18.06.10 – For All is At Hand Now

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 Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

 These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on June 10, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

 Commander Ashtar    

 I AM Ashtar. 

 I appreciate the time I that I can be with you to share this meditation, to share these many messages that we have been bringing forth over the years. Many more messages yet to come. But as was said earlier in your discussion time, messages that come from within are the most important. The knowing that you have within is the most important. 

 We bring these messages, we bring these nudges to guide you to move you along in your path but it is the going within, it is the journey within that matters; has always been so, is now, and always will be this. Always look for the journey. Look for what the moment brings to you, the very moment that you are in now and the next moment that you are in, and the next. For that is what is so important. Not to live in the past, not to only look toward the future, to be in the ‘Now’, the perfect now. For it is perfect just as you are each one perfect as you are. 

 No one, including us, are higher or lower than anyone else for we are all one together. We are all in this together.

 You have heard some time before when we spoke of the dominoes that would begin to fall at a certain time and a certain vibration once that was reached. Well those vibrations have been reached now and those dominoes are now to begin to fall. One in particular is about to fall and to contact the next one and the next one and the next one. It was always said that it would take one to begin the process. You are very close now to that ONE falling. 

 You will know it as it happens. Not all will see it at once, not all will be aware at once, but those of you that have been acclimating to these energies, that have become aware, that have awakened will know this as it occurs. I am certainly not going to say exactly when or how or what. You will know it as it happens. 

 You have prepared for these times, these moments for a long time now not only this lifetime but for many lifetimes. And for many lifetimes previous to you even coming into this planet, this evolution, you have been preparing for this. For it has been said, many of you have had experiences elsewhere; have crashed systems elsewhere; have volunteered many times before. 

 But this particular time that you have volunteered for now, this is that one, that one time now that you have wondered along the way, ‘Why did I volunteer for this? Why am I here?’ Well my brothers and sisters you are about to fully find those answers now. You are about to hear fully why you are here, what this is all about, what you are meant to do, your various missions. They are about to begin to unfold dramatically now as these next days, weeks and months move along. 

 The time is now. The time is now for you to reach down deep within yourself let go of the past. Live in the Now. Be in the Now. Reach down deep and pull out that love that is deep within you, those memories that are deep within you that are guiding you along that are bringing you to these moments. 

 For all is at hand now. We, in our ships, are waiting the signals to be given. We have been in many different phases throughout this ascension process and through your transition here. Many phases we have moved through, many parts of the plan. And we are nearing the end phases now which will signal the times when we can more fully be with you. 

 Many of you are beginning to see us in the skies much more often. When you close your physical eyes and you open that third eye and allow that third eye to roam freely and let go. Then once you have done this you open your physical eyes. Now through your physical eyes you see with the third eye, you see through your imagination, through your imaging ability. See what was not there before. You see what others may not see. For you now have the eyes to see and the ears to hear only if you allow it in any given moment. 

 I Am Ashtar. I leave you now with peace and love to continue to share with one another. Share the light, be the light, be the love that we all are. 

 One Who Serves

 Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

 One Who Serves here. We do not necessarily have message but we are preparing greatly for those times that are ahead and certainly your next Advance. And the next Advance is going to be determined by those things that do happen in the next several weeks here as we are finding it. So be ready for some changes. Be ready for some unexpected happenings. As we said earlier be ready for the unexpected because that is what is coming for you. Certainly in your next Advance it is going to be those things that are going to occur that will not be expected necessarily by most of you here. So just a hint as to what is coming. And James here has no idea what we are yet speaking of but that will come as we move along here. 

We are ready now for your questions and we can then provide answers for you.

 Q & A

Q:  I have been wondering and wondering when The Event happens and I understand that it does come from the sun. But the sun does not shine on the whole Earth at the same time. While we’re asleep it’s on the other side. Well they’re asleep it’s on our side. So I’m wondering how that’s going to happen if some of us are asleep and the other ones are awake. Or, like you have said, it won’t happen at the same time may be for everyone. Can you clear me up on that? I love you so much and I love your answers.

OWS:  Yes, and we also my dear. And we would say here and then this is an energetic event. This is not a ‘the sun shining’ as you have come to understand it but an energetic event that is going to occur. A solar flash you might say that will occur. And this will happen over the entire planet over a period of time. It will not be instantaneous although for some itwill be instantaneous, if you can understand here. For some it will be a somewhat of a drawn out event, others it will be miraculously instantaneous. And you will move into those higher  vibrations in the very moment that you are in at that time. Others it will be a process over a period of hours even days here as we are finding it. This is what is coming here. But not to say that The Event, as you’re saying, the solar flash, it will be preceded by many mini events as we have said before. Maybe even many mini solar flashes even. We cannot say directly how this is going to be though yet but it is going to be. That is what you need to know. It is going to happen. It is a definite experience that is going to be had by all across the planet at once but it will be based on the individual’s particular journey within, at that time that they are experiencing it. Okay?

