Water Purification Technique – Given by Zorra

Northern Hemisphere

Image on the Left shows hand placement for those in the Northern Hemisphere. (above the equator)

Sounthern Hemisphere

Image on the Right shows hand placement for those in the Southern Hemisphere. (below the equator)


Directions: Taste  your water or fruit (any food)first before beginning. Then rub your  palms together for 3-4 seconds and place in the position above for 1-2  min. Then re-taste the glass of water or food. If done properly, you  will taste a subtle difference. 

Result of this  purification technique: You change the molecular structure of the water  or whatever food it is. This is your god power at work removing toxins,  chemicals or any impurity. Now the food or water tastes smoother, cooler  fresher or in the case of fruit, it will taste sweeter. You will taste  the difference. If you don’t taste a difference, you just need a little  more practice is all.

For food, this is a  wonderful technique to teach children, family, friends or with waiters  or waitresses when you go out to eat. Let them do the technique in front  of you and they will be amazed. 

Additionally, you can  use this for healing people but you can also, just rub your hands  together and place your hands on either side of the affected area and  say, 5-4-3-2-1, RECEIVE, and the recipient should say, 5-4-3-2-1, I  receive and from the god/goddess of my being, I am completely healed of  _____ and I know it. You can keep your hands on the area for a 2 minutes  of even more and repeat the process. 

Inform them of the god/goddess power they have. We are all healers!

Author: Yoda

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