Light Language Transmission – Triad Series “Our Light” by Christy Wallace

Clic Photo above to Link to the free “Triad” mp3 series!

Good Evening AA Family!  
Hope you are all surfing the waves with a big smile on your faces!  I just finished up the Triad series “OUR LIGHT” and uploaded to my Youtube Channel.  I have included them all three in a playlist for your convenience if you are interested in listening to them. 

I am very excited to bring forth these transmissions as a tool to expand and evolve as we transmute the dense energies that we may or may not be aware of as Individuals, Collective and for Gaia so our Light can be even brighter because the time is NOW!   

I think we are fast tracking it now for sure, I am feeling it!  Good Times!  I had an interesting message come through today as well on Timeline, even some relation to the Pyramids, the Link for it is below the 3rd video on my YouTube site, if you are interested!
Author: TheMan