18.04.20 – Advance on Friday Morning One Who Serves teaches the Lemurian Chant of Old Souls coming back together

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One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during the April Advance on Friday Morning, in Payson, AZ on April 20, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

One Who Serves


[Group joins in with the chant]




Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Om

There is an echo here. Ommmmm Ommmmm.


Wonderful! We enjoyed that. That’s good. You sounded just like us.


Wonderful! How do you feel now?

GROUP: High as a kite?

OWS: High as a kite?


This is a good high though, is it not?

GROUP: A natural one!

OWS: A natural one, yes! [inaudible] I must tell you. You will find the time is coming. You will find other ways, but they will be legal and everything will be okay.


Remember, even Yeshua himself, he drank wine, right?

GROUP: He made wine!

OWS: He made wine too. Yes. That is the best. Yes. Can you imagine if you could do that, take water and make it into wine? Don’t need to go out and buy your wine anymore. Just have it here. Yes.

We are having good times. We are ready for good times and we are going to do these chants here now.

We are going to attempt to do it—to use this one’s voice here as best we can and see how it goes here.
And we will do what we can to modulate this voice, so that there is not difficulty maybe as there was last evening. But we will see here.

But the James was asked to give you the back story of this somewhat, and there is much more. We are not going to go into the long story here about this, but just that it is all part of the journey. And not only that was part of the journey, but you are all on a journey. You are all on your own journey. You are working toward much that you came here to do. You each one have a mission here. Some of you already know what that mission is. Some of you are just beginning to come into understanding of it, and some have not yet. But it is going to be revealed to you by your Higher God Self, as these things things continue to move on.

And what you are doing here this weekend, is to help you prepare for all of this. To get your vibrations going here. To get your blood boiling. All of this stuff here. To get you into a place, prepared, acclimated, and everything for these energies, so that as these energies continue to come in, it will not floor you. It will raise you up. It will let you soar into the heavens of your own Higher Self and your
Spirit within you.

So everything is being planned. Everything is being orchestrated, and you, my dear friends, are all part of this great orchestration and this great plan. We want you to know that. We tell you that many times, but we want you to fully believe that you are a part of this. Even the ones of you that never say anything.
That you are very quiet and passive, and that is okay too, because you are here. And you are spreading the Light without your even knowing that you are spreading the Light.

So, okay, we are going to begin the chants here. And we are going to just do them for you once here, and then we are going to ask you each one, including those of you on the phone, to do it to yourself, as best you can, and to go along with this. And with each time you do it, feel the raising of the vibration within
you. That is what is important here, is raising your vibrations.

This is a tool. A tool to do this, a tool to raise your vibrations. We have purposely held this off until this time for so many of you because it was not yet the moment for you to have this high vibrational frequency to begin to work with, but now is the time for this.

There are so many things that are in the works, so many things in process here, and this is just to continue to help prepare you. To give you the tools, to assist you in everything that you are going to come about to do here. Okay?

The first part of this is we are going to do the full, what the James calls here, the Ya de alla su Abba and this is the old soul and it goes:

Old Soul, Old Soul, wherein we return

Wherein we return as one together
Seeking Thy Light
Serving Thy Light
Knowing Thy Light
Making known thy hand print within the earth
Where Thou hast placed

Where Thou hast placed
Thy Sacred Seal within man’s Heart
Where he would open
Where he would know
Remembrance, remembrance forever.

So this is the Old Souls coming back together again, remembering the Ancient Knowings, the ancient memories, all of this coming back together. This is the Ancient Awakenings. Awakenings of the Ancient Memories within you. This was why it was given to the James here—to reach out. This is a vibration. Ancient Awakenings directly is a vibration. It sets a vibration, and this vibration reaches out to all that are ready to receive it.

Some of you have said when you joined this group, you say that you were guided here. And, yes, many of you were guided here, in many different ways. So you are here, and this is how the Mother Tongue and from ancient Lemuria and Mu went here.

