18.07.01-Sanat Kumara Is Preparing To Go Home As He Has Nearly Fulfilled His Promise.

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Sanat Kumara Is Preparing To Go Home As He Has Nearly Fulfilled His Promise.

Sananda, Sanat Kumara and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our first Sunday of the month, Blog Talk Radio edition of the Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ on July 1, 2018.  (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

 Zoe: Hello everybody.

It is with much love that we welcome you to Ancient Awakenings – Prepare for Change.

We come to Blog Talk Radio the first Sunday of every month to give non-members a chance to see if they resonate with us as light warriors and wayshowers. And if you feel that pull, you have been called back to your soul group. So we are pleased to get re-acquainted and welcome you home.

If you find yourself here, it is because you are meant to be here. You desire to re-member.

We gather as Ancient Awakenings to help each other prepare for our missions bringing in the New Golden Age. We gather here because James McConnell, the founder of the Ancient Awakenings group made it his mission to give us, those of the 144,000, a place to re-member the ancient wisdom, share openly, learn, and reunite with family because it’s time now to return to that ancient wisdom. It is time now, to fully awaken to who we truly are.

My name is Zoe. I’m your call facilitator. And, as always, I’m joined by Pallas Athena/Rita, our resident numerologist, astrologist, spiritual counselor, and teacher. Athena, are you open?

 Athena/Rita:  I am! Greetings!

 Zoe: Today is Sunday, July 1st, 2018. And we’ve been speculating that it may turn out to be Truth Out July! We are looking forward to the next few days — especially the 4th — which we’re hearing and hoping will be extremely special this time.

Maybe it’ll be one of those things that’s only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear,  but hey! … that’s us! So we’re excited.

And extremely grateful to the White Hat – Alliance who are sacrificing to secure this for us

and to the Ascendeds who are making sure everything goes according to plan. I saw some fireworks last night and mentally dedicated them to the Alliance. You know … Where We Go One … [We go all.]  Thank you all. There’s no way we will ever know everything you’ve done for us but we will be forever grateful. We can promise you that.

 And fun fact: for all of you familiar with NESARA, it’s been pointed out that July 4th is just a bit more than 120 days before the general election. Meaning,,, we would have the required 120, give or take a few days, so we have time to make some announcements! Wouldn’t THAT be cool!  I personally don’t think it’s time for that yet but, it’s fun to speculate.

 None-the-less, we should probably make the most of the time and those opportunities to go into the stillness with Sananda as it is a means to our ultimate goal: Ascension.


So let’s talk about what Ancient Awakenings is all about.

 It’s about breaking free of the subjugative programming we have been under for lifetimes. And we’re doing that by Remembering. We’re remembering the ancient wisdom that we each brought in with us lifetime after lifetime. And we’re learning to use that ancient wisdom, to help guide in the New Golden Age.

We’re gravitating toward the natural sciences and leaving the main stream science behind. Actually, we’re working on leaving mainstream everything behind. We are remembering how to use light and sound and frequency. And we’re remembering how to heal with them and with natural medicine, and with sacred geometries.

We’re remembering how to use crystals, numerology. We’re remembering to protect our beloved Earth and all the nature that share her with us. We are awakening to the ancient wisdoms that are forcing us to readdress everything we learned in school, in society, and in life.

 And your awakening is making you hear things and see things that others don’t hear or see, and feel things that others don’t feel.

There is nothing wrong with you. Your remembering is coming from deep within you. You’re awakening to your innate, God-given abilities that you have carried within you for eons.  And remembering this is setting you free.

So we come every Sunday to be in this safe place that James (and Joanna) have created known as Ancient Awakenings-Prepare for Change to share our experiences and our insights with each other and support each other. And we come together as a family … a family who have been together and have loved one another for eons. Quite literally!  And we’re the family who won’t make fun of you or call you crazy. (Well, we might, but only if you’re in on the joke!)

So again, welcome home. We’re glad you came.

