18.04.21- You Just Have To Be In The Moment, Randy Joy Conference (April Advance)

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This conference was presented y Randi Joy during the April Advance on Saturday morning in Payson, AZ on April 21, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

RANDI:  I’m changing things up a little bit from what you might have read on the class of what it was going to be about which you will find is pretty typical of me because I always let Spirit be the guide and it usually guides me in different directions than I had initially planned.  So, this is what happened last night after I went to bed.  I started getting a whole bunch of new awareness of things that have happened through the day that were teaching me.  So I’m sharing with you what came through to me from all of the experience all over everything that we talked about here that I learned that was a new “ah-ha” and a new something for me.  And I know when those things come that it is showing me that there is something that I was missing yesterday and so I hope we can maybe bring that in today.

And whatever time we have after that, if there is time, then we will go into the other material about healing the body, which we have an hour also set aside for that in the next session.  So we will get through it. It just maybe slightly different timing than originally planned.

JAMES:  Go with the flow.

RANDI:   Go with the flow.  That’s right!  Let the Divine be the guide, because it always ends up much more beautiful than I would ever make it with my own thinking of what I think it should look like, or my plan.

So, anyhow, it came to me last night, that I wasn’t fully understanding the Eagle Energy.  It was so interesting because as I was listening to the words that, before we started in here, Peter used a Shaman technique of Opening Sacred Space.  With the Shaman way, he opened Sacred Space in this room we are in for healing, learning, and everything that happens inside the Sacred Space, which if you think of that Sacred Space, especially in a lot of native tradition, they say Sacred Space, and it is usually referred back to womb energy.  Because the womb is a Sacred Space where the infant develops and it is given what it needs for nourishment.  So they use that a lot when they are talking about the Sacred Space.

In this Sacred Space, we are all developing and growing and learning, and I thought back to the Eagle Energy and what I was missing there.  Then, it came to me last night that the purpose of the Eagle Energy, just like Peter said, if you listened to what he was saying, is to see things from a higher perspective, from a new perspective.  Which is exactly what we are doing here today.  Which is exactly what our conversation was about yesterday.  It is kind of thinking about things differently.  And in thinking about them differently, didn’t we start to see things from a different perspective?

AUDIENCE:  Absolutely!

RANDI:   So that whole thing yesterday was about this Eagle Energy coming in and I was like missing that aspect of it, if that makes sense.  I knew that, before this session today, I felt, “Oh, I need to bring in Eagle Energy.”  And I didn’t even really have a sense of what that meant. I thought this and I was actually infusing this Eagle Energy into my water, and not knowing why, and the next thing that happened is when Peter opened Sacred Space yesterday, he turned right at me, as he is talking about the Eagle Energy.  And I still didn’t quite grasp it.

PETER:  She was sitting in the East which is where the Eagle Energy is, of course.

RANDI:   Of course, right?  So it was so Divinely Orchestrated, and this was like my Higher Self going, “Oh my gosh!  This one is dead!”


Is she going to get this, right?  Because I missed the words, and I’m like, “What is the Eagle Energy?” As he was like explaining it, and I’m still missing it.  And we did the whole class, and I talked about this Eagle Energy, and I still didn’t get what it was.  And so then, I realized, that’s what it was.  It’s this new perspective.  [To Peter] Can you say for them kind of what you said with the Eagle Ceremony, just so they can hear those words?  They are so beautiful.  This is Peter talking.

PETER:  I think its a Native American tradition, but I did learn it in Peru.  You ask the Eagle to allow yourself to see from that illuminated perspective high above.  And that is the state of neutrality and non-judgment, like the Angels see us.

And you know, they say, “We need to get over ourselves, because we see ourselves too personally.  They don’t mean it like we think of the term “Get over ourselves.”  They mean it like we have to get above our heads and see ourselves the same way that they see us from the perspective of pure love, pure neutrality, non-judgment.  Just like Mother Earth sees us.

Okay, now getting back to that state of neutrality that we are requesting Eagle Energy to give us.  The eagle sits high and so you ask Eagle to give you that gift of watching the human drama, all the trivial matters and the human drama, and granting you the ability to swoop down and pick out the Sacred Aspects of life.  And that Sacred Aspect might be a little bitty thing, and then swooping back up to that illuminated plane of perspective.  Then watching with an Eagle Perspective, that sharp perspective that everything is melting away in the human drama, melting away, melting away, melting away.  So you can see actually, be awake enough to see the aspects of the human drama, I mean the spiritual gifts, and swoop down and pick those gifts up, back up to an illuminated plane of perspective and watch beneath as all the trivial matter continues.

