Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS 5-6-18 “We’re in The Moment Now”

This is the video of the channelings presented on 5-6-18.

In this vibrant channeling featuring Sananda and One Who Serves we learn the following…

We have been together with Sanat Kumara, Sananda, Aramda & Archangel Michael & others before!
We have been building to this for many lifetimes.
What it means to “Be the One”.
Where the Cities of Light will be.
Plasma Beings- much more than Plasma TV!

and much, much more!

To LISTEN, DOWNLOAD, OR READ the full channeling, please go HERE.

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.

Presented by Transformational Personal Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton (“Soar With Lorelei”)

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