And speaking of crazy! (Rita) [Laughing] One of the things we like to do on BlogTalk day is to have Pallas Athena/Rita teach us something from her perspective. So let’s get Athena on and see what she has for us today. Athena?

 Athena/Rita: Okay! Since you said that, Zoe, about astrology and numerology, today I’m going to do a little astrology — and very little — but first I’m going to give the meaning of what astrology is. And greetings to everyone out there. I’m so happy you’re here and that I’m here to greet you today. Beautiful, beautiful moments in our life at this time.

Now the study of astrology movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence, effects on humans and the natural world. Now this is July 2018 and Leo is in strong. And Leo comes in from July the 20th to Aug the 20th. And Leo is the lion which means courage. Every Leo out there must learn to have courage. And that’s what they’re known for is their leadership and their courage.

 We are in earth, water and fire. Now Saturn, which is ruled to Capricorn, moves into Leo on the 16th of July and the lessons we must learn as a result in changes in their hemisphere during the new moon on the 16th. The new moon is in Cancer. Now some of you might not know if you don’t know about astrology, but Cancer is a water sign and Leo is a fire sign.

 We have four elements which is water, fire, air, and earth in astrology. So I’m going to go back and say the new moon is in Cancer bringing in new beginnings as number one, as today is number 1, which means new beginnings. And the full moon falls on the second month running in the sign of Capricorn, which is an earth sign, the month of July will come in heavy on the hemisphere turning retrograde and doing the full moon. So as July ends we are now having new beginnings. And so it is. Namaste.

Zoe: And so it is. Thank you very much Rita. Lovely as always. Thank you.

A/R: You’re welcome, honey.


Zoe: So, let me tell you how this usually works. James starts us off, leading us into a guided meditation. Sananda (or one of his cohorts) will step in and take over. After the meditation, we move right into channeled messages.

And then, of course, our long-time hosts, One Who Serves, will pick it up right after any guests, to reemphasize messages or make various points, or clarify something we were discussing in the first half of the call. And then it’s on to our questions.

 Sananda, OWS, and all the Ascended Masters speak through James McConnell. Shoshanna is now becoming a regular contributor to our understanding and she is being given voice by Joanna McConnell.

 So again, welcome everyone. And let’s have James or Sananda begin the meditation.

 Sananda Guided Meditation

 James:  All right. Everybody find a quiet place. Begin to get in touch with your breathing …

[Leading into Sananda’s guided meditation which is best experienced directly from the recording beginning at the 12:47 minute marker]

 Lord Sananda Kumara

I AM Sananda.

 And I was going to speak with you, share a message with you, but I was asked, (you might say at the last moment,) to step aside for another to be with you. For he now has an important message, and yes, maybe even an announcement for you.

 All of my peace and love be with all of you from this moment and from every moment forward, from now and forever.

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. And I Am overjoyed to be able to be with you here at this time in these moments.

 For long ago I shared with my brethren that I would be the one that would take this planet, these people, all of you through this evolution; through the various calamities, catastrophes, travails that you have all traveled through; that you have journeyed through.

And I made a promise long ago that I would see this through to the end, to the end of this age and into the beginning of the next. And I have fulfilled my promise just as my dear brother Sananda has as well and many others.

But in my promise I said I would be the last. I would see this through and be the last one to leave to move on. And I have fulfilled my promise for I Am the last one to be here with you as these changes continue to move along.

And I Am here to tell you now that as my promise is coming near to fulfillment for I will then be able to leave and to go home myself. Go home to my dear one, my Venus who has waited for me for a very long time. Just as you, each one have those that are waiting for you that you left long ago.

And if you feel a tear coming to your eye it is because you are now remembering. You are remembering those times long ago. And as you remember those times, those moments, those times of intense love for your loved ones, and those times now it becomes more and more difficult for you to be able to be here and withstand the energies as they continue to shift and change. And as many of you have been acclimating to these energies, preparing for them, some of you are yet having difficulties with this.

