“Ufos – Best Photos Ever” Vol 2 (240 pages) Updated 7/2019. This Pdf Ufo photo book ‘Vol II’ also gets updated every month or so (so check back occasionally). A few sample photos are below. Click on Book cover to download this free pdf book.

Multiple Civilizations are here helping and observing our Ascension progress, as the Ascension of the whole planet, with most everybody on it and with the physical Body, has never been done before, anywhere in all the multiverses. Many have ascended from other planets and other multiverses, but ‘Earth’ or ‘Terra Gaia’ is the final ‘graduation’ planet, stepping off point, for all ascending ‘Masters of Life’. In other words, until one ascends from this ‘graduation’ planet, one has not as yet, made it as a full fledged ‘Master of Life’. This is a very special planet to be on, especially in this ‘Now’ moment!
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