Greetings…This is Pallas Athena. I have come before you and I stand firm in my conviction. Yes, I stand with my spear in my right hand and my energy that I am sending out at this moment over this whole world of earth.

Energy of truth and love. It is time for many many years ago, I would say thousands of years ago I had to leave earth because there was no more truth or no more love so I had to fade away. Now is the time for my energy to come back to cover this earth, everyone, every planet, every blade of grass to bring the truth back again and the love.
Now I will tell you at this moment that there are things are going to happen now and they’re beginning now and I shall name some. Abundance will be here and it’s coming now. Lots of changes are happening now as you can see and many have talked about. Women’s rights are here, they’re coming this year. Lots of the old Police organizations and operations will be dismantled. Key operations are being dismantled. Political operations. And Trump is clearing the way for Nesara to be announced. Many of the world leaders in powerful positions are cooperating with integrity. New legal justice systems, new Supreme Court Judge, to empower new laws and enforce them.

More operations are raising. There’s more beings raising up their consciousness and walking up and waking up to love and peace and harmony. In their hearts they’re rejoicing and coming from their hearts more as I would say.
Last, but not least, inviting our space family to land.
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Oh, I have so much love and blessings for you all.
Namaste…thank you.
Author: Yoda

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