For these energies are powerful. But you are also powerful and you must all remember this. You are powerful beyond measure. And just as I made the promise, so too did you all make the promise that you would be here until the end and into the beginning of the next Age. And that next Age is nearly upon us all.

You have heard from our dear Ashtar that all is in readiness for those in the ships, those you call the Galactics are there ready to move in a moment’s notice. And those of the Ascended Masters are all ready and waiting always there to give you that nudge, that push forward. But a gentle push. Never harsh. Always gentle, loving, caring. And all of you now as you are moving into this new Age — and fast moving into this new Age I will add — you are preparing as well, many of you, to go home.

 Many of you to remember and then be ready to let go and forget. Forget the old travails. Forget the negative parts of your journey and remember the positives. Remember all that has been good and much of your journey has been good.

So I leave you now with this understanding that even though you find yourselves now in some difficulties, some negative conditions where the energies are too powerful at times, know that this is just for a moment yet. For the whispers from all of us continue to come in, continue to invite you to move forward. Always to move forward. To trudge forward to reach that finish line that seems to be pulling away from you as you get nearer to it.

But yet it is not. It is only in your understanding and the programming that you have come to understand that that finish line keeps eluding you. But I tell you now you have all reached that finish line just as Sananda has been saying. It is right there in front of you and it is time now to cross it. To cross it and forget the past.

 That does not mean forget your loved ones but forget the past, the negativity of the past. For it will only continue to hold onto if you let it. Release now. Release! Let go! Go with the flow. And let the flow take you to your promised land.

 I AM Sanat Kumara and I will be with you again at what you call your next Advance. And I will be there as the Great Initiator, the One Initiator, to initiate all of you as a group and some of you even as individuals.

 All of my peace and love be with all of you. I AM the Beginning and the End – the Alpha and the Omega, just as you all are.

 Ascended Masters One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here.

 You can now un-mute your phones now. We do not have message. We are going to go directly into your questions. Are you already un-muted phones everybody ready to go?

Zoe:  Not quite. We need to un-mute them one at a time as they come along.

 OWS: Very good. We will give you moment to do so.

Zoe: Please. And I will also give the protocols for how to get online.

And thank you. Thank you One Who Serves and Sananda and Sanat Kumara for all your support and wisdom.

Well, let me tell you the rundown on the question process here.

If you want to ask a question you’ll need to raise your hand by pressing 1 on your keypad. 

I’ll call on you by your area code. And then please tell us your name and where you’re located.

Ask your question briefly and succinctly remembering that the more specific your question is, the better the answer is going to be. And please try to keep them to what might be universally appreciated.

After your question is answered, press 1 to remove yourself from the queue.

So that means press 1, give your name, location, question, give your thank yous, then press 1 again.

And incidentally, as most everyone already knows, One Who Serves is a collective of Ascended Masters who had chosen to act anonymously while teaching us and guiding us through our ascension. They are several … but they are One – as we are all One, together with them.

 So come on in and let’s get started with emailed questions. Joanna, do you have any other e-mail questions that came in?

 Joanna:  Yeah, Zoe, I have two, so let me begin.

 Q & A

Q: [Emailed question] I am British and I know that our royal family are part of the cabal Illuminati and that Princess Diana was killed because she knew too much. Prince William and Harry are displaying a lot of their mother’s traits of helping humanity. Is this a ploy? Are they of the light or the dark? And are those coming into the royal family at risk?

OWS: What we can tell you about this is much is shifting and changing at this point. There are those of what you call the royal families that have certainly been largely a part of the cabal, part of the dark forces, but this is beginning to shift as well. Not so much in the ones that are of the older influence here but those newer ones that are coming in. Certainly the children and those that are the parents of the children. Some of them, not all of them, but some of them are beginning to turn to the light. Or they were already always of the light and were not able to be turned to the dark. And this is happening with several of those that are part of this expression, part of this family, you would say, the royal family. Not only here in the United Kingdom as you are asking but in other areas as well. Many of the other countries are experiencing this changeover as well.

