18.04.21- One Who Serves Reveals His Identity (April Advance)

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One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during The April Advance group, Saturday Night, in Payson, AZ on April 21, 2018.  (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

 The transcription begins following a guided meditation

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

We were going to have crazy one come on but we decided not to because that might have ruined the mood a little bit here.  We cannot go from complete seriousness and love and expression to craziness that that one sometimes brings.  But do not be concerned, he is still here, and will be with you and all of this.  Because he is so much in love with everyone of you, you have no idea.  We all are.

We are so excited for who you are all becoming, all you are all remembering who you are, and for everything that you are bringing to the table.  Or should we say, the tables, because as you know, there are many of these tables that have been spoken of.  Sananda has shared this several times.  More is coming again in the future about this.  Where even more will be revealed and how your particular mission will be associated with these 12 and 12 tables.  But more to come on that.

We understand and we are excited!  We are excited for a number of reasons.  We are excited because those of you in this group are ready to move out, you might say, go out and conquer.  Isn’t that the right word.  Go out and conquer, not the evil, not the evil of the world.  You are not going to be able to conquer that, but to go out and conquer the ignorance, conquer the sleepiness that is still out there.

Those that are still asleep, but that are ready to awaken, and you will come across them as Sananda said, more and more now.  They are going to begin to come in droves.  And this particular group is going to grow tremendously in the times ahead here.  You are going to see your phone audience is going to explode at a certain point here.  This is just the way it is and it is almost nothing you can do to stop it now, other than to just keep the phone off.  But we know that is not going to happen!

Now we are also excited about the revelation that the James came up with here.  We were wondering when is he going to want to go back down to that place, that crater and continue the journey?  Not begin the journey because that was already begun.  But to continue the journey and if there are those that re ready and willing to go and be a part of that, we will way anything is possible here.  Anything at all.

And if you have the right group together and if you have the right dedication and the right intention and you are ready and willing to find yourself down there and be a part of this, you may be very surprised at what can be not so much found there, or even recovered there because there records there.  Many of you that are associated here were involved in putting them there, and you are going to be the ones that can go back down and recover them.

But there is more to this than that.  It is more of the continuing journey that is involved in all of this and that includes the new journey you are also speaking of, of going down and maybe even coming and visiting us.  Us being those that are there in the Turabian area, in the secret place of the Andes.  You might say Secret Place of the Brotherhood.  It is secret to most, not secret to us, but it is there and from time-to-time, ones that are ready for this, ones who are awakened enough, ones who have raised their vibration enough, are able to come in and be with us.  So wouldn’t that be something?  Rather than we come into you, you come into us!

Wow.  Yes!  We are what are called the Great White Brotherhood of Light.  And we are in that area.  In Peru, we are also called the ??Abbathistine Order.  Or the order of the Seven Rays.  And it may sound strange with this crazy accent of Tibet coming through, that I would be down there in Peru or any of us would be down there.  Most predominantly, we come from the Tibetan area, but we travel a lot.  That is worth a lot!  We do not need to use your strange contraptions, the planes and the trains and automobiles and all these things.  We can just simply almost tap our heels and we are there.

We cannot teach you that, but you can teach yourselves that.  You can remember that.  It is about bi-location.  You can do it.  Isn’t that a saying from a movie too?  “You can do it!!  You can do it!!”  You will do it!  All of you will do it.  You just are not sure yet how to do it, or how it is even possible, but once you get past the idea that it is not possible or is possible, then you will be able to consider doing that process.  It is really not very hard.  You just need to know how to do it.  Okay?

So much to be excited about.  Much to be looking forward to, and that is not even to mention that crazy thing called “The Event!”  That is still coming.  And all these other things that have been spoken of again and again, but always remember and we must reiterate this over and over.  And by the way, we hear you mentioning it more and more as well.

Stop thinking about what is coming in the future and start being in the NOW.  Live your life NOW.  And we hear you saying that more and more now.  We hear you saying, be joy in every moment, rather than constantly just looking, going through life as most of your friends, your families.  They go through their entire life looking for a few moments of joy here and there.  But YOU have come to understand that it is most beneficial to all of you to find constantly the joy in every moment now.  And that is where you are all headed.  And as we say, we are SO excited.

