current paradigm. For it is from the time one is born into this illusion here they become attached, do they not? They find attachment to their mother, they find attachment to food, they find attachment to drink and attachment to playing and all of these kinds of things. And the attachments continue on and on throughout one’s life but the idea of holding onto an attachment is to hold onto the old ways. And we are saying more and more to let go of all attachments, everything. That even means your children or your parents or whatever it might be. Now that does not mean to stop loving them, it means to let go of the attachment to them. For even your children are their own beings, they have their own consciousness, they are not you and you are not them as to you are everyone. And everyone is you. It is not exclusive to you and your children, you see? It is all one, you are all one, we are all one. And the more everyone comes to understand that, that is the real golden rule, if you want to look at it this way, that is the one law that we are all one. The Law of One, you see? So it is time more and more to begin to think of it in this way. And the idea of holding onto anything of any kind of material nature whether it be something physical in terms of money or an object or your technology or even an animal or a child even. To hold onto them as being yours, that is an attachment. And that is something that will hold you back in moving on into the higher vibrations. For the more you hang on to these attachments the less you can move upward into higher vibrations and therefore ascension. Does this answer your question? (Yes thank you very much). Are there other questions here?

Question: “I have a question. I just want to clear something up as I understand it and I want to ask your assessment. As I understand it, the way that the world currencies work right now is that they are in competition with each other so that one tries to outpace the other, the exchange rate is relevant because if you get the opportunity to exchange your money for a higher exchange rate than you make a profit etc. So my understanding is that once that idea of competition and profit is taken out of the picture because we will be in a transitionary period where that doesn’t matter anymore, then the currency that will replace what we have now is equal across the board so there will be no profit or competition in terms of exchange rates. So therefore, if one holds a different currency from a different country it has no profited exchange rate other than what you have now, would you agree with that?

That is correct in the little bit longer term, but in the very short term the idea of having these various currencies and it is all part of the greater plan, the plan where these currencies will be exchanged and there will be those who will have instant riches, if you wish to look at it this way. And there will be those that will house the various monies coming to them from the prosperity packages and the various St. Germain trust and all of these other things. And all of the other avenues that are going to be opened up that have not even been discussed yet. There are many ways of bringing this all in so that all are equal. It is all about balance, again, it is all about everyone on the planet becoming equal to everyone else. So that, yes, there will be no competition, there will be no prejudice, there will be no hatred or jealousy or any of these things as these are all the older paradigm emotions and expressions. And you will be moving out of this, you as the human race, will be moving out of this. Now certainly not all will be doing that because not all will be ready to do it. This is where your mentorship comes in as we have been talking to you about where you are the ones that will be assisting many others across the ascension finish line as you have moved across it. So it is all part of the greater plan to bring the changes about in a way that many can be able to handle it without panic and without fear because when they have panic and fear it only brings about the continuance of the old illusion. And the old, if you want to look at it this way, feeding of the old ones. And it is necessary to move out of this and take the fear away, out of the equation entirely, so the old ones no longer have this feed here that they need, the energies that they need, you see? Does this answer your question? (I think so). Is there further clarification needed? We can go on and on here if you wish. (Well…) This is important this is a very important concept that many are struggling with. (I would say from my understanding that to attempt security is an attachment in itself). Correct. (That’s all I have). Yes but it is important to have the security initially to those from being in the survival mode that you have become accustomed to living under. And it is time now to move out of the need for survival and movement more into a need to subsist, a need to have more in your life, have joy in your life, you see? (Yes thank you). Are there further questions?

Question: “This is a follow-up to this topic. For me it’s about the ideal – I’m fine with giving up money, I’m fine with not having attachment but I’m being practical in the short and longer-term. I’m renovating my house so that I can actually have family and friends stay with me if they need to but this whole transition and the support that I’m looking for – how do I maintain my higher level of vibration while I’m also helping those in my life who are really 3D rooted make that transition with as little fear as possible? Because I know the people around me when this is happening they will become fearful, they will become very stressed out. So how do I help those in my immediate circle make this transition given the separations I made with my house, emotionally, physically, I’m ready for the change, I believe that this is going to happen. But it’s really those around me that think I’m crazy or am I thinking I’m worried that there clueless or that they are not paying attention to this. So how do I, as a Light Worker, help those around me through this change?