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese, Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese
Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm
Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm
Everyone now, do it with us here as best you can.

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese, Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm

Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm



Wonderful! Again.

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese, Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm

Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm



Wonderful! How do you feel?

[Subdued audience reaction]

Everyone feel good? Raised vibrations. Feeling the energies flowing through you? Some may be feeling the rising of the kundalini. You feel re-energy in your spinal column, the electric feeling. Anyone here?

GROUP: Yes, I’m burning.
Yes, very good, very good.

This one is losing voice here somewhat, but we will spirit up to continue here. Now we are going to give the seven a chance that came from this Ya de alla su Abba. That as the James said, he received little by little here. Until it was all put together.

This was not only designed to be able to find the records, but to find the records within, and to raise the vibrations enough so that the memories could return and so that those ones that were there could begin to move into those higher vibrations and therefore, unlock the key that was set.

There was actually a key. An etheric key you would say, that was set at that time. An etheric lock, rather. And the key was needed to open this lock. The key being a combination. Not a combination like you know of in your locks today, but a combination of vibration, different tones could be used to open up that lock that was set so that there was protection for these records. Because it was not time. It is still as of yet not time to have these records. Although if those ones that have been working toward this and had been successful in finishing this, they would have the records in their possession and would have kept them from those of the dark forces from receiving them until the right time.

But for now, we begin here.

The first is the “Call to the Earth.” The call of the Spirit of the Earth, and it goes:

AAh Eee Uhmmmm


AAh Eee Uhmmmm

Keeping doing it and as you do it, feel the Earth, feel the Earth’s energy as you do this:

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

One more time.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

Very good! And the next one is

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

This is the waters. The waters. You have the earth, water, fire, and air, for the

first four.

This is the “Waters.”

AAh Ra Ummmm

AAh Ra Ummmm

AAh Ra Ummmm

Notice as you do that, and we purposely use the last syllable, the mmmmmm at the end there, to build the resonation there, to build the vibration. Do it again now. This time, feel it at the end there as you do the third syllable here.

AAh Ra Ummmm

Did you feel the resonance within your body at that point? As it resonates with those parts of your body, this is designed to reach into your body. To reach into your physical form, and work on this. This is also a DNA process.
You may not know this, but we are going to share it now that you are going to be working with your DNA here—downloads as you call them. To begin more and more to reconnect various parts of your DNA. This is one way to do this.

You can also do this with crystals and other tools that are available, and more that are going to become available. But it is mostly involved with sound and vibration.

Now the next one is “Fire” associated with your third chakra. If you noticed, these are associated with your chakra centers as we go up the scale here. So this next one is fire and third chakra, the adrenal glands.

And this goes:

AAh Ohmmmm


AAh Ohmmmm

AAh Ohmmmm

A deep breath after each time. Feel the energies continuing to rise within you.
The next one is associated with your fourth chakra, and air. And this one goes

AAh Eee Yammmmm


AAh Eee Yammmmm

AAh Eee Yammmmm

This particular one is a heart opening chant. This is what was used in those times to open that center, although in those times, many were open much of the time in that fourth chakra area.

But those of you, those of you that have been trapped in this illusion for some time, trapped of your own volition though, we might add here, but those of you that have been trapped in this have been holding on to this vibration for a long time now. In the third chakra predominantly.

Those in the beginning were in the first chakra, which is earth, which is survival, and that was the predominant modus operandi as you might say at that time. And then, once the survival was taken care of, they moved into the second chakra. They being the civilizations at that time.

And this was the pleasure, Rome and all of this was associated more and more with finding pleasure in life. They had conquered much of the survival needs in many cases and were now searching for pleasure in their lives, and their psychic abilities were beginning here as well.

And then you moved to the third chakra which is those of you still coming out of the dark ages now, you might say, coming into the light more and more, but very third chakra oriented. Very fear or flight type of thing, where the adrenal glands are activated, and you feel that fire within you and the anger sometimes, and all of these kinds of things.

