17.03.05 – “The Sleeper Must Awaken” – Sananda, Aramda, and OWS

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(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change groupB and joint call with Anne DeHart over Blog Talk Radio in Phoenix, AZ on March 5, 2017)

This is Anne DeHart. We have James here with us now so I’ll just turn it over to him. Today’s date is Sunday, March 5, 2017 and we have a very special and great show coming up so over to you James McConnell.

James: Thank you Anne. Normally we have Sue here doing this introduction part so I’m doing this for the first time. Normally I’m getting ready to do the channeling but it’s going to be a little bit different this time. Rather than the One Who Serves doing the meditation I’m going to start the meditation. I believe at some point Sananda is going to come in and take over and then continue on with his message after, as well as another one who will come after that. Then we have a question and answer session with the One Who Serves (OWS). And for anybody who doesn’t know that is a collective of Ascended Masters. There’s five or six of them and they go by the title of One Who Serves. I don’t know who they were in past lives, they’ve never shared that with me because they’re not big on names obviously if they go by One Who Serves. So we’re going to just get into a nice relaxed state now and begin a short guided meditation and then we’ll move into the channeling from that.


So everybody get nice and relaxed. Whether sitting or laying down just get relaxed. Begin your breathing. Be sure you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Get into a nice rhythmic breathing focusing on relaxing. That’s all you want to do right now is focus on relaxing into your breath. Take a few nice deep breaths.

As you breathe in, you’re breathing in a golden white light. As you exhale, you’re exhaling out intentions, stress, any kind of negativity or problems of any kind. Let that go out with the exhalation of your breath. Just focus on relaxing now and your breathing. As you breathe in you’re going to breathe in this golden white light. Now see this light moving into your bloodstream energizing the elements of your blood and your blood carrying those energized particles throughout your body so that your body is now filling, literally filling with light. Light going everywhere in your body. For those of you that don’t know this is always a protection process to have the light within your body so that nothing can ever interfere and you are very protected in this way.

Now when your body is completely filled with light put all of your attention now at your heart center, your fourth chakra center. Normally we see that center as a deep blue-green color. That chakra is the midpoint between the three below chakras and the three above. (There are also more below and more above but we’re just sticking with the original seven for now.)

And if you can, step out of your body, or from within your body see all seven chakras now lined up from the first, the second, the third, fourth fifth sixth and seventh and their various respective colors. Normally the first chakra is red, the second orange, the third is a deep yellow color, the fourth is blue-green forest color, the fifth is sky-blue, the sixth is often a deep purple color, the seventh is violet or gold or whatever other color you might be visualizing or experiencing. If you have trouble visualizing — some people do — just simply think it. Think it and it becomes so. See all seven chakras all lined up.

And now be aware of an energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun all the way down through into our solar system from our solar sun as an electric blue light coming down. This electric blue light is coming down through the top of your head now and shooting all the way down through your body, through all seven chakras, all the way down to the center of the earth — straight through your body to the center of the earth. And then from the center of the earth is another energy, or the energy returning all the way back up through your body and all the way up to the Galactic Central Sun. So our bodies now are having two energies coming, one from above and one from below: So Above, So Below. And we’re vibrating with these energies now.

Now there is a column of light, a pillar of light here in the center of the room where we are sitting now. Wherever you are throughout the world there is no time and space so you can be right here in this room. You don’t need to know what it looks like or anything just that it is. And here in the center of this room is a pillar of light. Find yourself here in this pillar of light here now. Just think yourself here and you’re here. And once you are in this pillar of light as a group, whether it’s hundreds or thousands, we’re going to rise up this pillar of light now all the way up through the roof of this building up into the sky. Higher and higher and higher up — somewhat like going up in an elevator or even better yet like a beam ship – you’re beaming up into a ship (although we’re not going to a ship right now,) but beaming up this pillar of light higher and higher up past the Earth’s atmosphere. Then turn around and look back down at the Earth from this point of view. See the Earth, the pristine beautiful blue Earth, the one that we all want to see. Don’t look at how it possibly might appear now but how you want it to be. Believe it and you’ll see it.

And also there is a grid here, what has been called the Christ Consciousness Grid. This grid goes across the entire planet engulfing the planet or encompassing the planet all the way around. It’s an energy grid. Some see it as a violet energy some see it as gold or silver. See the energy going all the way around and now as a group all of us we’re going to send our energies down into this grid.

But along with that there are millions of ships above us all around us for those that have eyes to see so you can see them. They are there. They will de-cloak for you temporarily just so that you can see them. And there is one huge ship [in particular] this one is the New Jerusalem with Sananda and Ashtar and many others. This is their command ship. They are now sending an energy down from the ship like a pulse of energy from the ship, down through us as if we were a magnifying glass out across the Christ Consciousness Grid and shooting this energy all the way around the earth now but now being added to by the ships — and especially the New Jerusalem — and of course all of the energy from the Ascended Masters that are there.

