17.06.25 – “That Shift, That Consciousness Shift That Has Been Spoken Of For Many A Millennia, Is About To Become Awakened Within All Of You” – Sananda and OWS

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 Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on June 25, 2017



I AM Sananda.

As always it is wonderful to be with you. To be able to continue to share, to be able to continue to open up so many things that have been kept from you, so many things that you have been separated from or you believe you have been separated from. But to be separated no more because so many things are in the works. So many things are about to shift and change and alter the very prospective that is you in the human dimension, in this human illusion of the 3rd dimension.

Mighty consciousness shift is at hand. It is so very close now. There are so many things that are about to what you would call ‘pop’ in the near future, the very near future.

And as you continue to look forward to these changes, the shift we have spoken of many times — that so many have been speaking of — know also that in the present moment that you are in is all that is important. Be in that ‘now’ moment. Be in the present. Be all that you can be now. And as you continue to be all that you are, to find the joy in every moment that you can, all that will be will be upon you before you can even blink your eyes. Because that shift, that consciousness shift that has been spoken of for many a millennia, is about to become awakened within all of you.

And so many things are coming to fruition. So many things are about to shift and change and move into a new consciousness level. You are about to move into a new consciousness level, as you speak in terms of DNA. As you speak in terms of shifts of consciousness that are happening now, you are in that shift. You are in that moment, that consciousness shift moment for you are becoming altered within you. You are becoming aware of who you are. You are becoming awakened to your full state of the being that you are, that spiritual being. No longer to be the human experience but to be the spiritual experience.

We watch you each and every day. We watch all of you. We watch over you and we watch you. We watch to see how you are shifting in your daily activities, how you are becoming emblazoned by the new consciousness that is moving through you. So many of you are feeling this consciousness so many of you are feeling this shift this knowing that is coming over you where you are beginning to hear the those of us that are beginning to whisper to you more and more and as you hear these whispers you becoming aware of that consciousness change that is happening within you. All is about this consciousness change and this shift now.

All is about this. There is nothing that is not about this in this moment. For this is what you came here for. This is what you evolved into in this time, in this moment of your life, is to be ready for your mission: those missions that you came here for; those that you volunteered to come here for.

And you are moving into those missions now. You are going to be directed. Many of you are going to find direction, mentorship that is going to come to you, that is going to bring you to the next level of your being, the next level of consciousness within you, that will continue to awaken within you the very understandings that you came in with a long time ago and had forgotten up to this time.

But so many of you are awakening. So many of you are beginning to listen to the whispers and sometimes, yes, the shouts, but all is happening now. All is bringing, brought forth now. And as you hear many times all is being orchestrated. You are in the middle of a synchronicity now that is bringing about so many of the changes, so many of the shifts that are happening. And you are that shift in that consciousness. Because of you it is happening. Without you it would not happen.

You are the consciousness change itself. As Gaia shifts as Gaia becomes aware fully of who she is as she moves into the higher vibrations of her consciousness once again. You, those of you that are the cells within Gaia herself, you are the ones that are moving this forward. You are the ones that are bringing this awakening process into full understanding and full awareness.

It is time now my brothers and sisters, my dear friends. It is time for you to become all that you came here to be. You are moving away from the old programming, away from the old paradigm that was what had been expected, what had been created by the cabal here and is no longer going to be allowed. It is no longer going to be a process of the connections that you have with the universe, with the cosmos.

You are the ones that are ready for this. You are the ones that have been preparing for this. And you are the ones that will take this forward into the new Golden Age of Gaia. So it is time now for all of you to become aware that everything is in flux now, everything is coming to the cusp, the cusp and the crescendo that has been spoken of. Believe it and you will see it.

Believe it and you will see it. For there is nothing that cannot occur now that has not been spoken of previously that has not been prepared for. For you are the ones that have been preparing and have been waiting and moving toward the expression of who you fully are. The time is now.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now with all of my love and peace and vibrations that go with the love that is you, all of you.

Peace and love be with you.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves with you to share with you, to open up to question-and-answer.


And as Sananda said, you are on the cusp, you are on the very edge of that precipice that has been spoken of so many times. And as you move to the edge of the precipice how many of you are ready to jump off now? How many of you are ready to jump off and see if you can fly. Now that does not mean we want you to go to the top of a mountain or  building and jump off. That is not what we are saying of course. Nobody go do that. Okay?