Now we are going to share something with you, but in order to do that, we are going to ask you a question.  Okay?  Are you ready for this?

First, we speak about who we are as the One Who Serves.  We are a collective.  We are a collective of Ascended Masters that have come to this particular ??Abbathistine Order as you know now, the Order Of the Seven Rays.  And when we came here, we took a vow.  We took a vow, not of silence, no certainly we could never be silent.  But we took a vow of being anonymous, you might say, in some respects.  So that those that we worked with as us being the mentors to them, would not necessarily know who we were before.  Who we were in the past.  What our connections are in all of this.

So you know now that we are part of this brotherhood.  We are, the six of us that have taken on the title, and it is a title, it is a title that we have accepted and taken on, and in some respects you could say we earned it.  It is the title of The One Who Serves.  Because that is what we are about, is serving.

But, now here we are at this moment NOW, and because of things that are developing very, very rapidly now, it is time now to begin to share more closely with all of you, because we have become so close with you.  You see, you are the only ones that hear from us.  Do you know this?  Directly you are the only ones that hear from us.  As The One Who Serves, we use no other channel at this point.  We are only coming through this one, James.

Now that is not to say that he is anything special or anything.  He is pretty special to us, but not that he is anything beyond anyone else.  But because of this idea and in coming to this group and being so directly involved with this particular group, Ancient Awakenings, we have decided that we are going to give up some of our anonymity here.

We are going to share with you who we were.  But in order to do that and one at a time, by the way, it is not going to be all of us at once tonight.  But I, as the “I” here that is speaking for the Collective, I am going to be one that is going to open that up here.

And I was the original one that came to the aide here before James, and then to the James.  I was the one who spoke more directly with him and through him.  Others have come through as well over the time here, but I was always the one more directly involved with this one, James.

Now, I would ask you, if you want to know this, you need to go into yourself now, I am not going to tell you.  You need to go into yourself and visualize what I would look like.  Who I might have been before.  And if you are able to come to it, then I will reveal it.  If not, not yet.

So allow yourselves to go deep now, and look at what I might look like, not so much even what I look like now, although I am showing you something right now.  If you see me, and I am just above you, I am here in this body, yes, as well, but actually we will do this.  I will descend back over this body and over-light it here now. And show myself to you with your open physical eyes if you can, or if you must, you can close your eyes and see this over-lighting that is occurring here now.

I am showing you what I looked like at that time long ago that I am most famous for.

[Long pause here while everyone envisions who is talking]

Okay.  That is enough time.  I am not going to play a game with you, hot or cold or anything of that nature.  You either get it or you don’t get it.  But this is an exercise for you in your visualization abilities and your believing abilities.  Because someone might come up with it and not want to share it because they will think they are wrong or they will be laughed at or something, and I can assure you, no one will be.  Anyone wish to take a stab at this?

I will tell you if you are wrong or you are right.

AUDIENCE:   No hints?

You look like Yeshua to me.

OWS:  No.

AUDIENCE:   Moses.

That was my first thought, was Moses.

OWS:  Oh my goodness!!  That didn’t take much at all!


Why do you think we say all those times, “Moses!

[Laughter, applause]

AUDIENCE:  And here he is right here in this room!

OWS:  Always go with your first, your gut, your intuition.  The little voice within you.

AUDIENCE:  Did you have any other incarnations?

OWS:  We are not going to go there now.  That will come, possibly later.  We will go with the one that came first, and that is certainly the one, and now I will also share with you that James has known this for a long time here.  For he asked a long time ago.  We gave him the same vision that we gave to you here.  And the first thing he said was, “Moses,” and we said “Yes!”

But we said, now you must keep this to yourself for as long as you need to.  And he has.  So, now you know and we may still go by The One Who Serves here, but we can open that up a little bit more now.