RANDI:   Isn’t that beautiful?  Isn’t that what we were really trying to get out of yesterday?  So that hit me like, “Oh my goodness, how did they miss that in this whole thing where I was talking so much and not listening enough?” Right?

JAMES:  Okay, whenever you guys speak up, please, you’ve got to remember there are people on the phone, so if everyone talks at once they are not going to understand.

AUDIENCE:  What you couldn’t see yesterday, I was sitting opposite you as I am right now, and an Eagle flew over the mountain … [inaudible].  I saw our Eagle.

I thought the Eagle was a bird I saw, when I described what I was seeing in the … you know, when you were activating all the different periods, and all that, it was an Eagle that I saw.  I thought, “What has the United States got to do with it?”


and the blue birds.


And while we were talking, right now there was a hummingbird right outside the window.

Peter, one thing that I got out of what both of you said is the Eagle has the higher perspective, and is the one that brings us down to earth and gives it to us?


RANDI:  No.  You are the Eagle.

AUDIENCE:  I am the Eagle that…yes, yes, but as it brings it down, it grabs it.  Right?  But it comes up as well. It does not linger here.  It brings it down, but the Eagles go back.  It stays here on the ground.  I am the Eagle and I am the ground, but the Eagle comes out, brings it down…

PETER:  Let me tell you just really quickly, if I can?

RANDI:  Please do!  Absolutely.

PETER:  A little gift.  You know?  I used to take my 16-year-old daughter and her friend to school every day.  And thy would stay up all night and they were groggy and all that.  And

[Audience cuts out here at 8:18]  Discussion occurs among callers who lost sound of the conference.

[Recording resumes at 21:20]  James spoke asking if callers are there.  Conference is still incoherent to telephone audience.

[23.50]  James cuts in again asking if the audience can hear.

[25:00]  Randi checks on telephone audience.  Sound resumes.

RANDI: We are at 100 per cent.  We are fine.  Okay?  Is everybody there?

We apologize.  Can you hear us?  Hello, this is Randy Joy.  Can you hear me?

Okay, can everybody be quiet for one second.  I just want to find out where we got cut off before.  What did you not hear?  What was the last thing you heard?

PHONE AUDIENCE:  He was saying about two 16 year olds in the car driving, his daughter and then it got cut.

RANDI:   Okay.  What we were sharing, just to kind of give you a brief overview, is talking about the Eagle and the little things we pick up.  Right?  You got that part.  So then I shared that one thing that I picked up was—I said it more profoundly before than I’m going to share now.


That it was a Walmart greeter who really impacted me, who got me to see things from a new perspective.  Because I used to think that if I failed in everything else in life, I could always be a Walmart greeter.  And that, that was kind of like the epitome of if everything falls apart in life, I’ll just do that and I can, you know, afford my apartment.  And I literally had these thoughts when I was in high school, and it was like, ‘Ah, if I’m not successful, it doesn’t matter.  I can be a Walmart greeter.’  And I considered that to not be successful.

And the cool thing is how the Universe delivered this message to me is there was a person who changed my life. I probably spent up to $20,000 learning from so-called gurus and masters of healing and manifesting and everything else, and I was putting it into action but I wasn’t really getting it.

And then there was a Walmart greeter that I would see everyday.  And every time I came into his space, he was always joyful.  He always showed up for me in a space of joy, and I literally would walk through that door and feel unconditional love from him, and acceptance.  And he was being his true authentic self, living in that state of joy, and I realized, that is success.

That’s what this life is about.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing.  It doesn’t matter about where you have been.  It doesn’t matter your story, it matters how you show up in every moment of your day.  Every moment that you encounter a relationship with somebody else.  How do I show up?  Am I going to show up as my true authentic self, or am I going to show up or am I going to show up with all my programs and all my drama and everything else and then pass that on to everybody?  Or am I going to show up as the real me who is joy, who can make a difference in the world.  And he showed up in that space for me and because of that, he literally made a shift in me like I have never had in my whole lifetime experience.  It is a shift that I really thought, that’s what it’s all about.

That’s the purpose of life.  It’s just showing up authentic.  He practiced everyday showing up in joy.  He is practicing.  He is practicing on me.  He practices on about 500 people that walk through his door, and he just shows up in unconditional love for those people.  Every single one.  I have never seen him not show up that way for people.

And so, because of that, I had us all hold hands and I said, “Because he shifted me, now I am choosing to move in that direction too.  And when I move in that direction, everybody that I am holding hands with, meaning everyone in this entire Universe were all be quantum entangled.  So as one person shifts, the entire Universe shifts.  So because he showed up authentic, he shifted me.  Then I shift the next person that I meet, and they shift the next person that they meet.  And that is Ascension.  That is how it happens.  It happens on the inside.”

