Free Feel Good


by Lorelei

A note to start…

It is not expected that one would try to use all of these strategies right from the start. That would probably overwhelm many of you.

I suggest taking one tool at a time, using it for at least 3 weeks, and then adding a 2nd, a 3rd, and so forth every 3+ weeks. If a new one is not added for 4 or 5 or 6 weeks, no harm done. It will likely make a person feel much better TO add them with some regularity. I myself do use all of them.

Yet it took me years to get there. (To be fair I did not know of them all in the beginning.) Yet it’s important not to stress over what is added when, which would defeat the purpose of serenity and feeling good.



Inhale deeply into the diaphragm. Pause gently 1-3 seconds. Exhale. Pause gently 1-3 seconds. Repeat.

Use this breathing as much as you can remember throughout your day. Use it especially in moments of worry, anxiety, stress or upset.

Doing this alone, with regularity, can alter your life to the feel good place in huge ways.

Use this in conjunction with the other strategies below for even better results.

Use this particularly whenever your mind wants to churn in some negative direction, such as imagining scenarios of catastrophe, or churning over fears, worries, or arguments.

It is absolutely impossible for the mind to focus on that while it is also focused on this breathing technique.


The world would be a better place if we all were to write this prayer out and carry it with us. Then say this prayer out loud if possible (to ourselves if not) whenever life has taken us out of our “feel good” place- for instance in times of worry, anxiety, upset, fear, stress, anger, frustration etc. etc.

You may be quite amazed at how just saying these words will make a big difference in the moment. If the upset is great, follow this up with one or more of other tools below.


First I suggest that you go to my website HERE and follow the links to read about Solfeggio frequencies, and how they work. For information on the effect of music on the body, you can also read my blog post “Music: Will YOu Calm or Awaken the Savage Beast?”

Next I suggest that you begin to play the various Solfeggio frequencies, picking the best one from the list for your day or mood. Play them at any volume that feels good throughout your day & whenever you are under duress. Notice this… It’s almost impossible to feel bad when listening to Solfeggio frequencies. One can only feel good. 🙂



Please read about Don’s Music at my website HERE. Then follow the links to find a smorgasbord of music to make use of. As you bring this into your wellness regime, I suggest you use this music at least once a week as a meditation in the manner described on my website.

Again, in my experience it is impossible to feel bad when using this music. For even better result use this with #1, Deep Conscious Breathing.


This is an amazing feel-good meditation. You can access the full instructions on my website HERE.

Light has the ability to transform matter. This makes sense if you consider that even our plant-based foods from the transformation (photosynthesis) of light into energy. For me after this meditation I am literally floating on a cloud. It’s that happy “Wooooooo” feeling, many of you have heard in my videos. That is the exact feeling that comes from doing this meditation.

I do suggest doing daily, once you add it to your routine. Once learned, it only takes 10-15 minutes. You may like combining this meditation with the Solfeggio Frequencies for even better results.


When we are in a situation where there is anger, upset, frustration, or even sadness or depression the first thing to do t feel good is to Get Out of That Situation. It’s good to get away gracefully if we can, or not-gracefully, if that seems like the only way.

Getting away is especially important for those of us in “enmeshed” relationships, where boundaries may not be strong.

It is good to then get out into nature. This makes most of us feel better. Barring that, we can just get to the most serene place we can find and use some of the above tools. For more info on the “Natural Cure” read my Blog post “Nature Will Nurture” HERE.


Yoga is a wonderful practice to have us feel good on a regular basis. To be effective, it must be done consistently (Say 3 or more times per week) and in the right way.

The best kind of Yoga is a Traditional Eastern style using consciousness, non-judgment, quietude, and a restful mind. Definitely the “Americanized” competitive yogas (such as “Hot Yoga”) are not what we’re looking for.

“Integral Yoga” (such as this one I recommend HERE) is a good style, which also mixes in chanting and meditation practices. I suggest being in a Yoga community, especially as you learn.

If that’s impossible, get a DVD of the correct style.


This is an oldie but a goodie.

The effect of warm or hot water on the body and mind is always soothing. Water itself has many healing properties, and also felaxes the very cells of your body.

So when you have been taken out of your feel-good place for any reason, just fill that tub up with hot water. Put in some natural epsom salts if possible. Put on some relaxing music, and light a candle or two.

Then feel your troubles melt away, as you get back to happy! If your mind wants to keep churning, use #1, Deep Conscious Breathing.


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