Q:  Are you saying that it might happen when I’m asleep?

OWS:  It could. Yes.

Q:  Oh, and will I feel it and recognize it at that time?

OWS:  You will feel it. Many will have out of body experiences in that moment. And you will find even if you are in your dream state that you will be catapulted you might say into the higher vibrations at that moment. [Wow! Wow!] We would say largely that it will do a great deal to wake you up at that point.

Q:  If you said that I am light worker, so why is my time going somewhere else instead of raising up my own vibration or going through time to do the human life here instead focusing on something that is more important.

 OWS:  We did not quite understand your question here as it is difficult for this one’s hearing here to understand the accent that you are using here.

Q:  I was born not in here. I was born in Lithuania. I have an accent from there. My question is I notice that a lot of people they can focus on raising their vibration and everything. In my particular case I am 100% of my time trying to survive in this here. And I don’t want to do that anymore. I just want to have harmony and abundance in my life.

 OWS:  Yes? And your question then is why are you not having harmony in your life?

 Q:  Harmony and abundance in my life correct.

 OWS:  And the harmony and abundance comes from within. It comes from your consciousness. And if your consciousness is saying you are sick, if your consciousness is saying that you are unwell, that you are not in abundance, that you are not in harmony, then therefor your consciousness is directing you to have that experience. In other words, Believing Is Seeing. So if you believe that you are whole, if you believe that you are abundant, if you believe that you are well in perfect health, then you will be. This is what is missing here. Not only for you that is asking this question but for many who wonder at this time.

 You must come to the understanding that you are what you think you are. You have that saying. Believe it because it is real. You are what you think you are. And if you think you have a lack, if you lack money, if you lack those things which you need in your life, if you lack health, then you will do so. We have said many times you have moved beyond the idea of karma here for yourself from past lifetimes. It is only there for you still if you believe it is. If you still are ensconced within the programming that you have been involved in for so long a period of time, if you are still in that programming then that programming is still holding on to you. So it is time to let go of that programming. You must let go to move on. [Let go?]

 Let go. Yes. It is almost as simple as that but it is very difficult for many of you because of that programming. Because you hear doctors say you are sick, you hear doctors say you have illness, you hear doctors say you have cancer or whatever it might be. And as soon as the mind hears that it begins to build that into the equation; it begins to build that into the programming that you are in now.

 So you must use the mind as the builder and build something different. Listen to various affirmations that are available out there that speak of good health, that speak of wealth, of abundance in your life. Not that speak of lack. Look to those friends, look to those sources that speak of abundance, that speak of good health in your life, that speak of positive things and then you will allow that to catapult you into those higher vibrations. And again as we have said many times when you are in the higher vibrations then all of the old programming cannot interfere anymore. It cannot be a part of your life. Move into the higher vibration, go out in nature, be in the sunshine, be around water especially for many of you, and feel the energy of life all around you. That is what many of you are missing.

Go out. Do it. Or don’t do it that is up to you. We can only nudge and guide you but cannot do it for you. Seek within yourself the Source within you. Ask for deliverance from the old programming. You will be amazed at how fast now especially with the energies that are coming into the planet you will be amazed at how fast you can now move ahead and move beyond the old programming and learn to be in the Now. Okay?

Q:  I wanted to reiterate for [inaudible] on this question. I think it’s also [inaudible] the ones that have been doing manifestation is not taking place, you know. And we’ve been doing our affirmations for years just to find ourselves in the same boat as before. Ten help us understand. How do we get the actual manifestation when we’re following everything we’re being told to do and if not happening or we’re being told to be patient, you know, then years go by. What do you find to be the missing pieces for the ones that are doing but not experiencing manifestation?

 OWS:  My dear Moses when you speak of this we will tell you that not only you but others are not doing what we are saying here. You are not following this guidance because you are staying within the lack. You are staying within those things which have kept you down for so long. You are staying within the programming. You must move beyond the programming. We know that is easier as you’re saying is, easier said than done. And sure you can say it One Who Serves, but try and be in our shoes. Well we were in your shoes before. We were there. And we understand and we moved beyond it. And we moved beyond it because we realized of the Oneness within us. This is why we say many times Be The One. Find the oneness within you. Be the Neo that moves ahead of the crowd from The Matrix movie. Be that one because you are all the One. And when you fully come to this understanding, just as Neo came to that understanding in the movie, then there was nothing he could not do.

