17.04.21 – “There Is Never One Purpose, For Purpose Is Constantly Changing But You Are All Here To Spread And Share The Light” -Sananda and OWS

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Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

Note: These messages were given during our quarterly weekend Advance in Payson, AZ on April 21, 2017

[Upon returning from a joint mission organized by our Company of Heaven, we shared these observations …]


This is Sananda. Wonderful to be with you again as always. And it is especially wonderful to be with you at this time now as you are partaking, continuing to partake on your mission. The missions that you came here for, the missions that you continue to work toward. For each and every one of you has participated in this exercise, this experience this evening. Not one of you was not able to do this. Even though you may wonder: did I do it? Was I successful? Did I make a difference?

Each one of you made a difference here, each one. Not one was left out. We speak to the newest and the oldest here. The newest in terms of time in the group and the oldest also in terms of time in the group. And each one has a place and a purpose and that purpose is beginning to more and more become crystalline for you.

There is never one purpose, for purpose is constantly changing but you are all here to spread and share the light. You are the light workers. This is what you are here for this is what you came here for. This is what you were born to do in this lifetime. And all of you have awakened. It is a point where you are ready to move ahead on to the next steps, the next parts that are going to begin to unfold in front of you now.

And when the time is right when the frequency has been reached, I will reach out to all of you, each and every one, and ask you if you are ready to come with me and be a part of those councils we have spoken of. For it is not the leadership of old that is going to carry this planet forward. It is the new leadership that is going to become the leaders and bring this planet, this collective race into the new Golden Age. We are so excited for all of you. For the end is very near and the beginning is about to start.

I AM Sananda I will leave you now. And I will return shortly.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

Wonderful to be here with you. You know who this one is. I am ready. Are you ready? You certainly are! We could tell that from all that went on here. You were marvelous, magnificent in all that you did here. You exceeded the wildest expectations we had for this. Yay!

I feel a song coming on. [Lighthearted groaning] No we are not going to do that now. No we have promised this time no singing. But who knows, maybe surprise is there. We ask you now how do you feel about this entire process. Was it successful for you? Did you feel it all the way through? Very good.

It was a wonderful moment seeing Archangel Michael come in after all of you had … what is you’re saying done your thing here. And he came in to complete the process. He was standing by and if the process did not complete he was not going to do his next part here. He was not going to partake of this. Only to be as an observer on looking to assure that nothing would go wrong. And nothing did go wrong and as we say here you exceeded everything that was expected and he was then able to come in and his the saying mop things up here. And that he did. Congratulations people.

Do you have questions here for one who serves? Anything at all? Any comments or anything you would like to share that you experienced here?

Q & A

Q: I heard the ships after we had all agreed that it was complete. I heard the ships takeoff and so I am unclear whether they were transporting people who chose to not come to the light or were they just there to protect us and see that it went well?

OWS: Both. There was much that occurred here. You are going to see the results of this. You are going to see it. There will be not announcements per se but there is going to be some conversation we will say that is going to come out and you are going to see that what you have done has been successful. We will not say more on this now we must leave it at that but you are going to see the results of your endeavors here.

[Amazing. Thank you] Thank you. [inaudible] You helped us.

Q: I’d like to share that before we even started I saw such a huge fleet of ships come in. And I was like wow we’re going to have all these ships and my experience was very violet when we were in there cleaning the bases, expanding light, at the end I saw all these people clapping their hands the people that were in there they were free and saying yes yes yes thank you.

OWS: You must understand though they not necessarily people in the physical flesh there now. Some of them yes but many of them not. Many of them were the spirit or like we say earlier memories here that were being released.

Q: Yeah it was like old energy that had been almost captive there it felt like.

OWS: Released into the light, yes.

Q: And I also saw like skeletal bodies. Everything was violet. Violet and black. The black started at first and then the violet going through it. And they were in shock, these old shells of beings, they were just in shock. They don’t know where they were. [Yes] But gratitude and release.

Q: I was wondering do we have any kind of a sense of what percentage actually came to the light?

OWS: Not at this point we cannot give this yet. Please understand that the frequencies were raised there greatly and the light was spread. And those that were there in physical body at this time yes, they felt shock. They did not know what occurred here, they were taken by surprise you might say. And some of them did turn to the light, at least momentarily. Does not mean they will [inaudible] there and they may revert back but at least they have been given the opportunity. And there were those that did not even shy away — they shied away from the light; did not want any part of it because they do not understand it. They have been so long in the darkness they do not understand the light other than it is something they want to not be a part of.