Now see this energy raining down upon the earth, like an energy rain raining down light, raining down love; pure energy, pure love going everywhere. Especially in areas where still there is darkness whether it be the Congo area that we worked on and has been very much cleared up now, as well as other areas: Washington, DC, places in California, places around the world, Rome, the Vatican. On and on you can think of places. But it’s not so much that you think of a specific place but that it is everywhere that you send this energy, this love throughout the planet. You might start it in one place and then let it spread farther and further out. And you’re spreading the violet light — either the violet light or a pink light, pink magenta light. The pink magenta light is a healing energy, the violet light is a purging energy. See this light going everywhere now filling everyone. Even those that have no concept of this process, no concept of vibration, no concept of light, know that they are feeling this as you send it to them. You don’t send it to individuals (although you can,) but to the group consciousness, the collective consciousness of the planet is now who is receiving these energies. These energies going across, see it as a wave of energy, a wave of love, a wave of light going across the planet. Such as a tsunami going across the planet spreading out, gathering force, gathering momentum as it goes. But eventually a tsunami ends. This wave does not end. It continues on and on and on and once it’s made its complete evolution around the world around the planet it begins again and again and again with no ending. Once it becomes set in motion, once the momentum begins there is no stopping it. Know that now.

Know that the energy — you are the energy, you are creating the energy because you are the creator. I Am the creator. I Am the source of all things. Know this as you send this energy out across the entire planet to all people to all life out there wherever it is. See it all going to all places wherever there is still darkness wherever there is still a dark crevice see the light pouring into that crevice and the light illuminating the dark wherever it might be.

Now just for a moment I want you to visualize yourself, your individual self, going through a typical day in your life waking up in the morning so you can visualize yourself being in your bed, your sleeping state coming awake stepping out from the bed and going about your day. And as you go about this day all of a sudden there is an energy that hits you, a pulse of energy comes within you and you feel this energy move in. And it is like nothing you have ever felt before. You have had glimpses of this you have had a sense of this previously but nothing as this will be. Nothing as it is now, as it is coming into you. Visualize this, know this, experience this, feel this moving into you as a pulse of energy, a pulse of light, a pulse of love coming into you and washing over your entire body, your consciousness becoming you and you becoming it.

And as this blissful feeling washes over you and takes over you, you know that at this point this is what you have been waiting for so long. This is that energy that has been spoken of for eons of time … that is here now awakening the masses, shifting consciousness throughout the planet and you, each individual you, are a catalyst for this energy. Because as it washes into you, as it moves into you, you send it out to others and out to others and they send it out and they send it out and so on and so on. And you feel the sense of oneness at that moment come over you. And you know in that very moment that you are the All and the All is you.

Now there are times when you can take this meditation and go beyond it. You can see how the world changes after this moment after this event. You can see all of the things that begin to shift as a result of this. How people begin to welcome one another, begin to embrace one another. Wherever there was hatred there is now only love. Love begins to conquer all as it always has and always will.

Now allow yourselves to begin to move away from this vision back into the pillar of light that you came out from and move back down this pillar of light, back down into this room or to wherever you find your physical body now and move back into your physical forms. But bring this blissful feeling, this sense of oneness, this love unconditional back into you into your body and into your consciousness. You come back now into complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.

For Susan

Before I continue on with this message there is one here that is missing within this group as many of you know her name as Susan. I want you all now to visualize light, love, oneness, pure blissfulness that you felt at that time as we did this meditation, send this light now send this love to this dear one, Susan, our sister. Bath her in pink magenta healing light. Do not worry about what it is affecting just know that it is affecting her, it is changing her, it is shifting. Whatever needs to happen within this one, whatever is for the highest good for both her and those around her is what she will experience now. See her bathed in this beautiful pink magenta light. We of the Company of Heaven thank you for this.


I Am Sananda. Often I come to this group to speak in this manner, to be a part of the expression that you are now. And often I come with words of encouragement, words of letting you know that you are close to the end, that you are close to the finish line. And yes even today that is still so.

But I wish to speak today about the many changes that are happening in the background, the ones that you cannot yet see. Some of you are beginning to become aware. Some of you are awakening from this slumber that you have been in for so long a period of time and some around you are also beginning to awaken from this slumber because consciousness is shifting. There is no doubt about that. If you could see from our point of view here in our ship the New Jerusalem, if you could see as Ashtar and I see and many others, as we look down upon the earth and we see the flickers of light coming on where before there was just but an ember. Now there is a flame burning within. This is what is happening and these flames are quickening across the planet more and more every day. Every moment a new one wakens, a new one begins to shift. And this is a grand time for all of us to experience the shift to experience this change because you have all been working toward this. Even if you do not know that you are doing anything, even if you think you are just going about your life daily and coming to a group such as this once a week and that that is all you are doing, even that as you do it, is accomplishing an immense amount of change and shift in consciousness. If you could but only know how much you are affecting the whole and how the whole is affecting you for as one reaches out to another that other reaches out to another one yet and again and again and again. This is how the light is spreading. This is how consciousness is changing, how love is being shared across the planet.

