Tara & Rama Report 10-09-18
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Okay, Greetings, thank you so much, Everybody. Oh Dear, there are these just  huge quantum reports every day going on. I’m just going to say that, we can remember that we really have already won, and Lady Master Victory has been with us here lately and she showed up in the I Am Presence books from the 30’s and there is a little quote Rama found with her.  ‘I am here to tell everyone that Victory will be our guide through all of the obstacles of the physical plane, the astral plane, and the psychic plane as we will hold fast to the mantra always Victory, and be always Victory, and never look to the side or to the back, rather always straight forward into the gaze of the eyes and Light of our God/Goddess Presence.  See the Light of our God/Goddess Presence moving into action before us. Do not accept anything less. This is how we manifest a Victorious Life. This is how we live in the glory in our own Mighty I Am Presence. So mote it be! Victory is ours!’
So I am going to go back to October 1st. I am not going to say all of these but start with the first. Let’s preface this and say thank you, thank you, to those who have been contributing to us and assisting us.  We are, you know, living a bit on the edge to keep it all together, yet your blessings and your assistance, are just so graciously and gratefully accepted.
Tara and Rama: Thank you so much!
Now we proceed: Do you want to say something to start with, Rama? 
Rama: Just that we are in glorious times!
Tara: Yes, so it is. So I [Rama] went to see Rana Mu today, October 1st. As I got on the bio-bed, Rana Mu activated the pink and the green and the blue lasers.  She told me to be aware of my breath, to slowly and deeply breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.
After a short time of doing this breath work, Rana Mu said. “Now, I am going to activate a plasma field.”  I found myself as she did that, surrounded by iridescent sapphire blue, turquoise green and deep royal purple, swirling color. Rana Mu instructed me to merge my consciousness with the plasma field.  Rana Mu said, “Lord Rama, do this.” and I did that, and then the energy shifted and then I found myself sitting in the Solar Tribunal Council, meeting with Lady Master Nada, and the other Galactic Council members.  Commander KlaLa from the city of Trantor, in the Vela sector of our Milky Way Galaxy was speaking about all of the pyramids being fully activated on the Planet and in the water, and emerald green Beings of Light coming up through the pyramids from the Terra Sun in the center of Mother Gaia.  These emerald green rays of light went up and connected with the Atlantean grid surrounding Mother Gaia. What this is doing is sending a distress signal to all the Galactic starships fleets surrounding Mother Gaia and our entire Solar System. At that point the lecture stopped and I returned to the bio-bed.
Rana Mu looked at me and said. “Remember the message that Commander Vrillon gave to the people of Earth through prime time BBC TV news out of London in 1977? Fast forward to the present time, and Rana Mu continued, “All of a sudden, everything will stop on our regular media TV news reports, on our smart phones, on our radios, our internet devices, and we will see and hear Captain Ashtar giving all of us further instructions as to how to respond to the Ashtar Command’s intervention in our civilization’s development and instructions to humanity regarding their path to enlightenment, our next evolutionary leap into higher consciousness.” Then Rana Mu said, “Time’s up, I’ve got a meeting to attend now, Lord Rama. Keep working with these higher energies coming in all the time. Meditate daily! Become! Love is never lost and Love always wins. Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.” I just said to Rana Mu, “Live long and prosper! NESARA now!”
And I am going to go to the next day, October 2nd.  (Just want to remind everybody, that at midnight that morning of October 1st, the entire United States economy collapsed – completely gone. So we are living on very, very borrowed time with the NESARA money keeping the White Knights floating; and so we continue.)  October 2nd, Tuesday, Rama Speaks:  I called Lady Master Nada late this morning. Lady Nada said, “All the stories from Q-Anon, Faction 1, Faction 2 in regards to Dr. Ford being a mind-controlled MK Ultra programmed/CIA /Deep State agent of the Clinton crime family from a young age, along with her parents and her brother, being a black budget operator and her father being a life-long CIA operative with an MK Ultra, drugs, GPS involved fusion, deepest Deep State father linked to Comey, on and on and on, yada, yada, yada.  It is all a designer mind control program of the overlords of Q-Anon, Faction 1, Faction 2, Before It’s News.com, yournewswire.com, etc., etc., in an effort to divide and conquer, and keep a separation of the mind from the heart, and distract as many as possible from Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty in this world.