But for those they will be taken care of. You do not need to be concerned about them. Some were escorted off the planet through this process, you are correct. They were taken up in ships and they will be rejuvenated. They will be taken to a certain base in another system and they will be rejuvenated back into the light coming back to understand and know that they have a soul.

Q: I thought from the center it seemed like there were veins that went out. So when we did the light in the center it went out through the veins or tunnels … I don’t know where they went to.

OWS: Yes there are many tunnels there.

Q: Is a part of the Earth grid like how it connects there?

OWS: It is literally physically many tunnels that connect to that base all through and the light was spread through all of these tunnels to the darkest areas. And there will be some that are there that will find freedom because of this.

Q: I went into a pocket and it was really really dark but immediately I felt overwhelming suffering but I was so strong and encouraging and I attracted them to my joy. I showed them joy. For some reason it was very joyful and they were immediately attracted to that.

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. Anyone else here wish to share?

Q: I felt such a rush of gratitude for the opportunity for this to happen and be a part of it.

OWS: Yes. Gratitude all the way around here. You have no idea yet what is occurring at the higher levels here, the higher dimensional levels, as many witnessed this. Many watched this process. Not to raise your egos or anything of this nature but you can say you are [inaudible] now.

Q: I just broke out in tears of joy.

Q: Will we do it again? I’m just curious because as you said some turned toward and might turn back away but if we hit them a few more times would that be helpful?

OWS: It is possible but cannot be said yet at this point. We need to ascertain the effects of this first.

Q: I still feel there’s a lot of light that’s still there. It’s not like it’s going away just because we’re not focused.

OWS: It is not going away. Is not going away. Some will attempt to do what they can to make it go away but good luck with that.

Q: Quan Yin was right there with us too and I could feel the pink light, that rose quartz pink light, also permeate.

OWS: We did not say directly who was there other than know a few but many were there. Many of the ones you know as Ascended Masters were there. Many of the, all of the archangels were there. Many of the Galactics were involved in this process, those from inner Earth and hollow Earth were there. It was a grand undertaking. This has been in the making for a while now. We have been working toward this preparing you.

Q: For me it came out as toning toward the end. I don’t know what that does exactly but it just was like pulling out of me.

OWS: Frequency. It raises the frequency it raises the vibrations. And those in the darkness cannot be in the higher vibration so as you raise the vibrations, as you raise the frequency within an area such as this, it will push them out physically, directly. They cannot remain there.

Q: Were there angels singing? When you said toning I thought I heard angels singing.

OWS: Yes there was this also. We did not say many of these things because we wanted it to be for you to feel and know for yourselves. Some of you are being very quiet and not wanting to necessarily share because you did not know if it was real or did not feel if it was real. But we can assure you it was real and as you hear these various ones sharing here even they may be sharing things that you experienced as well.

Q: The reason I’m being quiet — which is unusual right? – is because it left me speechless. I mean I sobbed and sobbed with joy or being with the Source, that part I didn’t want to come back from. And it’s just been beautiful and it’s so powerful that when I have a spiritual experience it usually leaves me quiet. I can’t find any words, but it was the most powerful experience I’ve ever had. I’m sorry I’ve been quiet but you know you’re all probably glad I was quiet. But it left me absolutely in joy.

OWS: When you are quiet Rita we hear you. And just so you know Rita, Ashtar was there. He was very much there. He was right beside you.

Q: Okay now since you said that I will share something. Yes he was here and do you know I saw his face and even when my eyes are closed because it is my wisdom eye that he calls it, it’s the third eye. And he’s right here. I knew he was right here. Thank you for verifying that though.

OWS: Many of you if you are not aware also your twin flames were there with many of you. You may not be aware of it but they were there with you adding their energy to you bringing the halves into a whole you might say.

Q: I could feel it.

Q: I could feel it too. I felt the exchanging into one another.

Q: Very strong. It was wonderful.

OWS: This is one of the surprises we spoke of here that your twin flames, many of you would have them directly there with you adding their energies. And because of this, because of your willingness to go through with this they will be very much more with you if you wish for them. They will show up more for you in your dreams in your waking state in your vision in your meditations if you want. If you do not want they will stand aside until you are ready. And either way it is okay. That rhymed! Either way it’s okay. Boy we are we good here. [Laughter] We are a poet and do not know it.

Q: Shanti, this is Moses.

