17.07.09 – Sananda, Aramda and OWS – “So many things are happening and there are many small events that are about to trigger, about to begin”

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Sananda, Aramda, and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell
These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on July 9, 2017

I AM Sananda.

And as always it is wonderful opportunity to be with you to share with you to experience with you. For as you experience all of this so do we. Although we may seem as higher than you, we’re only higher in consciousness, higher in vibration and frequency but no better than you. Always remember this.

For in those moments when we come together as brothers, and sisters, as friends, know that we come together in that way. We do not expect you to supplicate yourselves in front of us. We expect you to embrace us as friends, as brothers and sisters. For we are you and you are we. All of us are one through all of this.
Many times I as Sananda are with many of you at various times. Many of you know me directly, know my vibration, and you know by experience, how we are one together.

Those memories will come back to you in that moment when that energy comes into the planet as the ‘event’, or as the ‘changeover’, that pulse of energy, many of you will have your memories returned to you; memories of those moments, of those times when we have been together frolicking in the field, swimming in the ocean, whatever it might be. We have experienced many of these things together. Not always in the three-dimensional world but in the higher vibrations, in the higher dimensions. There you knew me and I knew you as well, as I continue to know you now, each and every one of you.

You are all near and dear to my heart and my love. And we share that love together because, as together, we are moving through this entire process. You have never felt alone and you never will be alone through this. We are always only a whisper away from your doorstep, your consciousness.

So many things are happening and there are many small events that are about to trigger, about to begin. As you have heard many times nothing can stop this process now. It’s only been delayed momentarily. All is in flux and all is already happened at the higher levels, it only needs now to manifest through the veil into this three-dimensional experience. But as it materializes in this three-dimensional experience, know that this three-dimensional experience is dissipating. It is moving away and you are moving beyond it. For eventually there will be no three-dimensional experience here any longer. All will be fourth and fifth and even higher at that time.

But as you know there is no time. All time is one. Past, present, and future are all one. And you are coming to understand that more and more as your time is seemingly speeding up, is it not? All of it.

And you will feel at times powerless to make the changes, to bring about the changes to the world that you seek, that we all seek. But I tell you now as Sananda, you are making those changes each and every moment of your life as you continue to operate within the ‘now’ within your consciousness, within the ‘now’ of the collective consciousness, because that is all there is is the ‘now’. You take away the time which is the past and the future all that’s left is the now so that when you have moved into those higher vibrations permanently into the full higher fourth and into the fifth dimension time will seemingly standstill.

As I mentioned briefly there are many small events about to trigger. Specifically you are going to see more and more of what are called, have been called, the mass arrests. They are imminent. In many respects they have already begun. You will see these becoming more and more prominent. As more and more of the cabal is dismantled in all the different ways: financially, emotionally, religiously, militarily, all of it is coming down. For it must come down. The old must fall away before the new can be born again. I say ‘again’ because you have had Golden Ages here on the Earth before and you are about to move into a new Golden Age.

You are the catalyst for this new Golden Age. You are the ones that are bringing this about. With our help, yes, with our guidance, yes, but it is you that must do the act. You must take action and as the warriors, as the light warriors you have been taking more and more action whether it is working directly within yourself to move yourself along through this process, or if it is working outside of yourself, as well, to assist in any way that you can. You are the warriors in this mission.
Soon, very soon, at your next Advance I will be sharing much more about those missions, and you at the council tables, and how all of this will come together.
I leave you now with all of my peace and love be with all of you. I will turn this over to our dear brother Aramda. Peace and love be with all of you.

Yes and I AM Aramda. Greetings.

It is wonderful to be with you here, as well, in all these times that we can share. And as I have spoken to this group before where we have shared many experiences previously, some long time ago in your understanding of time but in the new understanding of time it was only a moment ago. And we are going to be here again together.

I, representing the Galactics now. Those of us that are here to assist in our many different ways with our ships preparing being ready to amplify the energies as they come through into this planet, into your consciousness as a collective. We are all here ready, willing, and waiting for that moment to be given, that signal to be given, the green light if you will. Because when that green light has been given — and it is only steps away now for that — when that green light is given we will all move into action finally freed from the binds that have held us back because of the Prime Directive where we cannot interfere unless it is asked for directly or unless it is important that we do so in that moment.

Many things come into play here and I cannot go into all of this and how this works. But know that there are many councils that meet daily in your understanding of time. Daily, many councils. Many coming to all different kinds of decisions through the process that is involved here. We all have our part to play just as you all have your parts to play. And play it we all are, for as has been said many times this process cannot be stopped any longer.

