Planetary Evacuation.. the plan changed, explanation.

Planetary Evacuation.. the plan changed, explanation. By Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia, thru Leonette. Sep 30, 2015 – 5:22:31 AM 

Planetary Evacuation.. the plan changed, explanation.     Leonette: I have been asked to script a message.   Present are :- Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia. There are other Celestial Beings in the background but I am aware ropa interior calvin klein barata of the six (6) just mentioned at the moment and I am supposing that if those in the background are to issue a statement then they will come forward accordingly, however the six (6) mentioned appear to be the ones that summoned this advisory.   Christ Michael opens:   CM. We have come to you as part of your agreement with us, to have this advisory remitted to the public for the upcoming times ahead. This period is going to be one of upheaval and general consternation amongst the people. It is not our intention to exacerbate the ruinous situation that is about to unfold but this is intended as an advisory to ameliorate and guide those who are prepared to listen to their inner guidance, in the days to come.   As you have been told, there are nefarious plans afoot to lead your world into an abyss of no return. From our perspective, this abyss of no return is the result of desperate efforts, of those whose purpose is to hold onto ‘the reins of power’ of which they have no intention of relinquishing. This, despite the many overtures of salvation that were made to them over these many years.   The planet is sick and her aura is infested and infected, which has aggravated her suffering. Such infestation and infection is caused by the many thought forms which have emanated from the planet’s creature inhabitants. Such thought forms are derived from, but not limited to, energies associated with fear, pain, hurt, anger, hatred, greed, disrespect and the like.   We opted to approach the situation utilizing some ‘pillars’ of diplomacy, which would have allowed for each and everyone to be given opportunities to redeem themselves, thereby making opportune, their own advancements towards individual and collective re-alignment within the Sacred cycles of Divine denouement. Now, this has become nigh impossible given the treacherous conditions in which the all accommodating planet, has found herself. Said differently, it just means that the planet has reached exhaustion and is unable to sustain the weight of the ‘dross’ that is inflicted upon her physical, mental and emotional bodies.   Yes, she is very physical..just like you!   Like a physical body that has become diseased, there comes a time when drastic steps must be taken to save the life of the physical body. Failure to so do, would result in loss and in this particular case, where Gaia’s well-being is concerned, loss is not an option.   It is with this situation paramount in our consideration, that the Celestial Council which has oversight over what happens in this planet’s trajectory, decided to give full support to the re-habilitation of the planet and those life forms upon her, which are in alignment with the Sacred thrust of the Divine cycles.   What this means is that we, as the Celestial Council with oversight in this situation, will no longer allow the continuation of conditions, that create debilitating circumstances for the planet. We have taken this position even though previously we allowed such, in collaboration with the planet, who, given her nurturing tendencies, sustained much injury to her collective bodies, in the hope that her many life forms, which emanated from her own essence, would have been given opportunities to realise their fullest human and spiritual potentials.   As such, we have withdrawn support from this collaboration and we are focused on rehabilitating the planet and those life forms that would continue along with her, towards her noble destiny.   In this regard, there are HOSTS, both on planet and off planet, who are on standby and who have ensured that everything is at a ‘ready-go’. I assure you that should the planet signal that she is ready, at this very moment, we are in place to support ‘what needs to be done’ to free her from her ‘shackles’ and to take the necessary support action, to ensure sustainability of the various life forms that are to accompany the planet on her ascending journey.   I also assure you, that we KNOW what we are doing, for this is not the first time that this has been done. Even many of you have participated in such events before but due to the veiled circumstances in your current lives, you have forgotten about such experiences. Yet in spite of the ‘veils’ that cover your knowingness, you would know exactly what must be done, when ‘that time’ is upon you.     I will now hand you over to SOLTEC, who is in charge of Geophysical matters as it pertains to what will happen..   Soltec speaks:-   Greetings!   