 But he allowed for the process to come. And once he realized who he was, all the old programming went away. Was able to even stop the bullet with his simple wave of his hand. We are not saying you need to stop bullets but we are saying that you need to let go of that old programming. Let it be. Go with the flow. Because as you continue to have consternation about being in lack you will continue in lack. Okay?

 Q:  Yes I appreciate this so much and I’m trying to translate it into something my brain will get so what you are saying is not focusing on the worrying because, you know, we’re doing the prayers, we’re doing the affirmations, we’re doing the meditations. When you say we’re not doing it I’m trying to understand what is it in practical terms that we are not doing. Are we not supposed to worry period? Like say cut that out of our brain altogether? Ignore the worrying? [speaking over OWS] It’s really tough to ignore the worrying you know when it’s on your shoulders.

 OWS:  Yes. You have it there. Stop the worrying. Stop the concern. Because as soon as you do that you open up a whole new world for yourself. You open up to source within you coming forward and sharing and being you because you are source and source is you. Your higher self and you are one. Just as Yeshua said, “I and my Father are One”. This is what he spoke of. And why he was then able to do those things that he did when all of those things he did, so can you do also. You see? Only if you believe.

 Shoshana wishes to say something here.

 J/S:  One must recognize that the act of worrying is a program. It is a program. It is a loop. So the programmer is you and the programmed is you. So that as you continue the cycle of concern and worry you replay the same programs over and over again and they will not subside until you wish to reprogram that activity with something else. You must speak about what you want not what you don’t want.

 OWS:  Very good and won …

 Q:  [speaking over OWS] Thank you and I appreciate this but how can years of affirmations be less effective than two minutes of worrying? How is this possible?

 J/S:  It is in the words that you speak that you create what you have.

 OWS:  Very good. We need to move on with any other questions now.

 Q:  [Recently] I was allowed to use a healing process with the presence with the Angels and the Galactics and [inaudible] joining the chakras and the organs of the body to cleanse in a counterclockwise and then on the other side inviting the Source life to cleanse. So I got all the details of the process. I did it on myself and I was asked to do it on my daughter and it was to be called a field work, kind of field cleaning and field work or healing. I kind of, not pressure of time but I have to start doing it as soon as possible. If not it’s going to be given to someone else who is going to act on it. So I’m asking for a confirmation because now if I’m going to use it on my daughter and other people I want to be sure that I received the right message. So can you please clarify anything about it.

 J/S: You must trust yourself.

 OWS:  Exactly as we were going to say as well. Trust yourself. You already have the answers within. We are only here to nudge you along, provide a little bit of guidance here and there to give you something maybe that you have not thought of before. But if you go within and allow the guidance to come from within you will always be on the right track within your journey.

 Q:  Thank you so much. I got my answer. Thank you.


 Q:  Lately I’ve been drawn to pay attention to the Beatitudes that Jesus presented and its’ important messages. And I find that the Beatitudes are indicated in just a few words. You have to go inside and want and intend to find out what the Beatitudes are for you. And this makes me wonder about those that will go to Mexico to look for the Records. We talk about finding them but what is in them. It was mentioned today that it will bring about a release of Christ Consciousness. Can you give us a glimpse of how… what it is once we find the Records, what are we finding?

 OWS:  Yes. Once you have moved into that area, that location that has already been determined and those that are there find themselves there and in that vibration and create the vibration that is necessary to be able to open the uh, the entrance, we will just say it in that respect, because you must move into higher vibrations into fifth dimensional understanding and experience to be able to do so. And once that has occurred, once you have moved past the Guardians that are there, once you have ascertained exactly where you are and opened the entrance and be able to begin to move into that entrance at that time, it will open up a what has been described as a fissure that has held this particular level of Christ Consciousness here for thousands of years now. And it will release this energy at that time. It is the only way we can explain it. We can talk about it in terms of working with the Christ Consciousness grid as you have, but it is much more detailed, we would say, than what you have experienced up to this point. In other words those that are there, and even those that are participating from afar, will experience this opening of this Consciousness at that time. Something that has not occurred as we say for thousands of years and was secreted away here along with the Records here. That is all we can say about this but this is how the understanding that we gave previously about the recovering of these Records will lead directly to or have a great influence on leading to the direct The Event coming forward here. Okay?

