Message from Lord Sananda (to sister Rita)

I am lord Sananda

My Dearest heart , my precious sister, I come today to give you a message , a message of love , a message of gratitude of blessings, I am blessed you have now connected with Aspects of your divine essence, you are part of a beautiful collective a divine monadic essence, and now is the time to Connect with those parts of self, you can learn from each other and develop ‘ support and love all aspects of each over . ‘ you are no longer the disciple you are once again the master, supporting each other and other parts of self is expressed with love from the higher realms , it is a blessing to all come together again at this time.

As I come to you in this divine Now in this zero point field of Oneness , to tell you and Humanity , That you are now at the point of the Great storm . now ‘ imagine yourself in the sea , You are in the middle of a great hurricane the waves are starting to get to 100 feet then the waves get to 200 feet and so on and so forth then you find yourself in the centre of the eye of the storm , knowing that you could be in the eye of the storm for a long time , days and weeks go by in your linear fashion and you are still in this storm , “ alas “  then suddenly the waves start to calm down the clouds then part in the sky and the Sun shines through ‘ the sunshine shines through so bright, that it lights up the whole sky !! –

This I speak of is the changeover the Event !

You have ridded out the storm ‘ to come to that point oneness!

To the point of pure neutrality.

My dear one you are riding the storm currently you are in the Centre of this Great storm,  but remember all storms will eventually diminish for light to Cometh again.

The Great event it’s just on the horizon , keep your chin above the waters edge,  my dear one ,

I love you beyond measure , I am with you more than you know , I am but a breath away from you .

All my divine peace and love dear  sister Aurora Athena .

Lord Sananda 🕊

Many blessings love you both ❤️🌸💕💕🌸🕊🕊

Author: Yoda

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