And that, my friends, is what a Light-worker is.  A Light-worker is not someone who just shows up for meetings and says profound things, and sounds like they know.  A Light-worker isn’t someone who you know channels. Those are all parts of a Light-worker, but a Light-worker is really someone who just shows up authentic.  Shows up remembering their true God-self. Remembering who they truly are.  And when you show up in that space, you shift entire realities.  You shift entire Universes.  That’s the space we showed up here to see, to do, to remember who WE truly are and let go of all of this nonsense, all of these programs that we have brought in.

Yesterday we talked a lot about programs, and so this is kind of new terminology, but we are going to talk about it more.  Anyhow, when we are willing to let go of all of that old programming and show up as our true hue, our true God-self, that True Divine Essence. That was his True Divine Essence. I’m pretty sure after his Walmart shift, he flies home with his Angel Wings back to Heaven, because that’s all I can imagine.

But I’m sure he has a story just like the rest of us.  I can just feel from him that he has probably had a difficult life, and he overcame all of that, at least from the perspective I see that he shows up for me, and he just shows up in pure joy.  And he shifted my Universe because of that.  Now I’m shifting mine toward his because I said, “I want what he has. I want to feel that.  I want to be that for others.  It may not be in the space of a Walmart greeter, but it might.”

If I get bored, I’m going to be a Walmart greeter because he has the opportunity to shift more people than I ever do in one day.  Right?  I mean, it’s truly amazing the gift that he offers everybody that comes through that door.  I told everybody, he works with probably 500 people a day, and you only get about 15 seconds with them if you’re lucky, but man that 15 seconds can change your life if you will listen, if you will see it from a new perspective and see what lesson that 15 seconds in his presence has to offer.

And that’s what all of us have the potential to do, in every aspect, if we are willing to show up first, working on ourselves first, becoming that authentic self first, then when we show up in that, as Marianne Williams would say, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  We are opening Sacred Space for them to walk through as well.

As long as you are staying in your programs and your drama, and your whatever, that is what you are bringing people into.  So when you are willing to let that go, then you give other people permission to let that go as well.

Did that catch you up a little bit?

Is there anything anybody else on the phone wants to mention about that now?  Or about anything.

AUDIENCE:  I’m right in alignment with everything you are saying and that is exactly what I am working with, like “Let it go!”  There is so much joy in NOW to experience.  Thank you.

Hi, I just wanted to also share the same and you hit it spot on with eloquence, drive, love and light, and I too have come from the standpoint where we need to be the observer and open up the awareness and because of the programming, and everything that you said, people have shut down.  And it is absolutely embracing in totality who we truly are in picking up and connecting with those people, and throughout the past five years, I hit spot on these people that come into my life and enhance it even more so, and embracing everything that you just said, it is extremely powerful and that is how we—it’s like the snowball going down the hill—and we spread it with so much love and joy.  Having that moment, the cha-ching, and taking it all in and it’s almost like—I’m losing my words because there are so many, so I’m going to be quiet, because obviously you’ve gotten the gist of it, but yes, thank you so much for sharing that in such a beautiful way.  I love you.

It was beautiful Randi, thank you so much.

LORELEI:  I also have my own version of people that are to me the Walmart guy, and they just astonish me with their love, their joy, fun, play, ease.  That seems for all purposes like they didn’t spend 20 years in personal growth and development.  I mean, maybe they did, but some of them I know and they didn’t.  And I become astonished by that.  So for me, yeah, each one of those individuals has been my teacher at a different time.  And I want to say that I add them to the list.  So I have had so many profound and amazing teachers and some of them are 20 years of training, or 50 or 80, and some of them didn’t even walk into a room for training ever. So to me, its a matter of, “I honor them” and I honor the other just as much and it is just a miracle.  I guess I am so in the space of honoring of my teacher, be it someone who has had all that training or someone who has seemingly just walked in there.  It’s just a beautiful thing.

DARYL:   Hi family, this is Daryl.  Thank you Lorelei for your share.  There is this particular gentleman at the gas station, AM-PM, just a mile away from the house, less than a mile, and he has always showed up for me with unconditional love.  He always comes out of the store and greets me and shares whatever he is going through with his wife, his kids in college, and he just shares without any restraint, and I am just sitting here sometimes in awe because I have to hurry up and get gas in the car and get off to work.  And he just takes time and says, “Hey, did you move into the house yet, and how’s the kids, and how’s the wife and blah blah blah?”  And he is always talking to me like we are family.  He has done it for years consistently and for me he is my guru, he is my angel in earth form.  And I just admire that.  And thanks for what you shared because I just got a download that the people that come into our life is a mirror of us, and somehow, when they are showing up at a high light or a high vibration, that is our vibration coming back to us as an attainment of where we are in consciousness.  I saw that and so when we are seeing that light in them, it is a reflection of the light in us.

