17.03.19 – The Timelines Are Going To Begin To Split Apart Where Eventually You Will Have Only Two

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Sananda, Archangel Michael, and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during special Sunday Prepare For Change group thru James McConnell in Phoenix, AZ on March 19, 2017 and broadcast by Anne DeHart over Blog Talk Radio

Anne: Welcome to our special call. Today is Sunday, March 19, 2017. It is not our regularly scheduled, first Sunday of the month call because today is the day before the spring equinox, the March 20th date that we’re all so primed for. Today we will be hearing from Sananda and Archangel Michael through James McConnell our channel here.

And with that I’m going to turn it over to you, James.

James: We’re going to go into a quick meditation. I will start it and Sananda will come in to take over leading it. Then He will present his message.


I AM Sananda. And I always so enjoy these times I can spend with you.

I know that these times are going to increase greatly because I have taken over, in some sense, the workings with this group. It has become my charge you might say and I will be working diligently with you. Along with all of those that work alongside of me and all of those that mentor to me and that I mentor as well, we will all be working together hand in hand to bring this ascension process to fruition, to fulfillment.

But know that the only thing that is stopping this from coming to complete fulfillment is you, yourself, as a collective, as a collective consciousness. You, each one are part of this collective consciousness. Each one are part of spreading the light. And whatever part you can play is a grand part indeed. For even the smallest of the small can create a tremendous wave of light, a wave of love. Know that.

As you continue to work with these energies; as you continue to acclimate to these many energies these varying energies that are coming, some are feeling it greater than others, some do not understand what is happening. I speak now of the collective: many are becoming disillusioned; many are becoming bewildered; many are becoming tired of all the confusion that the three-dimensional illusion continues to bring. But those of you who know this is an illusion can now move beyond it. You can now move into the creative ability that you each one have — have always had. Just come into it now. Come into it as it is your own for you are the creator, you create your entire being. You create your entire life in front of you. Many say you create your reality. But create now the reality that is beyond this 3-D illusion. Create the reality in the higher vibrations, the higher frequencies, yes, the higher dimensions. Create it now, be the creator. No longer be the created; be the creator as that you are meant to be. And as the creator there is nothing that can stop you. As the creator there is nothing that you cannot withstand. As the creator you are the being of love that you have always been.

Think on that now, meditate on that now and you will come to understand of all that I speak of now. And all that we, as a collective that continue to work with you, have been speaking of.

I am going to step aside now and let our dear brother Michael speak with you. All of my peace and love be with all of you. I AM Sananda.

Archangel Michael

And I AM Archangel Michael. I Am your brother, I am your loved one just as you are my loved ones and you are my brothers and sisters. Friends together through eternity.

I have been charged with this ascension process in making sure that it all comes through. And I tell you now there is nothing that can stop it … nothing that can stand in its way! There is so much that can be shared and there is so much yet that cannot be shared. But what can be now is the moment that you are arriving at. These moments of time in your sense I have spoken of, others have spoken of this day that you are coming upon, this spring equinox. The day that is going to begin a shift of consciousness unlike anything you have felt before. It is not to say that tomorrow will bring the event, will bring the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun, but it is the precursor of this, it is the beginning of this, it is the beginning of the many things.

There is a gateway that will be opening; it is already in the process now and will complete on the 20th. There is an energy that is coming, several different types of energy that is coming. You can call them waves of energy, waves of love, similar to what came in your year past but even more so.

For those that have been acclimating to these energies will feel the energies differently than many others. Many will feel this new day, this new dawn that is approaching and it will be just like any other day for many. But for you, those of you that are aware and have been preparing for this, you will be feeling this differently. You will wake up tomorrow and you will feel a sense, a deep sense of something there, something that you cannot quite put your finger on or quite grasp but yet it will be there. You will have it, you will feel it. And it will lead to many of you having visions, having more awakening dreams, dreams that will take you into another world into another understanding. This is coming from this opening of this Gateway.

You are shifting now. You are beginning to shift through timelines but the timelines are going to begin to split apart where eventually you will have only two. This is where it has been said the wheat will be separated from the chafe. The haves from the have-nots, the light from the dark. All of this is a part of the process that you are moving through. All of this is a part of the transition as you continue to move ahead in your advancement, your advancement of love within you, of moving back within your heart’s center, moving above the lower chakras that so many have been ensconced within for a very long time – many, many lifetimes– and now moving into the heart center, into that center of oneness within you, into that connection once again with your higher Godself and that knowing of that connection. For when that whisper comes, as so often does, you will now hear the whisper and you will turn to it and say, ‘yes, I understand. I understand and I am ready to let go. I am ready to move on within my being, within my consciousness.’