Yes this is what this is all about, bringing you all to a point where you can go about your mission. And the mission of the Light Workers is to be ready to assist when the time comes to bring those that are not quite of an awakening state as you are to understand what is happening, why it is happening and what to do about it. And you, yourselves, we will be in a position where you can assist those as to what to do about it. And what to do about it is to not be fearful, to not have fear, for that is the very thing that holds you to this illusion. When all fear is gone, when you have let go of all fear, what is left? There is nothing but love. And love is what takes you into the higher vibrations. The more you find love in your life and within you and all around you that will move you, in itself, through the ascension process. No fear, only love. So as much as you can, you will let go of all of the attachments and that even includes attachment of your loved ones that you have there with you. If they wish to stay in fear or in this 3-D illusion then they will remain there and it is not for you to be personally attached to taking them out of this. You can assist them and do everything you can but do not hold an attachment to it. That is the difference and that is where many people will have struggle here because they will attach themselves to their loved ones and want to rip them across the finish line with them and that just may not happen the way they are wanting it to. So we are preparing you for this. Now that is not to say if you have a spouse or anything of this nature or a child that they will not be able to come with you, we are not saying that and please do not even begin to think that way. Because that will bring about fear for you and that is exactly the opposite of it being called for here. So as much as possible, do all you can to help others because that is what this is all about, service to others and find yourself assisting those who are ready to be assisted as much as you possibly can but without holding yourself back. Do you understand the difference? (Yes, thank you). Yes, other questions here?

Question: “I have another question. I discovered that when assisting others and they turn away I’ve noticed that many times, in a large extended family, although one may turn away, just having conversations about this in a family setting will affect another person. So it’s kind of a domino effect. Is that the way, is the seen as the way we assist?

Yes, as you assist one that one will begin to assist another and another and another. That is the way the Light is spread and certainly you as the Light Workers will be the ones who will be sharing this Light wherever and whenever you have the opportunity, even now when you have the opportunity. But we can assure you that very shortly you will have more opportunity than you can possibly know what to do with. You will be needed to be in many different places at once such as we are. Think about that one for a moment! (Yes I’ve been hearing that one too – thank you). Yes, any further questions here?

Question: “I feel that staying humble, working on humility and understanding divine appointment vs. attachment to opinion and belief are more important here so that in the event that we are required to assist others it is with humility and divinity and divine appointment vs opinion and belief, would you agree with that?

Yes of course because the former is without attachment and the latter is with attachment. For if you are holding opinion and belief and judgments and all of this, this is holding you to the old ways, it is holding you to the old 3-D paradigm and therefore an attachment. And as we have said the attachments will hold you back. So more and more and more, this is why the Sugat Gu Ra Ru (Ascended Master/Teacher living in Tibet) Said some time ago and has come back and repeated this to let go of attachments and gain control of your thoughts. These two things will do wonders for you as you are moving into these new times. Now looking at those two things is easier said than done though, is it not? Control your thoughts? How can we possibly control our thoughts? But we can assure you that it is possible – you can do it and you will do it. Let go of attachments? How can we let go of all of our attachments? There again we can assure you – you can and you will. Now will you be alone in doing this? No you will have mentors that have been talked about that will be assisting you directly, physically with you. So all of this will take care of itself. As we say many times, have no fear, let go of all of this. It is only holding you back, it is only part of your lower ego center, lower ego consciousness that is holding you here and wants to continue to hold you here. Because it does not want to let go but you need to cajole it, move it along so that it is ready to let go and to show that you, you as the higher consciousness, are in control here. And you can only do that by letting go of the various attachments in your life.

Question: And aren’t we replacing attachment for unification and oneness?

Yes, yes for once one becomes understanding of the complete oneness, how can then there be any kind of attachment to anyone or anything else, you see? For then there are no differences. And you might think that when there are no differences that would be quite a boring world, would it not? But would it? Think about this, think about it if everyone had the same understanding as you, if everyone knew that they were you and you were them, think how this world would be. What a Light you would be in at all times. Think about that. Any further questions here before we release channel?

Question: “I have one more question. I’ve been reading and following Corey Goode’s experience with the Blue Avians and especially what we’ve heard from this person Gonzalez lately. My question to you is in terms of what’s happening for the planet and all the other star beings, are the Pleaidians and the Sirians and the Andromedans and these other Blue Avians. Are all these beings communicating together or… Because it seems I’m lacking somewhat in understanding on each of them are doing and not quite understand the genes are actually communicating with each other”.