AUDIENCE:  Lovely.


RANDI:  I was going to say, if I had gone into Walmart with all of my personal programs and all of my drama every time and just always in a hurry and just walked right by without ever noticing his smile at me, I would have missed that.  That’s that swooping down and seeing these little gifts that life offers us and then coming back and seeing it from the new perspective.  So that is why when we do start to see what everything in the world has to teach us.

I was telling a story yesterday about a profound teaching came to me in a golf ball I picked up off the ground.  And there are all these little things if you start looking.  The Universe is always teaching you.  I should say your Higher Self is always teaching you.  It’s helping you prepare to fly yourself.  To become the Eagle.  We are in the nest right now.  Right?  We are the Eagles in the nest, which is like the womb, being taken care of.  First, you have that first compression breakthrough which is that egg breaking open, and if you will know, mother doesn’t ever help her baby break through that egg, and why not?

AUDIENCE:  Because it will die.

RANDI:  Because it will die.  It doesn’t get the strength it needs from that experience, right?  It never helps, but it allows, it gives it everything it needs to be able to accomplish that on its own and develop the strength.  We are in the womb.  This matrix, this womb.  We are given everything we need, but we are not going to be liberated from it by someone coming in and saving us from our own crap.  Right?  It is us learning the hard lessons in here, because that is what we came here to do.  We don’t break through that.  We don’t break that compression point until we have learned these things.  So be grateful for your space.  For your protection in this.

And know that in the perfect time, that egg is going to hatch. And that is that Ascension within.  That’s what happens when it comes in stages.  It might just be one little piece at a time where you kind of look out and see, “Oh, maybe there’s more to this world than I thought, than what I can see in this little egg.”  Everybody we come into contact with increases that awareness for us.  We just learn and we grow and we grow and grow.  And when it’s time, we break through the egg.

And then we spend some time in the next.  Right?  This is where we are right now.  We are in this next.  We are being protected again. We are being fed. We are being nursed by all those around us however they show up in different forms.  But maybe we are not ready to fly yet on our own.  Right?

Does the mother push the baby out of the nest right when it’s hatched open?  No.  So it always waits.  It always gives it the perfect timing.  That’s the Divine Timing.  Don’t expect things faster to be able to manifest this in this amount of time that you chose, because that may not be the Divine Time for your Highest Good.  And that Higher Self, “you,” “your own mother,” “your own father” watching down on you is really You allowing you this experience within this womb, within this matrix, to learn all the lessons that need to be learned until you are ready.

And when you are ready, you can break through, and all we are doing here is this preparation.  Healing these programs.  We are here to heal.  We are here to learn.  This is the safe space, like Moses said yesterday, that we created to learn.  That is what the matrix is.

AUDIENCE:  Awesome though.  Thank you Randi.

DR WANDA:  Hi everybody. I just wanted to add to the fact that I believe all of us have run into that special person, and a lot of us didn’t even know it.  But I actually have a special person, and she is _____, and she is handicapped.  And I actually really noticed it when I was going shopping to come to this Advance.  She helped me out with my groceries and she always greets everybody, and she has a delayed speech.  And she will tell you when she is trying to get some words out, “Ah ah ah.”  Then she says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”  And I say, “That’s okay. That’s okay.”  And then she walks me out to my car, puts the groceries in, and then she says, “Can I just give you a hug?”  And as she is riding the little cart back to the store, I turn around and I say, “You know what?  She brings joy to everybody that comes to the store.”  I have known her being there for at least 8 years.  So, she brings joy.  You can hear her across the store.

“Ma’am, Ma’am!  Would you like some help with that?”

And she is just adorable.


RANDI:  She is a Light-worker.

DR WANDA:: Right.  So it really just dawned on me on Friday, when I wouldn’t look back at her, and I said, “You know, she is an amazing person.  She brings joy to all these people everyday.  And I just noticed it.  Maybe I noticed it because we were going to be on this discussion.


JOANNA:  This is JoAnna.  So what is showing up for me right now as I am listening to these words of wisdom is that some of us, including myself, were taught that there is a hierarchy, that there are people above us that know more.  This is a very common program running in our culture right now, and I am a victim of it.  And many people that get Masters Degrees and Doctorate Degrees, and go through the college system are taught that they are better, and they have more knowledge to offer their students and anybody.  When in reality, that is a cultural ignorance.

