The Power of ONE! By Joanna

This message was given to me (Joanna) for all that have eyes to see, ears to hear and a compassionate heart to understand.
Thank you!
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The light of the universe and God our calzoncillos calvin klein baratos Creator shines in you and through you

You are a power beyond measure

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And a change in those around you

Just Breath a conscious breath- One in, One out

Continue Breathing to calm your own storm within you

Be the One, Be the Light, Be conscious of Who You Are

You are a force for great good

Use this Force to fight the negative in this world

This beautiful world, Gaia, is meant to be paradise

Be One with Gaia and those around you

Awaken now to the Force that is imbued within you

Be the One

You are the One

The Power is in your thoughts and words

Author: Henrix