Yes, we can tell you that they, all of those that you have mentioned and many more, are part of the greater whole and the greater plan. All of them are coming together as part of the orchestration. Now look at how orchestration works though. There are pockets of violinists, there are flutists, there are whatever the various instruments are, the horns of various natures, you see? And they are all working on their part, are they not? They all have their part to play in the greater Symphony and there is the one that is the Maestro, that is directing all of this. Well you, my brothers and sisters, are the Maestro. You are the ones that are helping to direct all of this, you being the collective consciousness of man, you see? And all are playing their parts so the Pleaidians are playing their part, the Andromedans are playing their part, the Blue Avians are playing their part, the Arcturians are playing their part and the Sirians and so on and so on. And they all have their piece that they are adding here. Now are they aware of each other? Yes, they are certainly aware of each other but are they aware of the plans for each other? No, not directly. There is only the One that has the complete picture and that, as you know it, is Prime Creator. And those that would administer directly to Prime Creator at that level which is beyond the 3-D understanding and scope of these types of discussions. But let it be understood that it is all being orchestrated, all is coming together and all, as we have said, are playing their various parts and coming together with those parts. And it is all of the parts together, is it not, that needs to create the beautiful symphony. For if one is out of tune what happens? (They all are). Yes. We hope you understand this analogy. (Yes, yes, thank you). Anything further here?

Question: “The Event of this, the beginning of this Event, is there going to be something known, something heard, something said, a visual? Trumpets playing? I’m just trying to correspond to the thinking of the beginning of this – how will we know?”

We can tell you that when it truly begins, you will know it. There will be no question in your mind that this is it, that this is the times that have been spoken of not only for the last few years here but for hundreds, even thousands, of years in the preparation of this. This is that time! This is it – these are the end times spoken of in the Bible. This is the time when the seventh trumpet is blowing, it has already blown, you see?

Question: “So I’m guessing that what you mean is that it’s not an external knowing, it’s an internal knowing.”

It is both. There will be both. You all have, if you look deeply within you, you all have the internal knowing already. That is already there otherwise you would not be here listening to this crazy voice (with Tibetan accent) coming through this one, you see? (Laughter) So you already have the inner knowing – now it is time, very shortly, for the more external to begin to manifest. The internal is already there, it is time for external now to manifest. So as we have said many, many times for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear that you are becoming aware of what is occurring here and you are becoming aware that the dominoes, as has been spoken of, are beginning to fall. Has the greatest domino fallen yet? No but it is close and we will use an analogy here as the dominoes. Look at it as the little dominoes falling, and they have been falling, and one hits the next one and then something happens and then it hits the next one and something happens and so on, and so on. But the larger ones that are sitting there ready to fall have not yet, but if you take all of the little ones coming together and creating a larger domino and then that domino hitting the next large domino, this will create the corresponding reaction that is needed to begin to have all of these fall. Do you understand this analogy? (Yes, yes) Did this answer your question? Anything further? Then we will release…

Question: “Just one quick question regarding physical symptoms of Ascension. I am… Friday was the worst day… Not having a temperature but going through these episodes of freezing, freezing cold sensations to the point of teeth chattering. I’m wondering if this is a sign of, a symptom of Ascension or is it something else that’s going on. Because it’s kind of bizarre, I’ve never had it before and I don’t know what it is.”

Yes we can tell you is we are looking into this directly for you, who has asked this question. There are indications you that all is moving ahead for you, all is moving ahead in consciousness. And yes, it can be somewhat painful or can be uncomfortable at various times. But know that and find comfort in the fact that all across the planet are experiencing these things in various ways, all at that particular nature in that moment as they are needing to experience. These are all indications that there are changes going on. For how could the cellular system within you change from carbon base to a crystalline base without some kind of change, you see? So this is what is occurring – this is occurring in all that are understanding and resonating to these words. It is time and you are experiencing these various changes because it is time. So allow for it, go with it, do not become concerned, do not become fearful unless it becomes totally, what you would call it, beyond acceptance here. And then you would look at it in a little different way but do not, and we repeat this, do not begin to bring in the medical profession and the allopathic medicine. For that is the old way, that is going away. Your ideas of doctors as they are now will be no longer. That is not to say that there will not be a need for health professionals because there certainly will be for a time being, for temporary. But once the crystal healing chambers are introduced all of that becomes not important anymore. Does this answer your question? (Yes thanks so much I have been writing it out and meditating during the episodes to kind of tune in without developing fear so thank you very much for your feedback and encouragement). Very good, then we will…

Question: “Just one more quick question to follow up with what was just said” This is the last question. “Before Crystal chambers does Reiki or Crystal healing help alleviate some of these really extreme uncomfortable symptoms?”

Yes. It has been said many times from many different sources, these things that you mention are tools, various tools that can be used. But what we are speaking of, you will be moving into the ultimate tool which will be consciousness itself. Because when you introduce crystalline chambers they will be interacting your consciousness. And it will be your consciousness that will create changes within you. Just as it is your consciousness now. We release channel now. Shanti, Peace Be with you.

Channeled by James McConnell
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