So for all of us, including myself, and the reason I am sharing this in case somebody else has that program running, all of us are messengers for each other.  Although these are beautiful stories, it is not a particular person, it is everyone is trying to give us a message.  And we just block it.  This world was designed that we grow and that we learn and that we become the God that we were meant to become, and God got us all that it is that we were meant to become, so that if we block the message because we think that person is below us or has a slurred speech like Dr. Wanda talked about, or is the Walmart greeter, that is to our detriment.

So I am just feeling so strongly now that every time one of my kids talks to me, there is something for me to learn.

Every time my husband says something to me, and I want to slap him, there is something for me to learn there.

Every time somebody irritates me, there is something for me to learn there.

My goal in life is to be the one that brings joy and that is of service, and that provides that space for the other person.  I am not looking for that in another person. I want to be that person.  I want to be the pinnacle of joy and love and understanding and compassion.  I have a long way to go, just so you know.


AUDIENCE:  You are so funny, Joann.

RANDI:  Everybody raise their hands, come on!

RIA:  Can I just say very quickly…

JOANNA:   Ria, my love, I am going to hand this back to Joy because I am done, but I just wanted to share that because I think it is important for all of us to notice if that is our program.   Okay, love you all, here’s Joy.

RIA:  The sky has gone orange in the UK.  I just want to tell you, the sky is orange.  The sky is really orange right now.  And my kids have just gone mad downstairs.  I have to come off the phone because the sky is orange.  They are saying, “Mum, mum, the sky is orange!  The rain is coming down.  The sky is orange.”  Guys, it is really—and there is a huge rainbow, but the sky is orange.  Everywhere it is orange.  It’s like a weird musty orange glow in the sky.  I cannot comprehend what is happening right now.  I’m talking to you guys on the phone and it’s wonderful and everything is amazing, and then the sky is orange over the UK.  Something is happening you guys.

RANDI: Take a picture!

RIA:  I’ve got to take a picture!  Something is happening.  Could it be the start of the event?  I don’t know. But the sky is orange in the UK.  This is odd.  Oh my God, I am looking out the window.  This is amazing.

JAMES:  What time is it there?

RIA:  It is nearly eight o’clock at night and the sky is black and orange.

JAMES:  Eight o’clock at night and there is an orange sky?

RIA:  Orange sky, guys.  Orange sky.

AUDIENCE:  Take  pictures!

That’s cool.

RIA:  I have to tell you there is something going on in England.  Something strange.  OH!  My God, there is a flash. Oh my God!  Do you hear that?  Wow.  Do you hear that guys?  Do you hear that thunder?  Oh my God, I’ll come off the phone.  I’m sorry.

RANDI:  Well, we can’t here it.  Anyways, I want to get back to kind of playing off of what JoAnna said is you know, these people that we have talked about, you know they weren’t the people that showed up as these master teachers, they were the people that showed up just in their being.  Just in their day-to-day being.  And that is where we shift the world. We don’t shift the world by the massive profound things we do.  We shift the world by being that person at the grocery store who says “Hi” to that another person and gives them a smile, and planting that seed unconsciously, that lets them know that they are lovable and accepted exactly how they are.

LINDA:  If you feel that that resonates with you, write down your experience and keep it in front of you and just see bringing that forward.

RANDI:  Can you hear that?  Did you hear that on the phone?


RANDI:  Okay, let me bring the phone closer to her.

LINDA:  Hi.  It’s Linda from Albuquerque, but here in Arizona.  So my thought was, as people were speaking, I actually remembered a couple of experiences when I was a nurse, and people told me that what I had said to them made a difference and they told other people.  You know like that shampoo commercial.  You tell two friends, and they tell two friends.  But that’s what we are all going to do. So write down if you feel like you have done something and keep it in front of you and keep it in your consciousness and you will continue being that person.  Love you all!

PETER:  When I was talking before, I used to work at hospice as a nurse, and I live 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and there is swamp where I live.  They had a person who was dying and she was called the Swamp Lady, because she knew so much about the swamp that she would just go out, and the story was that what I realize is that if she had a dollar, she would give you 50 cents.  And so it is kind of funny because as I was admitting her, her son had a pet nutria rat.  And this nutria rat was on the table and I was moving the nutria rat away while I was writing [laughing] and it was a pet.  But that’s how gentle her and her son were.

Now, let me go to another person that I worked with.  When I walked into this shack, this is another patient, when I walked into this shack, first of all, I was judging the shack, and then I walked in and I shifted.  And the energy in there was incredible.  And she was sitting there in silence.  Let me back up.  At that point,  I was rushing to do my work at hospice so that I could rush to go do a Shamballa meditation at a church called Saint Bernards, rushing down this busy street called Johnson Street, being pissed off at the people, while I was going to meditation.  Okay?


