STEP 2: Your Body, The Temple (12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar)

I have an increasing sense that it is  important for each and every one of us to realize our true divinity right now. There is a lot happening in the world to indicate a) The world is ripe and ready for that particular spiritual awakening, and b) We need to have it quickly. I won’t go into all of the evidence for the urgency right now. However I do want to lay out some evidence that we are in fact divine.

I Versace Pas Cher will look at this today from a Christian perspective. I have found similar evidence in other religions, but I will save that for another day.

So in the Christian world, Jesus pointed to the fact that we are each divine over and over again when he said that HE was the Son of God. Then, most importantly, he called US his brothers and sisters. So if Jesus was the Son of God and we are his brothers and sister, it stands to reason…We are also the Sons and Daughters of God. So what does that mean, to be the Son or Daughter of God?

philipp plein pas cher As a sister, I do not wish, require, or expect that my siblings worship me. That is just a silly thought. So by Jesus’ mere use of this term brother, it stands to reason that he saw US to be just as Divine as he was. I can almost hear the hooting and hollering from some of you already. Please remember that I myself did not originally call you the brother/sister of Jesus. It was Jesus himself who said this. So please do not shoot the messenger. Jesus did not see himself as a deity to be worshiped by us. He saw himself our brother.

Now I want to be somewhat inclusive and say that if we follow this line of thought- that we are all brothers and sisters- then we can also conclude that Muhammad, Buddha, and all the other “prophets come-Gods”, are also our brothers/sisters. And so it stands to reason that these prophets, like Jesus, did not come here to be deified or set above us. But rather they came to assist us in seeing something.

What did they want us to see?

I am making a case that one thing they all wanted us to see was our Own Divinity. Why do I think this? Because it is ultra-important that we see our own divinity if we want to move into the space of peace on earth, love, brotherhood, and joy. Now each and every major prophet has described this kind of thing as the goal. There is not a single viable prophet or religious sect out there which is saying we should all lie, cheat, steal, kill, and maim each other. They are all discussing how we should treat each other well.

So if goodness and love is the common ropa interior calvin klein state d goal of the prophets, why would they want us to know we are Divine?

I have come through to the other side of some deep life trauma and lack of self-love. I have trained for decades in how to overcome that and also helped many others to do the same, So from that perspective I can say this…When we don’t realize our true divinity, it causes a multitude of problems. Not knowing who we are (i.e. children of God endowed with God-like qualities and our own divinity) we begin to act like someone (or some ‘thing’) else. We become very nasty inside of thinking we are NOT God- hating, hurting, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc.

Conversely. when we know we are part and parcel of God, we act more like God. What springs forth then is love, compassion, generosity, joy, fun, play, ease, peace and the like. In short, BELIEVING we are Divine, we ACT as a Divine being would act. And believing we are NOT Divine, we act as a NOT-Divine being would act. So it stands to reason we need to know this. And Jesus, and many other prophets, did try to tell us this.

So right here, right now it would be helpful for the stated goal of peace/love that we each resolve ourselves to the fact that we are God. I am not saying we are the Whole of God. But I am saying  we are a Part of Him. And I am saying we are each an important part, just as Jesus was. If it suits some of you better, you may call yourself Human-Angels, for I am quite sure that is also true.

So why am I even saying that we are God? What, pray tell, does that have to do with our bodies?

It has been said that the body is a temple. So our physical bodies are quite literally the Temples in which we house our own Divinity. This makes sense. You don’t build a temple unless you have a God to put in it. So the body is the Temple and we are the Gods and Goddesses…

Moreover, these bodies are tailor-made to allow us to live as these Human-Angels comfortably, happily, and joyfully for what many speculate to be well over 150 years. Yes it is true. Many scientist now concur that the body was made to last a lot longer than it now does. So if that is true, why do most of our bodies last a measly 80-90 years, before deteriorating into a near decrepit state?

Consider that this is because we treat our bodies, the homes for our Divine souls and spirits, more like the local garbage dumps, than Temples. We feed our bodies a steady diet of murderous pesticides and plastics, GMOs, unnatural chemicals and by-products, polluted air, toxic skin products, garbage/nutrition deficient food such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts. And the dumps are now overflowing with rotting, fly-ridden, smelly, toxic by-products and waste. And so our bodies, our Temples, are literally being killed by us way before their time.

There are some other things we all do that kill our holy temples. We force our bodies to go, go, go, all day, every day, in a feverish quest for something we call “success”. If we want it to lose weight or gain muscle, we starve our bodies, or work our Temples like we wouldn’t work a dog, We call our Temples names like fat, ugly, obese, and the ever famous…”My body is a temple… The Temple of Doom.” This would be funny. except we little realize how we kill ourselves off with our own words, thoughts and beliefs. Words create and words kill, which is why the bible says… “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (Words in this sense of course embody all Consciousness, thought as well as spoken.)