But it means … what is your term here … with your imagination here to go to the edge of the precipice and if you are ready to jump off, if you see others around you jumping off, are you going to be one that is going to jump off as well? Are you going to join them knowing that you are not goingto hit the bottom as you would in your physical form because your physical form is shifting and changing. Even now your DNA is changing. You may not be aware of it and, no, you probably cannot do telekinetics and things of this nature. You cannot, maybe, use telepathy yet but all of these things are coming. You are going to be able to do many things. You are going to be able to raise objects with your mind. All of these things are going to be.

But first you need to continue to go through this program, this process of ascension, this shift in consciousness, this transition that you are moving through. Because everything is in the now and you are moving continually in the now. And even though there is a future, there is a past, they are all one.

And as you move fully more and more up into the higher vibrations you will begin to understand that more and more that past present and future are all one. There is nothing but the present now. And this will come more and more to you as your vibrations increase, as you find yourself in the higher vibrations more and more. And you wonder how do you do this. How do you move into the higher vibrations? Well you simply do it. That is all, you just do it. And it is not as difficult as you might think because [??] do it, as you know you are doing it, you will remember. You will remember what it is to be in the higher vibrations. You will remember what it is all about; what you are all about as a spiritual being just simply having a human experience now.

But that human experience that you are having now is about to greatly shift and you are going to come into the higher vibrations or rather many are going to come into the higher vibrations kicking and screaming. They maybe we will not want to do it because they will not understand it but yet it will happen. They will awaken. They will come into this. They will feel these energies.

Some though will feel these energies and be held off from them or want to hold off because it will be too powerful for them, they will not be able to withstand the energies. Just as many of you are feeling the energy and it is somewhat overwhelming and overpowering to you at times. And you say, ‘well it is too much for us so back it off a little bit’. And it gets backed off a little bit. And then you say, ‘well, bring it on,’ and then it comes back on and more and more.

So if you are ready for the energies more if you are ready to jump off the precipice then just say yes we are ready and we are going to do this and it is going to be wonderful and something that is going to be beyond your wildest imaginations. Okay? Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?


Q & A

Q:  Yesterday I had an unpleasant incident and I would like to know what the lesson is for me. I was driving and suddenly a hawk swooped down a few feet in front of my car. I just couldn’t react in time and I hit the bird. A short distance later I turned around and came back to see if the hawk was still alive and if I could help it but the body/bird was gone. I guess the vulture I saw at the side of the road had already gotten to it and took care of cleaning the road. It was very upsetting to me and I’m not understanding why it happened.

OWS:  The significance of this was for you …

There are those circumstances which are unavoidable or they seem to be unavoidable in any given situation. Whether it is hitting a bird or another animal, but that is not to say that there are [no] coincidences. There are no coincidences. There are no accidents. So there are always reasons for this. For as you experience the so-called of hitting bird, how would you feel at that point. Would you feel like you have harmed another live being? You see some would not even care about this; they would not even give it another thought. Now if it was a dog or something maybe that would be different but a bird not so much. But for you who has done this, this is significant for you because it is a being, it is a live being. And that is something that is very difficult for you to handle in terms of another being suffering here.

But we can tell you from this example here. Yes, you did hit the bird but it did not affect it as you would think it would normally. So it was not there because it was able to fly off. And the idea of the vulture being there in its’ place is that it is the embodiment of the — what is the word we are looking for — that there is an experience there that is not as good a thing. So you look at the vulture, so much, not so good. You look at a vulture as being evil, as being something that preys upon the dead. But there was no dead there for it to prey upon. So why was it there? That was because it was an experience [phone interference] … interference on the phone there. Please mute your phone. We would appreciate it. Thank you.

To go back here there is the continuing experience of would replace the feeling of life with death here. And this was indicative of that where ever there is life there is also death in terms of this being, this vulture preys upon that which is living or has died and this is its function, its mission you might say. This is what it does. It helps to rid those parts of bodies that have died it is all part of nature here you see. But for you specifically there was not the indication of it being hit and dying because it did not. You see? You understand this? Kind of went up about this in a roundabout way you might say.

Q:  I prayed for the soul and went back and I wished it all the best and asked God to send light. What was the purpose for me to go through this? Because the bird showed me it was flying to get the food and the food doesn’t matter actually it’s not the important part in our life so to get killed [for] it was confusing.