But you are moving now more and more out of the third chakra and the awakening of the fourth chakra. Becoming back of the Divine Feminine here, the Goddess that has been lost and put back behind the scenes for a long time, but that is no longer. The feminine energies are coming back to balance everything off and this is the dominantly the fourth chakra, feminine is fourth chakra. Feminine is heart. And this is what is exploding now. Beginning to expand and grow as the heart expands. As consciousness expands with the heart. So that was the fourth one. The fifth one now is associated with— where do you think?

GROUP: The throat.

OWS: The throat, yes! The fifth chakra, the thyroid gland if you will. And this is the speaking area. Your Will center. And you are working toward activating this. Those of you that have awakened, are activating your Will, are changing the programming that you have had. The programming that is largely associated with your lower chakras here. But you are moving into the higher chakras and your Will is taking over. Your “Higher Will” is taking over from your ego center. Your ego center is predominantly the fire area in your third chakra. But then the fourth chakra is the one that balances the two, you see? So you are moving now into the fifth, and this one is a little bit more difficult to do here, but we will attempt to do so, and then you will follow along. Okay?

AAh Pah Rammmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

By now, many of you are feeling the energies continuing to rise. Some of you have actually had it arise all the way up into your fifth chakra now. If you have not, no need to be concerned here. This is something that you can do regularly here. We will have the James put it out there for you to be able to utilize if you wish. Again, another tool that is used here.

Now we are moving here to the sixth chakra, and the sixth chakra is your third eye center. The awakening of the intuition within all of you. The awakening of the psychic senses once again. Rather than the awakening, we will say the “RE-AWAKENING” of this area. The dormant third eye, but for many of you, it is no longer dormant. It is coming alive.

When you are seeing things that are not there, according to other people, when you are feeling things from others, when you are getting in touch psychically with other people around you, when you are walking into a room, and you feel the energies, or you see the energies, this is utilizing your third eye center and re-awakening this pineal gland here. The pineal gland that has been in many cases for a long time now calcified by either fluoride that has been put in the water here, by the programming that has been associated with your civilization here, but all of this is changing now. All of this is about awakening the third eye. Awakening the Star Gate. Do you hear what we say here? The Star Gate that is there for you to travel the universe when you learn the technique here. When you learn how to manipulate and work with your mer’kaba or merka’ba, however you wish to say it here. Your personal light vehicle. This is what you are doing here, activating this again. Re-activating it. And now this is a simple one.
You have already done it somewhat.

It is the

Tuu mmmm


Tuu mmmm

As you are doing this Tuu mmmm now, feel your eye center, your third eye center. Feel it awakening. Feel the pressure that may be there in your head at this point as you do it. As it vibrates there. Each one of these chants is to vibrate at that particular area—if you have not already noticed that.

Tuu mmmm

One more time.Tuu mmmm

Take a deep breath in between each one.

Continue to feel the energies, feel the life force within you awakening, working its way up.

And the last one is the seventh chakra. That being the pituitary gland, the “Master Gland” you might say that controls all the other glands in your body. The seventh chakra, the crown chakra. And this one is simple as well and you have been doing this. This is the word, the word that created everything. Not
exactly pronounced as this, but this is the closest that the human voice can come to this sound, this vibration. You all know what that is.




Now we go through all of them one time here, and as you go up the ladder here, Jacob’s Ladder, as you may have heard of this before, as you move up with the vibration from each one, starting with the earth, then the water, then the fire, then the air, then the ether, then mind… you see how it works here? And go
up in vibration as you move up each one and feel the resonance, feel the higher vibration, feel the tone that this brings or rather the tone this brings to the vibration here. It is meant to awaken each center as you move up here.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

AAh Ra Ummm

AAh Ohmmmm

AAh Eee Yammmmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

Tuu mmmm


Now generally, you would continue to do these again and again and again, and continue to raise the vibration and feel the resonance to continue to raise higher and higher within you, but we are going to not do this because this one’s voice is going here. And we cannot continue too much longer here. We have already taxed the system. But we appreciate all of your assistance here.

