18.05.13 – You Are Preparing The Way For The Light To Overcome All Of The Darkness

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Lord Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on May 13, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted including an answer to the question about the authenticity of the  “Entry Protocols” into Agartha and the Resistance  as stated by COBRA.

Commander Ashtar   

I AM Ashtar.

I Am pleased to be with you this time as always. For it is in our continued efforts in working together — you and I and all of us as One together — and we are working to bring about these many changes to this planet, many changes to the consciousness of the collective mankind.

And all of this is a continuing process. A continuing process to awaken many, many, many more across the entire surface of this planet. To bring about everything that was predicted long ago without the timeline changes, though, that were going to bring about those many catastrophes. But with the new timeline shift that is now all about the love, the consciousness spreading across the planet, to bring about these changes in a much milder, much more inviting way for all of mankind; for all of those that are ready for this.

Some time ago I said that we were in the final preparations, final phase, you might say, of preparing for the Ascension process of this planet and those on the planet. And I Am here now to tell you that we are now ready to move into the Action Phase of this. The Action Phase that is going to bring about many, many more sightings across the planet.

Many that have not seen us before will now begin to get those glimpses. Will begin to look into the clouds and see our ships within those clouds as we more and more begin to uncloak ourselves.

But we are only uncloaking ourselves to those that do have eyes to see for it is not yet time for the mass populace to become aware of us. But for those of you the forerunners, the way showers to begin to light the way for all of those others yet to come after. That is the warrior in you. The light warrior in you to not only anchor the light, as you have been doing, but to now spread the light and share it.

Just as you are doing, so we are doing so as well. From our many, many ships above you, we are preparing the way just as you are.

And there are those that are preparing the way also below the Earth. Those of the Agarthan realm, in Telos, and in many other cities that are located within the Earth that you have not even begun to hear of yet but are beginning to open their doors. It is a process. They have been working on this for some time and they are beginning now to open those doors.

Not to all but to those that are ready for this, that are ready to become acquainted. And even many to remember that they were here before, both here on the ships as well as deep within the Earth.

There are realms beyond realms that you have yet no idea of. Many dimensions that are there in front of you but you have not yet seen them because you, in many ways, do not yet have the eyes to see through those dimensions.

That is all changing as you know. As you are beginning to know and as you are beginning to remember. As you have heard, many of you have done this before. You have gone from system to system and been as has been called the system busters. And you come into the system and you bust it wide open. You as a collective you.

And this is what you are in the process of now. You are busting the system wide open. You are preparing the way for the light to overcome all of the darkness here. And when I say all of the darkness I mean all of the darkness. For when The Event occurs, when the light has fully overcome the darkness there will be no more darkness, no more evil, no more fear. If you can imagine a world that can be as that, then you can begin to but believe that all is possible.

I AM Ashtar. And I leave you now in peace and love and ask you all, each one of you, to go forth and share the love and the understanding and the light that you have become.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

We understand that some of you are beginning to hear us. Beginning to have conversations with us as we come into your lives, into your minds, you might say.

Not to peep. Not to take over your minds certainly. We would never do that because we are bound by the Prime Directive just as they were in Star Trek. That was not a figment of imagination. It was real. It is real.

And we are bound by that just as you are all bound by that. You are not to interfere with another’s progression, another’s spiritual understanding and progression. That is not for you to do.

That is the judgment thing that was talked about many times before. “Judge not lest ye judge your self.” It is not judge another. It is to judge yourself because no one can judge you but you can judge you. Not even God judges you. There is no such thing.

So we are ready for … that was just a quick message here and we are ready for questions if you have questions here.

Q & A

Q:  I just wanted to say thank you for coming very quickly in to see me the other day. You were there. I felt your love. I felt your vibration. And I heard your voice and I felt you. It was just beautiful. Thank you so much for your beautiful message. And I love you so much.

OWS:  Yes. Very much so. That is all?

Q:  Yes that was all I wanted to say. Maybe it was a synchronicity. You started off your conversation with it not so much eavesdropping but you come through and speak to us and maybe that was a little synchronicity for me.