There are those that were even of the darkness that have begun to move toward the light also. And this is a shift of consciousness that is happening and will continue to happen. Now of course there are those that are what you would call the hold overs, these stubborn ones, the ones that will not turn to the light no matter how much they are given the opportunity to do so. And this is not for you to change but you can assist in the process by praying for them, by sending them into the light, inviting them into the light yourselves. As to the direct ones you are asking we are not going to give that directly because it is not for us to do so. But you can use your own discernment and know the full answer to this as to those ones you are wondering about. But we are not in the process of selecting one individual or another saying they are of the light or the dark except in certain circumstances. Okay?

Q:  [Emailed question] In the 5-D website, which is quite popular, they are recommending when people pass to the other side, the afterlife, that they ignore their spirit guides and not go toward the light but go in the opposite direction. They say we must escape this prison planet and move into life on the other planes. Is there any truth to this because it goes against my beliefs?

 OWS:  There is very much truth to this. Not completely but we will say that this, you can call this a prison planet if you want, but it is what you want it to be. If you think it is a prison planet then it is. And many here do think that because you have come here to learn lessons and learn lessons you have done in many circumstances. But there are those certainly of the dark that are keeping you from learning the greater lessons that are there available to all of you. So we would say that everything is continuing to shift and change as we say many times and you are in the process of moving through this. And as you go through the process if you were to go through the process of dying — and we say ‘if’ because many of you will not in this particular lifetime. You will live a long lifetimes here. This is what the potential is for many of you here. And as you were to go across the other side … or rather we will talk in terms of past here. As you went to the other side in the past, there were those situations where those would manipulate you and hold you into a pattern and keep you in that pattern, keep you in that reincarnation pattern and come back again and again and again. And in some cases and in some ways this was purposeful for many of you.

 But that is all changing now. We have said to you that your karma from past lives is over if you allow it to be over, if you let go of the memories, if you do as Sanat Kumara has said and let go of the past. Let go of the old negativity of the past. And if you do this and you were to move across to the other side through the death process, then you would come to a point where there would be many of us who would be there, those of us, yes, your guides and all of this, but your what you would call your higher level guides that will not lead you astray and will take you into a different light, you might say. Not into the light at the end of the tunnel and all of this, for in some cases yes that was a trap and it did draw you into it. But that is all coming to an end here. And as you move through this ascension process this is going to be completely gone and you will never have to worry about this again. Okay?

 Q:   My question is about mind control technology. I recently learned that there are control technologies that are causing the members of the cabal to perform all these false flags. It sounds like the Bourne Identity (movie) where they show a mind control signal and people start killing each other for no reason. Where is that technology located, if it exists, and can that technology be taken out of the hands of the cabal?

 OWS:  That technology certainly does exist and is already in the process of being taken out of the hands of the cabal as you are saying. And it has been a process that they have been using for some time. It is a, what you would call an A.I. [artificial intelligence] influence here, and it has been utilized for some time. It has created many of these situations in what you are calling the false flags and all of this. But it is something that now has been taken over by those of the light forces. They now have control over this so all that is occurring now is these last ditch efforts, you might say, the last gasps of those of the cabal forces. And they are doing only what they have come to know to do which has worked over and over in the past, but they are even finding now that it no longer works. And this is going to, as we find it in potential possibility-wise, it is going to take an upturn in terms of they will attempt to do this more if they can, but will not be successful. And it will find, they will find they are out of, out of ammunition, you might say, to do those things that they have always done and are no longer now working. Okay?

Q:  Well where is the technology located?

 OWS:  We cannot give in terms of where here because it is consciousness. It is everywhere you might say. Artificial intelligence AI is everywhere and you can be able to say it has one specific location where it emanates from cannot be done because that is not correct. Yes, there are computers and those types of things which relay this information, relay this frequency, but it is not a central location as you would know it. At least not here on this planet. Okay? That was a hint for you. Yes.

Q:  What is my connection to Korea? Is that a past life?