While I was trying to get “IT!” And I walked into this house, and I realized that this person had “IT!”  She didn’t have a penny to her name, all of her children had “IT,” and it is giving me rushes just saying   this or going back to it.  But they were so peaceful, and so generous.  As a side note, this is what she did.  Her husband died at a young age, and she would get up and work in the fields from 4:00 until 7:00, and then wake all the kids up, get them to fed, get them to school, and then go back in the fields and work.  Then at 3:00 come back, get the kids all set up, and yada yada—and then go BACK into the fields until it got dark, working.  And I believe she was working behind a plow.


PETER:  But she was so connected and she had “IT.”  And I went, you know we were going to this church and philosophizing on all these books and just intellectualizing.  It was bullshit, really.


You know?  And it was such a waste of time, but because I was awake, I could see that this swamp lady, and this other person had “IT.”  And I wanted that.  And they were showing up in their authenticity.  Thank you.

JOANNA:  And that shows us the hierarchy.

AUDIENCE:  Beautiful.

RANDI:  Don’t you love it how it just shows up in the most unexpected ways?  In the way I would have judged as a person that failed is the person I realized was the one who really succeeded.  I mean, the irony of it is just so profound and the teaching of it is just like, “Wow.”  And the same thing, the one that we judge, that we take that immediate judgment, and he ends up being our greatest teacher.  That’s how it is when we are willing to be open to everything that is out there for us to learn from.

AUDIENCE:  We also want to be careful not to judge all those people in their process.  To try to seek whatever they can see by that.

PHONE:  We can’t hear her.

LORELEI: When we have this conversation, we also have to be a little bit careful that we also are not judging all the people in the process.  You know?  And they are out there in their churches or their courses or their spiritual groups and they are having discussions and they are trying to find their way to some place.  So it’s not like, I don’t want to give them that “bullshit” label, because they are also in a process.  But it being honoring of the process and you are right, it can show up in the most amazing ways from a place you never would have expected it.

My place is Costa Rica, and we went to Costa Rica and we were all swooped up in this world over here, and we go over there, and they don’t have literally to all we could see, a dime.  But they are happy!  They have horses and cows.  They don’t have any houses.  They have outhouses.  [Laughing]  But they are so happy and my husband and I, my husband was this unbelievable amazing spirit who also got taken down by an alcohol addiction, but such a loving profound spirit.  And we both came back from that trip and we looked at each other and we go, “We are just really upside down!”  [Laughing]  On how we think about what’s important in this world.  So, yes, that’s it, just bringing non-judgment—both sides.

RANDI:  And in all of that, I think, everything we see is reflecting around us, in whatever way, in whatever form it shows up.  Really it’s everything we already need is already within us.  So everyone that is a piece of this is helping unlock who we already are.  What is already inside of us.

I don’t have to become him—the Walmart greeter—but I realize that is already within me.  He just gave me eyes to see that, to open that potential for me.  Whatever is for me, if it’s going to Bali, if it’s doing whatever, whatever it takes for you to find that, for me I don’t regret any of the $20,000 I spent on all those things.  A lot of it was bullshit.  To be honest, it really was.  But it still unlocked me to be open to what really mattered.  And it was just a piece, this one key to a bigger door, to a bigger door, and the biggest door for me so far in my life—that doesn’t mean there is not a bigger one—was the Walmart greeter.  You know each one was important, every step.

JAMES:  And I keep hearing over and over here, as everybody has been talking and they say this all the time, for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.  So if you go into a store or whatever it is, and you are open to what is being presented to you, what is being taught to you, in whatever way it is, then you do have the eyes to see, ears to hear in that moment.

RANDI:  And that’s what it’s all about, is that moment, isn’t it?  Isn’t is always moment-to-moment.  That is where joy is created.  It’s not created when we reach some achievement we think we are getting to.  It’s not created some time in the future.  It’s created right here, right now, in this moment, in every moment that we experience.  And every moment that we choose to experience it.  That is opening the heart chakra.  That is coming to that Higher Awareness.  That it is just a choice.  Life doesn’t have to change for you to find that neutrality that can lead to that joy within.  To unlock that potential.  And if you, not to go into scripture, but there is a scripture that talks about joy, and what is it?  You know scripture?  “Men are that they might have joy.”  Nobody knows that scripture?  Somebody Google it for me.  The scripture, just Google, “Men are that they might have joy.”

Let’s read the full scripture.  It’s a cool one.  I think it is profound.

JAMES:  What is it?

LORELEI:  I found it.  It’s “Men are that they might have joy.”

RITA:  Men! Huh?