Thank you for availing yourself to take this message. I will seek to explain, from a geophysical standpoint what is happening now and what is expected to occur.   The planet is currently ‘stuttering’ in it’s revolution. While historically this has occurred many times before, it is the nature, frequency and volatility of the ‘stuttering’ that indicates a major aberration in the rhythm of the revolution.   A ‘stuttering’ in this case refers to a ‘spasm’, a jerking movement, which announces the arrival of a change in a pattern. If the frequency and volatility of the ‘stutterings’ are extremely profound then there is reasonable evidence to determine that the planet is going into ‘arrest’ or ‘stoppage’.   There are energetic vortices that spin left-right at the planet’s north polar centre and right-left at the south polar centre. These energetic vortices form a nexus or a joint at the centre or the ‘belly’ of the planet. Consider this ‘belly’ as the emotional centre of the planet.   As mentioned before by Christ Michael, the various creature energetic forms, both in thoughts and in deeds are impacting the planet, physically and emotionally. In the case of the emotional impacts such energy forms are ‘felt’ in the emotional centre of the planet’s body. The emotional centre conveys these frequencies throughout the energetic vortices via the nexus or joint that meets in the centre of the planet’s ‘belly’.   Everytime something major occurs within the ambit of thought or deed, that is of a negative persuasion or of non-light bearing amplitude, the planet’s emotional centre ‘rocks’ or ‘jolts’ as a consequence.. this jolt is ‘amped’ up through the energetic vortices and spirals outwards reverberating throughout the ‘auric membranes’ that surround the planet.   You, as sentient beings connected to the planet physically, mentally and emotionally experience these ‘jolts’. Such manifested ‘jolts’ on the planet, run the gamut from weather anomalies to environmental disasters to tectonic shifting to mass animal deaths to aberrant human behaviour, which in turn ‘feeds’ the energetic thought forms that further impact the emotional centre of the planet’s body in a seemingly never-ending circle of cause and effect.   Added to this situation is the fact that there is an ‘inflow’ of energy waves from the far reaches of space, that is destined, at this time to bring heightened awareness to the ‘principles’ of matter which are making the choice to elevate its consciousness in alignment with the Divinity of Source. I refer to ‘principles’ of matter to describe physicality at the sub-atomic level, which means that everything down to its infinitesimal presentation in physical existence will be impacted by these sequence of Divine waves.   Therefore these waves are also impacting the planetary physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as ALL life forms upon her.   Overarching all of this, is the ‘playing out’ of the Cosmic Cycles.   These Grand Cycles are universal revolutions within revolutions consistent with the upward spiralling of ALL universal worlds towards realignment and realisation of Light and Life.   This planet, has reached the end of its cyclic revolution in a series of revolutions that had the planet and her life forms experience ‘highs and lows’ in its ‘thousands of thousands’ of years as an occupied and life bearing planet. It is time for the planet to move to another stage of her development consistent with her own wishes and consistent with her Divine attainment.   Those who are slated to accompany her in this journey will be allowed and will be facilitated in this endeavour.   Given what I have encapsulated above, I will address what is anticipated to come.   We monitor the ‘readings’ taken from the planet, her inhabitants, her energetic vortices, the incoming sequential wave energies, the impacts of the Grand Cycles and the energetic forms that add to this ‘mix’ to determine projections that give us a fair idea of the timing and the magnitude when stoppage or arrest of the planetary revolutions will occur.   At this time we will say that timing is ‘imminent’ and is fully dependent on the planet’s decision to come to full stop or if something occurs that threatens the life force of the planet before she stops. In that case we will intervene to save her life. This is very much likened to a mother in labour, where one has to wait until the baby is delivered yet if something should manifest that puts the life of the mother and/or the baby in peril, then an intervention becomes necessary. This is the very same ideal.   