OWS:  Yes we understand that. That is why we say here that you had this experience to open yourself up to life here. That you would not harm another living being and this was just to show you that as you hit this bird it did not affect it because your love was there for it. You see?

Q:  This week all week I don’t know what is going on with me. I’m feeling out of place. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to do anything. Is that the energy they’re giving up that affects like this?

OWS:  This is indicative of many that are going through these types of things. One minute the energies are high and you are feeling so wonderful and blissful, and the next moment you are dropped down to Earth, you might say in that sense. And everything is not so good, or you do not feel so good, or you have lack of energy, and all of these things. And what have you been calling these things? You have been calling them ascension symptoms. And this is continuing on for many of you — for all of you really at one point or another — and will continue on as you continue through this ascension process.

But know that, as these things are happening. Simply realize what it is that is occurring, that it is just a symptom, an ascension system and it will pass. And it will move on and the next moment you will feel possibly blissful and high and all of these things. High without the use of drugs even. And you will feel, much will continue on in your life with high energies and low energies. Everything is an energy and a rest.

This is what you must understand that the universe works this way, the galaxy, the solar system, everything is at energy and at rest. At times you are energized, at times you are at rested. Well the universe does the same thing; it has an energy and a restful period. And you are coming out of that restful period of 26,000 years now for your galaxy here. And this is the, you are moving into the energy period. This will be the new Golden Age as these energies continue to increase and increase and increase. As the energies increase know that it can wreak havoc on your central nervous system at various times, and your chakras are affected by this as well, as to be working with your chakra system or with your central nervous system here. Okay?

Q:  Several years ago my son got a little white pitbull which I became really close with. In 2013, after being away for a few months I came back to find she had been stolen. I think of her so often. I will see images of dogs in clouds and in tiles and stuff like that wherever I go. I was just wondering if she’s still here on Earth or has she left?

OWS:  As we find it, Sugar is alive and well in another situation, another home you might say, but know that your connection with this one, this being, this wonderful spirit within your connection will continue on for much, much time. Not so much in your lifetime here now but you will be reconnected to this particular soul spirit. Cannot say too much more on this at this time but there is a connection here — a soul connection even though it is in the animal state.

Q:  In a meditative state I had a vision of a door at the top of a set of stairs opening and a being coming down the steps from this door. I’m looking from the bottom. Then heavy droplets of white light come raining down on me and three explosions of white light looked like firecrackers in a row right across me. Can you tell me what that means?

OWS:  Yes you are looking up at the doorway here above you?  Yes, this is indicative of the ascension process as you are moving through this. And that one that was at the doorway there is indicative of your higher self waiting for you with the door open. We can show you the door but you are the one that needs to walk through it. This is what was being given here. The door is open, it is there for you. And the explosions of light all around you are exactly that, the explosions of light within you. As you do these various meditations and such you work with the light. You are working with the light, exploding the light, sharing the light and this is what was shown here to you. Does this make sense to you?

If you had walked up those stairs that would have been indicative of a changing also here for you. You did not walk up the stairs. You simply looked up there. We are finding here one more thing we can share: you are going to have a dream about this. A dream is going to come that is going to be very similar to this and in that dream the stairs are going to be there and you’re going to climb the stairs. Whether you move through the door or not though will depend on you within the dream.

Q:  I have been thinking so much about all these people that suffer from autism and they cannot find a way to communicate with the physical word and I also feel the level of frustration and the pain they express and I’m very driven by that. I feel so much for them. I would like to know why is that they are trapped and they cannot communicate. And also can we do something to help them out?

OWS:  You are already doing something to help them out all of you. When you do your meditations you are helping them out. But know that they are there and going through what they are going through to continue to work to complete the process for themselves. It is their contract that they came in with and they are following through with it. But also understand, just like you they are volunteers here to come here and be a part of this and to share the light in the way that they are doing. But as the energies continue to increase, as the event occur, and as the consciousness shift comes across the planet they will also shift as that happens and they will come into the higher vibrations. And as you have been hearing over and over, if you are in the higher vibrations you cannot have these types of maladies and illnesses and all of these types of things they are experiencing now. Not only them but all. Even those with those with cancer and diabetes and multiple sclerosis and all of these types of things. All of these will be healed in the instant when it is time for this. There will be miraculous things that will occur at that time.

Q:  Cobra talks about cintamani stones. Can you tell us about that. And is Cobra a double agent?

