Cure of Shingles

“Take the Vitamin C with any kind of juice and the other big help is some sodium bicarbonate to keep your ph alkaline. These viruses are common to the lymph system and are always there. When the system gets acidic instead of alkaline, these little devils wake up and so you would have to take some every day. The best way to ingest sodium bicarbonate is by using this great product (instead of Arm & Hammer) called “ph Adjust”: ( Just remember no viruses can exist or live, in a highly oxygenated or alkaline environment ). Follow the results on the ‘ph strips’ for the ‘ph adjust’ and keep your ph alkaline. Taking ‘Ph Adjust’ on an empty stomach won’t compete with stomach acid doing its digesting …… Woody

I, Orv used to sell and still take “OXY-OxC” a specially bonded magnesium peroxide product that when taken on a regular basis will highly oxygenate one’s body with O3( A highly concentrated form of oxygen ), where no kancer, aids, viruses, or flus can live in a highly oxygenated environment. This product also cleans out any impacted fecal matter on one’s colon walls. When the vitamin C mixs with the magnesium peroxide and the air in your stomach, it releases a highly concentrated form of oxygen gas called: ‘O3’. I highly recommend this product also. The Pleiadians said that, “If you keep your colon clean you will live forever. Get the shit out!” They liked this product. This a wonderful toxin flush! Below is an Mp3 on The Pleiadian’s feeling about “OXY-OxC”:

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