The magnitude of the event will not go unnoticed. Already people who are ‘ensouled’ are aware that ‘things seem off’..They base these facts on what is happening around them. Some of this may or may not be tied to religious programming and the such but they sense that something is wrong..They are noticing the intensity of the Sun’s rays..They are recognizing that human behaviours are descending into such deviance and polarized temperaments that leave much worry and uncertainty in the minds of the observers. They are noticing the seeming natural disasters. They are concerned about environmental issues that are affecting sustainability of life. They know something is amiss. They are becoming aware that their world is in the grip of forces that do not have concerns relative to the wider populations and the planet, at heart. They are beginning to see through the double-speak of the many ‘tools’ which are used to contain the various populations in inertia.   They may not speak about such to all and sundry because ‘bread and butter’ issues occupy their thinking most of the time, but soon enough that is about to change.   The lengths of the days and consequently the lengths of the nights will become curiously longer. This will begin to affect plant life animal life (inclusive of human) and mineral life. Food production will be altered because crop cycles will be affected. The cycles that affect the water tides such as in oceans and rivers will be disrupted. This will cause ebbs and flows that will wreak further devastation. Tectonic plates will shift and creak in attempts to stabilize land masses which they support. Planetary Weather systems will fluctuate wildly and extremely. Planetary temperatures will be exacerbated and what is now considered ‘record-breaking’ will intensify. Electronic and digital multiplex systems will be erratic and non- reliable. Some will become non-functional altogether. Your satellite systems will not be able to triangulate programs for purposes of decoding signals and the like. Your communication systems will be sporadic at best.   The human psyche will be affected and many will become very volatile. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Pas Cher In a relatively short period, as the planet slows down to a stop this will manifest..and NONE will be spared these effects and by extension be oblivious to the fact that something is drastically wrong. In fact, MANY will welcome relief!   As part of a scientific team, with responsibility for the well-being of the planetary body, my role is to ensure that the integrity of the ‘material planetary body’ survives the tumult of these events. As the planet halts its rotation it will become necessary to intervene along certain planetary lines or causeways to stabilize ‘pressure areas’. My geophysical specialist team and I may have to harness certain ‘surgical procedures’ to prevent areas of erosion that may wreak undue imbalances to the corporeal planetary system. We will have to coordinate efforts with other teams for purposes of allowing for intervention by specialists with responsibility for other areas that make up the composition of the planet’s mental and emotional structures.   Given the bits of information posited above, I end my summary for now. It is my hope that the provided information will help many of you to realise the ‘signs’ and the reasons for such when the time is upon you. Armed with such information it is expected that you would be best suited to help rather than hinder the process as it unfolds. It is also expected that you would be able to take care of yourself and those ones around you who are amenable to your advice and guidance. Remember the emphasis is on amenable. If they are not giving you ‘an ear’ and are downright hostile to what you are trying to convey, then you have an obligation to allow them their own right to be in their own judgement. You are not to choose for them.   The planet has a date with her destiny and those who are to accompany her, are to so do, whether they are aware or not. I am to ensure that the planet meets her destiny in the best possible shape so that those who are to accompany her will have the optimum conditions in which to participate in a manner consistent with the highest ideals.   Salud!   Christ Michael: I now ask Monjoronson to address you.   Monjoronson: We meet again in such auspicious times for I am come in the name of Justice to pronounce on the many steps that have been taken to heal this situation. It is a fallacy to believe that the Adjudication Team has only recently started its mandate to bring justice to facilitate clearing of anomalous deeds that were committed against the planet and both her material and non-material inhabitants. We have been at this since the Luciferian Rebellion but it is within recent times that the adjudication process has been allowed to ‘filter down’ to the ‘lower’ vestiges that resulted from that rebellion.   This dispensation or allowance was facilitated by the grace of Christ Michael, who, in considering the myriad of reasons for the default of the many personalities who also have manifestations of physical embodiment in these realms, allowed for ‘time’ to be given so that all could have opportunity to come into Divine alignment, once again.   