 OWS:  If you are asking your connection to a Korean influence here for us to be able to share that with you would be going against what we have always said and what we are about doing. We are not here to tell you who you were in the past or what connection you have to any certain nationalities or influences from the past. We cannot say who you were. We cannot say that you were Cleopatra or anything of this nature nor would we do it if we could. It is up for you to determine this. It is not up for anyone to share this with you. In other words if you go to a gypsy or if you go to a fortune teller, or whatever that might be, and they tell you you were such-and-such in the past lifetime, that is for you then to discern if it feels right to you. If it does then it may be right. If it doesn’t then it is not right. So do not be swayed by another’s influence as far as who you were. You must come to this on your own.

 Now we will tell you that all of you will at some point, as The Event draws closer and closer here you will all have the remembrances here of who you were. Much of it will come flooding back to you in your dream state, in your conscious awakening state, as well as influences that will come, synchronicities that will come to you and share these things with you. It may be that you would pick up a book and look in this book and see a certain character in there and you will realize in that moment that you were that character. You see? This is coming. These types of things: these synchronicities, these remembrances are all coming to you. So for us to suggest that you go and do those past life regressions and things, that is up to you. We are not going to say yes or no to that for you. It is up to you to decide if you need to know who you were in the past. If you feel a certain nationality connection then it is likely that there is a connection there for you. And that is all we can say on this.

 Q:  My question is around Trump. There’s a lot of conversation earlier around him and I know you had spoken before that he is of light and I’m fully neutral and accept that. But I’m just wondering if you could expand upon his nature and how he turns people against him which makes it very difficult for humanity or much of humanity to follow him for doing certain things that he’s done such as separating children from their parents at the border and things of that nature. If there’s anything you can offer to help us to communicate to [others] of what’s going on, or just some insight into it. Perhaps it’s his own lessons. But if there’s anything you can tell us about that for further communications or even our own knowing.

 OWS:  First of all you used the term he is neutral. He is not neutral. He is not. He is here to do a purpose. He is here for a reason. He is here for a purpose and his purpose does not allow him to be neutral here. He must be on the side of the people. He must be on the side of what he is considering the right side and he is doing everything that he can to be in this situation. And to create the consternation or in terms the division here is not him doing this. He does not want the division in the country and the world. He wants the connection. He wants, what he is coming to understand even, as what is Oneness here. And he is wanting this greatly. But it is those that stand against him that are creating the divisiveness in the world, and certainly in this country, and they are doing everything they can to curtail the efforts that he is making to bring everyone together. He totally believes in United We Stand Divided We Fall and he is doing everything that he can to create the situation that brings about the full changeover that is necessary in what he calls and what you are all calling the draining of the swamp. He is doing this as much as he can within the conditions that he has to work under. And yes there are many that are against him but they are a few that influence the many if you understand what we are saying here.

 Q:   Yes thank you. And I said I was neutral I did not mean he was neutral. I totally understand that, thank you very much.

 Q:  My oldest son, Valentino, described pretty much down to a T how St. Germain looks and I’ve never shown him a picture. In his Galactic form this is, and not so much his last incarnation yet there are many aspects of him on the planet now, but in what he’s seen in his mind’s eye. And then I showed him a picture of what people did think he looked like when he was walking the Earth. He said he looks slightly different now. But my 12-year-old son described him in his Galactic form so I thought it was pretty amazing. I just wanted to kind of touch on that with you. [Describing him] he said he’s got long brown hair, a little goatee beard, very tall, very slender, youngish looking. My 12-year-old boy is seeing this. Is this because the image came into his mind from his higher self or …?