Working with this and this is for preparation here. Preparation for what is going to happen in the rest of the times here for this weekend. Certainly what is going to occur tomorrow evening when we attempt, and we say attempt, here, because this has never been done, as we are going to do it here. It was done with a small group long ago if you remember here, with your Bible and all of this. But we are going to attempt to do this as a large group and even over your phone contraption here, and do the best that can be, but we know from understanding how the vibrations work here that it will have an effect on all that participate in this, and more importantly, all that believe that what they are getting here as we do this, it is really happening.

As soon as your belief system begins to fade though and you begin to say to yourself, “I am not really not doing this, it is not really happening. There is not really a dove or a flame over my head.” or whatever it might be. As soon as you get that thought, then you can forget it. It has dissipated for you. So we are
going to built up to that though tomorrow evening. This is all designed to build up to that process.

Also, that which the one here, the little one here, Randi Joy, is going to be doing with you, this is all part of the process here as well. It is not by happenstance that she just came up out of willy-nilly land with something to do here. This has come with the times. This is not what it is. It is real. It is an expression of Love. It is an expression of Vibration, that she is going to be bringing to this process here. We are fully behind what she is doing and she has great, not only protection, but she has great guidance through this whole process here.

So all of this is designed to work together this entire weekend. If you miss one of the particular programs, well then you are out of luck. No, that is not true. We are joking here. [Laughter]

Those of you on the phone think, “Oh my goodness! I’ve got to make every single session.” We would like you to, but you do not need to. That is okay. Just be what you are and what you are is wonderful and perfect, just as you are. You are wonderful, perfect, and whole within yourself. Within the Source that is
working within you and bringing your awakening to higher and higher levels here. Now we would ask those here in the room, not so much on the phone here because it is difficult to hear sometimes what you are saying now, because of the use of the different system here that they are having to use.

But those of you on the room, what you are going to say is most likely what those on the phone would also say because many of you have had similar experience to this. So we would ask those of you in the room, “What did you experience as you first heard the Old Soul, Old Soul, in the English language here? What did you feel in this, first of all?”

GROUP: “The warmth of feeling of coming home.”

OWS: We will repeat what you say so those on the phone can hear. “The warmth of feeling of   coming home.”

Yes, anyone else?

GROUP: “I felt my heart opening and blossoming.”

OWS: Your heart opening and blossoming, yes!

GROUP: “Tear of joy.”

OWS: Tears of joy.

GROUP: “A connection.”

OWS: A connection. Yes, you are all connected. You have no idea yet, those of you in the room, those of you on the phone, those of all of you in Ancient Awakenings, you have no idea yet fully of the connection that you all have. It is going to be a wonderful reunion when those of you are together with all
of the others that are waiting in the wings, you might say, to be a part of all of this. So get ready!

Others here, anybody else for the Old Soul, Old Soul?

GROUP: “Heat, great heat.”

OWS: Heat, great heat. Very good.

Now we move on into the Mother Tongue. The Ya de alla su Abba. Did anyone resonate to this? Did it bring back memories of when you may have already chanted that in past times?


OWS: Now we are going to give you a little bit of information here. Some of you may have already been feeling it.

That particular chant, the Ya de alla su Abba, the Old Soul, Old Soul, many of you, not all of you, but many of you actually sang that in those times back then. You actually did because it was a way to put the vibration out there so that the old souls could be reunited again. And many of you put that vibration into
the etheric element at that time to be retrieved, you might say, at this time now. So you have retrieved that vibration. This is what has drawn you back here to your family. Many of you call this your family. That is not happenstance that you are calling you all family here. You are not just a group. You ARE a family. And this is why you, many of you get along here so well together, and we marvel at this. This Oneness that is being developed here.