This opportunity was taken by few, some noted ones yes, but still too few. In any event, Christ Michael’s ‘time allowance’ has run out so to speak and we now have to take matters into our hands with relative ‘immediate despatch’. I also wish to emphasize that I do not ‘uncreate’ personalities. The responsibility for uncreation is in the realm of ‘The Ancient of Days’, who is attended to by those with vested powers and responsibilities for ‘dissipating’ energies, nullifying discordant frequencies and re-integrating the ‘sanitized’ elements back into the ‘whole’.   My role, in this particular situation, is to investigate and come to conclusive judgement over the affairs of MEN and to recommend appropriate action, which is then escalated to the relevant authorities empowered to mete out such recommendations.   In order to come to conclusive judgement, It requires empirical knowledge of matters that span levels of dimensions and in the planet’s case, time..   With the planet approaching this stage, which is a milestone in its ascent to glory, there comes a need to ‘fast track’ the ‘sorting’ of the inhabitants, in accordance with vibration and destination. To simplify this meaning, let me say that each will go in accordance with their own suitability. During the course of my investigations I have been able to compile much information to determine the suitability of each, to determine the type of rehabilitation that is necessary and to recommend appropriate action to be taken in the case of those who have deliberately chosen a path that is the antithesis of the GOD life itself.   Co-creators that you are, you do have say in the determination of your destiny, however with the exception of those who are ‘uncreated’, your determining of your destiny will be an ongoing process, wherever you find yourselves, for those who chose not to come into alignment with Cosmic Laws, at this time.   Further, as the planet stops its rotation and hangs in balance as it tries to ‘right itself’, ALL of the mis-aligned thought forms that have permeated its essence will no longer be able to attach itself. The force of ‘revolving mass’ carries with it a momentum, which makes it easy for ‘attachments’ to move in accordance with that momentum. When the ‘revolving mass’ in this case the planet, stops and hangs, momentum also stops and with it the force that carried the momentum ceases to exist for the time. As a result inertia results in the ‘loosening’ of attachments, in this case such acrid thought forms. Once these thought forms can no longer ‘cling’ to the base components of the planet’s energy fields, then they detach and will be collectively harnessed to be dealt with by ‘fields of energy’ under the direction of ‘ the Ancient of Days’.   Expect that when these thought forms detach, whatever physical manifestations that they supported would become completely incoherent and utterly incomprehensive. Hence the reason why there would be widespread breakdown in material and human constructs.   It is imperative for me to remind you at this time, that the laws that govern the pre-disposition of Souls, require that you allow for each to make his or her own choice in these matters. For in your present circumstances of ‘not-knowing’, you cannot possibly determine what is best for yourself much more for another. Understand, that everything that is being accommodated is conversant with your own Higher Selves for it is at that level that you truly comprehend the reasons for all that is ‘brought to bear’ relative to these events.   My role is to ensure that the ‘slate is wiped clean’ and once the planet’s revolution swings into force again, that the momentum that this engenders will carry with it thought forms that are based on noble ideals.   Be at Peace and know that ALL is in good hands and ALL is balanced in accordance with the Highest Cosmic Ideals.   I am Monjoronson!     Esu comes forward.   Beloveds, it is I Esu, most of you call me Sananda, well there are many ‘Sanandas’ and at this time we will avail ourselves to you! For you see Sananda is a ‘Title of bearing’ that denotes a ‘Christed Being’ and there are many ‘Christed Beings’ that came to you over many eons to help you to ‘re-member’ the truth of who you are while you were immersed under this darkness which prevailed upon your awareness, for so very long. A ‘Christed Being’ is not a Christian as you know it, although the religion of Christianity took its ‘titular name’ from ‘Christ’ which is a Roman acronym.   A ‘Christed Being’ is one who is in masterly service to others under the principles and guidance of Christ Michael of Nebadon. These Christed principles have been made manifest in many Beings of like persuasion who walked the Earth amongst many different races, amongst many different civilizations, amongst many different religious and philosophical denominations, with the expressed purpose to ‘show’ a way consistent with Divine patterns and ways of Being.   I have always been with you but at this time I am making you aware, that my presence along with the many other Sanandas, who have inspired so many around this planet from your recorded history, are here to put ourselves at your disposal in this time of monumental change.   