There will not be a partial disclosure. There will be a full disclosure when that moment arrives. Mankind will forever change in that moment. I ask you now on behalf of all of my brothers and sisters from up here in the heavens you might say I ask you all now to prepare for those moments prepare for that changeover because it is quite imminent now for many small events to begin; as Sananda said, for many events to begin to trigger now. And what you have heard many times as the dominoes beginning to fall and fall they shall.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I as Aramda, your brother, your friend in love and light.

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here with you to continue this process.

But first before we do we wish to share just a little bit about your discussion earlier on the kundalini and how important it is and something not to trifle with … never to trifle with because it is a very powerful energy that can literally take your central nervous system by storm here. And you do not want that. Trust us, you do not want that. You want to be raised gently, easily, as you are going along here, as you continue to acclimate to the energies.

We know what your bodies are like. We know what your consciousness is like here in this Western culture. And we have been working with you in many ways to help this process come along, to find other ways in the old ancient knowledge you might say to do the same thing but to do it gently, to do it over a period of time here so that when the event happens, when this pulse of energy comes it will move through you and all the way up in you your kundalini energy will rise but you will be ready for it. You will have, as Sananda says many times, you will have acclimated to these energies.

And you will be ready for it because we are preparing you. We have been training you, we have been working with you to do this with this group, with you as individuals and as a group, through individual and group initiations with Sanat Kumara — and incidentally more of that is to come so you are going to have more of these initiations, more of these movements of consciousness — as you continue to move through this process.

But as I say that now also know that time is growing short here: time in terms of your three dimensional understanding is growing short. So at times we may have to push the envelope a little bit if you are ready for this. And we are going to do this at the next Advance that you are going to have. We are planning to push the envelope if you are ready for it and we will make sure before we do that you are ready for it by asking you as the James did earlier before the last Advance. As you were asked if you were ready to work to eliminate or to help dissipate the chimera in that Long Island area. And we asked you and you said you were ready and so we did, we pushed the envelope little bit. But this time we are going to push it as a group, yes, but also as individuals within the group. That is all of you. Those of you that will be on the phone as well. All of you are part of this because as you know there is really no time and space here, all is one. So whether you are on the phone, whether you are here in person it will be all the same thing as far as these types of experiences go.

And all are welcome to be a part of this and we would hope that you would be a part of this because then we can work with you more directly even than when we can in these Sunday gatherings here. Okay?

Would there be questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I would like to know what the purpose of the kundalini is.

OWS: That is a very difficult question to say what is the purpose of the kundalini energy, but we can say what it does, what it is there for. It is there to raise your vibrations, to continue to raise you into the higher frequencies. And to raise that energy frequency within your body so that it slowly, (normally) slowly acclimates within your body. And this is the purpose of it you might say as well.

But you also must understand in terms of purpose there is never any one purpose. There are changing purposes for all including the kundalini energy. For some it will create a rising of vibration and higher frequencies and moving into taking your chakras and your glands that work with your chakras and raising those energies within those glands, because so much happens within your various glands and these chakras are associated with this. So they will continue to help to rise this, raise this process that energy, deep energy within you, the fire within you and you might say.

It also brings about the connection to your Higher Godself. And this is what the ascension process is all about is bringing you back — again we say ‘back’, not ‘to’, but back to your higher self from which you never left. It is only the mind that has created leaving part. You have never really left the connection with your higher self, it is just part of the programming.

So the kundalini energy is very important and it happens often within yourself without you even knowing that it is raising. But there are times when you can become aware of it because of an energy movement within your spine; or some type of electrical frequency that goes off within you; or that blissful feeling that comes over you or some of you; when you feel those goosebumps, you know of what we speak of here, that is the kundalini energy. That is a [smidge] or a small portion of it as you are feeling it at that time. But we are speaking of is a full kundalini energy rising in that moment of the event. And if you can think about it in that terminology, what that will be like in that moment. And for those that are not ready for this, what the kundalini energy rising in that moment will do to them. That is not to say that they will die on the spot. We are not saying that although some will. But for the most part those who are within the light will continue to stay within the light. Okay?

Q: Okay. And that is why they call it The Enlightenment. Is that true?

OWS: That is correct.

Q: I was involved with a group and I experienced (I think) what you’ve been talking about where the kundalini energy came in too strong. I’ve been going through a process of releasing this energy and releasing emotions and now the left side of my body has gone numb and tingly. It’ll feel like I have ice on my crown chakra if I get overstimulated. So would you have advice for someone who has experienced this overstimulation of the central nervous system? I’m healing but it is definitely been a surreal experience.

