17.07.30 – Many Who Are On The Other Side Of That Timeline Split, That Have Refused The Light, Have Already Been Taken Off Planet


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Archangel Michael and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell


These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on July 30, 2017






I AM Archangel Michael. As always we bring love and light with us. And I bring my Golden Sword of Truth as I share with you now the truths that are coming to you, the many truths that are going to be revealed that are being revealed.


Many are being revealed at this very moment but many still are not yet aware of this. They know something is in the wind. They feel it. They feel it. I’m speaking now of all of the mainstream out there. Not the news but the main population of the planet; the ones you might call the non-light workers although all are light workers.


This is not to differentiate you from all the others out there. You are all light workers except for those who refuse the light. Consciously refuse it. And there are those out there. They will experience whatever they are giving out, they will receive back. Do not be concerned about them. Be concerned about yourselves and about your fellow brothers and sisters as you are all creating, even now, you are creating this world in front of you.


You are creating this new Golden Age with every thought that you have now. But know that as you move into the higher vibrations, into the higher frequency dimension, your thoughts become so much more powerful and your visualization becomes so much more meaningful. And it is all right there in front of all of you.


Seize it now! Carpe diem. Seize the day, for this is your day, this is your time, your moment. As you have heard many times this is what you came here for.


You came to establish this new understanding, this new evolution, or this evolutionary leap. And do not be deceived, this is an evolutionary leap that you are moving toward, all of you. There is not one of you out there that is any lesser than anyone else. You all have a part to play in this process, this ascension process. All of you have a part. Some seemingly greater, some seemingly smaller, but all are looked at the same by the Source, by the Creator. All being of the same importance because all are one.


We are all in this together. I, myself, and all of the Archangels, all of the angelic realm, all of the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the Agarthans, and so on; many that you have not even begun to realize are a part of this expression. We are all here to be a part of this changeover that is developing. And developing it is.


You have heard about the timelines shifting, the timelines splitting, and yes they have. And many who are on the other side of that split, that have refused the light, have already been taken off planet. Many of them. Not all but many have. For the mass arrests that you have heard about many times is no longer needed as it was spoken of previously, because that has been taken care of where many have already been removed or removed themselves.


Now that is not to say that there are not holograms many of those individuals that you know of. Some yes, even some still remain but they are being quickly removed from the situation. Not because they are being punished but because they are being loved. They are being loved back into the light if they so choose. Because no one is denied the light. No matter what they have done no one is ever denied the light and love lest they deny it themselves.


I AM Archangel Michael it is so wonderful to be with you always in these ways. And in these ways still, up until this point, are the way that we can reach you.


But as you have heard many times those times are changing. And soon we, the Archangels, will be there with you. Whether it is on a ship, or in the hollow/inner Earth, or even here on the surface of the planet, we will be here with you. And you will see us.


For remember it is always for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear that are aware of these many changes that are happening now and still yet coming.


All of my peace and love be with you. Hold always the Sword of Truth in front of you for it will always protect you and guide you.






Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here with you. Difficult to follow up without one of course but we attempt to always do what we can here.


And to understand all of these things that are happening just sit back, relax and open those eyes of yours. Open that third eye predominantly and let your physical eyes see through your third eye. And many of you hear this and you say but how do we do that? We have no understanding of that. Well you don’t have an understanding of that because you have been programmed into you to not understand that. But it is time to deprogram you. It is time to take you to understand the importance of that third eye center, your pineal gland, and what is that can bring to you as the gateway into the higher dimensions. And yes it is a gateway and there are many gateways that are going to open up both physically and astrally and ethericly. Many that have not yet opened. Many that are coming. Many connections to all of the sacred sites being bringing the ley lines together again across to all of the various vortexes across the planet. All of this is coming.


It is near completion. The crystalline grid is near completion. And when it completes … oh my goodness! What it is going to be like here once again. For those of you that remember back to times of Atlantean times, and Lemurian times, and many other of the civilizations that are not even spoken of yet. You will remember what it was like. What it was like to put your hand in the water in the various waters, the springs the streams the rivers the oceans, and feel not only the wetness, not only the salt that is in the air, or to smell it or anything of this nature, but to feel the water,feel the consciousness in the water!


Can you imagine the water being alive? Can you imagine the plants? Yes you know they are alive but they are a liveconsciousness. Try it sometime. Talk to a tree. Don’t just walk up and hug it. Talk to it. It will be amazing to you.