For indeed, not only are there present, Sanandas from your recorded history but there are also 21st century Sanandas, who are going to be taking up the mantle in the near time to come. Some of you Sanandas are hereto reading this and lucky for you, you are being given a proverbial ‘heads-up’, relative to the roles upon which you are due to embark.   I am in joy at this! For though the time to come is perilous for those who choose to remain in obscurity about everything that is happening around them, for those of ‘Christed’ orientation, it will be the everything that you have longed for during your many sojourns on and off the planet.   Your purpose will finally come into perspective and you will realise that all the challenges that you faced that has led you to NOW was worth it.. You have finally earned your ‘stripes’ and now you are being called into service as the planet prepares to heave through very tumultuous events that lie ahead.   Further I will advise you that nothing is given that cannot be borne. I emphasize the point that you have earned your ‘stripes’ and if ever you feel that you cannot rise to the challenge, call on me or any of your religious icons, angels, guides, heavenly hosts to give you a ‘lift’ to move forward. I only make this point as a suggestion to let you know that ‘we have your back’..   The time is short and while the period of challenges will not be long, it will seem like never-ending to those of you who have to face the dramatic uncertainty that will result from initial responses to events as they unfold. There is a plan afoot to deal with all eventualities. Some have been highlighted before my message, some will be hinted about after my message. Not all will be ventilated here and now.   We have already started to make our presence known to you in ways that are non-alarming. We suggest to you in your waking moments and we brief you in your dream time. Some of you remember facets of dreams which we allow so that you find yourself pondering during your wakeful moments. We arrange synchronistic moments that will cause you to come into contact with information that will enlighten you about what is happening. Your willingness to ‘pay attention’ is what would determine the difference between your ability to be prepared as opposed to being confused and ill-equipped to handle situations, that may crop up in your experiences. In any event we stand with you as you face what is to come, happy in the knowledge that a ‘qualitative leap’ in the journey of the planet and her inhabitants is about to begin.   Blessed are those who rise to the fore in recognition of their service to their Fellowman.   Blessed are you for casting your doubts aside, putting your chores on hold and taking this message for and on behalf of those of us in attendance.   Blessed is Gaia for allowing the many to be given the opportunity to grow and learn.   Blessed are the many who are about to embark on a course of events that will shape their paths to their ultimate destinies.   I am that I am Esu Sananda.   Christ Michael brings forward Lady Nada (This is my first time taking a message from Lady Nada)   C.M.:- Lady Nada, together with Esu, is closely aligned in service to the planet. She is a member of the inner circle on matters dealing with the planet and her populations. So great is her love for the planet that she has ‘postponed’ her own ascent in order to service the needs of the planet. It is in this regard that she has tied her own ascent to that of the planet. It is in this regard that she is an intrinsic part of this process for tied to the fate of what is to occur is her own forward movement. In any event she is already a ‘Paradise Citizen’ who has embarked on another journey, this time, with the planet and her population.   Lady Nada:- Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address whatever concerns that may be paramount in the minds of the many who will be reading these messages.   The planet is a sentient Being, a nurturing sentient Being who has made a decision to take the responsibility of ‘be-coming‘ to the next level. It is in this regard that my role has ‘quickened’ to facilitate this ‘birthing’ into higher consciousness of this sentient Be-ing, who in spite of her many discomforts sought to give ample opportunity to those life forms who made her physicality their home, to grow into Divine awareness. She has had to endure much, too much and in the fullness of time it has become apparent that to continue in this vein meant that her survival would be brought into question.   