OWS:  We are saying that not only for you, though. We are saying that for many, here, will begin to hear us as well as many of the others that frequent coming through this one … and even others here that don’t come through this one. That is in the cards as you might say, coming through more and more. As you continue to move up in vibration, continue to move up in to the higher dimensions more frequently, this will then be possible these connections more and more as well as of course your connection directly with your Higher God Self.

Q:  The night before last, between 3 and 4 AM I was awake and I felt what was like a hand on the back of my head, from the top of my head to the upper spine. The hand was there. I gave it a few seconds. I wasn’t really in fear. And I asked who was there and I couldn’t hear anything but probably I heard something but I couldn’t understand or sound I couldn’t understand. So my question is what was it or who was it. I know that it is something from the light. Is it connected to the hypnotherapy session I had on Tuesday? I had an activation happen there that allowed deep physical contact. Or what is it exactly?

OWS:  We would say to you because of those things which are occurring this time in your life and in your progression at this point, spiritual progression, you are having some what you would call the symptoms of your kundalini rising. And it was not a hand as you are saying, although that is how it was pictured to you. But it was, it is the rising of the energies there that you are beginning to feel. And also as we always do when one asks a question we often will relate this to many of you. And many of you will begin to have more and more of this type of thing as well. The awakening of the kundalini energy within you. You’re going to have many different symptoms of this. And you will recognize it at the time, though, if you are not in fear, if you do not let that overtake you, if you are as neutral as you can be through it, you will recognize it just as we are saying here. That it is the awakening of the kundalini energies within many of you. Okay?

Q:  I’m sure you heard us talking about this during our discussion about the Pleiadian and Resistance Movement emissary Cobra. He put a post out about entry protocols where somebody

members of surface might be invited to Inner Earth to join the Resistance Movement and other Agarthan factions. I want to see if you can touch on that for us. And also someone asked if that’s true, would the pets be allowed to come. And would any of our group be potentially invited to join if this is true?

OWS:  First of all we will tell you that as these things are coming out more and more it is important for you to use your discernment. We say this many times. If it feels right to you then it is right. That is how you can trust this. If it feels right within, deep within yourself, then it is something you can trust and know that it is right for you.

It is not necessarily right for everyone. Truth is not the truth to everyone here. Do you understand this? You have your own truth to follow.

Now with that understanding there is the indication that there will be many of these types of things that will be brought out and it will require your use of your discernment. This was one of them. Not that it is not true, it is more true than you can possibly imagine at this point. There is the reality here that is occurring with this one, as you speak, that brought these forward from the Pleiadian civilization, those that he is the emissary of. And he has brought this information through as a result of being directed to do so. And he follows those directives very closely and believes in the sources that he has to bring this forward.

Now also with that understanding, it has been given quite often previously, that those doors are opening. Even Ashtar just said this time here. The doors are opening to the Agarthan realms more and more. It was always in the past that only a certain few would have access to be able to visit there and have the experience there with them. And it was only those that were predetermined for that in the past. But that has changed now. That has changed greatly in that those that are ready for this that are being invited to this can have this experience.

It is not directly though that once you say yes to this that you are banished from the surface. That is not quite correct. This was a little bit off here. But it is true though that once you make this decision — if you are one that is contacted and you make this decision — then it is a very strong decision that you must then make and you must follow the various protocols that are in place for this. It is not for everyone. They are not springing the doors open and inviting the entire population to come in. That would certainly never happen. But they are preparing the way for the select few. Few being relatively few that could even be in the hundreds and even thousands here. See? You understand where we are going with this here? If it was only just a very small few you could count almost on one hand or two hands in the past. Now that has changed greatly and the invitation is going out to a great many, comparatively, that would not have before. So it will be possible even for those of you in this group.

And this group, by the way, as we have said before in many different ways and many different ones have come through and said this, this group is being prepared for a great mission you might say. You have your own individual missions but you also have a group mission here. And this group is being prepared for that. And several of you as we go along through this transition will be contacted by either those from below or those from above and begin more and more to count on this. This is going to happen.

