STEP 8: A PERSONAL CONNECTION TO “SPIRIT” (12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar)

What do I mean when I say that step 8 is a Personal Connection to “Spirit”? That sounds a little weird, doesn’t it?

What I am really talking about here is a “one-on-one connection” to your spirit and also to the “realm” of the other-worldly spirits… which is to say The Realm of God (or Divine Source/Prime Creator) The Angels, The Archangels, and so on. In this step there is no intermediary such as a preacher or a spiritual group doing some kind of activity. It is just you reaching out to experience your spirit, and the spirits of other higher beings that may be out there.

In point of fact, this not only sounds weird… It IS weird.

And yet through the ages miracles have often been achieved through things like deep meditation, sound toning, deep yogic states, certain kinds of music which alter our state of consciousness, and so on. Lots of people through the ages have seen Angels, and even spoken with them. So at some point we may all need to accept the fact… these Ethereal Beings are out there.

Historically it has been through these deeply relaxed states of altered consciousness that various spiritual masters were able to circumvent the lower energies of this planet. And if the legends can be believed, these individuals could even at times overcome the very physical laws of matter. I am talking about people walking on hot coals and not getting burnt, the mind-bending of spoons, telekinesis, and even the Tibetan monks who, as stories say, could sit barely clothed on a snow-capped mountain for hours, and actually melt the snow around them with their own self-induced body heat.

In fact, if these legends can be believed, it was actually through the practice of these deep states of spiritual connected-ness that the so-called “Ascended Masters” were able to actually ascend and move beyond this human existence to some other, higher plane of existence. In western society, the idea of someone ascending right out of this reality sounds crazy. In other societies- Tibetan, Indian (from India), Asian- it is somewhat of a known phenomenon.

Now I am not saying you are going to do some of these practices and float right out of your human existence. As I understand it, in this age of ease and comfort most of us would never have the fortitude, stamina and discipline to practice spirituality as rigorously as the Tibetan or Indian Monks did. And yet we can definitely heighten our existence, and rise above the feelings of suffering, fear and pain, by using some of the practices of the spiritual masters. And that is why this step is so very important.

I myself was always a person who believed that we humans were not the only conscious life in the cosmos. I had friends who channeled, friends who saw ghosts, friends who had been visited by ETs.

And I wished I had psychic abilities too, so I could connect with the various beings out there. But I never did.

Never, that is, until about 6 months ago when I came across this one particular meditation “Diana Cooper & Tim Whilde “Anchor the 12 Chakras.” I did that meditation and something very strange happened. I felt different than I had ever felt before. I decided to keep doing that meditation. I knew something has shifted in me, but I didn’t know exactly what. Here is the meditation I am referring to.

This meditations started a string of occurrences, one powerful resource leading to the next powerful resource, leading to the next, and so on. Doing that meditation regularly, I was soon led to a Meetup Group called “Ancient Awakenings”. (

In that group I learned that there are many people out there just like me, people who know in their hearts that we humans are not the only conscious beings in the cosmos. These people know there are many more beings living ‘just beyond the veil’- beings that we cannot quite see because they live at a much higher vibration, or frequency, than we do. The individuals in the Meetup were channeling the messages of love and light and hope coming from those beings, and sharing it with all of us. A profound experience, I can tell you.

So I began to attend the Sunday Channeling calls regularly, and was soon led to a site where I was educated in how to meet my “Twin Flame”. A Twin Flame is basically another being who, like a human twin, is split off from each of us when our soul is birthed. So we become sort of like soul -twins, very connected in the realms of the heart, mind, and spirit.

It was not hard for me connect to this being. Very quickly I was communicating for the first time in my life with someone who was not of this world. I cannot even begin to describe the joy, the fun, and the profound and unconditional love I have gotten from this being. I am eternally grateful for all that he has taught me. Here is the website for that resource

This may all sound very strange to you. I can tell you that it was strange to me to experience it for the first time in my life. I am 100% sure that these phenomena all occurred out of the opening of my 12 chakras, which I hardly knew I had, and which I certainly never knew were so important.

