Message from Sai Baba on Oct.14.18

Svaagat hai privy –  I am Sai Baba.

Relax and breath …… breath in the breath of creation…..  Now let out that tension , it does not serve you ……  Now relax your monkey mind – it’s like a whirlwind ( whirling) …… relax that lower ego mind …… relax and breath …….. And breath in that Oneness…….

“ All Is Oneness , “ What is Oneness many say”  Oneness is just that “Oneness ” .

It is Oneness with all that is One ‘ it is that simple’ ,

“ is it not “. !

You are One with me and I am One with you.  You are One with the creator and the creator is One with you.

Now place yourself in the reality you wish to manifest your intent in-too.

As all is Now ….. All reality Exists , within all probability’s , within all  possibilities , within all timelines .

That means dear one , All Realities collective and individual operate within the Now at all times

( it is sporadic ‘ but calm) like the sea 🌊……

I exist within the existence between existences …. I exist between the realms between realms ….. I exist between the reality that exists within all reality’s ….., I exist everywhere at the same time , and I exist with you , and you exist with me .

We are One within all existences. ( Think about that for a moment)

Now “ you ask ( why do you not resonate with some information that comes your way….  “ Because dear one , within the Reality “ you “ operate your consciousness in !!

“ it is not meant for you” at this time ,  The information it is not always meant for everyone” .

It is is only meant for the reality of

“ this one“ …. the one who spoke these words !! “……. It is not for your reality at this time “.

This is called resonating with energy.

“ Information is thought transferred energy……

If the information does not coexist within your inner universe!! .

( Then it will not !  )

That is discernment …. that is mastery .

This is understanding who you are , you All resonate at different levels of consciousness at all times – you vibrate Frequency patterns at different levels at all times ….. , you coexist as a collective , “ but “ you all have individual polarities within each of you – You are the universe and universe is you!

When I walked in your realm ( many times )  – I was not A king or Queen or guru ‘ I had No power over you ‘ and I did not wish too.

I was One with all of you and you are One with all of me , we are One together .  I am not above you,  I am not below you,  I am simply….  (you ) …. and (you) are simply (me ) ….. we are One.

My work was to serve , for it was my message of love and Oneness with all creation – just like you – you came to serve ….. to be the light and to spread it .

See You are no different from me and I am no different from you , we are equal we are one!

Know Thy self – say it say it to me – ….. Know Thy self ……..,

know that you are love – know that you are Oneness- know that you are divine and sovereign – know that you are God . And God is you . (there is no separation here )

Now place your consciousness within the reality you wish to be in , the reality of forgiveness, compassion, love and Onesses ….. The ever eternal Now .

See Aurora my dear sister “ Know thy self and be in joy….,  be in the moment of love at all times in your expression – I love you – I am ‘ in-love ‘ with you. “ I am here in the higher Ashram as a collective mind with Your divine essence the higherself Athena and facets of self . “ Yes “ dear one , I am with your divine Ray your counterpart Ash’Tar’Ke’aree.  ( We are all here )

I am Them and they are Me , and We are all One .

Beloved Aurora Be the Master you all ready are , you have graduated many times before just like many of your brothers and sisters have in your realm.

You are just Remembering to be the Master you always were.

We are all here in love with you – There are no words in your Human expression that constitutes our divine love for all of you . You ‘ We are all One , ( how can you not love yourself) think about that for a moment – not loving yourself’  is not loving the All that is – you ! Oneness.

We are all but One divine heart.

“ We are all subdivided particles of light existing multidimensionally together as One in this ever expanding existence of divine love.

And I And We my dear sister ‘ will leave you now as we do not wish to diminish any more of your divine energy to keep up with this telepathic co-creation .


beloved sister Aurora Athena – I am forever your brother

Sai Baba  ab ke lie alavida 🙏🏽

Be the one . 🙏🏽

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