You have so much to look forward to, my dear friends, so much. But so much that you have created that you have brought into being those of you the light workers, the light sharers, the light bringers, you are the ones that are making all of this possible. You are the ones that are going to draw the ships down from above. You are the ones that are going to bring the energies from below where the Agarthan realm can begin to show themselves, can begin to announce themselves. You are the ones that are here in this moment in this now to bring all of this about.

And there is one other change that is happening: that is the reconnection of the many ley lines and the connecting structures, temples, pyramids, all of the sacred sites being connected once again on these waves of light … no longer connected by the darkness.

For so long, those of the dark have taken these spaces, these energy sites and utilized them for their own means. But they have been taken back! They are being reconnected now and tomorrow the 20th will see not the completion but near completion of all of these centers. There are still some to move ahead with, still some that need to be connected or reconnected once again but that is also coming soon.

I AM Archangel Michael and I, as Sananda, enjoy these moments that I can be with you that I can share with you that I can help you to understand what the process that you are going through, because please understand that it is not a process that has ever been done before in this way. So it is very unique to this evolution of man. And I only ask now that you continue to trust in yourselves, trust in each other to make all of this come to the fulfillment that it was always meant to be.

All my peace and love be with all of you. Take this Light and spread it far and wide.

One Who Serves

Om mani padme hum. Om mani padme hum. Hum. Hum. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to assist you in any way we can. Do not have a message for use so let’s get right on with the show here right on with the questions. Are there any questions here for us that we might be able to be of service to you?

… And we get silence. We do not bite. We are here with you, we are doing this right along with you and we are no greater or lesser than you are. Please understand that. It would be as if — just for a moment think about this: when those of us come down from the ships and come up from below and wherever we may come from and we join you and we are there in front of you — especially such as Ashtar or Sananda or Archangel Michael … can you imagine Archangel Michael with his great wings and blue sword standing there in front of you and are you going to be awestruck or kneel down in front of him and worship him and all of this!?!? Or are you going to say, ‘My brother, you are here!’ And go up and clasp his hand, or better yet, give him a great big hug. You see, that is what we all will want. We do not want you kneeling in supplication or anything of this nature. Even if Sanat Kumara comes on his great white horse — his great, great, large white horse I might say too – and you are there seeming very little and puny in front of him. Do not kneel to him. Embrace him because you are one with him and he is one with you. We are all one together. We are all in this together. Okay? Now please ask your questions!


Q: Can you tell us something fun about Camelot, Knights of the Round Table, or Excalibur.

OWS: We can tell you that it was not so much as your fables as your myths and all of this have said but yet there is some semblance of similarity to those things. There is the connection to your Merlin and all of this and Arthur and much of this was correct. Certain of your movies have shown this in a more realistic fashion we can say. Not so much your Camelot — not that one — but other ones have shown a great deal of significance to this and what it all meant. And we speak about this in terms of the about the connection to the table. The roundtable you understand of this. Well understand that the tables that are in the councils are mostly round. They are not square or rectangular, they are round tables because then there is no one at the head of the table. You see? So all of that was a precursor or rather it was a remembrance you might say to those that came from the councils. And those that sat around the table had been those that had been in councils previously. And we can say that there are several here in this room and also a few here that we are connecting to that are on the phone now that were also sitting at that very table. Did not think of yourselves as a Knight of the Roundtable, did you? But you were. Many of you were. And there is even one that is the great one who is Guinevere, that figure In your history that is also listening in on the phone at this time. And this one is not a she at this time it is a he in this lifetime so good luck with coming up with which one it is. (laughter)

Q: Does Archangel Michael oversee the Sword of Excalibur?

OWS: Not in that sense no but there is a direct relationship to that sword you are speaking of. And that sword is the Sword of Truth the sword of bringing together the kingdoms that were available at that time. That is part of the symbology here. And there is somewhat of a connection here as we are looking further into this now to the Sword of Truth yes with Michael. But he directly does not watch over this and there is not a sword laying at the bottom of a lake that is being held by the Lady of the Lake. Just so you know that part was made up. Would somebody like to follow that one?