And to that one that spoke of the dragons yes they are real. They are so real. They are here, they are watching over all of this. They are guardians in a sense. And they have been guarding the gate ways for a very long time here. And soon those gateways are going to open again and the dragons themselves will begin to appear more and more to you just as the elemental kingdom is going to appear to you. They’re going to come back. They can’t wait to come back! They’ve been hiding in trees and plants and only for those that have eyes to see up to this time. But they’re going to be showing themselves everywhere.


Those of you even now that go out into nature, for just a moment center yourself. Close your physical eyes, center yourself with breathing, and then slowly open your eyes and see in the corners of your eyes that little flitting image that goes back and forth that shows itself just briefly; laughs a little bit maybe and then jumps off and you do not see it again.


Well that is what it is like now for you if you open your third eye to it. But it will appear not too far off here where the same thing occurs — they will appear in your corner of your eye, that fleeting image and then all of a sudden it’ll be right there and you will see them. Just as many in the past in Ireland and everything saw the leprechauns. They are real. Where do you think these images and folklore and all of this comes from? It comes from reality but it has been so programmed in to you to believe it is imagination … oh there’s that word again. Imagination.


Imagine-in a new life. Imagine-in a new wonderful world in front of you and you will begin to understand what it is going to be like when you are consciously creating without that buffer zone to hold back the manifestation. Okay?


Now with that are there any questions for One Who Serves?



Q & A



Q:  My question is referring to what Archangel Michael said about some of those who chose not to be in touch with the light have been removed but they have been replaced by holograms. And I don’t understand why. I just think it would be more encouraging if they were gone!


OWS:  But they are gone. You see you must look at it in this understanding, in this way. Those that have been taken away, they can no longer do anything to harm the system anymore. They can no longer do anything to program you. You have moved beyond all of this programming. It is only still within your mind but it is not there anymore. Just like Lady Nada said the last week. There is no veil. Do not even think that it is there anymore and it will dissipate faster than you can imagine at that point. Because it really is not there. Just as in the matrix there is no spoon. There is not.


So you have to come to understand that even though you may see these individuals – and we will not name their names but you know who we speak of, the prominent ones we would say here — they may appear there as they’re still going about their business but their business has been taken away from them. They can no longer do anything. Just for a moment think here. Use your logical sense here, your three dimensional logical sense just for a moment and think. Haven’t you heard about things such as small nuclear weapons that can be put into suitcase bombs in suitcases and put anywhere on the planet? Haven’t you heard this before? Well where are they? [Good question.] Exactly good question!


They’re not there because they cannot do this. They have wanted to do this they have built on this they have planned this but they cannot do it. And these various sicknesses pandemics diseases all of these things. Where are they? Where is the … we’re finding this within the James here there are so many movies … not that he watches them he does not like them — but the “Zombie Apocalypse”. Where is it?!? They wanted it but it is not there. It is not there. None of these things are there. None of these things can happen. Oh my goodness the newest thing the war with China! What a laugh! There cannot be a war with China. China and the United States are working together. But you do not know this because there are still influences that are still continuing the old programming that wants you to continue to think in terms of fear. But they had cannot. They have … what is this saying? There is no bite to them. [no teeth] They have no bite left you see?


Q:  Thank you. The visual is so powerful in our third dimension but you have just dissipated it for me.


OWS:  Yes we just dissipated the veil for you right here. Right here in live-action.




Q:  Will the Galactic Pulse occur in every universe or just this universe?


OWS:  What a wonderful question! But we would say here to you, you are in this universe. Why not just pay attention to where you are now here? [Laughter] Do not think about all the many other infinite — and notice the word infinite — universes out there. You see? They attention to that one. And when you pay attention to the one, when you work to this one, and develop it as you are going to, all of the other universes will come along. Okay?


There are probably some out there saying, “Infinite universes?! How is that possible?” But then we just have to laugh a little bit here and ask how can anyone still out there think that they are the only life in the universe? When there are infinite universes, trillions and trillions and trillions of galaxies, and you are the only life in the universe?!?!



Q:  That just goes to show how strong the program is.


OWS:  Yes exactly. How strong this veil has been made. But, as you know it, it is not there anymore.


