STEP 3, THE HOLY ART OF PLAY (12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar)

In my humble opinion, there is not much closer to the spirit of God than the Act of Creation. When God created, he/she gave birth to us all.. He/she gave birth to the entire cosmos and all beings, and life forms, and all planets, and all galaxies, and all universes, and all material things, and all Angels, and all of Everything. So when WE create, we give life to something and we are fully being the God-part of ourselves. Many of us here on the earth have wondered about the why of creation. For what purpose, we ask, was all of this made? Why did it all come into existence? There have been answers galore to this question, spanning through the eons of all time. But as far as I can see the only answer that seems to make any real sense, the only answer that comes from any true God-like unconditional love and freedom is this one… It was all created just for the fun of it. All of this was created for the sheer joy of creation itself. Wow. Isn’t that wonderful. We can now let go of all of our have-tos, and shoulds, and guilts about what we did or did not accomplish here on this planet to date. Because we have no real agenda. We have no real duty. We just simply exist for the joy of it. And by our very existence, we have pleased God. YAAAYYYY….That is so great and such a relief. I myself have lived entire decades of my life feeling a low grade of guilt for all I did or did not do, for all my perceived failures or lacks of success. I thought, erroneously, I could only please God by doing something amazing like solving world hunger or causing world peace. I spent a lot of years trying to figure out how I could do something amazing like that. It was a daunting task to set for myself, and quite psychologically defeating. Meanwhile the struggle to do that literally forced me to abject poverty at one point in my life. (That’s a long story and I will save it for another day.) But what a relief to finally see that just by being here we are successes, and a pleasure to God. We are 1000% valuable just by your very existence. Some of us would like to argue that this is not true- that we are not so very great or beloved, just by our mere existence. But I do get messages from the Angels beyond the veil, so to speak. Many of us are getting such communications these days, and I discuss this a bit in my writing “Separating the Wheat from The Chaff.” So this is what THE ANGELS say about each and every one of us. We ARE beloved beyond imagining. Shall we then argue with the Angels? So if God created all of this and all of us for the sheer joy of it, just to play and have fun, then it stands to reason that fun and play are very holy things. It looks as if fun and play are actually just as holy as the Act of Creation. So we shall now capitalize the holy words “Fun” and “Play”, just as we do the holy word “God”. 🙂 So if you look, we could even argue that the only forms of lasting Creation come from being in the space of Fun and Play. Being in Fun and Play we create things that are truly valuable and lasting. We will not abandon these creations, half done. We stick with them for the sheer joy of creating them. And these joyful creations are the things that we all value the most, are they not? Consider the model airplane you took joy in creating at age 16. Then you proudly displayed it on the shelf and kept it there for years. Store bought things came and went, but that model airplane stayed on the shelf. When we create something that we truly love, we are naturally having Fun and Playing. So Fun, Play, and Creation go hand in hand. Now I want to expand what we all think Creation is…Yes it is art. Yes it is music. Yes it is architecture, and Legos, and bridges, and plays, and songs and arboretums and museums, and horse farms, and restaurants, and cuisines, and task forces, and magazines, and lobbying campaigns, and books, and business plans, and anything at all that we each enjoy “creating.” But creation is much more… Creation is when you go outside with your son to throw the baseball, and suddenly you are laughing and smiling with him. That is a moment of joy you have created. Creation is when you are making love (arguably the highest form of creation) and your eyes meet and you both pause in wonder at the beauty you see there. That is a moment of love you have created. Creation is when you sit around with friends in the yard after a picnic and suddenly you point to the clouds and everyone sees the outline of a unicorn. That is a moment of wonder you have created. Creation is literally taking the time to live moment by moment and see what you can do, make, or cause, alone and with others… just for the sheer joy of it. And when you truly create from your God-self, you will be having fun, playing, loving your life, and loving others. So now here are my radical tools for this step, step number 3. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos 1) MAKE PLAY AND FUN YOUR JOB. Do it every day and let it lead you to whatever there is to create, even in the world of money. 2) CREATE WHATEVER WILL PUT YOU IN THE SPACE OF FUN AND PLAY. Whatever creation makes your heart sing in the moment, do it. When we do these two things every day, our lives become magical. We are exuding that positive joy energy, and life opens up. What we want begins to literally come right to us. Bank accounts often grow magically. In the work I do, for instance, this tool of bringing in “Play” literally saved one particular couple from breaking up their whole marriage. This kind of thing certainly happens, as long as we are not thwarting ourselves in some other ways that we will talk about later. This step is associated with the Sacral Chakra, which is just above the root chakra. It is the chakra of creativity, and sexuality. This chakra is overseen by Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame, Archangel Hope. You may ask either for assistance as follows… “Dearest Archangel Hope/Gabriel. Please assist me with being in creation, letting go of work and struggle and embracing the holy energies of Fun and Play. Please drop ideas into my head when I begin to work or struggle, and show me moment by moment, what miraculous things I can create with Fun, Play, and Ease. Thank you for the immense blessing that you are, and for all you bring to my life.” Here are some ideas of what may be Fun for you. Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein A) Create Visual Art- all kinds -You don’t have to be Monet. Even coloring is a creation. (And one we adults have forgotten that we love to do!)

B) Create Performance Art- Music, Dance, Theater – It doesn’t have to be big, (Remember that there is a kid inside yourself… one who used to put together a play for the grown-ups with your cousins in half an hour.) C) Build ‘things’ -model airplanes, jewelry, knitting, foot-bridges, cabinets, doll houses, anything and everything you like and find joy in. D) Create a group (such as a meet-up) -for anything you like, enjoy, or find fulfillment in. E) Write -poetry, a book, a movie, as short story, a song F) Beautify your home or garden -add plants and flowers, stencil, create a meditation room, make a fish pond G) Play a game with the kids, and create some moments of Fun H) Snuggle on the couch with your honey and create some moments of love -afterwards, if the mood strikes, you can even create the act of creating new life. That is certainly fun and playful. 🙂 There are too many ways to Create, have Fun and Play for me to name them all here, Do what YOU love, whatever that may be. Note: Remember to keep the content of your creation or art in the space of fun, play, and ease. If you create from doom, gloom, and misery you will miss the whole point of finding your Play, and Fun. Sometimes art (visual, performance, written) can be used to purge our pain. This the creation of a form of healing. Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre Healing is a holy thing. But such pain-based forms of art must be used sparingly, lest they mindlessly create what we don’t really want. By this I mean the creation of more suffering and pain. In such cases we as the viewer become much like rubber-kneckers, morbidly fascinated by the scene of an accident, and likely to cause one ourselves. This is a pretty good analogy, because whatever we focus on, collectively and individually, tends to increase. A wonderful resource for you to learn how to play, and live in the wonder of life is Ms. Rita Abrego, a facilitator for something called “Access Consciousness.” I learned all I know about this issue from her. She is truly a Divine Master at Fun, Play, and Ease. She has a wonderful facebook page of resources. It is a closed group, but you may be able to join upon request. Here is her email address. Rita Abrego I am now also playing with my favorite thing and one of my highest joys… singing & making songs. With this I plan to bring transformational thinking, freedom, and brother/sisterhood to the world. Watch my video. Support/endorse/share as you can.

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