How To Set Up A Protective Blessing Around Your Home

Blessings, Love, and Light to all the beautiful Light Workers.

Today I channeled this decree from my Spirit Guides.  I was asked to do this to assist in the training of fellow Light Workers and immediately I felt the flow begin.  I sat down and started writing.  My channeling comes through my writing and has for years, but more recently, I have begun receiving clearer and clearer telepathic channeled information.

As I further awaken to my purposes, and as my belief system syncs up with the abilities, they become more prevalent.  This is what “One Who Serves” is referring to when he says, “Seeing is Believing.”   My higher perspective becomes engaged and I open to the flow.  So this decree is needed by all, and this is part of my flow, so here I share this with you.



NOTE:  As you read this decree, it begins as a frequency within you.  The words hold energy and are activated when read out loud.  The length of the decree is intended to keep the creation process going for at least 70 seconds, as this is a visualization process that will become structure in that length of time.  Two minutes is ideal, according to my guides.  So read this decree slowly, purposefully, with as much emotion as you can muster because thoughts become emotions become vibrations and they then materialize.  Feel the emotion of being protected.  Spin around and feel the beautiful space around you as YOUR Sacred Space.  Infuse it with high frequencies of Love and Light and most of all, FEEL the Safety.  Most of all, BELIEVE!

Infuse your Sacred Space with feelings of Love, Security, and Safety.  This will lock the magic into place.

Remember, you create your own reality.  If you think, feel like, or act like you are under attack, creating energy of fear or confusion, you invite it.  Keep your thoughts in the NOW, in fifth dimension at all times.  Blessings, peace, and love.


“By the Power of my ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ the Great Ascended Masters, and my Spirit Guides, I set the intention of establishing a protective blessing around my entire home, all the contents of my home, my physical being, my family, and my pets.  I intend to make my home my Sacred Space, enclosed in a Crystalline Capsule completely protected from all lower energy vibrations, frequencies, natural disasters, entities, and everything below fifth dimension (5D).

I further decree that no frequencies or entities below 5D can come into or interfere with my protected space.  I decree that within this, my Sacred Space, all mechanical processes work perfectly, unwanted water does not come in, my ceilings are always dry, they are safe, all my plumbing and electrical devices, mechanical appliances,  and electronic devices always work perfectly.  I invoke into my home this Sacred Protection.

I decree my home cannot be influenced or interfered with in any way within the following parameters:

Beginning just outside of my property and including everything within my personal Sacred Space, including the air I breathe, the food I eat, and the water with which I drink, cook, and bathe. I decree that this protective barrier includes my personal belongings, my vehicles, my work space, the space around myself, my children, my spouse, and my pets.

I visualize surrounding my entire space within a Hard Shell Capsule.  This Crystalline Capsule also includes my physical body and energy field.  I am completely protected.  I exist in this capsule of high frequency energy and I am invisible, invincible, invulnerable to any other energies outside this capsule.  This is my haven.

I further decree that my Sacred Space and all within will remain safe and secure, fully functional with the perfection of my ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’

I thank thee, my ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’  Thou dost always answer our every call and this is instantly and infinitely manifest, eternally sustained, and ever-expanding.

So it is.

So it is.

So it is.

So be it!”

Author: Yoda

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