OWS: We understand and we can give you the breathing exercises that have been given will help greatly. If you are not already doing that begin to do that. Do not, and we repeat, do not do anything that will begin more and more to raise the kundalini energy. Do not need to do that. Let it go for little bit here and everything will subside and come back to as it needs to. Also ask your guides, ask your higher self — make that connection with your higher self — to bring down the energies somewhat so that you come back into a normal state of consciousness and circulation. This would be very important. So many different tools. Also there are various crystals that you can use, specifically obsidian. The big black stone will help to ground you in that respect. You understand this what we speak of?
Obsidian would be very helpful here. As you take that obsidian, as you take that crystal, energize it with your energy. Let your energy move through it and that its energy move through you, make the connection between you and that crystalline rock.

Q: Will ascension begin before Nibiru returns?

OWS: The short answer of that is yes. So there is no concern that there is a planet coming into the Earth’s atmosphere and will change the tides and create havoc on the planet and all of this. That is not to happen. That was in the old way, the Old Testament, the old words that were given previously in terms of the end times. All of this. And it was also in the New Testament as we see it now as well. So do not be concerned about that. That is no longer within your timeline to be concerned about. But it is a fact as you can say that it will be here at a time. But this will come after these earlier waves of ascension have completed here. So it is yet still some time off here in terms of three dimensional timeframe.

Q: I want to ask about a dream I had. In the dream we were in our Sunday meeting and James was speaking. I looked out the window and saw a large rainbow with really deep colors. Then a large bolt of lightning came down through the rainbow and it transformed into the shape of a female being. Very tall. I could see the side profile. And then all of a sudden the military was everywhere: planes, helicopters in the sky and on the ground. And this one helicopter was about to fire upon this being. The sun came down and two hands came out of the sun, grabbed the helicopter and tossed it away. I wanted to know if you could provide some insight on that.

OWS: Yes, this is indicative certainly of the various levels of the cabal attempting to overtake or to control Heaven here, to control Source Energy. And they cannot do this, would never be able to continue to be able to do this, but they continue to try so they send their war machines to fight against something that they have no idea what it is. Yet they fire upon it or they attempt to fire upon it. And of course this would never be allowed to be able to go against and withstand the energies of the Source — the Source Energy. Think about this! How preposterous this is to think that they can go against even the archangels you might say. But yet in their folly they believe they can. They believe that they can control not only this planet but the solar system, the galaxy, even the universe itself. How ridiculous is that?!?! You see? So this is what was being shown in your dream, the folly of this. A helicopter … they are in front of the Source Energy! The Source Energy reaching out with its hands and just wiping it away like it is nothing there! You see?

Q: About a month ago in a meditation I was impressed to ask my artist friend to paint a picture of the planet. I was given the colors which match the crown chakra of white, gold and purple, and the dimensions. You know, very detailed. I tried to imagine what it would look like and was told, “It is not for you to visualize what it is to look like. I will impress the artist.” The artist complied and was told to paint not one but three. They’re all different and he said he didn’t know why but that’s what he was impressed. Now that we have those pictures what do we do with them please?

OWS: As to what you do with them that is up to you and your higher selves to direct you here. But as to what it was depicting is that the colors of the Earth are going to change. The perception of the Earth is going to change drastically. The blues that you have, the greens that you have, all of these wonderful colors are going to become so much more brilliant and in some respects even change. Think in terms of not a blue sky but a violet sky or a magenta sky. You see? This is what it is depicting here. It is going to be vastly different but different in a wonderful way.

What you can do with the pictures is meditate on them. Look within them … and I say specifically look within them. Not at them but within them; into the consciousness itself within the picture for there is consciousness in these pictures because they came from the consciousness of a human being so there is energy within them, vibration within them, and feel and know this connection. Feel this vibration. And as you do this — you use the word impressed so we will use this – the right action here impressed upon you what to do with this at that time.

Q: You have said that as we rise higher into the 4th and 5th dimensions sickness cannot exist and so I’m trying to understand how to handle my situation. I took a prescription drug 18 years ago that caused a lot of health issues for me and I’ve been working hard to raise my vibration. I’m wondering: do I put any attention towards these health issues or do I just simply keep doing what I’m doing and raise my vibration knowing that as I raise into the higher dimensions these health issues will be resolved. Can you speak to that it all?

OWS: Yes, you have already answered that. You already know that that is what you need to do. That is what you are being directed to do, guided to do here by your higher self. So continue to raise your vibrations, just as all, many different sources have been saying. Raise your vibrations and all of these various health issues and sicknesses and maladies of all kinds will dissipate … just float away like they were never there. And literally you will have lost the memories of all of this as you continue along through this ascension process. It will be as if you were never sick, you never had any illness of any kind. This even goes for those who have cancer, diabetes, anything, multiple sclerosis, whatever it is all of it will fade in memory and certainly fade in symptom. Okay?

Oh and one other thing are you off of the prescription?

Q: Oh yes. I took it in 1999 and it caused a lot of issues for me and I haven’t taken it since then.