I did a lot of research after this. I learned about our 12 strands of DNA. I learned that 5 of these 12 strands (congruent with our 12 chakras or energy centers) have lain dormant and inaccessible for many millennia. For some time now mankind has acknowledged only 7 Chakras. I knew of these 7 from yoga. I like everyone else thought that 7 was all there was. Surprise. I learned there are 5 more that have been laying dormant, ready to be reawakened and bring us all a whole lot more power in life!

There is a reason, I learned, that we had lost the use of these chakras, which were supposed to be our birthright. You can research this reason, as it is too complicated for this writing.  

In my research I also learned that we are all being nudged, so to speak, to heal, support and fully open our chakras now, and keep them open. I learned that once we do this by the masses, we will actually start living in the higher frequencies where these beings that we cannot see- the Angels, Archangels, & Ascended Masters- all live.

The lowest dimension where most of these higher beings can comfortably reside or visit, I learned, is the 5th dimension. I learned that once we are all living in the 5th dimension, miracles will begin to happen for us and planet earth. Reclaiming these DNA & chakras, they say, will give us our full God-given, Co-Creational abilities. It will be like a seeming magic, because in the 5th Dimensional world healing the body of illness, walking on water, and multiplying loaves and fishes is child’s play. These ‘miracles’ and more are quite easy, and even commonplace in that realm.   

And so I now perceive that this is probably why Jesus said “Greater wonders than this will you do.” He had obviously found out how to use all 12 of his chakras. And he knew that we could ALL do this some day, just as he did. (I am sorry if I am now shaking up your age-old beliefs of Jesus as a Lord and Master type figure. In point of fact Jesus himself called us his brothers (brethren), and also called us Children of God. So it stands to reason, he was never looking to be deified.)

The next resource I was led to brought the true magic of the chakras home to me in no uncertain terms. It was a book called “The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth, Book 2.” (You can google this book on Amazon to get yourself a copy.) When I became proficient at doing a sizable amount of the specific exercises that the Tibetan Monks had used to activate their chakras, something called the “5 rites”, I began to Rise Above, like I had never risen before. I felt beyond great. I felt amazing… Colossal!

These days with the 5 rites I literally float on a cloud all day. And in this ‘feel good’ space, good things just come to me. Miracles of synchronicity and serendipity happen, without my even trying.

If you get that book, here is a word of warning. Follow your body’s and your spirit’s guidance as to how many times you do the “spinning” exercises in a day or session. Go slow and steady, if you are increasing your spinning. If you are not careful, I learned, you could overload your central nervous system, and that would not be fun. I suggest you research why and how to use care with spinning.

The next resource I was led to really blew me away. I got a deep understanding about everything I was doing, feeling, and sensing and why. To get the true value of this video, I suggest you watch it after you have used some of the other resources. Doing that first will help you to understand and digest the content in the video. The video is a couple of hours long, but well worth the time.

Our 12 strands of DNA correspond to our 12 Chakras. Meanwhile each of these 12 steps also relates directly to one or more of the 12 Chakras. So as we take these 12 steps we will also be supporting, healing, and growing each of our chakras as well as our DNA.

These 12 steps and their accompanying tools do not substitute for directly opening and activating the 12 chakras. You can do that directly with the Diana Cooper Mediation and also the 5 Rites above.

But all of the other tools from all 12 steps will certainly help!

Namaste. And happy hunting for your other-worldly friends.

Lorelei Fenton

PS: It is very helpful (& perhaps even necessary) when we are trying to Rise Above and Soar to defuse and dismantle our core emotional triggers and false beliefs. My webinar “Mind-bombs: Our Hidden Landmines of False Belief” discusses a powerful way to do that. Here is the link to register for the next one. If you miss it, please search the title on Eventbrite for the next one.

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