Anne: I received a call from a distraught mother about her 32-year-old son in critical care due to an overdose of heroin. She’s been told by the doctors that his prognosis is not good and she is not wanting to accept that. He has a 3-year-old son and she believes that he is really trying to stay and she has asked for what help that we can offer. Of course I reminded her that we cannot ask for a specific outcome — we cannot specify what the solution should be — we can only strengthen the good of the final solution. Is there anything we can do for her and for her son? Any comment from One Who Serves?

OWS: Yes we can say here for those of you that would pray for this one or for any other one as well anyone that you know of. When you pray do not pray in supplication. Do not pray asking for what it is you want or even asking what you think that one that is going through this is wanting but what is needed at the higher levels of that one’s being. That is what you are praying for. So you are asking; you are asking and then you will receive, or those who are needing this will receive in this case. So allow for it.

Send it out and then let it go, whatever it is, and ask for the highest of this one’s being to be fulfilled here. Do not be concerned about those that are being left behind if that is the case here, they will move through this process as they need to because it is a process that all will go through or all have gone through rather at various times in your previous lifetimes. So if it is meant to be it will be whatever it is going to be.

But please understand that everything is being orchestrated always and in all ways as well. So there is never a situation that comes up that is not a part of the grander plan here. So know this as this occurs. Yes this particular one took it upon himself to imbibe or to overdose in this case with the use of a drug and that is the choice of the one who does this. And there is also that sense of being on the fence for this one now at this moment; not sure if wants to stay or wants to go. And there is also a connection from other levels you might say that are involved here as well. Cannot go into detail on this right now but the one who is experiencing this would understand what we are saying here. That is all we can give at this time for this.

Q: The meditations are great in uplifting our vibration and, in turn, helps uplift the vibration of the planet. Then Monday comes around and many of us have to work. What are some practical things that we can do that keep our vibrations high throughout our workday and throughout our week?

OWS: A wonderful question and we will answer it in this way. Always know that you are in the now in moment. Do not live in the past. Do not live in the future. Your future will come soon enough. (There’s that word ‘soon’,) but it will come and it will be here in the next moment and the next moment and the next moment and you will create within the now moment your future as you move ahead. So as you are in the now moment, whenever you can, find yourself moving into higher vibrations. And then you say well One Who Serves, how do we move into higher vibrations? We do not understand that? You do not understand that because the forces that-have-been in the past have done all that they can to keep you from understanding that very fact: that you can be in the higher vibrations. Because you see they wanted to keep you in the lower vibrations, the lower frequencies because there they could be in control. But you are moving beyond that now, beyond the illusion. So in order to move up into the higher vibrations just think higher; feel higher. It is that simple.

Think, feel, the higher level of emotions within you. Feel a sense of love. Move out into nature — we have said this many, many times — move out into nature and feel the grass under your bare feet. Move into a stream, again bare feet if you can, and feel the water, feel the energy of the water, feel the consciousness of the water. And if you do this you cannot help but be in the higher vibrations in that very moment and in the next moment and in the next moment and so on and so on. So the more that you think and feel in the higher frequencies you will be in those higher frequencies. You see? That is how it works. It is not rocket science here or anything of that nature it is just reality in the higher vibrations that you already are. And as you come more and more to understand that you are already in these higher vibrations you will be in those higher vibrations. You see?

Q: Based on the last question this is what I heard. When you said be in the now, it sounds like when we think about Monday morning or the workweek coming we anticipate the negative so we’re anticipating a negative future. So your answer to be in the now is about letting go of that anticipation. Is that right?

OWS: Yes that is correct. Very good. Do not think about the Monday blahs or whatever you call them. For how many of you — we are searching in the James consciousness here where he is remembering back — you go all week long and you finally come to Friday (what is that: TGIF thank God it’s Friday) and you go party or you watch football or baseball or some of you do shopping or whenever you do on the weekends — and you are having a grand time but always you are thinking about Monday coming. And how does that keep you in the higher vibrations? You are thinking and anticipating: Oh my goodness we have to go back to work again, back to the jail again. And as soon as you start thinking that you create that lower vibration at that moment. You are still in the now but now you are in the lower vibrations, the lower frequencies just because of that one simple thought. Oh my goodness we’ve got Monday coming up. It’s only Friday and you’re already thinking about Monday. [Knowing laughter] Live! Love! You see? Have fun. Be in joy! This is why we say to the James every time he ends his blog: be in joy. This is the reason and he wonders sometimes, why do I have to put this each time. We just smile and he does it anyway. That is kind of the Jedi mindset of ours.