OWS: Moses! Did you carry the flag? [Moses declared himself the flagbearer during the planning session]

Q: You know this was a very different experience — unexpected. The light we were relaying was simply so intense that it just overwhelmed everything. And when we reactivated the purple flame that made sure seemed to turn some souls from darkness to purple to a lime color. When they turned lime they just sort of began to look up and float up. I got the sense that Mother God was calling to her children like little kids: ‘come this way, come this way kids.’ It was just emotional. I didn’t need all that armor I got ready. It was just a very emotional activity. It was amazing.

OWS: We only wanted it to be have you be prepared to battle here knowing that it would not be a battle. We had you prepare here.

Q: I saw the children just like you said. That’s exactly what I saw.

OWS: Yes, they were the ones that were being called home.

Q: I thought at first it was their ancestors coming back helping assemble those parts but I realized it was actually their own higher selves coming and integrating those aspects that had been held captive there I would say.

OWS: Yes. In some ways there have been various kinds of weaponry you might say that is able to shatter souls and it is necessary to bring the soul back together, reassemble it. It is the process that you helped in here today.

Q: It’s overwhelming in some ways no?

Now we give you something to consider, something to think about. What you did here this time — and this is why you were chosen for this, as a group, this is why you have been brought together here –because you have all done this before. All of you have done this before in other systems other planets you have done this. This is nothing new for you. It is only new to your mind. It is not new to your soul records, to your Akashic Records. All have this within you.

You are the light workers. You are the light warriors. We are going to change the term now light workers to light warriors. You are Light Warriors.

Q: Tomorrow we’re going to have a conscious group regression session and we’re going to peel back more eons of time. I would like to ask if there is a specific situation or occasion that we should aim for?

OWS: First of all for those of you on the phone this has not been scheduled for you. This is a group past life regression that is being undertaken here. They cannot have those on the phone do this as well because you cannot monitor. So not to exclude you but yes you are being excluded.
Now to your question for what you are attempting to do it would be very helpful for you to put this out to the collective higher selves, not each individual higher self, and then you will have your answer as to where you go. When you go is more the question here. When you go and how you have been together before as a group. Many of you have already been together as groups. And there was one particular time you were all together.

Q: Can I ask you question about twin flames? My twin flame is very very present to me. Very present like constantly. As far as I understand he’s an aspect of another major being. So if I have a relationship with an aspect do I also have a relationship with the higher being or other aspects or how does that work?

OWS: You’re talking in terms of multidimensional aspects of yourself no?

There are so many many aspects of yourself leading all the way up to the higher God Self which would be some consider what is called the monad and this is what would be the highest level because you see and this is for others here who may not understand this as the higher self you have put down portions of yourself portions of energy into lower vibrations. Rather than you as the Higher Self going down into those lower vibrations you put an aspect of yourself down to experience that. And there can be many aspects at one time experiencing their lives and this is all reflective onto the Higher Self, similar to all creation being an aspect of the creative God Source. You see?

Q: So if I have an interaction with someone here and it’s an aspect of another someone, does that other’s someone experience that as well? Can they have that relationship with me as well?

OWS: It is possible yes.

Q: For tomorrow when we’re doing this group thing like you said everybody has all been together at one time …

OWS: [interjecting] Yes Cynthia you were there too! You are not always The Watcher.

Q: Okay so it’s not a different aspect of myself – of my higher self it is, but not of me.

OWS: It is other aspects of yourself, yes.

Q: So it’ll be different aspects of them right? [Yes]

Q: What’s an aspect?

OWS: You are an aspect.

Q: Is it a part that is integrated at some point? What is the aspect? What does that mean?

OWS: It is a portion of your greater potential, let us say this, of who you are. The highest levels of your being.

Q: So how is it that we were together at some other time and we were aspects?

OWS: Because you were not JoAnna, you were not Marilou you were not Cynthia you were not James at those times. You were another aspect of yourself.

Q: Higher aspect of personality? [Yes] Just another incarnation? [Yes] Well you could’ve just said that!

OWS: Well we never just come right out and say it now do we!?!? [Laughter]

Q: But it seems like that’s understood. When we go into a past life it’s because you are in a different incarnation.

OWS: You have to understand that when we speak here we attempt to initiate you into other realms of understanding beyond the normal ways that you tend to think, to prepare you for what you are going to experience when you go through the ascension process. And you will be ready then to have the understanding much more than others who would have none of this at that time. It will be more shocking to them you might say.

Q: Like the understanding of integration.

OWS: There is no past, present and future. All is one, yes.