The material in the video, Christine Ford’s Past, will blow our minds it says, and is completely false. And it’s extremely important to let it alone because there are some very, very dark energies being brought through in the imagery and in the disinformation.
Rama: Yes! And this lady still to this day is still receiving death threats. And she cannot go back to her home.
Tara, Dr. Ford.
Rama: Dr. Ford. This is a huge deal. 
Tara: Yes, and that the black ops of the mob boys are wanting to remove her from the Planet, and her family.  And there is a Faction 3 White Knight operation going on to help her to be safe.
On another subject, Lady Nada continued, “All the government scientists of NASA, and other Deep State organizations, are indeed freaking out about a mystery dwarf planet called Niku that they have discovered beyond Neptune, and with an odd orbit. They are freaking about this dwarf planet discovery because they suspect that it may be a part of a larger system of planets called the Nemesis System, which they can now see is connected to the planet Niburu, Mother’s planet. Therefore, they are running into ‘she who was here before all the gods were here’ Mother Sekmet, the mother of All That Is and the true source of all Light – just what the doctor ordered. No turning back, magic is indeed afoot, Goddess is truly alive.” Then Nada said, “Until next time, see you in the Light of the Most Radiant One, Lord Rama. Be positive, be in Joy, NESARA now! Namaste.”
Okay, so then we will go to Thursday, October 4th.  I got a call from Professor “Z” today. He is our quantum physicist and a very good friend of the King of Swords. He has been in every deep underground military base or DUMB base in the world, over 800 plus of them. Maybe 100 or 200 are still in various stages of function.  Professor Z said, “All the rats in the sack are trying to chew through the sack, yet since this is the time when Mother [Sekhmet] comes, these ones may be quite surprised as to their fate, as they try to continue to raise havoc on their old zigzag path to nowhere. At this time, the Goddess has stood her ground, and as Dr. King has said in his song, “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around. Yes, we will not be turned around.”
On another topic, Professor Z said, “Over 1,000 women survivors of sexual assault, and other activists are protesting at the Hart Senate Building in DC. They are protesting about Kavanaugh’s final scheduled vote on Saturday, October 6th which could possibly place him permanently for life on the Supreme Court.” Professor Z went on to say, “There are so many starships that are here and showing themselves to believers. Expect this miraculous event right now and send more Love to all situations that seem to have no solutions. The solutions are coming out of left field where no one is expecting them. See everyone on the Bridge!  Now is the time, and remember, we have already won!”  Blaze the Violet Fire! Namaste, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders. NESARA now! 
Okay, now we are going to go to Monday, October 8th, yesterday.  Rama Speaks: This is the direct message I received by tweet this morning at 3:30 AM, from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a Faction 3 White Knight, on this day, Indigenous Peoples Day, and for Canada, Thanksgiving Day, quote:  “Anger and fear undermine the immune system while warm heartedness brings peace of mind. Therefore, just as we teach children to comply with physical hygiene for the good of their health, we should also counsel them in the hygiene of the emotions.” End of quote.
Also I received a call from Lady Master Nada and Larry late this morning.  They both said to me, “Brett Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court will be totally reversed due to the fact that George W. Bush, [President] number 43, appointed John Roberts to the Supreme Court September 29, 2005, and appointed Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, January 31, 2006, all this as a totally un-elected President of the United States himself.
I asked Lady Nada and Larry what do these facts have to do with Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment being reversed? They answered this way, “All these things which have been done since Bush Jr. stole the presidency in 2000, incidentally with the help of current Chief Justice John Roberts, current Associate Justice Neal Gorsuch, and current Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh – all three of these characters together in 2000 arranged unlawfully to stop the recount in Dade County, FloridaAs a result, the people were prevented from learning that Al Gore had actually won the 2000 election. Everything since then does not count. 