Q: I have become aware of the Maha Chohan’s etheric retreat that is above the Hatale tea plantation in Kandy, Sri Lanka. I have an opportunity to visit the tea estate and I was wondering if One Who Serves could please tell us a little bit about that particular etheric retreat and if there is anything that is suggested that I prepare in order to have a proper experience in the highest fulfillment

OWS: We can tell you that as you are moving toward that retreat do not think of it as a retreat. Do not think of it in that respect. Think of that as a movement forward a movement higher into consciousness and take that higher level of consciousness or those higher frequencies with you as you go. Do not think in terms of things that can go wrong along the way, think of everything that is going to be right along the way; everything that you are going to see that is beautiful in front of you. In that way you will prepare yourself and feel the journey much more as you are moving into that process. Now this particular retreat or advancement in consciousness that is going to be taking place is something that has been done for a very long time. A connection where those come together to bring themselves into those higher vibrations where all come together as one. It is a time of remembrance, it is the time of love, it is a time to share with each and every one. Very similar to some of your celebrations here in the United States but different in terms of a spiritual connection that is not so often the evidence here in your various celebrations here.

Q: Could you shed some light on or share anything on the battles that are going on where underground bases are being blown up by the Galactic Federation of Light to get rid of negative energies. Is this true or not?

OWS: Yes we can tell you that as always it is: So above, so below. So while these things are happening below the earth there are also many of these types of battles and such that are happening above the earth as well. There are many of these things that are going on at this time where the Light is overcoming the forces of darkness. And all of this though is out of your vision, out of your knowing in most respects. Every once in a while someone comes forward and shares something. They put it on your Internet or your YouTube, or something of this nature, and it helps to bring about more greater awareness. Now that is not to become though ensconced in the things that are going on; not to be thinking about bases being blown up and all of these things even if that is what is happening. But do not think about it in that terminology. Think about it as everything is being cleared out, the negativity is being cleared out, the darkness is being cleared out. And as the darkness is cleared out the Light moves in. That is how you need to think about all of this. So even though these things are happening, it is not something for you to be concerned about because if you were concerned about it then you are staying there within the old 3-D realm of disillusionment and illusion here. So do not become as we say here ensconced in this, instead be above it. Be aware of it but do not be concerned with it. Know it is as part of the orchestration that is occurring here.

Q: I want to share a dream I had about being in the Himalayas working a regular everyday sort of life, normal things happening and so on and so forth. Suddenly there was a huge boom off into the mountain range and everyone came outdoors and wondered if it was from the war going on. And as everybody looked one way, somebody shouted to look in the opposite direction. There was a huge avalanche coming down the ravine of the Himalayas. At that moment everyone took off running in different directions. I ran a little ways ahead and found a hole to jump into. In my dream I clung onto a rock ledge underneath as this thundering avalanche went on overhead. And as I’m hanging on for dear life I looked over and through a break in the rock I could see a bunch of people hanging from long swings. They were laughing and having fun as if it was a wonderful day. They motioned for me to come over and join them and I did. The dream was so visceral that I yelled when I woke up. To me it felt like the initial boom was some sort of big event that happened that got everybody’s attention, but the avalanche was really what was happening. It was the feeling we are in this moment like there’s some sort of massive, massive energy coming at us.

OWS: Very good. That was a wonderful dream certainly and it is indicative of those others will be having; similar types of dreams in many respects in terms of bringing an avalanche or a tsunami or flood or many different things but the important thing is the boom. The boom that came all at once and brought everyone’s attention. Think about that now in terms of the pulse of energy coming to the Earth and getting everyone’s attention at the same time or over a certain period of time and this is what is indicative of this. And many are going to be experiencing it.

And we bet that you wanted to jump right back into that dream when you woke up, did you not? Yes get ready people, get ready. We keep telling you get ready it’s going to get rocky at times along the way. That’s why we keep telling the James to put on your seat belts to hold you down because it is going to get rather bumpy at times. But you are going to move through it. You’re going to weather through it and it will calm. You will come out the other side. Come out clean and crisp and smelling like a rose.