 OWS:  We can tell you that St. Germain, as well as many of the Galactics and many of us as well, have many different visages that we use for whatever purpose is needed at the time. So if St. Germain is appearing to anyone who would have an understanding or a connection with him, he would appear to them in a way that they could best respond to him. Just as when he is on the ships he is appearing in the aspect that he is using at that time, just as all of us as well when we do our travel to various areas. For instance, when we, those of us One Who Serves, anyone of us would be in the Tibetan area we would appear as the Tibetans there. When we are in the South American area in the in our Brotherhood Center there you might say, the secret place of the Brotherhood there in Lake Titicaca, we would appear there in a more of a South American look you might say. At one time one of us did appear to James in this way and he was shocked that we did not appear Tibetan to him at that point. And we said the same thing to him at that time that we appear to those who are ready to see us in their mind’s eye or even if it might be in a more physical manner. We appear in the way that they are expecting to have us be with them. Okay?

Shoshana wishes to add here.

 J/S:  The one known as Valentino is, has been, and will be many times more, part of your incarnations. He knows you as you know him in a way that is deep and the understanding is deep. The one known as Valentino reads your thoughts. He sees into your mind. He knows your moods. He knows who you are. He is highly connected to you and often he is telling you what he sees in your own mind.

Q:  So he sees, he can telepathically communicate with what I’m getting as well as what he’s seeing?

 J/S: Yes and you know this. You know this. You know this highly and you sense it and you sense the connection.

Q:  I do. I sense his also the connection with St. Germain as his higher self, 100%. Valentino’s higher self.

 J/S: You know this one and he knows you in the highest sense of knowing.

 Q:  Absolutely! Yes definitely. And it’s wonderful our children are so gifted now, these children that are here on the planet. They are so gifted and they are leading the way 100%. Thank you so much.

 Q:  I wanted to ask a question concerning free will. I was taught that sending the Violet Flame to random people you know that might be passing on the street, or just anybody and everybody was a good thing to do. And then there was something that was said in one of your messages a while back about free will that just got me wondering if that was appropriate and I got worried so I sort of backed off on it. And I just wanted some clarity. I usually say that, ‘I send them the Violet Flame in perfect alignment with their Divine Will and highest good’. Could you please let me know if that’s okay to do or if I’m somehow not respecting their free will by doing that?

 OWS:  It is not only okay to do it is suggested and encouraged to do whenever you have the opportunity to share the light, spread the light. And whatever happens with that light within that individual happens. It is not up to you to know the result ahead of time or even to expect a certain result. Just send the light. If it is the Violet Light, just send the Violet Light, the Violet Flame and let it do its thing. That is all you can do.

 Q:  So I can imagine just sending it to their hearts. And do I even need to say “in perfect alignment with their Divine Will and highest good,” or is that just automatically understood?

 OWS:  It is automatically understood. Just send it and let it go.

 Q:  Thank you. That’s a big relief.

Q:  Recently in meditations and in some of my healing work I been feeling your presence. Is there anything I can do to augment that connection or is there anything else you wish to share direct with me here? It feels like there has been a desire to communicate.

 OWS:  What we can tell you is that your request is going to be granted as you are asking because there is going to be a closer connection that is going to occur as a result of the reunion that you have with this family of light here. And you are going to experience this when you come together at that next Advance. There is going to be some direct communication to you from us, as well as another that is going to share and open to you. Will come either directly through this one James or it will come to you in your waking states where you come to this understanding. And it will come as a result of those experiences which you are going to have at this next time in this Advance here.

 Q:  Thank you. On that note, would it behoove me to cultivate my ability to channel?

 OWS:  That is a personal journey that you have to look at here. If it feels right to you, if you feel that is the movement that you need to go for, then what we would say is go for it. But we also share with you that the idea of channeling, in this respect, is going to become less and less as times move along here. That is what we are saying is the need for this is going to become less and less. Certainly after The Event there will be very little need for this because you will all be directly connected to either those guides that are working with you or directly to your Higher Godself. And all of you will have this opening to be able to communicate in that respect, and will have very little if no need to have this type of discourse anymore. In a sense we are going to be putting the James out of business here at some point here.

 Q:  So the other one who will be communicating to me or through me at the Advance, is that Metatron?

 OWS:  We cannot give that at this point but you will come to understand this as we said here at the Advance here.