OWS:  Will answer the second question first. No! he is not a double agent. He is for the light specifically. He is a great light to the planet here and is going through many things that are calling to him that are saying that he is not of the light and all of this. It is another part of discernment. So if you are feeling as you are experiencing what this one is saying and sharing if you are feeling that it is not for you, then it is not for you. But if you are feeling love and light coming from this one then that is what he is sharing, that is what he is bringing here. He is bringing a great deal of new, uh, rather disclosure you might say to the masses to those who are ready to hear it. Okay?

The cintamani stones are real. They are just as he has described them and they are being planted in many different strategic places across the planet to bring higher energies to that area to raise an angel in that area just as he has shared with you. And it is very important because it is bringing the grid — the consciousness grid here on the Earth, not the Christ Consciousness grid but the crystalline grid you might call it — and bringing that together as well as with all the ley line connections. So all of this is a part of this bringing the great energy centers back together because where many of these cintamani stones are being planted they are around energy centers or around centers that were once energy centers and have been changed over to the dark side you might say; such as your Montauk in Long Island for instance.

Q:  And he talks about how if we have them on our bodies it will ease the transition to ascension. Is that correct?

OWS:  That is one, it is a tool. It is another tool. You have many different tools: crystals, cintamani stones, many different things that, your breathing techniques, all of these are tools. Utilize them and you will be also given many, many more, or rather you will remember many more as you keep moving through this process here.

Q:  Can you tell me where I can bury my cintamani stone in order to help facilitate what you just explained? I have reached out to Cobra and his people but have not received an answer. Would it be incorrect or negative to plant it by my home or would you know of a place near where I am which would best facilitate and help overall.

OWS:  You are in Florida you say? There are many locations there that you could do this but what we would say to you rather than look outside of yourself for the answer ask within yourself. Ask your higher self your higher God self and you will receive the answer back in that respect. You will know where to plant it or if to plant it at all. Maybe you are needing to wear it as the previous caller had said. You see?

Q:  Regarding the lady’s story earlier about the dog: I had a very strong soul connection with a cat that was taken very young; it died in my arms and I do feel his presence. I want to know if it was possible once we transition into 5D will I be able to have him back or would he remain in spirit where he is now?

OWS:  Absolutely. Did you ever watch the Robin Williams movie What Dreams May Come? The dog was there but he wished it to be there. You will be able to do exactly the same with your animals as well as your loved ones. So if your loved ones do not initially go with you into the higher vibrations into the 5th dimension and they remain in 3rddimension or whatever it may be, you will be able to connect with them at their level at that time. You see? Nothing will be lost.

Q:  Approximately 3 ½ years ago at the beginning stages of my awakening, I spoke to a homeless man whom everyone was staying very far away from.  He asked for a light for his cigarette and we began a deep conversation which lasted for approximately 45 minutes (with people walking as far around us as they possibly could). Without going into detail, it was one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had. I gave him some cigarettes, some money, and a big huge hug and when I left I was floating. I felt like I was 20 feet high and had an experience I never had before my life. I thought to myself he must’ve been an angel. And I think in retrospect we’re being tested to see how we would respond in situations to which most people have been conditioned to shun. And shortly after that, I had another experience with another gentleman which left me feeling the same way so I guess I’m looking for confirmation or some feedback on that type of experience.

OWS:  You already know the answer to that: angel, guide, all of these types of things. You never know where God or the Source will appear before you. You never know where that will be so for you to open up and allow for the process to happen was what you were needing to do at that time. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Q:  Did my 13-year old dog get hurt recently? She’s acting really weird and unstable I don’t know if she’s physically hurt or a mental thing. Can you give me any advice on that please? She is stumbling and I think she may have hurt her back. It started this morning and I’m doing a lot of energy work on her but she seems mentally unbalanced too, but it may just be physical thing.

OWS:  Understand that just as you are being affected by these energies so too are the animals and plants and all of these things as well being affected by these energies. So one that is in an older state such as your 13-year-old dog would experience these energies in different ways than say a two-year-old dog would experience this. So do not be concerned and not to worry. Just do as you are doing. Send light, send love, be love with this particular being and everything will take care of itself as you move along here.

Q:  Can you explain to me what does it mean when they talk about the rainbow body?