As to the final part of your question: no you will not be able to bring your cats or your dogs or any of these things. That will not be possible. But also know that if you are ones that are invited either on the ships or into the Inner Earth, you will experience say if you go for three months you will find that is only a mere minutes or even a day here on the Earth. So you will not miss much. Okay?

Q:  Kanye [West] recently had an interesting interview where he’s talking about freedom of thought and freedom of love and so one and so forth. A lot of it has been taken out of context but one of the things that he said was that he welcomed Trump as the dragon energy. Can you explain the dragon energy and what that reference is about?

OWS:  The dragon energy is not what you would think of as dragons from the mythological past, as the knights slaying the dragons and this type of thing. This is the misnomer greatly. Those of the dragon civilizations are indeed of the light, predominantly. And they are here to … rather they are not here yet, not for you to be able to see them, but they are here. And they are working in the background, you might say, to assist with this entire transition and the ascension process of

here. And there will come a time when the dragons are a part of the experience with those here of the surface once again. It will come. It will be a part just as you become more and more involved or aware rather of theElemental Kingdom as you once were. So that is coming.

As to the one Donald Trump, the President Trump, as to being a Dragon, that is a positive thing as you are hearing here because he is the one that is bringing about the changes as he can in this situation that he finds himself. And he is working diligently to bring about the shift in consciousness that must be available here for this country as well as the world. He is the light that is come now. The one previous to him, the Obama, was also a light but a light that was at times diminished over a period of time.

This particular one now, the Donald Trump, is a light that does not look like it is going to be extinguished anytime soon. So you can believe in the efforts that he is coming forth with and doing everything that he can to bring about this consciousness shift. Even though it may appear it is at a snail’s pace at times, and he is not doing everything that he came to do, he is doing what he can under the circumstances because he is surrounded by a great deal of influence that is not of the light at all times. And this is what he must work against. Even though he does not necessarily understand some of the things that you do, he has an experience or an understanding of many things that you do not yet. You can read into that.

Q:  Can you just comment about people say Kanye has had a breakdown. He says he’s having a breakthrough. Can you say anything about that?

OWS:  All we can say, not about this one individual but all individuals, before there is a breakthrough there is often a breakdown. And this is life itself. This is how it often works. Especially when you are going from an illusionary system, such as your 3D illusion here now into the higher dimensionals, the 4th and 5th and higher dimensions, where you will experience the breakdown of the old the old paradigm and the breakthrough into the new paradigm. This is the compression breakthrough. It is all one and the same.

Q:  A couple of months ago you talked about the 12th, the Council of Twelve, the 12 of 12 Tables, or something along these lines. Are you in the position now where you can elaborate on that a little bit more and who created them?

OWS:  What we can say about this is this is something that Sananda is directly working with here. And for whatever he wants to bring through he will bring through for this group as you continue to move through this transition process. We are not in the position to be able to share anything more than has already been given. But we can tell you, at your next Advance — and this is a precursor, you might say, for what is coming there. You are going to be given much more understanding at that time. Not only are you going to be able to sit at those tables as you were able to at a previous Advance, but it is going to take on a much deeper and greater meaning at that point. Just something to prepare you for.

Q:  My question is this big controversy with Q. Is Q of the light? Is Q giving information for the revealing of the truth? What can you comment about Q?

OWS:  This one about the Qanon as you tend to call him, or he calls himself — but it is not just say oneself there are several there that are working on this — and they are certainly working to bring about the shift in consciousness that is happening here. To bring about this transition. To take out, you might say, those that are attempting to interfere with the, this consciousness shift and the evolution of man here. They would want to hold off the evolution and hold it to the old paradigm to keep you in the illusion. Where there are those certainly, and the Donald Trump is one of them, that is attempting to alleviate this to take you out of the old paradigm. To bring on the new technologies. To remove those that are obstacles to all of this. And this one that is known as the Q is a portion of the part of this great orchestration that is happening. And can be one that is difficult to understand at times because he/ they are purposefully working to couch their terminology in ways that can be understood but also that need to use your discernment to understand the meaning that is coming here. That is all we can say on this at this time. Much more will be coming though and more of those that you call the whistleblowers will be coming forward. Many more will be coming forward. They will create what is called an avalanche. An avalanche of the light that will not be able to be stopped. Light and truth that will not be able to be stopped.