 Zoe: Well that falls under the heading of waaay cool in my book.

 Q:  One Who Serves, thank you for being here with us. I’ve been making videos for Ancient Awakenings so my questions are to make sure I get this right. So I have heard that people need to be (or it behooves them) to be back in their home countries in order to dispense the NESARA/GESARA funds. I’m wondering if that’s part of the reason why we have such a push on the immigration. And also I thought I was told last time that the light body was not physical. But I also heard that in Telos they have a level of physicality there. I’m wondering if maybe this is a choice thing. Do we pass through the ascension and then we have the ability to either have an all-light body or have a level of physicality? Is that what it is?

 OWS:  That is correct. You are on the right track there but there will be a point where the light body will be literally that: it will become a light body. And you will have the access to be able to create a more physical form as you wish. But that will be a process. It is not going to go from your physical body as you know it now to tomorrow being a light body. That is not what is going to happen … for most of you. Maybe a few will experience this but for the most part it will be continue to be a process over a time period here. And as you continue to move through this transition you are getting closer and closer to that connection with your light body or we will say reconnection with your light body. Now the other question please repeat that first part.

Q:  I had heard that in order to dispense the funds for GESARA people need to be back in their home country. And is that part of the reason why Trump is working so hard on the immigration to get people back to their home countries?

 OWS:  No. It has nothing to do with that as we are finding it. The one, President Trump, is working to control, be in control of the immigration process here so that has control over the influences that come as a result of this immigration process if you understand this. And it is not for those all over the world here to find themselves being drawn to another area unless they are being drawn there. And if they feel that connection, if they feel those whispers to them to move, to pick up and move to a new location, then it would behoove them at that time to do so. But it has nothing to do with the announcement of the NESARA/GESARA. Nothing at this point for this.

 Q:   This question has to do with some non-profit organizations. My wife actually told me that recently she heard that the Boy’s and Girl Scout organizations use part of their funds to support abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood. If that is true are they looking to terminate those kind of organizations? I hope they do.

 OWS: What we can tell you about this is we cannot look at this in either direction here in terms of whether it is right or wrong. That area of what you would call abortion is up to the individual. Mostly up to the woman involved here. And it is not for anyone else to dictate to that individual whether or not they should or should not have a baby. It is not. If it were that way then there would be judgment involved. And there is never a reason to have judgment outside of yourself. The only one to judge you is you. So to understand this more fully you need to let go of any judgments about this whatsoever. If they are coming from the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts whatever it might be, that is within their influence within that program we would say. And it is not for anyone else to determine whether yes, it is right to have the abortion or not to have it. And we will tell you though that this idea will become less and less important and even a concern over a time period because the consciousness within the individual, within the collective we will say, will shift this in the way that it needs to go here. Life is precious. Certainly life is precious. But when does life begin, is what you need to look at here, if you are looking at this particular area of concern whether it is right or wrong. When does life actually begin? Okay? Anything to add here Shoshana? We knew that you wanted to say something here.

 J/S: And it is important to understand from the perspective of the soul that the soul chooses its lifetime. Whether that’s a week, a month, a day, 100 years, the soul chooses its lifetime. And no matter what happens through abortion, disease, hunger, whatever it is that terminates the life, the soul has chosen that.

 Q:  I see. I see. So it’s a matter of accepting that they have chosen to do that. It’s not involuntary it’s actually voluntary.

 J/S:  It’s all a choice, a plan, a contract, an understanding, before the soul enters the body it has an understanding.

 Q:  I see. I understand. It’s kind of hard to grasp but I understand it because, of course, those of us that are pro-life and loving each other, you know, seeing those things happen, it’s just hard to grasp because it hits the heart pretty bad. But we have to understand it is a decision made way before they actually incarnate. Way before.

 J/S:  Yes. Yes thank you.

 OWS: And we will add that as we said, when does life begin? Life begins when the consciousness comes into the form. It does not begin at gestation. It does not begin as it is evolving within the womb. Not until consciousness enters the body. You see?


