STEP # 9: Raise Your Vibration and Feed Your Spirit With Others (12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar)

Step # 9 in our 12 steps to Rise Above & Soar is to raise your vibration and feed your spirit in community Versace Pas Cher with others.

The thing to remember about this step is that context is everything. For instance, you may think that when you just go to church you are feeding your spirit and raising your vibration. This is not always the case.

I have been in foot-stomping, music making congregations where you can literally feel the spirit of God as a palpable presence of joy. I have been in other houses of worship where candles were lit and there was an awe-inspired silence, a love and a light that could move you to tears. The spirit of God was there in the noise of fun, play, and joy as well as in the silence of love, light, and beauty.

Conversely, I have been to other churches where people sit st adidas nmd r1 pas cher one -faced in pews- bored & apathetic, some looking clandestinely at I-phones, or drawing pictures on the church program.

The first 2 experiences will fulfill on Step # 9. The third will definitely not. It might be a valuable experience. If one listens, one might learn something or have some kind of an insight. But a “going-through-the motions” expression of religion or spirituality will not have a person “Rise Above and Soar” as it is being defined by me in these writings.

Here’s why…

To Rise Above and Soar means by definition that we are feeling great. There is no apathy, no boredom, no lackluster “doing something for the sake of doing.” There is joy. Or there is fun. Or there is play. Or there is love. Or there is Light. Or there is Awe. In short there is an energy of some sort. It is strong and palpable. And it feels GOOD! Moreover, a certain intangible Feel-Good Spirit flows through and around the people involved, and you can definitely feel it, if your heart is open.

When that kind of energy is there, I assert that God is also there. If you’ve ever been in such spiritual situations as I described above, you probably know what I mean, and you probably agree with me. If you have never experienced that kind of a profound community spiritual experience, consider that it may now be time to do so.

Meanwhile if you have ever been in such a profound community experience you must know this one thing… the experience of raising your vibration deepens when it is done in a community of like-minded people. There is something you get by connecting in spiritual experiences with your brothers and sister on this earth that you do not get alone, even in the deepest states of trance or meditation.

Finding spirituality in community is not better than finding it alone. They are just different. And alternating the two kinds of spiritual experiences can only help us each to soar.

As the good book says “Wherever two or more of you are gathered in His Name, there is love.” I will also boldly assert that this gathering was never intended to be one of lackluster boredom and apathy, but rather one of love, light, and joy.

What are the names by which we call “His Name”, as it says above? We may say God, or Allah, or The Great I Am, or The Alpha and Omega, or The Spirit of the Universe, or The Creator, or The Father, or The Mother, or The Great Spirit, or All That Is, or Source, or Prime Creator. And we can go on and on.

We humans have never as a people all united on just one name to call this almighty Source of Everything and Everyone. Perhaps that is as it should be. Because how does one chose one word to describe such and Awesome Power and Presence. We can’t name it. But we sure can feel it!

So in some sense it doesn’t matter what particular name the communities you choose may call this Source of All That Is. Call it what you want; a rose by any other name still smells as sweet. But if those communities you choose are truly searching for a direct and palpable community experience of this Loving Spirit of Good, and if they do things to cause that experience, then you know you have found a good resource for this step.

Here are some kinds of experiences to look at for this step…

Remember this rule of thumb in whatever you choose.

If any group activity feels like love, light, and joy, it is Good. Stay there and enjoy.

If any group activity feels like darkness (fear, anger, pain,) get out of there quick, and never go back.

Native American or Tribal Dancing

Drumming Circles


Singing Bowls

Yoga (In its pure spiritual form, Not Americanized)

Sacred Ceremonies (Buddhist, Earth Mother, etc.)

Choirs (Those that are reverent in nature)

Namaste. And have a great time in communities of loving people.

Lorelei Fenton


PS: It is very helpful (& perhaps even necessary) when we are trying to Rise Above and Soar to defuse and dismantle our core emotional triggers and false beliefs. My webinar “Mind-bombs: Our Hidden Landmines of False Belief” discusses a powerful way to do that. Here is the link to register for the next one. If you miss it, please search the title on Eventbrite for the next one.

Author: Henrix