Now we move on to the chakra chants themselves. What did you feel when you began the first one, the earth chakra. AAh Eee Uhmmmm sound?

GROUP: Energy coming from the core of the Earth.

OWS: Yes. Did you feel that coming up in through your feet and up into your body. Did you feel the connection with Mother Earth?

GROUP: “I felt like a tree.”


OWS: A tree, yes. Your roots.

GROUP: “I felt like I was expanding, expanding, expanding.”

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. Wonderful.

Anyone else?

GROUP: “Activation.”

OWS: Activation. Very good.

Now we are not going through each one here, but as you went through the seven fully at the end there, did you feel a rising of kundalini. energy? Did anyone feel that?

GROUP: “YES” everyone in unison.

OWS: We have an affirmative across the board here for the most part. So for those of you on the phone, there are many who are saying YES. And we look into this and we can see some of you were nodding here. Now those here cannot see that, of course, but we can, and you were nodding and saying “Yes, yes. We felt that too.” So we do not want to leave you out on the phone. We are assuming they
are still on the phone, no? Are they still there?

PHONE: Yes. We are still here, can you hear us? Hello. We’re here! [Tremendous response]

“I saw a tree. A blossom tree was huge and many people who sat underneath it while you were chanting.

OWS: Very good. Yes. Someone here also felt that they were a tree. Very good. And we are hearing you loud and clear on the phone here. So that is wonderful. Is there anyone else that would like to say something from there?

PHONE: Yes, I saw, when we did all seven together, there was a huge ship over us and all this light just kept coming down activating through all the chakras. It was awesome!”

OWS: Very good, very good. Yes.

PHONE: “Vibrating, incredibly vibrating all the way up, almost like a sharp spike go up my back and my whole body was vibrating.”

OWS: Yes. That, my dear, is kundalini. energy activating, yes. Very good. And we would say to you that it is activating the kundalini. energy in a very safe manner. There is no need to be concerned about activating it too quickly or anything of that nature because you cannot do it when you do it in this way.
You cannot activate it.

Very good. Does anyone else here wish to share there on the phone here?

PHONE: At the third eye, I began to cry. And I just heard, “Eyes to see, ears to hear. Eyes to see, ears to hear. Eyes to see, ears to hear.”

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. Very, very good. Anyone else?

PHONE: Well I saw a vision which was the great big tree, which was a massive blossom tree with lots of people were sat underneath it. Many were dressed in white, long, long white robes, but sat on like grass. It was beautiful.”

OWS: Yes. Very good. Anyone else here?

GROUP: “I saw a vortex around the whole house.”

OWS: Someone just said here in the room that they saw a vortex around the entire house here. Very good. Yes, there is, exactly that. A vortex has been created here, which is helping with the process and will help with the continuing process of this entire weekend here. This is in some cases our doing in creating this, but you have activated it and made it even stronger here. You will understand why there is a vortex later on this weekend here. Get ready, because there could very well be a nice show here.

GROUP: “I felt a wholeness, a oneness.”

OWS: A wholeness, a oneness. Yes. Good.

GROUP: “Even before we got to the pineal gland, I was seeing in my third eye, it would start a blue

[noise interference]…”

OWS: Yes. Pulsating lights. Colors, yes. Very good.

Anyone else?

GROUP: “I experienced sensations, along with the vibrating also sensations of a cold and a hot at different times.”

OWS: Yes, sensations of cold and hot. That is often an indicator of kundalini. arising as well. Did anyone feel electricity?

GROUP: [Group response positive.] Yes!

OWS: Electricity all through your body. Yes. This is an indication of kundalini. arising.

GROUP: “I felt like an energy that was pushing from the bottom up and when it got to the top of my head, like a membrane was like a [inaudible] like a wide membrane held up.”

[all talking at once]

OWS: We could not quite understand, so we cannot share with those over the phone here.

GROUP: “It felt like a little white veil, very thin and transparent.”