See, we can be funny too!  But you must understand, we love you all so much, you have no idea how much, how close we have come to all of you.  Not only you here in the room, ALL of you who are on the phone, that are with us Sunday after Sunday, week after week, and then when you are here, especially for these Advances, and we love the idea that you have accepted that they are no longer called Retreats.  They are now Advances, as you know.  Because you are certainly advancing on and on and on.  If you would look at yourselves five years ago…as we look at you five years ago, and what you have turned into now, what you have remembered about yourself now…

The discussions that you have now.  My goodness!  Quantum entanglement!  Who would have spoken of that three years ago?  You know?  You know what we say here?  Even Ascension!  We spoke of Ascension to James and to the Cynthia here, and to the JoAnna here, thirty years ago or something like that.  But we did not use that term “Ascension.”

We said, “ready to jump off a cliff,” and they looked at us so sure, like what are they talking about?  They’re crazy!


But that is what we were saying back then.

JOANNA:   The ninety-degree phase shift.

OWS:  Yes!  That, especially that.  The ninety-degree phase shift!  That is what Ascension is, by the way.  A ninety-degree phase shift!  And if you read that book, “The Secret of the Andes” that James spoke of here, it speaks of that—The Ninety-Degree Phase Shift—that a civilization here on the earth before humanity, they took that ninety-degree phase shift.  They Ascended en mass all of them at once.  They left one behind, one is still here today.  Here in the brotherhood here, in the ??Abbathistine Order.

Audience:  Mehru.

OWS:  Yes!  Mehru.  He is one still here from that civilization of the Elves.  Ancient.  Very ancient.

Audience:  Yes.  I finally figured out what those stairs meant.  You know, matter and all of that with the steps going up?  And they were all ninety-degree phase shifts.

OWS:  Yes!  They were!

Audience:  It took a while to figure it out.

OWS:  Yes.  Everybody is saying, what are they talking about?


And have the James share or the Cynthia share if they would a little bit more of that.  We believe that James even has that particular reading that was given on this.  If he could find it again.  Cynthia, you say you have it?

CYNTHIA:  Yes, I have it.  I have it all drawn out too.

OWS:  Very good.  Then here is our suggestion to you.  Bring that to the next Advance.  That will be very important and it will be incorporated into the entire program.  It is all about this ninety-degree phase shift that you are all in the process of going through.  Ninety-degrees is moving from one dimension into a higher dimension, in a shift, because you are all going through a shift, and it can be that quick, or it can be slow over a period of time.  That is what this is about.  And this is about a ninety-degree phase shift of an entire planet and much of the population on the planet over phases or stages, if you will.

Any questions here before we release channel?


Q & A

Q What did you do in wandering for forty years? 

OWSWhat did we do?

Q What was the purpose of that?  What was the status or the history, I don’t know, in the desert for forty years with Moses, what were you doing out there?

OWS:  First of all, not everything that you read or everything that you hear is accurate.


Or is a metaphor.  Yes.

Q:  It was only four weeks. 


OWS:   We are not going to say the time-frame here.  But we are going to say that there was a period of time where there was the wandering, where there was the movement from one area to the next, almost as if you were moving from one—in a sense—dimension, to another dimension.  We were moving through a shift, rather.  That is what we will say here.  Moving through a shift.  The shift in this case was being the slaves of the Egyptians, of the Pharaoh, that part was true.  And we did move away from that.  We did leave that.  The idea of the parting of the Red Sea—somewhat accurate—but it had the forces of nature involved in that moment as well.  You see? 

Q:  Is that like the second chakra?  I mean, that’s what we were explained years ago.  Like the first chakra, it was kind of like a metaphor, it was from the first chakra through the desert, the parting of the waters and then it moves up to the third chakra.

OWS:  Yes.  But the Red Sea at that time was not as you would think it was.  You see?  We cannot tell you too much more on that.  But we can give you other information when I went up that mountain and met with the “I AM Presence,” and I did—that was the “I AM Presence”–that was true.  But it was not God reaching down his hand from clouds and this type of thing.  It was a being in a spaceship!  In a ship there!  Coming through the clouds.  Yes! 