AUDIENCE:  Go Rita!  [Laughter]

RANDI:   Oh, yeah, “Adam failed that men might be.”  Go ahead.

AUDIENCE:  It’s from Nephi [Mormon Bible], that is not in every Bible.

MAN IN AUDIENCE:  It says, “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.”  And that is 2 Nephi 2:25.

RANDI: Okay, so that is falling into those lower chakras.  Falling into the illusion. Falling into the matrix.  Okay?  That’s the fall.  That is what we call the fall from whatever it is.

But really, when we fell, what did we do?  We remembered.  That is coming back up.  It’s that remembering.  It’s seeing all of this, everything around us in this illusion experience is to bring us back to a space where we might have joy.  To see that all of this was for our joy.  For our experience.  For our growth.  And you can find joy in that in every single day that you get to experience anything within this illusion.  And that is Ascension.

That is what we are doing, is finding that space.  And there is within each of us that compression breakthrough moment, and it is just like, “Ah-Ha!”  We get it.  We still have to practice it every day. Right?  That doesn’t mean we stop practicing.  It’s not like, “Oh, suddenly I’m a bird, so I stop flying!”  Right?  It’s like now you actually begin to fly.  You really begin to soar.  That’s when you reach that Eaglehood, where it is like, I went through this hard stuff, now I get to soar.  But as I soar, I still swoop down in every moment to pick up these little things that life is teaching me, with every person I experience, no matter if they are the homeless person on the streets or the guru who knows it all, whatever.  It is about the moments and the lessons and the little joy we have.  Maybe it’s just sitting and taking time to play with our kids on the ground, and finding joy in that moment.

DR. WANDA:  You know, sometimes that joy comes [in] a different way.  And I remember I probably might have been around 20, and I had a group of people I was talking to them—they actually were family members—they all passed away, but I was talking about reincarnation.  I was just trying to wake my family up that when you die, you are not dead.  You take on a new suit of clothes.  And I was given this parable about the caterpillar and it goes up the tree, and you see this cocoon, and then you see this hole and you say, “Oh, the poor caterpillar has died.”  And I say, “But no, it didn’t die.”  There is a hole there and out of that hole came a beautiful butterfly.

Well, most of these people in the room were saying that “Oh, there is no such thing.  When people die, they are just dead.  They are dead.  They are gone.”

But there was this old Indian lady and she was actually one of my in-laws.  I had just gotten married to my husband and I think I might have had one or two of my kids, but the joy that was brought to me came from this old Indian lady.  And she was sitting there in that rocking chair listening to that story about reincarnation.  And then, all of a sudden, she says, she whispered to me.  She said, “You are the most beautiful daughter in this family.”

And I’m like saying, “No, no, no, no, no.”  But it carried a long way inside of me.  Because I began to think, “Hey, I must be beautiful.  She must be seeing something that I haven’t seen yet.”

So, to end this story, I still have that picture of her and that joy from her.  But I had told her I would be back to see her, and she said, “I won’t be here.”

A couple of months later, it was New Year’s Eve.  My husband and I always went out for New Year’s, to bring in the New Year.  And I didn’t feel like going that night.  He kept saying, “Just go for a moment.”  So I finally said, “Okay.”  But as soon as it struck midnight, he is trying to kiss me and I am running out the door.

I got home and I laid down, and you know the butterfly story?  And I had told everybody in that room and they said, “Where’s your proof?”  I said, “I have no proof.” I said, “but when you make that transition, you will know that what I said today is true.”

Well, this little old Indian lady died on the night of that New Year’s Eve, and I woke up with butterflies around my neck.  I said, “Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies!”  And my husband, that was his grandmother, and he said. “What?  What?  What?  What is going on?”

I said, “There are butterflies everywhere.”  And he got up, there was a knock on the door, because we didn’t have a phone, and they told him that his grandmother had just passed.  So I just wanted to say that sometimes that joy comes in a different kind of way, you know.  And it is still with me today.  I didn’t know what she saw as the beauty, because I saw a whole bunch of beautiful people in that family that I thought were way better than me, so she was not looking at the physical.  So that’s all I wanted to say.

AUDIENCE:  Thank you.

Thank you, Wanda.

RANDI:  Would anybody on the phone like to share?

AUDIENCE:  I just wanted to say really quick, there’s tons I want to share, and there’s not enough time to listen to me, but I did make an observation and I am not quite sure that I swear twice, I heard Zorra chuckle.  And unless somebody sounds just like him, there are two times distinctly I heard his laugh.

AUDIENCE:  Who’s laugh?


Oh, Zorra.

Yeah, so it would be cool if he was listening in with us.  But unless someone sounds just like him, he just may be listening in.  I just wanted to say that.