 Yes. Shoshana wishes to add here.

 J/S:  One might call the Christ Consciousness the consciousness of Oneness. And when all things that we study and we wish to be will lead back to Oneness. Even the Beatitudes lead back to Oneness. And once the consciousness of Oneness is released into humanity there would be not a human being on Earth that would hurt another.

 OWS:  Yes. Now you can begin to understand the ramifications of what we are speaking of and why the idea of searching again for the Records has been brought forward here because of the importance and because of the timeframe and the frequency that has been reached that is necessary here to move forward. You have a great deal this particular group has a great responsibility here to follow through here. 


 Q:  I have a question about going within going into the journey within that Ashtar spoke of. Could you describe in detail what triggers and programs that are interfering with the Christ Consciousness within and how do we clear that inner journey so we can have more of Christ Consciousness. Could you describe some type of process/inner work that can give the audience here a way to access All That Is.

 OWS:  Yes. There are many tools that have been given over the years here. Not only by us but by many different sources have given you the tools to overcome the programming, to move beyond the programming, to find yourself in higher vibrations whenever you can. To go out in nature, to be around crystals, to be around water, to spread the light, spread the love everywhere you go. This is how you do it. You do not do it by sitting there and doing nothing. You do it by getting up and doing something. You see? Whatever that might be whatever you are feeling guided to. If you are feeling guided to speak to a dragonfly do so. If you are feeling guided to speak to a bird do so. Do what is coming to you because it is real. It is more real than the programed life you have lived up to this point. This is what you must come to understand. You are now moving into reality. You are not moving out of reality, you are moving into reality. You are moving out of the illusion of what is real and what is real is right there in front of you. You just need to open that third eye as Ashtar said. Open that third eye. Allow the light, allow the remembrances, all of this to come in. And then once you have done that, then open your physical eyes and see what has been there all along in front of you what has eluded you because of being mired in the muck of that programming for so long. Okay?

Q:  Kind of back to Moses conundrum there on the affirmations versus worry. Could it perhaps be I think I found for myself in the past doing affirmations, affirmations, affirmations and nothing and not until I released the worry … because the worry was so much stronger emotionally and I was just doing rote repetition of affirmations without the feeling behind it.

 OWS:  That is correct. That is correct. If you do the affirmations over and over and over with no feeling, with  no understanding behind it, just as a rote repetition as you say, then it will simply be a rote repetition of the same thing over and over and over. So you must come to the deeper understanding behind those affirmations what you are attempting to do what you are working toward. And one of those things is certainly to let go of the worry. Let go of the conundrum as you say here. To let go of all of this to let it be.

 We have spent many times to bring up those music here of the Beatles and the Let It Be. Do it! Let it be. Feel what was in those words, what was in that music that came to you at that time. It was meant for a reason. Let It Be. All of these various musical guidance that has come to you over a period of time, let it be there … use it. And let it catapult you or move you into higher vibrations in the moment. And if you play that song let it be and resonate to it and hear what was meant when they wrote it, that is what it was all about.

 It was meant to reach you at this time now. Not as much at that time, although it did reach many at that point, but now what it can bring to you now. Do it. Find it. And see that we are not correct here or you can continue to be in that conundrum, you can continue to be in the worry, and you will continue to have the worry. You see?

Q:  I find myself singing all the time and I know part of the programming is, ‘you sound really stupid. Don’t do that,’ but I can’t help it. I just want to sing and when I’m driving on the Jeep with my daughter [dog??] we sing our heads off. And if we don’t remember the words to the song we make them up. And as I’m driving along I know people hear me. And then I stopped caring what people think. What if they do hear me. I almost got ran over by a car when they tried to pass me because I’m just singing and swaying going down the road and I wasn’t even embarrassed. But then I realized this is part of the letting go, this is part of this surrendering and not being embarrassed by being childlike and just release whatever I’m feeling and I’m feeling I’m staying in this higher vibration all the time. And I think this comment is for Moses too because I had situations arise like when the pump breaks down and we have to call the repair man. From the time we made that call until the repair man shows up instead of worrying about how much is going to cost (it could be thousands) and I’m going it’s going to be fine. Everything is going to be taken care of I’m not going to worry about it and when we get there we find out that it was a minor error that cost us $25 and I threw my arms around this repair man and hugged him and said, thank you! You’re a lifesaver. He thought I was nuts but I didn’t care because I’m trying to stay in the moment and I’m trying to be happy and I’m going to expect everything to work out and I’m not going to worry about anything!