Q:  What was that beings name? 

“I AM!”

OWS:  That is what we will say here.  “I AM that I AM.”  You do not need to think of it in terms of Yahweh or any of these other terminologies at this point.  Just think of it as the “I AM PRESENCE.”

Q:  Was Hatshepsut your adopted mother?

OWS:  We are being told here, we cannot answer some of these questions because it is not quite time yet for some things.  There is reason for this.  I can answer some things, but we are not going to make an entire show of this now.


Q:  I have a comment.  This is Sheryl.  I have a comment.  I had a vivid dream experience about being with you and I knew you were Moses.  I could see your house.  And I saw a body of water in the distance.  I don’t know if it was an ocean, but I was with you.

OWS:  Sheryl, you were with us there.  You were. 

Q:  I love you!

OWS:  I will not say who you were.  You will come to that on your own, but you were there.  As were some others of you as well at that time.  Some very close to myself in that life. 

Q:  I never quite could buy any kind of slaughter of the first-born sons.  Are you able to tell us what was the straight dope on that whole world?

OWS:  What you are talking about here at that time was the cabal.  It was called something different certainly.  But it was those that were attempting to prevent the rising of a Messiah.  Even at that time.  So it was attempting to hold back those that could rise forward and bring the light. 

Q:  And then they flipped it around to make it look like God did that.  Isn’t that sick?

OWS:  Yes.

Q:  God never does that.  He loves us.

OWS:  Now there are different versions of God here. You must understand this.  There is Prime Creator God, Source of All Things, Source of all Love, and only Love.  That is not the God that you would want to be involved here.  So that was not the God that was involved there.  See?

Q:  So this was one of those gods that came here…

OWS:  Yes.  Think of it in terms of those in the family of the Annunaki.  You are seeing who they are, more and more.  And since you have, we can share more of those kinds of things now with you.  Before we could not. 

Q:  Can you give us some guidance on…some of us are struggling with the fact that we have yet to be able to see.  Because I know that the statement resonates with a lot of us that “if you have eyes to see and you have ears to hear,” but a lot of us are still struggling with the fact that we cannot see as we could.  Would you have any guidance on that?

OWS:  You can see exactly what you need to see.  You are seeing what you need to see, you are hearing what you need to hear.  Based on your consciousness and your belief system at this point.  Raise your consciousness, raise your belief system, and you will see so much more.  You will hear so much more. 

Q:  I just want to make a comment or kind of like ask for a confirmation if that was okay.  When you brought up the “L” from way back from the beginning of creation, that there are still on the planet or there is one or a few, or what have you.  I did come across someone who claimed to be an “L” and listening to this particular person being interviewed, and they are doing their own show and they are trying to raise the vibration and inform the people, I am always dumbfounded by the amount of articulate incredible deep information that he says.  It comes from within.  He just knows everything and anything.  And he finally said that one day.  They had to pick and probe and probe, and he finally gave up that he was an “L.”  And I was dumbfounded when you said that today.  And his name is Drake.

OWS:   What we will tell you about this one that you are speaking of.  He is very knowledgeable as you are saying.  Does not know everything.  As no one knows everything.  He is somewhat as he says he is, but as an aspect of that.  You see?  He was an “L” as you are saying but at a higher level of his being.  He is a personality as an aspect of that being that would have been an “L” there. 

Q:  I understand.  Thank you.  I really enjoy what he has to contribute.  It is very enlightening and very helpful.  And thank you for that confirmation, One Who Serves.

OWS:  Yes.

Q:  I have a question?  This is Naija and thank you so much One Who Serves, Moses. The question is about your Staff and Rod.  I was given a version of your staff.  I found it on the beach.  And the thought I got was it was given to me from Spirit.  It was unclear if it was from the Father or from you, and I was told in a meditation.  Any confirmation on that?  And any suggestion of how to…

OWS:  We apologize here.  I apologize here.  Because I did not quite understand what you are asking here.

Q:  Yeah.  So the question is about Moses’ Staff and Rod.