Q: Our multidimensional self then. [Yes] But would it still be in the 3-D?

OWS: The 3-D the 4-D the 5-D. Yes.

Q: If we go to that particular lifetime.

OWS: Yes that is correct. If that is here on the Earth in terms of lifetimes here, but what if you go to a time when you were in an entirely different universe?

Q: You can kind of explain it by picturing a stack of papers and then punching sharp pencil through the center of the stack of papers. The pencil is your entire existence. Each paper is a separate parallel life that is taking place right now, simultaneously, the same time, and those lives can affect each other. Each piece of paper has a unique existence happening but they affect, they all affect and can touch each other.

OWS: Yes. Very wonderful scientific explanation there.

Q: And there’s another way that Ashtar told me when I asked what multidimensional was. He said it was an echo of you. I didn’t understand. I know what an echo is but … an echo of me. Can you explain that to me?

OWS: We think Rita and others who are hearing this do kind of understand this. You are an echo of yourself. You are an aspect of yourself. You are a memory of yourself. You are so much in terms of the multidimensional self as you have come down from many different levels of vibration over the many countless eons of time, as you understand time, and you have come down and down and down into levels of vibration. So all of you have, at one time or another, been in the higher vibrations. At one time or another you did ascend. You have been Ascended Masters, just not here on the Earth. You see?

Q: You mean after we passed on we ascended? [No] We wouldn’t ascend in our physical body. Is this the only time that I would be taking my physical body this time.

OWS: Yes but we are speaking in terms of long before this earth evolution here. Long before this.

Q: When we experience a past life regression, if everything is happening at one time, are we just visiting a parallel line? Are we just peeking in on some event that has already occurred as a parallel life?

OWS: Sometimes that can be but mostly when you do this you are peeking in, as you say, on other aspects of you, the Higher Self of you.

Q: Okay so the term past life is misunderstood.

OWS: Yes. Very much so.

Q: You could check if we have two aspects in the same experience now or 3 or 10 or 20 or whatever in this 3-D reality that we experience. Other aspects of you experiencing yourself as your neighbor down the street. I don’t know if that’s how it works but that’s how I understand it.

Q: Wouldn’t that be a physical twin flame?

OWS: No not as the twin flame … [inaudible]

Q: So what you’re saying is, if I understand in my frame of reference, that the soul has the ability to put down many physical bodies. Is that what you’re saying?

OWS: Yes that is correct but it is not the soul. The soul is simply a record. A record of mind written in spirit. Think on that one for some time. [It makes sense.] Yes, but you have heard this before Cynthia so you have had many years to grasp that concept. Others hear it for the first time and they say, “What did he just say? What was that? A mind written in spirit? How do you to that? Take that pencil that Tad talked about and write it there?”

OWS: Almost! Almost that.

Q: I kind of see it as different roles in a play. So right now in this play I’m playing Randi and I dive into this role and maybe another time I might dive into another role and they’re all there to experience to learn to grow something in each role or help or lift up or whatever is you’re doing in each role, but this is the one I’m focused on right now where this energy is focused.

OWS: Yes. Your personality as RandI is focused on this particular life. But at the same time simultaneously there are myriad levels of yourself at the same time that are operating and moving through their existence in parallel in multidimensional experience. Many different levels. And even in other universes. Knock that one out.

Q: In time space [inaudible] If they’re doing really well, like one of these aspects of myself or a few others, doesn’t that help lift me up even though maybe I don’t know it – like help me along?

OWS: Yes. It does not necessarily help you as Cynthia but it does help you as the higher essence that you are. So yes, in that respect.

Q: So when you have what would appear to be past life memories, how do you know that those are definitely your memories or that you might be accessing the Akashic Record?

OWS: You don’t but that is okay. You are accessing the Akashic Record and what better way is there for you to experience who you have been before and beyond this existence here on the Earth way before this? The Akashic Record holds all and if you are able to access the Akashic Record you have the opening to everything that you have been; your entire soul record is there.

Q: But could you access somebody else’s soul record and it would occur like your own?

OWS: No not in that respect. You can access another soul record, their Akashic Record, yes, but it is not yours.

Q: It’s not going to occur like it’s yours?

OWS: No.

Q: You also have to have permission I’m told as well.

OWS: That is correct.

Q: I just wanted to get sure that the memories I had were actually my memories and not somebody else’s.

OWS: They are yours but not yours as the personality necessarily that you are speaking of here. They are yours at the higher level of who you are.