So we use our words and thoughts with a vehement disregard for their power over the body. And we little realize in our Western quests for success and a profit-driven collective image of perfection, that we are failing in the one thing that really matters. We are failing at enjoying and loving the beauty and wonder that WE ARE. Because warts and all, we are ALL pretty wondrous creatures.

Taking care of our Temples is also a form of Self-Love. It is the physical form of that love.

Meanwhile, Self-Love is our entry point for all other kinds of love. In other words… for any one of us to be truly loving to other people (our family, our children, our mates) we must each love and take care of ourselves. If we don’t do that, we will certainly act out our pain and misery on other people. Unhappy people cannot help but to make others around them unhappy as well.

I will give you some personal experience. As a child I felt the pain of my mother’s dislike for herself. She tried her best, and is a most wonderful soul at heart. But the wounds her own lack of self-love and unhappiness made in the developing ‘Me’ were palpable. Again I say, my mother is a wonderful soul who loved us dearly and never meant to hurt anyone. But it is simply impossible to grow happy, healthy, self-loving children if you are not happy, healthy, and self-loving yourself. I myself came out of this state by doing a whole lot of self-love work. I am now itemizing this work to you in these 12 steps. There is not a step here, by the way, that does not relate to self-love.

Self-love is actually the pinnacle for every single access to power in every realm of life.

So we must each love and care for ourselves as a top priority. Then we will be happy. Then we will bring this love and happiness to others. So I hope you will all take on self love in this 2nd step. I hope you will begin to treat your body as the wonderful Temple it is.

Today for this step I am outlining some of the physical ways to be self-loving. Our minds, emotions, and spirits also require self-love. But that is a conversation for another day. If you begin your journey to self-love here in the physical realm, that is a very good start.

So here are some ways to to Treat Your Body as the Temple It is….

A) Eat Organic, Unprocessed Foods.

(Do the research. Eating organic is difficult for some pocket books. But the more we demand inexpensive, non-toxic food, the cheaper it will become. Aldis now has a line of inexpensive organics, and local farmers coops often have organic practices, even though they may not pay for the label.)

B) Avoid Flours (and especially White Flour products) & pastas. Do your best to eat food in or close to its natural state. i.e. eat potatoes, not potato chips or potato flour.

C) Avoid all but natural, unprocessed sugars (fruit, honey, molasses.)

(If your body has become extremely toxic, and/or you have any kind of auto-immune disease. you may need to avoid gluten and/or grain products altogether.)

D) Avoid all sugar substitutes. The chemicals and unnatural processing are killing us all.

Here are two good resources if you are experiencing auto-immune diseases such as Celiac Disease, Thyroid Disease (Graves &/or Hashimotos), Leaky Gut, Rhumatoid Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Auto-immune skin disease, Adrenal Fatigue, and the like.

1) Jordan Reasoner & Steve Wright:

This resource will educate you about the horrific effect of toxins on your body, and how to avoid them.

2) Dr. Isabella Wentz,

E) Purchase water filtration for your drinking, cooking, showering, and bathing. This is so important, since the adult human body is 60% water. Meanwhile our water supplies are hugely toxic. Here is a good source for purifying your water.

Leslie Gabriel,

And now for the really fun stuff…

Choose to do something nice for your body EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Here are some examples…

1) Take a bubble bath

2) Get a Massage

3) Relax in a Hot Tub

4) Take a Yoga Class (Non-strenuous, Eastern-style is best)

5) Do 15 minutes of light stretching (The body loves to stretch!)

6) Go out for a walk in the sunshine

7) Take a Rest/ Do a peaceful meditation

Don Slepian has some of the most powerful music I know to put you in a relaxed meditative state of mind.


When we work on Step 2, we are working largely on our Root Chakra. This is the chakra at the very base of the spine, and it is the grounding chakra, which allows energy to flow from the earth so you can be centered, secure, active, present. The physical body is the very essence of our feeling secure and taken care of. This is because at least in this physical form, here on this planet called earth, we live or die, thrive or whither, based on what happens to our physical bodies.
Archangel Gabriel oversees the Root Chakra, and is most delighted to assist you with this work, if you ask for his help. You can say something like this…
“Beloved Archangel Gabriel, I ask you to assist me with exhibiting self love by caring for this, my Human-Angel Body Temple. Please guide me on the path. And if I go astray or need something specific for my temple, please drop ideas into my head to assist me. Help me also with the foresight to follow these ideas. I ask this in loving gratitude & brother/sisterhood.”
Please watch my video and, if you are able and inspired, please contribute to my  and/or endorse/share it.

Namaste and many blessings,

Lorelei Fenton


Author: Henrix