There are elements who do not share concerns for her well-being as they have lost control over their ability to exact further productive elements from her body. These ones have now degenerated into a downward spiral and have become so skewed in their thought forms that they can no longer be tolerated by the planet’s emotional system. To this end, the planet has decided to end this ‘warped’ situation and reject these anomalous elements that have compromised her core. We, as part of the Celestial effort are on standby to proceed with the following:   Remove from harm’s way all our serving members on the ground of operations. Safe keep all important spiritual artefacts that will provide service to those who will be returning to continue with the planet. Adidas Yeezy Boost 330 Preserve the critical passageways or portals that flow along the planetary energy lines. Prepare comfortable ‘housing’ for those who will leave the planet and those who are expected to occupy safe areas within the planet’s body. Ensure that family units are re-united or facilitated in accordance with pre-arranged destinations. Ensure that animal populations inclusive of various pets are sorted and assigned accordingly. Ensure that plant life that may face destruction are seeded for re-planting when conditions on the planet are conducive. Ensure that medical needs are identified and make arrangements for such needs to be addressed. Identify various groups in accordance with their primary roles and facilitate preparation for these roles to be fulfilled. Schedule shuttle services to facilitate transport to and from the planet. Identify planetary safe areas for purposes of logistics and for preparing intervention services where needed. Co-ordinate team efforts to ensure that all operations run smoothly.   This is a primary list which you can appreciate would contain several sub-sections to each aspect outlined. There are various teams involved which also include the Galactic commands with each having their own responsibilities.   We have identified fears or concerns as they relate to Extra-Terrestrial activity. These have been programmed into the consciousness of the masses by those whose time is about to be cut short by the planet. Be not in dismay about this. There will be those of the masses who would come willingly as many would become ‘activated’ by this course of events. For those who are so steeped in fear that there thinking consciousness becomes paralyzed, they would be put to sleep and taken out of harm’s way, if it is their destiny to not perish with the tumultuous events on the planet. They will then be sorted accordingly and either re-united with their loved ones and assigned to wherever they are supposed to go which will be in accordance with their own ‘Higher Knowing’. For those who are to face adjudication they will be taken either in physical or non-physical form to the Courts of Nebadon.   This is as much as I can tell you at this point. We will have further updates as time advances. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to do this communication and it is my hope, that in some way, your concerns have been addressed. Chaussures Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2   I look forward to embracing all of you when we come together again.   To all my beloveds I AM Nada.   The Ancient of Days makes his presence known.   I AM MANTUSTIA, the last time I rendered a message through you was an occasion that differed in so many ways from now.   Indeed, you did not expect that I would ‘pay a visit’ so soon yet I have found it necessary, if only for purposes of signalling to you that events are quite serious and to suggest that it is time to ‘gather one’s thoughts’ with respect to ‘bonding’ with one’s inner guide, post-haste.   I have, from time immemorial, been a part of knowing and understanding the cyclic nature of this universe and all the celestial bodies contained therein. I know what is to occur, so therefore I do not make light my words when I advise that one should be in tune with one’s inner guidance. This has been the message all along, for so many years, yet so few have paid heed.   Thankfully though, those of you who have paid attention would be best positioned to provide assistance to those who need it. Do so wisely! As stated before it is not your role to coerce anyone, but it will be your role to lead by example, to show courage in spite of your own internal misgivings, to trust in the process and everything that has led you to your proverbial ‘here and now’. It is everything that you have ‘trained for’ .It is one of the many situations in which you will distinguish yourself.   You are about to know what your true purpose was in being born unto the planet!   May you stand tall in your glory!   I AM MANTUSTIA       Christ Michael:   Leonette we have come to end of this script for now. Thank you for your patience for it was indeed a ‘long day’. You have done well to keep focused through the many twists and turns of personal events that occurred during your day..I will not keep you much longer except to state that as events build in momentum signalling the inevitability of the end of this stage, My Beloved Gabriel, as Administrative Head of Nebadon will pronounce on events as he sees fit.

Author: Henrix