OWS: White veil. Yes.

What would that be?

GROUP: That was a compression breakthrough.

OWS: Yes. A compression breakthrough. Where have you heard that before, those of you? You are in Prepare for Change Group, that comes from the one known as Cobra. Compression breakthrough.

That is Cobra. It has nothing to do with the snake. Just so you know.


Compression breakthrough is when the forces from above, then the forces from below, the forces of Light from above, and forces of Light from below compress onto the surface of the planet and compress out all the remaining darkness. That is what this is about. And what happens when Light comes into dark? It illuminates the darkness. So there can never be enough dark to darken out the Light. But even just a pinpoint of Light could illuminate an entire room, you see?
This room is full of Light!

GROUP: You can see compression breakthrough in a seed when it first bursts out to let its roots begin to grow.

OWS: Yes.

GROUP: Another compression breakthrough happens when it reaches the surface just as it gets to the top and comes above the darkness into the Light.
Another compression breakthrough is in the womb when an egg is fertilized, there is a compression breakthrough where Light is released.

OWS: Very good! We like that. That is very good. There are many compression breakthroughs.


GROUP: It’s really to me like creating. It’s creation is when that happens because a seed is a beginning of life.

OWS: Yes.

[Inaudible in background]

We know that people cannot hear you on the phone. But you are only speaking to those here in the room.

GROUP: Okay.

OWS: Loudly. Speak out!

GROUP: A big 5-inch black top and in the spring, all of a sudden, the top starts to bow. Eventually it opens up.



OWS: Ah yes! You wonder sometimes where you look especially in your desert area, those of you from the Phoenix area, and you see a little sprout coming up in the rock, and you wonder, there is no water getting into it; how does this thing come up? It is nature. Nature will always find a way.

GROUP: Another compression breakthrough is when a baby is about to be born and the water breaks, and that same membrane, like you were saying, that membrane opens and the baby moves through the portal. Then another compression breakthrough is when the head actually comes out and there is the
light from the darkness.

OWS: Now, we will take this all the way back to the beginning of the beginnings here. In the compression breakthrough that happened then, or there was only darkness. There was only unmanifest, and unmanifest decided to become manifest. Decided to bring on the Light. Let there be Light! Light
was manifest creation. Created by the sound. The word. In the beginning was the word. And the word was of God and the word was God. The Ohmmmm sound. Again, not directly as that, but imagine what the God Source, Prime Creator would sound like? You see? You think we can Om…


Think what Prime Creator can do. You see?

GROUP: You just explained the Creation.

OWS: Yes! How about that? It is very simple, is it not? There is only man that has made it very complicated. Adam and Eve story and all of these things. You know?

GROUP: And that was created by sound.

OWS: Yes, sound. Sound was the beginning. Vibration. Better than sound, vibration. Yes. And have we not said over and over and over, everything is vibration. Everything is vibration and consciousness. Vibration leads to higher consciousness and higher consciousness leads to higher vibration. You see? It is all intertwined. Very good. Very good.

What time do you have here?

GROUP: 12:18

OWS: Twelve eighteen, very good. We are going to release channel here now. And we do not want to overtax the system here. It is good that there is a break between this time and this evening time for this one to literally catch his breath, you might say. And to work through this and we will again attempt to do this again, not these chants again. That was probably too much here for this one, but we are going to do what is planned for this evening and then, you are going to have this afternoon, that we are understanding though, we are finding the James is over there telling us now this is not for the phone audience here at this
3 o’clock time. Is that correct?

GROUP: That’s correct.

OWS: This will only be for those here in the room because of the necessity of it being just with the people that are gathered here in person. But the rest of the times will all be for those of you on the phone as well. So you will be back to join us again at the 8 o’clock time as the Arizona time here. Is that correct?


OWS: Very good. Then we sign off. We leave the building. Whatever you want to call it.

Shanti, peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.
“Believing is seeing!”

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