Now we would challenge you to take this further. If the veil is not there then you should be able to walk outside, look up in the sky and see things that were not there before. Should you not? Now if you do that and you believe that the veil is not there and now you can see through it, you will begin to see things that were previously not there because you have opened up your third eye center and the possibilities that are available to you now as the veil is no longer there. Okay?


I challenge you to do this. Just try this. And when we come, the James does not know this yet, but when we come to the Advance there will be an experience that will involve this. And this will be for everyone. All of you on the phone too; not excluding you for you are all so very important to this entire process. When we come together on these Advances it is not only for those there in person. They may receive experiences that you don’t, yes, but it is all about the consciousness coming together as one and working together as a unit as a group but also as individuals within the group. And you are all part of this greater group here.



Q:  I have tried what you said and I have seen through the clouds. And a rosy, a beautiful rosy sky is on the other side. That’s what I saw: rosy sky I could see through the clouds. It was pretty awesome.


OWS:  Yes. Exactly. Wonderful!



Q:  I was working with my twin flame talking about the concept of walking on water and he seemed to indicate that he would create something like a gangplank or a board walk to walk on but everybody else was seeing water. I think what he was trying to do was to give me an idea of how I could begin to work with creating what I’m looking to manifest but I’m still not sure of exactly how to do that in any concrete way. First of all am I on track in understanding that? And how can I use that to create the things that I’m looking to manifest?


OWS:  You are certainly on the right track of course here to be able to visualize whatever it is but to know that for instance here, when Yeshua walked on the water he did not walk on liquid water. You could say he walked on ice, you could say he walked on something solid ground with just water seemingly over the top of it, however he visualized it, however he created it to be. But do you think he had a veil in front of him? No! Certainly not! So this was an example. And he said: “All of these things I do so can ye do also.” Did he not say that? Those were exact words that he used. These are not words that have been taken and changed over and over and over. These were exact words. And he meant it exactly this way that all can do this. All can do this if they but believe that they can do it.


Believe it and see it. Not believe it or not! Believe it and see it.


Q:  So is there a way or an exercise to start to work on that whole thing?


OWS:  We just gave it to you.


Q:  Well I mean so like I’m walking along the street and I’m like saying, okay let me try to envision that maybe I’m actually walking on maybe one of those air mattresses you know like actually a foot above the ground walking on the air mattress. That’s what I’m talking about. I mean that didn’t work very well. I tried it, but.


OWS:  There is your reason. You tried it. What did Yoda say?  [Do it!] “There is no ‘try’. There is only do or not do.”



Q:  How about start with something simple?


OWS:  How about doing this: We will give you somewhat of an indication here for there is much within this particular movie — and no we are not talking about The Matrix here we are talking about the new movie that came out, “The Shack”. We are finding this within the James here. And in that particular movie there is exactly what you are speaking of where he was able to walk on the water — with help from Yeshua certainly, he was there. He was able to do it. But only when he trusted and let go of his fears and his disbelief in being able to. Okay?



Q:  What I want to know is the main difference between a fourth dimensional and a fifth dimensional being. What is the main difference?


OWS:  Much of that is going to be shared in the work with Charles here so we would not want to interrupt or influence here in any way in sharing this. For that will be explained here during the Advance.


Q:  So Cory Goode and David Wilcock have lots of conversations about fourth dimensional beings and fifth dimensional beings and apparently fourth dimensional beings are similar to us.  They’re not as high as fifth dimensional beings for example they still have/use time. And I know you don’t want to answer my question but is that the main difference?


OWS:  No, not the main difference.  But there are differences certainly and they will come to as you move along here. Certainly as you experience, not hear it, but experience it as you move into the higher vibrational experiences and dimensions as you move into the fourth dimension. Many of you are already doing that. Into the fourth, back to the third into the fourth back to the third into the fourth back to the third. Oops up into the fifth. Momentary, what bliss, what wonderfulness. Oops, back down again. You understand what we speak of here? Where you are literally on the fence. Yes we have deliberately not answered your question directly because it will come to you. You hear many times we do not want to spoil the surprises for you. If you want to find out more about this you can read about it. You can listen to various interviews that speak about this as you are and it will come to you more and more the exact differences. But understand that as you move up in vibration you need to be ready for it to be able to withstand the higher energies. This is why those that have turned away from the light and have refused the light, as Archangel Michael said, this is why they are not going to be able to be here in these higher vibrations. They cannot handle it. So when you move into the fourth dimension you will, as you go through when the Event occurs, you will move into the fourth dimension and hopefully go right through it into the fifth so that you don’t get waylaid or stuck there in the fourth. Because the fourth is the glamour dimension. There are many levels of glamour there which will attract you. Yes the third dimension has this the illusion here, but even more so in this fourth dimension. Think of it in terms of — you have seen this movie, many of you have seen it. It is a wonderful example of what we speak of here. The one with Robin Williams, “What Dreams May Come”. He experiences fourth dimensional changeover. Yes he had to physically leave his body through death but he experiences this fourth dimensional glamours that were there. Okay?