Q: I’m kind of (intensely) worried about the sea level. I live right at sea level and I would like to know if this thing I am feeling is possibly telling me to move out of here. I am so thankful to be alive and to be able to experience life itself that everything else I know doesn’t matter, but I get these worries. Once I spoke with the Yeshua and he told me don’t ever hesitate to ask if someone is around. So that is what I’m doing.

OWS: Very good. If you are coming from fear in this respect that the area you are going to be in is going to become flooded then you begin to bring that to you. And you then send that out to others as a collective around you, so you always must think in terms of the collective consciousness here. And certainly in an area such as in California, if everyone began to think about earthquakes all of a sudden you would create an earthquake. You see the consciousness creates all of this. So with respect to where you are, do not think in terms of fear, feel in terms of love and higher vibrations and higher feelings. And if you do so, if that whisper comes to you and says time to move then move. If you are meant to be in another situation in another place if there were to be some type of catastrophe or something, that is all being orchestrated. So allow it to be orchestrated out of love not from fear.

Q: I’m going to go right into the lion’s den and bring this up. Where are we going in the higher realms with our sexuality? Do we need to open up people’s acceptance and allowance of freedom regarding their sexuality, regarding relationships and love relationships meaning it can be any way you want it?

OWS: Can we come into the lion’s den with you? The reason we say that is because the idea of sexuality in your life has been largely played in a different direction; not something that was meant to be. So it is not something you are to be ashamed of or anything of this nature because it is natural. It is natural for you to have these feelings because you are in the physical body. You are in the level of consciousness that needs to have companionship, needs to have touch and feeling and emotion attached to all of this so there is never reason to think in terms of being ashamed of what you are feeling or experiencing … as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else. So allow it to be.

Now as far as having sexuality continue in the higher realms, yes it will. It will if you want it to. It is a matter of choice. It will always be a matter of free will. Choice is exactly that: free will. But the powers- that-were have taken this free will idea and turned it around to use for themselves so that they made the idea of sexuality dirty. Or many different partners and all of this is something that is not supposed to be, and that is not the way it is at all. In the olden times, long ago in Atlantis and Lemuria, there was not this idea of one partner for your entire life because, you see, your partner here in this lifetime now maybe 30, 40, 50 years or something. Now multiply that by 10. Think about being with the same partner for 500 or 5000 years! So it was not meant to be forever if you did not want it to be. So in those times when two people joined together, they did not join for an entire lifetime unless they wanted it to be. And they could have multiple partners because there was nothing saying they couldn’t if both were wanting that. You see? So do not worry about this. It will come as it needs to.

Your entire life is going to change as we have said but it is not going to change so drastically that you do not even know yourself anymore. You will still have those things — especially as you are going through the transitional stage — you will still have those things which bring you joy in the times now. It will just be at higher levels. You will not be going to the horror movies and things of this nature anymore. That will not be because consciousness will not allow it anymore. Your consciousness and your collective consciousness will not allow it. So if one would create a movie such as this no one would go to see it. So how long do you think they would continue to create those types of movies? This goes for violence and all of this, this will largely be curtailed and brought down to a more manageable level for your consciousness.

Q: I’ve been working for years and years on [writing] courses which I feel have been sent down to me to be sort of the guardian, the person to start to put it into place. It’s all on my computer but nothing really appreciable has happened with them yet. It hasn’t been used. So I guess I’m just looking for validation, encouragement, and the right direction to go with that.

OWS: Whatever it is you are speaking of, and this goes for all now, not just for this one who asked this question but for all. If you are feeling a need to write, are feeling a need to speak, or whatever it is, do it. Allow it to come through you. Allow yourself to be the channel that brings these energies through you. It does not have to be channeling in this respect as a director voice type, it can be automatic writing as you call it, it can be in song, it can be in play, it can be in many things, many ways you can help to assist in this process. All you need to do — if you want to, if you’re ready — is say use me. I am here. I want to be of service. And when you say that and you really mean that, get ready because we’re going to use you in many different ways. So understand that. And Sananda has spoken of this before many times, when you are ready to be … not chosen so much, but choose yourself to be on the various councils. There will be many councils that will be needed. All of those government positions that are out there now, they will all be gone. Eventually they will all be gone and they will be replaced by these types of councils that are across the entire galaxy and even the universe.

So everything again is being orchestrated, so if you were meant to do something you will do it if you allow for that process to happen.