OWS: Wonderful. That is what we were going to suggest if you were on it not to — and this is for all — not to get off of your prescription medicine overnight but to begin to wean yourself away from them as much as you can. For, look at it as sometimes they are helpful, they can be important, but mostly just to handle the symptoms that you are feeling. But there are many things that can handle the symptoms as well. Many natural substances are available. Anything from the Earth herself that is available would be very helpful and much more beneficial than any kind of chemical that is created by man.

Q: There was a message from Lord Adama given 25 years ago about a protocol of the 5th dimension. He explained that in the 5th dimension it’s not welcome to hug each other — they don’t hug each other like we like to do on the Earth. Is that true?
OWS: What we are going to say is we never want to say anything against another source of any kind. Because what was in those circumstances when this message was given is highly different than what is available here at this time. So in that time period, in that time frame, for that particular audience at that time, this was meant in a different respect here.

To not so much that it is not to hug, but there are telepathic understandings in terms of understanding one’s vibration and feeling one’s vibration. And if you can feel one’s vibration then the physical sense of creating a hug is not necessary because that is in a physical form in terms of a physical expression. That is not to say that it is not okay and not important for you to hug another individual, clasp hands, kiss, whatever it is to show affection, show love, show camaraderie, all of this is very important. But as you move into these higher vibrations, into the 4th and higher 4th and into 5th dimension and beyond, you will be able to know another by their vibration. Even if they are not right there with you in the room or wherever they might be you will know them, you will feel them, and in that respect you will not need to create a hug.

But with that understanding, with that caveat here, we are also going to say that when you see us for the first time youhad better Hug us!! Okay?! [Laughter!!]
Q: OK! No worries there!

Q: I’m glad you said that because I was getting worried there for a moment that I couldn’t hug my twin flame! I want to hug him so much. I’m looking forward to it.
OWS: We want to hug you too.

Q: She was explaining because when we hug, the energy got mixed. So you don’t have to do that … to mix your energy with somebody else’s energy on a hug level.
OWS: That is correct. As you have brought this up we will bring this up now as well because sometimes people wonder about what it is like in the higher dimensions. Are we going to be able to have physical expression in terms of a sexual expression? And as male and female and whatever the situation might be you will still have the sexual expression as you know it but it will be different. It will change as you continue to evolve and eventually — did anyone see the movie “Cocoon”? Yeah, many of you were thinking of that even before we say it here yes. And in that respect they had the sexual expression between them and would not even touch each other or lightly touch each other. But they felt it. Even the one felt the, what is it called, it’s been so long we forget now … the orgasm yes thank you!

[Re: movie “Cocoon”] And if you watch it and watch this particular scene you will understand what we are saying here. A Pleiadian, because that was depicting Pleiadians coming together with human in sexual expression of their type … not of his type but of their type. He wanted it his way but it did not turn out that way but he was very happy anyway! Now even though this is a movie and not directly factual completely, it was depicting what it is like in the higher vibration and what it can be like. But as always there will be a transition process here so you will not be expected to go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. Okay?

Q: You are talking about how our health issues will clear and transform as we raise our vibrations but why is it that some of us seem to be experiencing more health problems and challenges as our vibration is increasing instead of having them lighten up. They seem to get be getting worse with the raising of the vibrations.

OWS: Because these are your ascension symptoms that you are going through. As you are moving through these higher vibrations or into these higher vibrations they are foreign to your central nervous system and to all of the programming that you have had here. So there is a process, a transition that you are moving through. But we promise you, as you continue to move through this transition and have your ascension when that occurs, all of this will be past memory and forgotten.

Again, all of those sicknesses those diseases those health problems, they will all be gone because you will literally be able to, in this transition, you will literally be able to enter in a device and everything will be perfectly balanced within you.
And that is what creates the disease and sickness and all of this is becoming out of balance. Dis-ease. Out of ease of your balance within your system. You can begin to work with this more and more by bringing your PH into a normal balance: alkaline/acid balance. Work with this. Look into this. There is much research that can be done on this. Much on this. Become much more alkaline than acidic in your body just as you’re swimming pools that you have. Those of you that have swimming pools, the pH within the swimming pool must be in balance. If it is too acidic what does it do, it corrodes the pipes. So what does acidic do within you, it corrodes the pipes; it corrodes the organs within you; the blood vessels within you; all of this. Too acidic = disease, sicknesses, ill health. More alkaline balanced here = perfect health. And we say that specifically: perfect health. That is where you are headed here. Okay?

We need to release channel here now.

So many things that you hear, so many things are changing, so many things are coming. Sananda says many mini events are about to begin. You are looking at your various dates that have been talked about your August 13th in that particular weekend, and also in terms of your September 21st thru 23rd time period, as well as some others that are going to pop up. And you will know when these pop-up what we speak of here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.
Channeled by James McConnell
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