Any more questions here?

Zoe:  Actually no. We are finished.

OWS: Very good. Then we will end with this:

You all are doing marvelously. You are all doing wonderfully. That is what we want you to leave here with, the knowing that you are special in a way here. You are special to your selves. You do not need to worry about being special to anyone else, just special to yourselves. And if you feel that way that you are special to yourselves then your transition, as you are moving through it, will become much, much easier as you move along.

Do not be concerned what others are thinking about you, or what you say, or how you do it, or whatever it might be. Just be concerned with how you feel about how you are living your life.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Zoe:  Shanti. Thank you so much. And thank you all for joining us today. We’re glad you came. The beautiful energy you contributed propels all of us forward in our missions. So come every Sunday!

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That’s it for me, James. Would you like to take it back now?

James:   Yeah, I just want to ask if anyone had anything specifically they wanted to share about the meditation specifically, to start with.

Zoe:  If you have anything that you would like to talk about can you raise your hand by pressing one please.

James:  Oh that’s right I’m sorry. I forgot. I forgot they’re not on there.

Zoe:  I could just open everybody. If everybody is just willing to treat it as a normal Sunday call… Okay these are all getting opened so if anybody has anything to say jump in.

Q:  I would like to say the meditations are very useful. I learned how to meditate through this group. And I think that very positive things have happened in my personal life, in my higher self, and my self being since I’ve been listening to this meditation and practicing, so I think it’s great.

James: Okay thank you. We appreciate hearing that.

There’s a lot of noise in the background.

Zoe:  Yeah and I can’t do anything about that.

James:  This may not work Zoe. I don’t think this is gonna work. Way too much noise.

 Zoe:  If anybody wants to pop in while your line is still open go ahead. Otherwise they’re all getting closed here.

 James:  Okay we’ll just end now. I appreciate everybody being with us. Thank you so much Zoe and Rita/ Athena for doing what you do and you both do it so well. Thank you so much. I thank Shoshana/Joanna for jumping in there a couple of times.

And I don’t know if you guys heard it or not or what you heard but it was pretty astounding to me what Sanat Kumara said about the fact that he has fulfilled his promise. That was interesting. [Absolutely!] We can talk about that next Sunday though.

Zoe:  That sounds like a timeline if I ever heard one.

James:  Yes it does. It’s because he made a promise a long long time ago that he would be here until the end and what he is basically saying is we’re near the end. So he’s ready to go home too.

Zoe:  I don’t know if it’s actually nearing the end or is at the end. It sounded like it was done.

 A/R:  It is done. He’s going home to his beloved twin flame Venus. [Right.] And I’ll be going home to mine too.

 Zoe:  And that was beyond bringing a tear to my eye. I was pretty close to sobbing there.

A/R:  I know. And when he said, ‘I know this might bring a tear to your eye’, I already had the tears in my eyes. I was boo-hooing. He knows, doesn’t he?! Boy!

Zoe: So that was a great one!

James: Yep. And unexpected, too, because Sananda stepped aside for him.

 All right so anyway we’re going to go ahead and end here now. So again I appreciate everybody being here with us and have a great week and we’ll see you all next Sunday.

 Zoe: Thank you. Love you all. Bye, bye.

 [Music lead out]

 That’s it for us. We’ll see you next week. Love you, bye!

Channeled by James McConnell 



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“Believing is seeing!”

 Q – The Plan To Save The World

 Wow, I just watched this new video “Q The Plan To Save the World”. You and everyone you know that may be even a small bit open minded needs to see this. It explains a lot about where we’ve been and where we are headed. And they name and picture many of the criminals whose faces we are very familiar with and how they are going to be brought down. It is short, only around 13 minutes but packed full.

Please watch and let me know what you think and then pass it on. I am sending this out to over a thousand people on my AA and gmail mailing lists and hopefully many will share it on as well.

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Believing Is Seeing!



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