Q: Five years ago after 80 years of good health I contracted bone marrow cancer. Since then I’ve had cataracts, [??] I’m going for a throat investigation because I can’t swallow anymore. Why are these things all of a sudden hitting me? Another thing that’s affecting me is I’m feeling a sense of being a liability to people who have to concern themselves with my health.

OWS: Your question is something that many across the planet are also wondering at this time. But it’s not so much just this time, it has been all times here. When they come closer and closer to end of life and all of this as you know it, you come to various maladies and illnesses and cancer and all of these types of things and you wonder, why me. Why me Lord? Why do I have to go through this? But as you ask that you already know the answer. You already know that you came in with a contract to follow through here, to be a part of this. And it is not just for you to go through but it is for those around you to go through as well in whatever respect that they are needing to do it. You see? All are learning from the process. And if you allow for this, even though you yourself is the one that has to go through this, you are doing so willingly at the higher levels of your being. You came in willingly to go through this. You see?

Now, knowing that, that does not mean that it needs to continue because at some point you can simply say, I am done with this. I do not need to continue on with this contract, and ask your Higher Self if this is something you need to have continue. If it is it will continue. If it is not you can end it. You can end your contract. It is your contract; it is your free will. Know that people. Know that. You come in with a contract, yes, you come in with a blueprint to follow but it is up to you to follow it or not follow it. There will be those that will be nudging you along to make sure you continue to follow the blueprint that you came in for but you can also say, I do not want to go through this anymore.

At that point when you begin to say that, if you are willing to let go — and that is the key here is letting go — because if you continue to do everything that you have always done you are going to continue to get the same results. You see? So for those that have an illness or something of this nature if you continue to do what brought you to that illness you continue to have it. So someone who is say diagnosed with cancer for the first time and came out of nowhere you might say, you visited the doctor and they did a test and they said oh you have cancer, and before that you did not even know that you had it. But now that you know you have it, now it becomes to be created more and more within you and you begin to fall into that whole medical model. So we would say to you to fall out of that medical model as much as you can. That does not mean if you are on heart care medication or blood pressure medication and you have been for years, and they tell you if you get off of that you’re going to die or something of this nature, we’re not saying to get off of that at that point. But if you feel that calling that says now is the time; now is the time to begin to wean yourself off of this, off of this medication, off of the thinking of illness and disease and all of these things that are part of the illusion only. They are only part of this 3D illusion and we have said many times as you continue to move up the vibrations and allow yourself to move into higher dimensions you will not have these maladies any longer. They cannot be. You cannot be in your heart center and have these types of things happen to you. You see? It is only from the mind.

Q: Well I’m fortunate in one case and that is I haven’t taken a pill in 50 years so I don’t have to worry about getting off any prescriptions, but in any case I appreciate your answer and I’ll be more than conscious of my thought process from now on.

OWS: Yes we would say to you to listen to this recording again and again, and this particular part of it, and bring it into your being. When you first hear it It does not necessarily resonate fully within you, but if you listen to it over and over it will begin to make more and more sense to you and it will have more meaning to you.

Q: What can you tell us about Antarctica and can we get an update on the New Republic.

OWS: Regarding Antarctica there is much that is coming forward in this, much that is going to be revealed. At this point it is not quite determined yet what is going to be revealed and how much at this time. It is in the process of negotiation between those forces of the Light and those that are attempting to still hold on to whatever level of control they think they still have. And I say that purposely in that respect. Whatever control they think they still have because they are no longer in control as they have thought. So much of this is going to be coming forward and is going to be shocking for a great many. Maybe not so much for those of you but it will be shocking for many across the planet as these things are revealed for the first time. And where it comes forward first from your alternative media but then also it will be taken up by the more mass media as well, when they fully relinquish control there as well. But you understand once it is revealed that you are not alone in the universe everything changes. Everything begins to shift and change and that will also then lead to those of your brothers and sisters showing their smiling faces from above as they come down and land. First contact as you understand it.

There new Republic is already here. It is all ready to be rolled out. It is already in process. It just needs to have the final release you might say of those who are in the government and as you understand it in the corporation government and when they are at the point when they are made, forced you might say, to relinquish control as well. And once they have relinquished control the Republic will be announced, NESARA will come forward, your RV will come forward as well, and so on and so on. You will begin very soon to see several of those that you know that are part of this 3D illusion — you will see some of the names that you have come to know — as they are taken under arrest.

Q: You mentioned the landings. Is there anything you can say to give us a little idea of first contact?