That being said, had Al Gore gotten the Presidency at that time, nothing would really have changed anyway.  This is because of the bigger story which is that both parties are controlled, and always have been controlled, by a Fascist state and the Thirteen Families which are not from here.  They represent an occupation and invasion by a dark Reptilian group of ET’s, who had destroyed their home planet 2,000 years ago and were looking for a new home. The planet they destroyed in the Zeta Reticuli Constellation was called the Apex Planet.  In their search for a new home they were delighted to discover Mother Gaia, this beautiful water planet. They also saw a perfect set up as the Human race would be used as their slaves, and they could create a global slave colony and rule in a karmic age of darkness, suffering and death on Earth with never-ending war and invasion and occupation as their goal.
This story only accounts for the last 2000 years of our history, the larger story being 65 million years old as the Annunaki first invaded and occupied Planet Earth. The time we are in is seen as the end of the Piscean Age, the last 2000 years of the Kali Yuga, and we are now preparing for the coming Age of Enlightenment which has already begun, the Age of Aquarius being the first 2,000 years of it, and Sat Yuga which will be four times longer than any Yuga, 26,826 years cycle Galactic Cycle Yuga, so thus it will be a hundred-plus thousand years of Peace that we are entering now. The equivalent of, I just said that, yes, four plus Yuga’s.  As well, we are in the seventh Age of Aquarius, meaning we have gone through this experience seven times before these Yugic cycles. So this is a couple of hundred thousand years of this Human race evolving in this process of the Galactic Cycles of Yuga’s. 
There is another aspect of the story of Earth invasions in the last 2,000 years which has to do with the question of religion and government. At the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., which was convened by Roman Emperor Constantine, Ascended Master Jesus the Christ or Sananda Kumara, was convicted in absentia of heresy and cast out, in terms of our present day secular court system, as a treasonist, meaning that ever since then, all organized religion owed and still does owe their allegiance to Lucifer, leader of the Elohim, or those who fell from grace as fallen angels way back when.
George W. Bush, Jr. was installed as the 43rd President of the United States, aka he was actually installed as World Dictator.  The oath of office was administered by Chief Justice William Rehnquist at 12:01 PM December 12th, 2000. At the same time as George Bush Jr took his oath of office, he also received the title of head of the Dominionist churches of America under the rules of this organization, which are, that all free speech assemblies are subject to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is the protocols for the Aryan race to rule the world as Nazi’s, as Khazarians. 
So be aware, this is the zigzag road to nowhere path, and they do not exist in terms of St. Germain who brought us this Declaration of Independence with counseling to our Founding Fathers. And the implications of the existence of these Protocols is that we have all been subjects of the Khazarian Mafia, in other words, subject to white male supremacy, to Nazism or Arianism.  Bush is the second person to be named head of the Dominionist Church of America, the original holder being Pat Robertson, a Luciferian and  evangelical cult leader teacher of these Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The significance of transferring the title to Bush 43, exactly as he put his hand on the Bible while Rehnquist swore him in, is that the union of Church and State was achieved in his person as per the Protocol and 110 percent against the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America, which intended complete separation of Church and State. 
At this point, Lady Master Nada, Head of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, and Larry of Larry, Curly and Mo of the Ashtar Command said to me, “This is the reason it is time for full intervention in our civilization’s development, because it is time to end polarity and the mind control of these Luciferians and all of the never ending war games going on on Mother Gaia’s breast.  It is indeed time for Peace and the full ushering in of Sat Yuga and the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment.”  In conclusion, Lady Nada said, “I must go now, Lord Rama, as I have an appointment with Michelle Obama.  See you on the Bridge.  We will indeed be talking very soon.”