OWS:  Staff and Rod, yes.  Okay, very good.  Now we’ve got it.

Q:  So I was given one by Spirit.  So I don’t know if it was given to me by the Father or if it was you.  So any comments on that?

OWS:  As you were given a Staff and Rod?

Q:  Yeah.

OWS:  And you are wondering if it is the same Staff and Rod which I carried?  Or something similar?

Q:  Right.  Not the same, kind of a representation or a version of it.

OWS:  Or something similar.  Okay, now we understand.  We can tell you that the Rod or the Staff that I carried at that time was not a stick as some would depict there—the limb of some type.  It was a drill rod that was found in the—or rather I was guided to—in a secret area in the pyramids.  I was told to take that from that secret area, again as I was guided to it, and was able to use it as it was an Atlantean Drill Rod.  So, as to what you have now, we do not think it is an Atlantean Drill Rod, but it is a facsimile of that.  Okay?

Q:   Yes!  Very helpful.  Thank you so much.

OWS:  The Atlantean Drill Rods, by the way, are secreted away at this time.  They have, as we find it, there is one that is in someone’s possession, but they are not doing any thing with it and they are holding it until the right time to bring it out.  They do not want the cabal to get a hold of it.  

Any other questions here?

Q:  I have a question.

OWS:  Yes.  We have to, what you call, wrap this up here pretty quickly.  We have already shared probably much more than what those around me were expecting here maybe.


Anyway, yes?

Q:  Okay, the One Who Serves, Moses.  Did you design the Arc of the Covenant?  Was it done at your time and what was that really meant for?  And can I possibly ask you where it is now?

OWS:  In a building that the government is holding in a great big storage area as in Indiana Jones.


No, we are joking!


The Arc of the Covenant, just so you know, is secreted away.  It is being held also, kept away from those who are not ready to be able to utilize the spirit in which it was developed.  And no, I did not design it.

Q:  Could I just ask one more little question about that, and I know that’s not the answer, but is it under water?

OWS:  No.  It is not under water.

Q:   Is it in a cave in Kentucky. 


OWS:  Oh, please! 


We don’t go there.

Q:  Higher dimension.  A question about the Ten Commandments.  I just want to check if this is true and correct.  I was once given that it actually wasn’t actually commandments, but it was more like along the lines of—you will kind of know you have arrived or you have gotten there, if you will, when you do not kill people—not thou shalt not, as in a command, but you won’t kill people, you won’t covet your friend’s wife, you won’t steal, all that kind of stuff, like these are the signs where you’ll know like you have gotten to that place.  Is that correct?

OWS:  They were commandments. 

Q:  Oh, they WERE commandments.  Okay.

OWS:  Yes.  They came from a High Source, and they were taken very seriously. 

Q:  Was it because of the consciousness of the people at that time because that’s all they could understand was “Don’t do this.  Don’t do that?” 

OWS:  Yes.  You could look at it that way.  Yes.  Working with the consciousness of the people at the time.

Q:  And was it true that if they go against that or touched it,  that it would kill them?

OWS:  That is not true.  They were stone tablets. 

Q:  I was talking about the Arc.

OWS:  Oh, the Arc.

Q:  Yeah.  If anybody fell against it or touched it?

OWS:  Okay.  We will share here, you have to understand that much in the way of your movies and books and these things are based largely on reality, and also sometimes very much on fantasy.  Now to understand the Arc of the Covenant, it would only operate by those who were in the light.  It would only work as it was meant to do by those who knew the secrets of it and could work directly with it in terms of the consciousness that was within the Arc.  You see?  So a consciousness that was not in tune with the Arc would have a rough time of it.  Let’s just say that.  And someone very similar in this vision we are getting here in your movie, yes, the Indiana Jones movie is somewhat accurate.  It would destroy as much as it would create. 

Q: What were they trying to protect?  The Ten Commandments? 

OWS:  That is correct.

Q:  Were there any type of …?

OWS:  Okay, now …


We cannot take anymore questions.


We think that we need to move on to a different subject here. Okay?


