Ashtar Command Decodement Manual

In 1996, Diane Newton released a self published book called the Ashtar Command Decodement Manual.

The following link will allow you to download a PDF scan of the book.

Here is the Ashtar’s Introduction to the book.

Greetings Dear Ones. This is Commander

Ashtar. As you proceed to read these words, you

are receiving transmissions from us of Love and

Light along with a combination of frequencies to

assist you with your decodements. We use your

word “decodement” interchangeably with your word

“awaken” For as you decode – you awaken to .

YOU, and as you awaken to YOU – you decode.


First of all, let me assure you that you are a part

of the Ashtar Command. Otherwise, you would not

be reading this manual. You might think that you

picked it up out of “curiosity”. If you indeed did, we

salute you. You might think “coincidentally” you are ,

reading it. You are not. .


Unfortunately for  many of you beloved ones, your

innate curious nature has been kept in check. Yes,

some of you have been programed and conditioned

since childhood to repress your curiosity. Is not one

of your Earth sayings, “Curiosity killed the cat?”

Well dear ones, ·we have great news for you, you

are not felines. Besides, cats have nine lives, do

they not? We give you permission to engage with

your curious natures. It is more than all right to be

curious about yourself, your planet, us, the

universe, Mother/Father God, etc.. Dare to

expand your consciousness and be curious.

Seek and you shall find, question and you

shall know. We encourage you to move beyond

your comfort zone and explore the vast,

unknown, multi-dimesional states beyond your

third-dimensional consciousness. Yes dear

ones, curiosity is a wonderful

motivating force, play with it and you might

curiously enough be amazed at what you rediscover

about YOU. The opposite of curious is

“dull, disinterested , indifferent, ordinary,

common, and unconcerned.” You, dear ones,

certainly do not fall into this category do you? If

you do, be concerned and hopefully after reading

this manual, your cosmic curiosity will be

sufficiently aroused to assist you in remembering


Coincidence is a third-dimensional construct.

Yes, that is right. It does not exist for other

higher-dimensional Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein adidas nmd r1 pas cher being s. So what does that tell

you? Coincidence is an illusion; yes? Remember

dear ones, there are spiritual forces and laws that

govern and are operative behind everything in

the universe, known or veiled to you. We assure

you, it is not by coincidence that you are reading



this manual. And yes, this manual will trigger your

memory banks, and you will be able to access

information that will assist you in remembering

these universal principles, and much more. so,

please dear ones, be patient with us for we have

galax~us amounts of data to transmit to you

consciously and, yes, unconsciously.

I know you have many questions. And, we have

many answers. That is the primary objective tor

sending this manual to you during this time-frame

on Earth: to answer your questions and perhaps

to ~enlighten you to YOU. Some of our truths might

not be part of your reality picture. They will be a

reminder, yes, a gentle reality nudge for some of

you, and for others a not-so-little reality nudge.· So

please dear ones, do not be alarmed by any

reactions you might experience while reading

these pages and please do not engage in these

reactions for they will pass.


Fear is what has kept you complacent, keeping

your curiosity in check. And yes, we know, fear of

being different, unusual, not fitting in, not

belonging, and even fear of being insane has

motivated you to stay third-dimensional. Fear not

dear ones, because from our reality construct

your insanity is merely a state of being sane within



another dimensional plane. You are not losing

your mind, just your third-dimensional, limited

consciousness. In other words a reality shakeup,

which will merely assist you in awakening

to YOU!


Author: Henrix