Fasten your seat belts, Everyone.  We are coming home to our True Selves. Sat Nam, Namaste. Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders. Let us remember who we all really are. Goddess is most certainly alive and magic is surely  afoot, NESARA now!  We have already won. Victory is ours. As Mother Sekmet says, “Let’s dance!” 
And there is this additional piece of information regarding the prophecies of Nostradamus and the prediction of George Bush Jr. taking office. The following quatrain is attributed to Nostradamus as predicting the presidency of George Bush Jr. as the discussion is such, this is not the exact words that were in French at the time, yet it is transcribed:
“Come the millennium (In other words, coming into the year 2000), the 12th month, in the home of the greater power, the local village idiot will come forth and be acclaimed the leader.”  There’s a declaration of this being disinformation.  It is not disinformation.  The accuracy of the prophecy had come forth and it would bring about the weeping and the gnashing of teeth and it would be up to the Light and the Light that we open our hearts to to change this whole story.  And as we do follow that Love Light energy, then the Galactics can intervene and help us.  So this is the state of affairs.
And then we have one more report and we will take it now to today, which is the 9th of October, Tuesday. Rama Speaks: I received a call from Natasha late this morning. She is in Moscow for a while as she has an appointment, along with other diplomats from the United States, to spend some time in dialogue with President Putin and other Russian diplomats. This diplomatic meeting concerns the upcoming U.S. November mid-term elections on November 6th, 2018.  Natasha said to me, “You know, Lord Rama, that Mr. Putin will make good on his promise to reveal to the world very soon who did  9/11, along with releasing to the world the video tape exposing Mr. Drumpf’s crime against a young girl in President Putin’s country.” 
Natasha went on, “This incoming blue wave of young progressive, democratic socialist candidates who are on the mid-term ballots have at their backs today the energies of this New Moon in Libra.  As we all take these energies into our hearts, we have, as Robin LePlante says, quote: “..an opportunity to bring more harmony into our lives by reminding ourselves of the need for balance.  And with Venus in retrograde, we also have an added bonus to rekindle the passion in our relationships and create a stronger connection. This New Moon may bless us with new ideas for bringing inspiration and change.” 
Okay, then Natasha said, “Concerning Nikki Haley, as past United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley’s sudden resignation today from her position there, it has to do with corruption charges coming up for her soon against herself, Nikki Haley, along with Prime Minister Netanyahu, along with Netanyahu’s wife, Sara Weissman.  Together these three stole about 20 million in United States dollars from US aid funds that were scheduled to go to the Palestinian people. 
Also, Lord Rama, at this point, as Lady Master Nada and Larry said to you yesterday, Assistant Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court will be totally reversed along with dissolving the entire Republican Party. The meeting I am here in Moscow to attend will deal with all of the above changes and many, many more as we map out the final steps to the announcement that 9/11 was an inside job, mass arrests, full disclosure, and the enactment of the global announcement of NESARA Law with its Debt Jubilee, and the removal of all of the invaders and occupiers of Mother Gaia who came here to interfere in our civilization’s development without permission, meaning outside the parameters of Galactic Law.” 
Then Natasha said, “It is time for me to go now. May The Force be with you always.  Remember, today is John Lennon’s birthday and Yoko Ono is in Iceland lighting up the Peace Tower there.  It is an electronic Archangel Michael Excalibur-blue beam, sapphire blue beam of light, that can be seen from outer space everywhere.  ‘Let it be, let it be, Mother Mary speaks with me, speaking words of wisdom, Let it be. Let it be.’
NESARA now, Everyone!  I feel so excited and honored to be able to serve our community like this, Rama and I, for so many years and it’s going to be really fun now.  We’re going to get to do the Mission that we all came here to do together into fruition.  Do you want to say something in closing, Rama, in your own heart words?
Rama:  Just that we live in such ecstatic times!  Sat Nam, Namaste!
Tara:  We pass this emerald serpent feathered Quetzalcoatl talking stick with three-fold flame energies and fairies and crystals and rainbows to our sister Fran.
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
Author: Yoda

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