We may come back to this at another time, after you have thought this over and not to try to … yes, like we say, play twenty questions here.  Because if it gets to be too much, then those who are mentoring to me, and yes, I have my mentors as well, and those who are mentoring to me will say, “Okay, that’s enough, Moses, dear…that’s enough!”  We cannot continue to do this at this point.  They must travel their own journey here.

Q:  So, can I ask why…

OWS:   There you go again!  There is another one there.  We need to move on to something else here.

Q:  Can I ask why is it that that information won’t serve us when…I mean, I’m just curious about that.  Why would it not serve us to know?  Just so we understand.

OWS:   It is not that it will not serve you to know, it will not serve you to know without looking within yourself.  You see?

Q:  This is Kimmie.  May I say something on the lighter side? 

OWS:   Yes, please do.

Q:  Okay.  Although I did have the very briefest actually flash of Moses, I moved right on, and for some reason, I saw Willie Shakespeare.  Where did that come from?

OWS:  We don’t know.  That wasn’t one of MY incarnations.  That is a hint for you.  Not one of MY incarnations. 

Q:  Another One Who Serves…Oh.  Okay. 

OWS:  Surely that is a hint.

Q:  Oh…Saint Germain. 

OWS:   Yes.  There you go.

Q:  Saint Germain was Shakespeare. 

Was that the funny guy?

OWS: No.  Now Saint Germain would say he was pretty funny, yes.  But no, it is not that one.  Saint Germain is very much associated with us here in the ??Abbathistine Order, so that may be why you were getting some of that. 

Q:  I got Ghandi. 

Yeah.  I saw Saint Germain.

OWS:  Ghandi is associated with a great deal.  He was a great being that you had here.  One that opened up a great understanding, raised vibration all around him.  And then moved on, as to who he was in other times, we are not able to say that, but we will just say that he an ascended being, yes.

Q:  One Who Serves, I thought I saw like Lantos.  Was that close? 

OWS:  Close to what?

Q:  One of the members of the One Who Serves. 

OWS:   Did we not say that we were not ready to share the others yet? That will be up to each one of them.  I only agreed to this because I have been associated with this group and through this one James for a fair amount of time, amount of YOUR time, anyway, not so much OUR time, but your time.  So that is why we figured it was time here.  But the others will, if they want to, they will come forward on their own here.

Q:  One Who Serves, I would like to ask about a healing ability.  Did you believe that you are a healer, is that all we need to become healing other people?

OWS:  That is a big part of it.  You need to have the intention.  You need to have the belief.  And you need to go forward with the action.  You need to take the action.  Just simply believing it, having intention of it, and then doing nothing about it, won’t help too much.  You have to actually reach out and touch someone.


But it doesn’t even have to be a physical touch.  It can be an astral or an etheric touch from far away even.  Remote healing is what you can call it.

Q:  Is it necessary that the other person or the Higher Self of the other person authorize me to do it?  Or not?

OWS:  When you are working on healing another being, it is very important for that one that you are working with, that consciousness, that personality that you are working with, accept the healing.  That is number one.  They have to accept the healing.   If you are trying to heal someone that is not ready for it, or does not want it, then you are interfering with their life path here.  You see?  And you can actually create karma for yourself by doing this. 

So always ask and get their acceptance first, before you do so.  You do not know if they are meant to go through pain and suffering and all of this, even though it is abhorrent to you to think of, they might be having to go through with this as their contract that they came in with, and if you interfere with that, in a sense, you are breaking the prime directive, and bring Karma on yourself.

Q:   Would that apply to animals as well? 

OWS:  Yes.  In a sense, that is also correct, because you can ask the animal as well.  And if you are open to it, they will answer you, and can receive it.  Now we make a distinction here.  If the animal is sick, and is in pain, then it is up to you to do something to alleviate that pain.  Even if it is to the point of what you call, euthanasia or putting them to sleep.  For it is for their better good here to do so, than to have one of your dear friends, you pets, suffering.  See? 

Q:   When you say giving permission, is it something they have to say verbally or can it be an energy that you feel that permission is given kind of thing?