Q: Do we have the same personality each lifetime even though we’re male sometimes (and female other times) do we keep that personality? Is that personality given to us when we are created or do we have different ones?

OWS: As a conglomeration of all the personalities that you have been before. All of the personalities that you have been at all of the different multi-dimensional levels that you are, all go into making who you are. But you forget. When you come into this life as you have you forgot. And this was purposeful for you could not have come into this evolution here and brought all of this with you and been able to function here in this three-dimensional illusionary level. You see?

Q: Can you explain the Law of One. David Wilcox says that in the Law of One they tell us that we’re all one being and that those who are watching us see us as bi-polar practically or fractured because we’re all really just one. So if we’re all really one being, why is the emphasis on all this division then?

OWS: Because you all began, we all began as one, as the One Source. [Q: Inaudible] Yes and no. This is why when you communicate with your Higher God Self and you develop that communication there will be much in the way of dichotomy as the answers come to you. They will be very much disconcerting as they are coming to you because they will be from a higher vibrational level that is attempting to come down to you at your level and it is difficult to bring that connection forward, but it can come and it will come. [Interruption] We need to finish here with this one who has asked. Is this an understanding The Law of One? [No] You are all one. We are all one. And we are all separate. Because we are individual spirits.

Q: Individual spirits? But are we …

[Q: Interjection] But aren’t we all one in purpose. Is that what it is? And we are individual but it’s our one all in purpose.]

OWS: Not all in one purpose necessarily but the purpose of the God Source is to spread out, you might say, to have experiences and we are all the experience of the God Source.

Q: Isn’t it kind of like we’re all individual cells …

OWS: This is Fifth Dimensional 101 people! [Laughter]

Q: The only way I’ve been able to understand it, this, all-being-one and yet we’re separate. You know you’re you and I’m me. So we’re like different cells that have our own unique identity but we’re part of the one big body or the one thing. [OWS: The God Source, yes.] And that’s like the Cosmic Flame, it’s all individual colors working as a whole.

OWS: When you did this experience across the Rainbow Bridge, and you moved into that light there and you immersed yourself in it, did you feel like you became one with it? [Yes] But at the same time you were one with it you were also aware of yourself being in that one. This is what we speak of here.

Q: I became water. I don’t know why.

OWS: Very Good. You do not need to know why. There is not a why there. There is just an is.

Q: It felt like I was everything all at once.

OWS: Yes. Everything all at once and at the same time nothing. That is the dichotomy that we speak of here.

Q: So why wouldn’t we be focusing more on understanding the oneness versus the dichotomy?

OWS: You are moving toward that. But to take a three dimensional mind and attempt to bring it into the fifth dimension and beyond in understanding there needs to be a transition here. This is the transition we are taking you through.

Q: Can I ask you about this whole experience of how we move from life to life? First of all the way a personality is created or an individual – I won’t say identity is created is that something happens and we say something about life or ourself or other people like I’m you know I’m selfish or I’m not very good at math or all these things we say and it becomes a part of our identity. But when I remembered these past lives and I kind of started to look at that like map it out and I saw that it was a similar process or it looked to be from where I sat where like the last thought I had when I died would propel to another life where I could explore that and then it was again another one and when I died the last thought would propel to another life. Is that a pretty true way it works?

OWS: It is not so much of the last thought it is all the thoughts. Every single thought that you have had in your entire existence is a part of your soul record. Think on that.

Q: Well I think the last thought is more like a conglomeration of a whole bunch of stuff actually.

OWS: This is so much beyond the three-dimensional mind to understand. We did not expect that this would occur here this evening but we are doing it anyway, and no one has said not to, so we are moving ahead. And the questions that you’re asking are very deep very profound. This is an example of awakening. Those who have awakened would only be the ones asking these types of questions because you are ready. You are ready to move through this transition. You are ready to move through the ascension process and to fully ascend as the frequencies raise enough both as a collective and as individuals.

We need to release channel here and before we do though we need to say this to for the benefit of the one who does the transcriptions here. This is important. Do not transcribe all of this. It will be in the recording it will be in the audio as you understand it. You will be able to listen to it but it is going to be too much for anyone to … your archaic typing here. See? It is up to you we cannot say to do it or not to do it, but we are suggesting here that there is much here and it will be overwhelming. It is up to you though if you want to do parts of it or whatever. There is much information here. Much information.

We need to release channel. We will be back with all of you tomorrow evening. We have a date, a time, and we are going to be with you and continue on with this process here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
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