Step 5: My Mama Always Said “You Got to Put the Past in the Past” ( 12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar)

“Put the Past in The Past.” If you’re like most of us, you’ve heard this saying more than once. And your mother was the first one who said it. You were probably saying something like “I don’t want to ride my bike because last time I tried, I fell down.” And she said “You got to put the past in the past.” So you got up and tried again.

And we all had mothers, so most of us became pretty proficient at putting the past in the past. When we lost that job, we went out and found another. When that relationship didn’t work, we went out and found another. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos When the next job and the next relationship didn’t work, we went out and found others. And when the next job and the next relationship didn’t work, we went out and found others. Some of us got back on so many horses, we’re hobbling around like a cowboy. But what if the reason all of those jobs and all of those relationships didn’t work was still the past. What if we had never, ever gotten over it? What if we just pushed it further and further to the back of our brains… Calvin Klein Bragas right into that subconscious that everyone says is even more powerful than the conscious? How do you overcome your past? Or to put it more succinctly, how do you overcome that past, which you can’t even see, but which is creating the same situations over and over and over again. I am not just talking about jobs and relationships. I am talking about anywhere in our life where we say “Oh no… Not this again.” Not this employee. Not this bank overdraft. Not this argument. Not this health issue. Not this kind of a pet. Not this lost keys. Not this vacation mess-up. Not this car issue. etc. etc. etc. Wherever we say “Not this again”, we are actually dealing with a pattern. And wherever we have a pattern, that’s our past showing up where we definitely don’t want it. There are lots of reasons why that happens: The Law of Attraction, and the Law of Karma, Ontology, The Reticular Activation System in our brains, Quantum Physics and Quarks. And if you have plenty of time I can teach you what I have learned about all of that over the last 20 years or so. Or you could just take my word for it. Whenever we have a pattern in anything, that is our past that we have not yet put into the past. And it’s not so easy to solve it by just getting back on the bike. How do you overcome your past so those patterns go away? I did a keyword search to see what all of you were searching for around my topic before I wrote this post. And it seems you are searching for “How do you overcome your past?” So that’s why I am using that phrase. But in actuality we’re not really wanting to overcome our past. Because having to overcome something implies that we see it as an obstacle. And if we see our past as an obstacle, that in itself is a very big obstacle. (See my post “Believing Is Seeing”) So what we are looking to do instead is a sort of “divine alchemy.” We are cultivating a process where we take what appears to be base metal (our sometimes devestating experiences) and turn it into pure gold (an even more amazing US) I have sometimes called this “uncreating” our past. But that’s also not quite accurate. The past will always be there. We can’t really uncreate it. But we can dissolve our own made-up reactions to our past- reactions that live forever as the decisions we made of who and how to be, and how to live and react to every situation, every type of person, and every potential occurrence. I will give you a for instance from my life… As a child I loved to sing and dance. I was always singing and dancing, singing and dancing. However my mom was not sound-friendly. Sounds and noises bothered her immensely. So while I was busy singing, she was always busy telling me to stop. So somewhere along the line I decided I had a horrible voice. Bikini Calvin Klein Outlet Whenever we decide any such thing, it’s a very bad thing in the long haul. The word de-cide is related to sui-cide and homi-cide, and literally means to “kill off possibilities.” So I never went for any vocal training. I never got a music degree. I sang plenty of concerts, but my only audience was the steering wheel of my car. In essence, I did everything else in life except what I loved the most. I would have gone to my grave like that. Most people do. Except that I was in a transformational course (like the ones I teach) and I SAW that I had made that decision that my voice was horrible. I saw how that decision had sunk into my subconscious, and for all purposes it became 100% true to me. Boxer Calvin Klein Al Mayor And I performed the divine alchemy of un-deciding that decision. You can hear what’s actually true about me as a singer in my video link below. I am raising capital to do my first-ever recordings of inspirational songs. (Donate if you feel so moved.) But the point is this…We all have a lifetime of such decisions. These decisions have sunk into the backs of our brains and become part of our subconscious beliefs about US, and all the things we can or cannot do. These decisions are not true. They are all false. But they run us and drive our lives in a million ways. It is these decisions that create all the patterns that have us each say… “Oh no. Not again.” These decisions drop in like little thought mind-bombs and derail us from what might otherwise have been a better course. Usually we need help to un-decide decisions. This is largely because we can’t see them. We are literally blind to these decisions. So we need an expert to help us see. There are lots of great experts and processes out there, including standard therapy and all kinds of mind-coaching processes. (Therapy, by the way, is not just for the sick. Most of us could use a good slice of it.) Yet in my opinion there are few processes that match for speed and laser-like efficiency what has been called Ontology, or The Science of Being and how we create our very selves.” And that’s what I do. So today I give you myself as a resource. Join my free webinar on Thursday, August 24th, 2017, 7pm-8:30 EDT. Mindbombs: The Trogger-Happy False Beliefs That Have Us ‘Ready to BLow’. If you miss this webinar, please Burberry Outlet London contact me for the next one. So work with me or work with someone else out there. But at all cost follow your mama’s advice… “You got to put the past in the past.”

Lorelei Fenton
I myself am leaving behind all past and “Soaring” with singing & making songs. With these songs I am bringing transformational thinking, freedom, and brother/sisterhood to the world. Watch my video.
Author: Henrix