Abundance 101


Hello adidas yeezy boost pas cher every one,

I am compelled to write this for the following reasons:

I hear people often say the following phrases:

“I can’t afford that”

“I don’t have enough money to do that”

“I am out of money”

“That is out of the question”

These were things I used to say and I was living in complete lack – no matter how much money I made it would disappear!

O my goodness people! (just mimicking the One Who Serves!)

I hear many, many conversations about abundance and the law of attraction. And then I hear one of the above phrases – It is the polar opposite of attracting abundance.

I hear people talking about what they don’t want, and then wonder why they get it! It is really simple:

Talk about what you do want. This takes some real discipline and practice, because most people are programmed to say the opposite of what they want! We need to listen to what we are saying carefully, because what we say we will for sure get!

I have practiced these things I am about to list, and they have worked!

How to attract abundance and more money:

  1. Contribute to the energy of abundance. This means do something that you like to do. If you don’t know what you like to do, do something and by the process of elimination you will find something. The Universe rewards people that are making an energy exchange.

  2. Ask to be fairly paid for what you are doing. When there is an energy exchange, it is fair to ask for something in return.

  3. Give something away. Your time, your items, your money. The 10 fold rule applies here.

  4. Train your brain and your mouth to use positive language. I don’t, I can’t, I Am not, etc., are all self fulfilling prophecies. And I promise you, anything that starts with these words will and does come true. I will, I am capable, I have, etc., also come true. Which words do you want to use?

  5. Give a reason to the Universe to give you what you want. Making excuses will cause an excuse-abundant environment to live in and it will be the same-old, same-old! Watch out!  No excuses!

  6. Use abundant Language. I am blessed. I have what I need and want always.

  7. Use a journal to write down your blessings everyday- that is filled with abundant thoughts.

  8. LOOK around you and find all the abundance in your world. A full refrigerator, clean water, a closet full of clothes (that you might not even wear!), a fruit tree filled with fruit etc. The more we focus on what we do have, the more we can attract what we want. And the opposite is also true.

We are about to announce the details of our next Advance. Some of you will really want to join us. It could be that the same thoughts will come up for you on why you can’t be here. I promise you that you can join us if you choose to. But it takes some real commitment to reversing the speech and thoughts that have not Calvin Klein Espa�a allowed you to join us in the past. ASK, ANSWER, ALLOW. Allow yourself to be here.

As James says in every email: Believing is Seeing. Many blessings to each of you.

Author: Henrix