 Q: [emailed question]  Are clones real?

OWS:  When we have had this question in the past and we will answer it the same as we did in those times. The cloning process is real. It has been kept largely from the general population and where you have heard of oh maybe they have cloned a sheep or something of this nature. And we can tell you it has gone way beyond that. Now with that understanding also know that yes, some individuals have been cloned. They have their counterparts. And that process though has been largely curtailed almost to the point of nonexistence anymore. They can no longer have access to their bases where they were able to accomplish this so that has been, that was one of the major needs, you might say, for the Alliance, for those that work for the light to bring an end to. Because they knew if they did not bring an end to this there would just be continuous one after another. Even though they are able to take one out of the picture another one would show and another one and another one. And they knew they had to stop it at the source though they were able to eliminate many of these bases where this has happened and completely curtail the operation of this cloning process at this time. You must understand that this cloning process is extraterrestrial. It comes from outside of the Earth. And they were able to utilize this technology long before it is released to the public. Okay?

 Q: [emailed question]  What is the origin of the name Sananda?

OWS:  The origin of the name Sananda comes from long ago. It is a, it is not the name Sananda but the ‘ah’ sound at the end which is the most important here. These ones, Sananda as well as Sanat, are both Kumaras. They come from Venus. They are of the Seven Flame Lords, you might have heard of. And they are those two of them, the Sananda Kumara and Sanat Kumara, have remained here with the Earth evolution and will remain here until the Ascension has completed. Then they will move on. So Sananda is an understanding, you might say, an understanding. It’s a title, you can call it this. Just as the Buddha is a title, the Christ is a title, and this also is a title. And he, the one who is entitling this now, will eventually move beyond this evolution into a new one, just as you each one will eventually move beyond this evolution as well and into new and exciting new worlds. To go where no one has gone before. Literally.

Q:  So Sananda is a title like Christ is a title?

OWS:  Yes. You can look at it as this way, yes. Not so much Sananda but Kumara.

 Q:  How can we connect more with the higher dimensional beings as we have tried meditating like you know normally like I don’t know how do I explain it. We just want to be able to hear you guys more, to be able to communicate more, to kind of like channel.

OWS:  Then what we would say is just do it. Don’t try to do it. Just do it. And don’t have any results in mind. When you go into a meditative state you all have this need for a result. You all have this need for this light to go off in your head and these wonderful images and experiences, and ones to come and talk to you and share with you and all of this. And when that does not happen it causes you to say, “Well this doesn’t work so I’m not going to do it anymore.” Or, “This is too difficult to do so I’m not going to do it.” And that is what keeps you from making these higher connections not only to those of us but to your own Higher God Self. Because if you go into a meditative state to make that contact with your higher self and you do not have it, then you become disconsolate and discouraged from it. But if you go into that meditative state and just reach out and let it go, you will be amazed at what will happen as you continue to do that. Just go into it with what has been called ‘effortless effort’. And do not have any result in mind and then you will have the experiences that you want. Okay?

OWS:  We need to ask whoever is there that is making the noise around their phone which has been constant here, please mute your phone if you are not going to say anything. It is very important and it can be very disconcerting for us to come through as the channel here.

Q:  I had just gotten back from Glastonbury, England. I was actually called there somewhat synchronicity -wise as I’ve been very interested in the land and the ancient history of the land and I apparently have incarnations there. And I just got back on Friday and I had a dream last night. And the dream was I was walking along the path of the tor and the number 44 kept coming up. And I was trying to understand, okay, I’m walking on the path of the tor and the tor is very high about 500 feet high and I’m looking around so I’m trying to understand what my dream was. So then I was thinking that I don’t know what the number was but that I’m now at a point where because when you’re on the tor you can see all around you so now I’m thinking that well perhaps that means that I will be able to have more of a vision of what is above me and a vision of what’s going on. Maybe my Third Eye opening. Can you speak to that?