Q:  My understanding is when New Earth is being formed and when The Event occurs or ascension or transformation and we’re on New Earth — and right now my passion is to help heal the Earth and bring Gaia back from, you know, we want to work together with the Galactics and ourselves humanity to heal and bring back Gaia out from the depths of darkness per se from the 3D illusion, and that’s where I get a little bit confused. From my understanding we can leave 5D and come back whether it’s family or do work and then go back. Could you clarify for me?


OWS:  The way we can answer this is if you go into a meditation, a guided meditation, or just your own meditation, and you attempt to move up through the various levels you might say of consciousness, through the astral plane, the etheric plane, the causal plane, the mental plane, etc. etc. As you are moving up in the dimensional frequencies notice every time you come to the beginning of the next one you hit a ceiling, you might say, a solid brick wall, an impenetrable glass structure, however you want to see it and visualize it. This is what occurs from those in the lower dimensions. They cannot go to the higher dimensions until they are prepared, until they have acclimated to the energies, or until they are invited up. You see? But once you have gone up into these higher vibrations, into these higher dimensions, once you are there you can be very easily then come back down and lower your vibrations. More difficult to raise your vibration than it is to lower them.


Q:  And once that’s been mastered then if you choose to come down and assist your ability to go back is much easier now that you’ve attained it and have already been on New Earth and existed in the 5D vibration? Is that correct?


OWS:  That is correct. Think in terms of the book “Celestine Prophecy”. That particular time we do not recall here — the James does not recall so we cannot bring it up here — but what was the particular … what is the word here are not finding it the manuscript … not scrolls. But it was the manuscript and the particular levels (insights) — if we get this right there were nine insights and in his first book anyway — and at the eighth or ninth level this was where he experienced, the one who wrote the book and the ones who were with him and experienced the movement into higher dimensional frequencies at that time. In that particular case it was to avoid some kind of catastrophe that was going to happen if they did not. So they disappeared, to those who were there, so they were able to save themselves in this way. But once it was over they were able to easily come back. You see? This is an example of what we speak of here ,what it will be like to go up and then come back. But you are not going up into the clouds or anything of this nature where you can look back down and see everybody on the Earth and all of this. It is not that at all. It is higher vibrations. You will understand this though as you come more and more and continue to acclimate to these energies. And when you experience what the Marilou spoke of here earlier when she avoided the veil – the veil was not there — she looked through the clouds and saw rosy colors that were beyond this. If someone else looked up at the clouds they would see clouds. But she was able to look beyond it. This is what we are speaking of as you move in. At that moment, that very instant when she did this she was in higher vibrations, into the fifth dimension, the lower levels of the fifth dimension. You see?


Any further questions here before we release channel?



Then we are ready to release here. We want to, rather he wants to inform you — he is working through us — the One who is the more comedian One Who Serves, he is wanting us to tell you that he will be there with you with bells on? Is that the right word? That is what he is saying here, he will be here with bells on and be ready to celebrate and sing and dance and laugh and all of these things. And he will, again, be the master of ceremonies. Literally, the “Master” of ceremonies. He told us to say that. (laughter)


So look forward to a wonderful time and we can only say that the experiences that you’re going to have in that expression at that time are going to be monumental to many of you as you experience them. This is just a set up here.


The James is saying in the background, “Why do you have to do this all the time buildup these huge expectations?” But then what we say back is, ‘Yes but haven’t we lived up to those expectations in the previous ones’? Haven’t they gotten one right after another better and better? Better in terms of experiences, not in terms of better or worse or anything of this nature but more experiences. This is what we are after to bring you along further and further so that when The Event occurs you are ready to Jump off that precipice.



Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.



Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”


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