RANDI:  Cool. Thank you for sharing that.

Any other comments?

Anything else anybody else wants to share?

LEANNE:  This is Leanne in California.  This happens to me, you know, my Higher Self is coming in more, and I get messages.  So, anyway, I was at the ATM yesterday gassing up, and there is usually nobody there, sitting there asking for money, no signs or anything.  But I drove out, and I go about half a block down and I heard, “They are your brothers.”  Brother-sister, you know?  So there was a woman and a man, there was no doubt about it.  I turned around, came back in, and I wasn’t sure they were together, so I said, “Are you guys together?”  I still never got a clear message, so I gave them each some money, and they were so happy about it.  Their faces were burnt by the sun.  They needed water, and they had beautiful bright eyes, right?  And there was this recognition that I am their brother.  We both go that connection.  And the man said, “Christian woman.  Christian woman.”  He said it a couple of times.

He said, “Ah, Christian woman. Christian woman.”  You know, “Thank you, Christian woman, Christian woman.”

And I just smiled at them, looked at their eyes, and then I had to turn around, come back again to get out of there, and they waved at me.

I asked them where they were going too.  I said, “Where are you going?  Where are you going? Where are you headed?”  I usually ask people that.

And they said, “Oh, we got moved downtown.  We can’t be there.”  You know, the police were after them.  And they had to move from one place to the other, for a safe place.  And that was my experience.  And I was following my Holy Spirit.  My Holy Higher Self. That’s what I was supposed to do at that particular time.  And I wished them well on their journey and good luck.

RANDI:  Thank you for sharing.  I just want to close with one of my favorite poems that also had an impact on my life.  I am sure many of you have heard it.  It is a common one.  But I think there is a lot of profoundness in it, and it’s called, “Our Greatest Fear” by Marianne Williamson.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our Light not our darkness that most brightens us.

We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

Actually, who are you NOT to be?

You are a Child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking,

so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

You were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within you,

that is within all of us.

It is not just in some of us.

It is in everyone.

As we let our own Light shine,

we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,

our Presence automatically liberates others.

So, thank you all.

[Applause, hooting]

Excellent!  Excellent!

That was awesome.

JAMES:  The Eagle has landed.


JAMES:  Okay everybody.  We are at a point where we are going to end up here and thank you all for joining us.  Thank you so much, Randi Joy, for bringing all this joy, and things to think about, and ponder.  Certainly, we never know where our lessons are going to come from, and as people have been talking about, lessons are coming from everywhere.  And I don’t know if you heard me earlier, but I did bring up, maybe it was when we got cut off, but there was a guy by the name of Dan Millman.  Some of you may know who he was.  He was an Olympic Gymnast, and one day he was walking—and this is a true story, by the way—he was walking near his house and he was walking by a gas station, and he saw this guy at this gas station.  He was just there, a gas station attendant, and [Dan] turned away for a second, and then he looked back about 5 seconds later and the guy was up on top of the roof.

And he wondered, “How did he get up there so fast?”  And he went around looking for a ladder and everything.  He didn’t see a ladder anywhere and even if there was a ladder, he couldn’t have gotten up there that fast.

So I don’t know if he went right there then, or if he went back the next day, I can’t remember the exact story, but he did wind up meeting this guy.  This guy wound up teaching him so many different things over a period of time.  He would go back to this gas station and the guy would have another lesson for him, and on and on and on.  And at one point, the guy, his name was Socrates—he called him Socrates, at one point Socrates said, “Are you still going on this journey that you are about to take?  This car journey?”

And he said, “Well, yeah.  I’m going to go.

And Socrates said, “Well, what will be, will be.”  And that’s all.

Next thing you know, Dan Millman goes off, has a car accident, a horrible car accident—not crippled, but he can never do Olympics again.  And it changed his entire life, because he went on and wrote several books after that.

The first book was, “The Peaceful Warrior’s Way.”  And it’s all about his life from that point on with meeting Socrates, and how Socrates taught him so many different things, and he was just a gas station attendant.  It turned out at the end, it was intimated anyway at the end, that Socrates was his Higher Self that had appeared to him, and had worked with him and everything.

So, again, you never know where it is going to come from.

AUDIENCE:  Yeah, that was a great book.

JAMES:  There was another book. “The Life You Were Born To Live.”  He actually had several books.

Anyway, thank you again for joining us.  We so appreciate everybody and hope you are getting everything that you planned on getting from this.  And if not, well…oh, well…what will be, will be.


You just have to be in the moment, right?

As The One Who Serves says, “Get ready, keep those seat belts fastened because things are going to get pretty rocky.”



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