Ancient Awakenings Headline News 11-4-18, “Know Your Power”

Here is the Ancient Awakenings channeling for 11-4-18.

This was a quite poignant channeling where we were visited by Commander Aramda, who is the Commander of the Galactic Ship the Amalia. After that we heard from our brother & Ascended Master One Who Serves, who answered our specific questions.

In this channeling we found out…

Our expedition was successful “Beyond Words.”
What occurred is beyond explanation and its enormity is beyond our 3D comprehension.
Sit back and “Savor the Flavor”
Acknowledge your power!
“Where we go one, we go all.”
Global warming is a fallacy.

And much more…

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.
Ancient Awakenings Home Page

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