Lemurian Chant – OLD SOUL

[NOTE: Taught by One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell at the April Advance on April 20, 2018.] This is a tool. A tool to raise your vibrations. This is the Old Souls coming back together again, remembering the Ancient Knowings, the ancient memories, all of this coming back together. This is the Ancient Awakenings. Awakenings of the Ancient Memories within you.


Old Soul, Old Soul, wherein we return

Wherein we return as one together

Seeking Thy Light

Serving Thy Light

Knowing Thy Light

Making known thy hand print within the earth

Where Thou hast placed

Where Thou hast placed

Thy Sacred Seal within man’s Heart

Where he would open

Where he would know

Remembrance, remembrance forever.

Ancient Awakenings directly is a vibration. It sets a vibration, and this vibration reaches out to all that are ready to receive it.

There is actually a key. A key to the etheric lock that was set at the time of Lemuria. The key is needed to open this lock. The key being a combination of vibration, different tones could be used to open up that lock that was set so that there was protection for these records.

This is in the language of the Mother Tongue and from ancient Lemuria and Mu:

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese,

Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm
Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm


You have the earth, water, fire, and air, for the first four.

The first is the “Call to the Earth.” The call of the Spirit of the Earth.

Chant each 3 or more times to build the vibration momentum till the point where you completely let go and just let it flow. Feel the resonance within and with practice, build to a crescendo. At that point you may begin to feel at ONE with everything.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

Keeping doing it and as you do it, feel the Earth, feel the Earth’s energy as you do this. Notice as you do that, and we purposely use the last syllable, the mmmmmm at the end there, to build the resonation there, to build the vibration. Feel the resonance within your body at that point. As it resonates with those parts of your body, this is designed to reach into your body. To reach into your physical form, and work on this. This is also a DNA process.

You can also do this with crystals and other tools that are available, and more that are going to become available. But it is mostly involved with sound and vibration.

This is the “Waters.” Repeat each chant three times.

AAh Ra Ummmm

Now the next one is “Fire” associated with your third chakra. If you noticed, these are associated with your chakra centers as we go up the scale here. So this next one is fire and third chakra, the adrenal glands.

AAh Ohmmmm

Take a deep breath after each chant. Feel the energies continuing to rise within you.

The next one is associated with your fourth chakra, and air. And this one goes

AAh EeeYammmmm

This particular one is a heart opening chant. This is what was used in those times to open that center, although in those times, many were open much of the time in that fourth chakra area. But those of you, those of you that have been trapped in this illusion for some time, trapped of your own volition though, we might add here, but those of you that have been trapped in this have been holding on to this vibration for a long time now. In the third chakra predominantly.

The fifth one now is associated with the fifth chakra, the thyroid gland.

And this is the speaking area. Your Will center. And you are working toward activating this. Those of you that have awakened, are activating your Will, are changing the programming that you have had. The programming that is largely associated with your lower chakras here. But you are moving into the higher chakras and your Will is taking over. Your “Higher Will” is taking over from your ego center. Your ego center is predominantly the fire area in your third chakra. But then the fourth chakra is the one that balances the two, you see? So you are moving now into the fifth, and this one is a little bit more difficult to do here, but we will attempt to do so, and then you will follow along.

AAh Pah Rammmm

By now, many of you are feeling the energies continuing to rise. Some of you have actually had it arise all the way up into your fifth chakra now. If you have not, no need to be concerned here. This is something that you can do regularly here.

Now we are moving here to the sixth chakra, and the sixth chakra is your third eye center. The awakening of the intuition within all of you. The awakening of the psychic senses once again. Rather than the awakening, we will say the “RE-AWAKENING” of this area. The dormant third eye, but for many of you, it is no longer dormant. It is coming alive.

Tuu mmmm

As you are doing this “Toomm” now, feel your eye center, your third eye center. Feel it awakening. Feel the pressure that may be there in your head at this point as you do it. As it vibrates there. Each one of these chants is to vibrate at that particular area—if you have not already noticed that. Take a deep breath in between each one.

And the last one is the seventh “crown” chakra, the pituitary “Master Gland” that controls all the other glands in your body. This is the word that created everything. Not exactly pronounced as this, but this is the closest that the human voice can come to this sound, this vibration. You all know what that is.


Now we go through all of them one time here, and as you go up the Jacob’s Ladder, move up with the vibration from each one, starting with the earth, then the water, then the fire, then the air, then the ether, then mind… you see how it works here? And as you move up in vibration feel the resonance, feel the higher vibration, feel the tone this brings to the vibration. It is meant to awaken each center as you move up here.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

AAh Ra Ummmm

AAh Ohmmmm

AAh EeeYammmmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

Tuu mmmm


Continue to do these again and again and again, and continue to raise the vibration and feel the resonance to continue to raise higher and higher within you

Working with this and this is for preparation here. We know from understanding how the vibrations work here that it will have an effect on all that participate in this, and more importantly, all that believe that what they are getting here as we do this, it is really happening.

As soon as your belief system begins to fade though and you begin to say to yourself, “I am not really not doing this, it is not really happening. There is not really a dove or a flame over my head.” or whatever it might be. As soon as you get that thought, then you can forget it. It has dissipated for you. So we are going to built up to that though tomorrow evening. This is all designed to build up to that process.

Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”

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