OWS:  It is best if it is a verbal permission or a telepathic permission of some type but you must get their permission.  Do you know, here we give you an example.  When Yeshua did those healing miracles, you call them, did he not ask every single one of them, “Do you want to be healed?”  “Do you  have _____???, Do you believe?”  And if they said no, to not heal them.  He did not.  He did not touch them.  He respects their free will.  Yes.  And as you must also do.  As we must also do.  As those in the ships certainly must also do. 

We all respect your free will and we will not interfere, they will not interfere until you have fully accepted them to come down from in their ships and land and all of this.  It must come from the population of the planet.

Now if the government suddenly turned and said, “You are not alone.  We have been lying to you,” or whatever they might come out and say, if they were to do that and give permission and put that out to the public, and the public then was in acceptance, they would not even need to say anything, but those that are watching over this can tell when those are ready to accept, then they will come.  Kind of like, if you will build it, they will come.

Q:   If you know someone that is suffering in some way, can you ask—I’ve done this before and I’m wondering if I have permission to do this—can you ask other beings to assist that one to find the way of healing on their own? 

OWS:  Certainly, yes. 

Q:   And in an accelerated process instead of taking years or something like that? 

OWS:   Yes.  You can always ask for help from those that—we do not like to use the term are “higher than you” because we are not higher than you.  But when you ask for those who are—say were mentoring to you, or have a little bit more understanding than you might have the ability to bring the healing to an individual, then certainly yes.  Ask for their help, and they will assist you.  They will not do it for you, but they will assist you.  They will send their energy down through you as the conduit.  Just as Sananda and the Christ sent their energy down through Yeshua’s hands into those that he worked with.

Q:   One more question about my dragon, if I can ask you about that? I was wondering, I was told by someone who is very familiar with dragons that you can ask the dragon to assist in some way to help another individual or several individuals, so what I did is for weeks I would meditate and ask my dragon to go help my daughter because she was really sick, and find a healing for her.  So he brought her—I think he brought her her boyfriend which created a love connection which helped her see things differently.  Is that true?

OWS:  Yes.  What you did is you put it out there.  Bring healing to her.  If she is ready for this, bring healing to her.  And you put it out and you let it go.  Is that correct? 

Q:    Yes.

OWS:  And you did not put any specifications on how it would happen or when it would happen or anything of this nature.  And you expected it to happen and the dragon, as you are saying, which is a dear friend to you, this dragon—and dragons are very perceptual—they have a great deal of compassion.  Not like you would think of a dragon with fiery breath and fierce.  They have so much compassion, and they are ready to assist, if they are called upon. 

But humankind has had a fear created around dragons.  And this was also done by your cabal purposefully.  Because they knew that if you kept in touch with the elemental kingdom that they would eventually bring you around.  They would eventually help you raise out of the situation that you found yourselves in over a long period of time.

In this way, and many other ways, they have done everything they can to curtail and postpone and hold off your Ascension process.  They have known for a long, long time about your Ascension and they have done everything they can to prevent it.  But, as you know, those times are over.  They can no longer prevent it.  It is a done deal and it is going through whether they like it or not.  And if they do not like it, they will be removed from the situation.

Just one more question, and then we need to release channel.

Q:   Dear One Who Serves, I address all of you, and we want to thank you for all of the labor of love that you have given us in getting us to this point.  We look forward to being of further service and I just wanted to acknowledge how grateful we are and thank you.  

OWS:  Wonderful!

Q:   Yes, thank you.  Thank you so much.  

OWS:  My dear Moses, you have your marching orders, again! 

MOSES:  Thank you!

OWS:  We are going to release channel now. We appreciate your time, your efforts, your sharing with us.  We appreciate your patience in working with us.  We know that we are not the _____?? ones, when you ask your questions and the answers that we give sometimes, but what is your saying?  “That’s just the way it is.  That is not going to change any time soon.  Just so you know.  So get over it.  Let it be.  Let it be!”  Yes.

Shanti, peace be with you.  Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell



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