OWS: Aramda last week spoke a little bit about this and he will be returning in the next week or two to give more on this as well because everything is coming to a head where they are in the process of preparing; preparing for this first contact, preparing to begin to show themselves enmass across the planet where many will have the sightings at once. So with the forces that still believe they are in control, if they do not relinquish then the Galactics are going to take it upon themselves to begin to show themselves more. Then there will be no question and it will force those to come forward and say what has been occurring here. But they are still being given the opportunity to go out with some semblance of dignity.

Q: I received a message and I’m wondering whether or not this was to prompt the divine feminine or in relation to some personal circumstance in my life. The message was ‘the bride is not asked questions.’ Just wondering why I received that particular collection of words.

OWS: This quote here “the bride is not asked questions,” this is from much higher than you are getting here. This is in the higher level in terms of the connection of the masculine and the feminine and the union between the two that brings about the birth, you might say, of the Christ Consciousness. So it is the coming together of the two. Now the bride or the groom, they are in this together. They are not separate and not one or the other is in control. You must come to understand that. That again was something that was created by the dark forces to assume control over the feminine, to assume control over the goddess here. And that was allowed for a very long time but of course that has come to an end. And it is coming to the understanding — and will more and more in your society — that there is no one higher than the other, that male and female are all one and have always been one. So not to be concerned about this in any respect, it is just simply a message that came to you that is a higher level message that can be revealed as we are doing here, and you can reveal it as well as you are moving through your ascension process.

Q: Are there any Olympic style tournaments on peaceful planets like Venus and Helios? Would there be any Olympic tournaments or tournaments of power?

OWS: Your idea of Olympics is something that is here within the illusionary state that has been created long ago with the Greek Olympics. This is something that at some level will continue on during your transition period. In other words you will not go from one day having the world Olympics to the next day not having them, but it will be a transition away from this because this is all about competition. And it is not comeptition in many respects of love, it is competition in terms of one being greater than the other and that will be discouraged as you continue on because consciousness itself will move in that direction and will not allow for this type of competition. You will still be competitive in some respects, still have various types of sports and some things of this nature, but it will not be types of bloodletting sports such as boxing and things of this nature. That will go away.

Q: I’m desperate or I would not have called in today. I had an accident that left me with a spinal cord injury which forced me to give up my cat refuge. I have been on narcotics for 12 years, have managed to cut back, and sometimes don’t take them at all. The doctor who wrote my prescriptions retired a year ago last January. There is not a doctor around here that will take me. I have been to all the specialists and I’m running out of medication (I’ve got about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks left,) but I am feeling desperate now because I will not be able to tolerate the pain.

I’m calling to see if anyone out there has any contacts that could help me before the currency exchange or until I can be taken to a healing chamber. I have wonderful ideas and I keep thinking that God has given me these ideas to implement which makes me feel hopeful but I’m also more scared than ever before.

OWS: We wish to address this first before anything else here. What you are telling you here is that you are closing in on the end of your contract for this. It is not something that is going to continue on forever as your life here continues. It is something that is a part of the process now but it is something that you can move through. You are saying that you’re living on your own, you are doing those things which you have come to understand that can be of assistance to you but there is something that is missing. You are missing something here.

You are missing the idea that there is a pattern that has developed here and that pattern is continuing to create the process that you are in; continuing to create the reality that you are in. You have created this reality because of this pattern so for you to end this you have to end the pattern. You have to end the thinking in this way. You have to end that there is something that must continue; that this contract you have come in with has to continue. It does not at this time.

You can and did ask for help. We know that you have asked for help but as you are asking for the help you must ask it from your Higher Self and not anyone outside of your self, but from within yourself. Go within. Find that healing strength within you. That is the only place where the healing comes from. As Yeshua said that it “is the Father within Him that doith the works,” not Him of Himself, you see. So allow for the process to continue but change it. Change it into what can be in the higher vibrations.

If you also listen to this again you will come to understand that which we are saying here. We are not saying to eliminate everything that you are doing but we are saying to change some things because the things you are doing are not working. And if they are not working then it is time to do something different. That is all we can say here.

We need to release channel.

We are going to end this with this understanding: just to continue on knowing that you are right in the moment that you need to be. We say this many times but many times you did not realize you do not really understand that which we are saying. Just be in the moment and know that the moment you are in is right where you need to be and everything is happening as it needs to. We are going to end here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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