OWS:  That is correct as you are receiving here. As you received after the dream that you are in a position high up above where you can see all around yourself. This is indicative that you are going to be able to do this more and more to see beyond what many can begin to see. Begin to see all around. Begin to get the bigger picture you might say. This is all about looking at the bigger picture in your life and in those that you are coming in contact with or will come in contact with as you continue to move on. The number, the 44, is important for you. We cannot give you the direct importance of it but it will come to you in a way that you are not expecting at this point where you will receive an indication of this number and what it means at that time. Okay?

 Q:  Can you comment on whether block chain technology is extraterrestrial? And also the development of a global crypto currency or a crypto currency of sorts by the Alliance as part of the financial changes?

OWS:  This technology is not extra-terrestrial, as you are saying, but it is a portion of the transition that you are moving through at this time. It is not to say that you are going to have this technology directly or this type of currency. That has not yet been determined at this point. It is in experimentation stage as we are finding it now. And it is likely, though, that it will not become your currency of use as you might look at it here. It is something that they are working on and those of the dark forces, those of the cabal have attempted to bring this forward and it has been gone up against, you might say, by the Alliance as you are saying and they are attempting to come to an understanding, a balance here. Something that will work for all not just a few. And up to this point the monetary system that you have now has worked only for a few, not for all.

And this is always all about balance here. So we would not say to you to go out and buy into this type of technology now and we will not say don’t do it. Because we are not here to tell you what to do or what not to do just to give you nudges along the way; some guidance along the way as well. And if you feel that it is right for you then what you have a term “go for it”. If it is not right, if it does not feel right, don’t go for it. Same thing with those of the currencies that many of you have bought into over the time period here. That is still yet to be determined when it will come out but it will be brought forward. It is a part of the process. It is a part of the transition and this currency reset is real and will occur at some point here. It is in the process. Has been for some time. Has been curtailed many times held back many times from coming forward. This has to do with your revaluation as well. So that is all we can say at this time for this.

 Q:  Me and my sister we always see the numbers 333 or 11:11. We know 11:11 means the angels and 333 means Sananda. But we’re wondering if there’s like a deeper meaning because we see a little like every day … like literally every day. And also we feel like we get nervous when we speak about this type of stuff and we’re wondering why.

OWS:  We will take the second part of this first. Many feel nervous about this because it is the unknown. It is moving out of the 3-dimensional illusion that so many of you have been programmed into and have even programed your selves into. And it is moving out of that known, that familiar, into an unknown universe you might say. And this is can be somewhat scary at times unless you have found that neutrality and that zero point within you at the Fourth Chakra level where you have the midpoint here and the balance. If you have found that within your heart, if you have found that zero point, that neutral point within you, then all of this no longer matters. Whether you are in the third dimension or the fourth or the fifth or whatever, it matters not. You see? Because you will know that you are always in that neutral point. Okay? And the second part what was the other part of your question?

Q:  That we see a lot the numbers 333 and 11:11.

OWS:  Yes the repetition of numbers this is something that many are seeing at this point. Again this is for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. Many would see these repetitions and it would mean nothing to them. Others see the 11:11 and they know that is actually a gateway. This is showing that it is a gateway into the higher realms. The 12:12, the 333, all of these repetitions is the awakening you might say of the light quotient within all of you and the reestablishment or the reconnection of your DNA processes. This is things that are in the process of coming and many of you are seeing these repetitions. And if they mean something to you then it is important. If they do not mean anything then it has no importance then. You see? Only when you are ready for this and those of you, those of you on this call that are a part of this group, many of you are having these experiences and are aware that change is in the works here.

We are ready to release channel here now. As things continue, as you continue to move along, always remember that you go with the flow, that you let everything flow within you. And you continue to live in the moment, be in the moment. Do not live in the past. The past is gone. Let go of the past and move into the perfect now which is always perfect. If you allow that to be and be in that neutral point, then the now that you are in, the present now is always perfect. And as you are living in that perfect now you are creating the perfect future.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell



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