 OWS:  That is correct. And that is what we are speaking of. And incidentally do we have Cynthia here on the phone?

Q:  I know I know. I’m here.

 OWS:  Well what do you know Cynthia?

 Q:  Just what everybody’s talking about; the conundrum and all of that stuff I mean …

OWS:  No that is not what we are speaking of. Because of when you were down there at the crater looking for those Records and you, did do not worry? Were you not guided in various ways to open yourself up to chant those chants, those Lemuria chants? And to let go and to not be concerned what anyone would think, even though it was only the four or five of you there, not to be concerned about it. To let it go and whatever came, came. You see? [Yes]  It was a complete letting go process. This is what needs to happen. Not only down there when those of you that find yourselves there are there and can experience this, but to all of you now. Wherever you are be in the moment and feel the moment. Feel it all around you. Feel the experience. Be the experience. Let the music take you into higher vibrations, take you into the higher dimension even, for it will if you let it. Even if it is only for the moment that you are in. But if you are doing it in the moment that you are in it leads to the next moment. And the next moment and the next. And pretty soon you will find that the worries that you had will no longer be there because there will be no need for them. You see? That is all we have for this.

 J/S:  What one must recognize is that worry is painting a fearful future. There is no worry in the moment. Or, worry is remembering a painful past. Worry is a result of being in the future or being in the past. There is no worry in the present.

 OWS:  Very good. Wonderful.

Q:  I have another real quick question. When I was growing up and I was always gone searching and searching I always said worry means you don’t have any faith. With faith you don’t worry. And with believing is seeing. Is that correct?

 OWS:  Yes of course that is correct. As we have been saying over and over and over! Yes.

 J/S:  And faith is believing in a positive future.

Q:  Can I just jump in for a minute before you go? First of all I want to say this. I hear a request out there in the world for tools; concrete on court tools people can use. I have a million of them. You won’t believe my journey if I ever told you. I have a million powerful, powerful tools. And I’m not talking about my own — me as a resource — I’m talking about tools from people very powerful on this planet. So you just reach out to me and I’ll tell you what each one does for you, what you’ll get out of it. You can take it to your higher self and see what’s gonna work for you. So first I wanted to throw that out there.

 The other thing is I wanted to ask you. When I’m doing my routine in the morning, doing the chanting, and it’s coming out in a kind of a tune, if you will. A kind of a musical tune, a chant-y kind of tune. So I wanted to check is this valid? Was it sung? And also the Oms are coming like a humming vibration … what’s it called — like what we did with each chakra — that’s coming out in different like in a certain vibrational tone. So is the tone and tune is that a part of it that we should use or no?

 OWS:  We can say here that the tone or the resonance even more important is what is counting here. This is what matters. Because the resonance as you sound these chants, as you sound these out

there is commotion or there is noise in the background there. Please mute your phone there whoever that is.

 Now as you feel the resonance within you as you chant these words, as you chant them out into … you can look at it as a song, it can become such as this because it was in those times it was sung. They were not just simply spoken. They were chanted out loud and free and strong so that it would resonate over not only the time there but over the thousands of years ahead. This is difficult to understand this yet in your three-dimensional understanding, but when you are in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension and beyond it will make sense to you. But as you chant these out and you feel the resonance, the resonance works with your chakra system. And as each chakra is sounded, it begins to open up a tone that is resonant for that chakra alone and it then reaches out to the times long ago — in this case to the times long ago — that it will reach to the resonance at that time as well and reach that tone. And that is the key that has been spoken of, or the various keys that have been spoken of that will then open up the tumblers that will create the unlocking of the entrance there. This is all we can say on this now at this time. Much more will be given for those that are there in person and also for those that are there in spirit with you when you are there. Okay?

 Q:  Wonderful. And also as to the other stuff if you want tools put it out on the line, ask what you want a tool for and I’ll give you as many as I got. Okay? Thank you.

 OWS:  Very good. We are going to release channel here now.

 And as we do, always understand and keep understanding that work on being in the Now. We cannot say this anymore than we have. We cannot say it … we say it in many different ways but it all comes down to the one. Just be in the Now. Be in the moment. Live in the moment. Be in the joy of every moment. Stop trying to look for moments of joy out there. Because if you continue to look for moments of joy that’s all you’re going to find. You’re not going to find the joy in every moment if you do that. And you will continue in the worry, you will continue in the programming, and you will continue in the lack, the lack thereof rather than the abundance that is all around you and within you right now. 

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. 


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