OWS:  Very good. It is very long explanation here which we cannot give at this time but the rainbow body is your ascension body. It is your light body. It is the body that you will move into at a certain point in your ascension … in your full ascension. This is not during the process but you will be building up to this. Just as those of you that experience the meditation through James here in terms of going across the rainbow bridge this was to connect to your higher God self in your rainbow body. You do not use the rainbow body at that time because you are not ready yet for this. But it is a beginning process of this that we did here and we will do again here as well at the next Advance as we are finding it here. But the rainbow body is what many have experienced when they are going through this full ascension. Their bodies turns into light and turned into many colors of light therefore those who see this happening will be seeing this as a rainbow of many different colors.

Q:  Was Jesus or Yeshua who was on this Earth was he taught that by the Essenes?

OWS:  No he was not taught that [by the Essenes] because they did not fully understand this. But he received this in his wanderings you might say, when he visited many different monasteries and temples in his learning process as he was going through this ascension process. The full ascension did not occur until that moment when he arose, as you would say, arose from the dead although he was never fully dead.

Q:  I want to follow up on something you said last week when you were talking about how some of us will go on the ships and it will seem like some of us will be going on unwillingly against our will but that’s not really the case because it’s in our soul contract so I wanted to follow that up by asking you about the relationship between Divine Will and free will. I know we all have free will here but I’ve had some pretty intense experiences I’ve had my life saved from a car accident I’ve had divine intervention keep me on a straight path to make sure that I met my twin flame. So I’ve definitely seen Divine Will trump my free will on several occasions so I’m wondering if you could talk about the relationship of Divine Will to free will and how it relates to what’s in our soul contract, what we’re here to do.

OWS:  First of all you misunderstood what was said here in the last time. We did not say that you will be going involuntarily. We are not saying that in terms of what is coming. We spoke in terms of what was before. In other words there have been those what you call abductions that were part of the soul contract they went along unwillingly at their conscious-knowing-self but at their deeper level within them they went willingly. You see? And now as far as you are concerned or any of you that are hearing these words, reading these words after, as far as you are concerned if you are going to go up aboard ships you will be going willingly. You will have to be going willingly; there can be nothing that is against your free will. This would never occur here. You see? Not after the event occurs and after disclosure and all of this. As to free will versus Divine Will, there is never the Divine Will that will overcome the free will. You always have free will. You see? But there are circumstances that occur where you will hear that Divine Will or you will hear that whisper within you which may then shift your free will at that time, you see, where you will then go along with the Divine Will.

Q:  Isn’t Divine Will your own will anyway?

OWS:  That is correct. We are talking about your conscious will here. You as the conscious self.

Q:  Yes and just to clarify a bit, we tend to voice the idea of Divine Will as separate from us.

OWS:  It is not.

Q:  Exactly. So the divine will is the higher self [inaudible].

OWS:  Correct. Does this answer your question?

Q:  Yes it does. I’ve had my higher self definitely intervene in a positive way in my life and so I understand what you’re saying. Thank you.

OWS:  You know all of you at one time or another have had your higher selves intervene.

Q:  Hopefully all the time.

OWS:  Yes. And the more that you listen the more that you will continue on on your given path that you need to follow here.

Are there any other further question now? We need to release channel.

Q:  I want to let you know I’m very eager to merge with my higher self. I am very eager to remember the languages from previous lives and remember instruments that I could play. What can I do to invite and little-by-little try to merge with my higher self?

OWS:  You are already doing it here Moses. In all that you are doing as you continue to work with this programs, speaking in terms of Ancient Awakenings and working fully with this more and more, and attempting to spread the word as you are doing. This is working with your higher self. You are working with your higher self in many other words as well as you continue to share the light wherever you can. This is the merging with your higher self. Okay?

Q:  And could you also say that by acknowledging that you already are your higher self, is helpful — just acknowledging that?

OWS:  Absolutely. The more that you realize that you and your higher self are one, or as Yeshua said, “I and my Father are One,” it can be father/mother/whatever it is, but you are One always. You have never not been One. You have always been together with your higher self. It is simply the mind that has created the separation, and all of the programming here, the illusion that has also created

. But there is indeed no separation here. You will come to fully understand and know this, and even more important remember this.

We need to release channel here now. Just continue on in your everyday activities. Move on, continue to use the various tools that you have been given: your breathing techniques, use of crystals, whatever it might be. Continue to utilize this and know that as you are continuing to move along through your daily life your daily life is going to shift dramatically as you are continuing the preparation for, as we said here previously, jumping off the precipice.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.



Channeled by James McConnell



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