You are the ones that are doing this. We are here to assist but we cannot do it for you. Now there are those across the planet — relatively few — that are attempting to hold back all of this. Hold back all of this momentum of the light because they are not comfortable within the light. They are only comfortable within the shadows. But I tell you now that the shadows are becoming illuminated. They are being brought out of their shadowy state and being brought out into the open and illumined for all to see for all to be aware of. And this is the process now that is about to completely shift so that many, many more become aware of all that has been kept hidden and is no longer to be hidden, it is to become revealed as the truth. I speak now of many things: your political system, your financial system, the what many call the horrendous system of human trafficking. And yes I am speaking about that.

And yes I am speaking about this because it is about awareness, it is about consciousness shifting and if you are not aware of this — those of the ‘collective you’ are not aware of these changes — then you continue to sleep you continue to be programmed. So the sleeper must awaken! The sleeper must become awakened. And as you awaken you help the collective consciousness or the universal mind of man to awaken as well.

There are many things happening. There are many arrests that have already happened, many have already been taken off world. You are not aware of this because they have been replaced by — believe it or not — holograms. They have been replaced by a holographic representation of themselves. But not the kind of hologram that you know of. Certainly not. But the holograms I speak of now are physical in the sense that you can touch you can feel them they have emotions but they are deprogrammed from what they have been before. They have been enlightened from what they have been before or illumined. So the ones that still have that darkness within them many have been taken out of the picture. Not in the sense of a three-dimensional execution but taken out away from this planet and rehabilitated, given the opportunity to move back to the Light for no one is ever lost unless they choose in the final analysis to lose themselves. And this of course as anything, is their choice.

So do not be concerned about that. Be concerned now about yourselves and those around you, those loved ones around you as you continue to reach out to assist in any way that you can. Because this is what you came here for, my brothers and sisters, you came here to be Love, to share Love. You came here to assist in this transition period and eventually you came here to be a part of this ascension process and to assist in the ascension. This is your mission. This is your mission. This is what you came here for. And many of you are yet to be called into service. But to be called into service you will be, because as the One Who Serves has said many times you are in training. You are in training to become the one that you were meant to be and are and have always been.

I Am Sananda. I will release now to another who will share with you briefly about the ships and what is coming as a result of this. All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Remember I and all of us that mentor to you at this time are always within just a whisper away. You only need to call out to us.

Peace and love be with all of you.


I Am Aramda. Many of you have not heard of me before. There are a few here in this group that I had spoken to before through this one James. I have not come through that often but it is coming time now. It is coming time for many changes to happen, many shifts to occur. But my responsibility on my ship called the “Amalia” is to assist the process moving toward first contact. And yes you hear that word now, those words, ‘first contact’. And what does it bring to mind here? It brings to mind of ships landing and those of you the people here moving toward those ships and welcoming those of us who step off and we, of course, welcoming you. But it is not just a welcome it is a remembering. It is a recognition.

This is what it will be like as we step off of our ships and greet you. And you will remember, you will see the long-lost brothers and sisters that left here so long ago in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis as we left in our ships, left you to what was ahead which you chose to be a part of knowing that at some point we would return. And at that time it would be a welcome celebration like you have never felt yet. Take your greatest party in this lifetime, your greatest birthday, your greatest celebration and it will not begin to match, even come close to that celebration when you first lay eyes on your beloved brothers and sisters from above. Those who have been watching over you for many, many lifetimes are back here now watching over you; are ready to come to the surface when the signal is given.

And the signal is close. Close from our point of view maybe not quite so much for yours but yet it is still very close to happening. If you would close your eyes just for a moment and see the vision that we are sending you now. It is a vision of ships. It is coming into each one of your consciousness now. As the ships begin to land see the ships coming down. Feel the excitement that you are feeling in that moment as you realize that all of these lifetimes that have been building toward this is now come to fruition, is now here. There are millions of ships out here, millions … some even say billions if you could but imagine that. All these ships cloaked — but ready to de-cloak in a moment’s notice and appear in your skies just as we once did long ago. And as you look up into the sky and as now you see airplanes and jets you will see many different types of ships of all different sizes and colors and lighting. Some ships of light, some ships of consciousness, some of both. Some more physical than others. Some more etheric. But yet all will be here to assist in this process of moving through toward your ascension.

We are many of the mentors that you have been hearing of. When the landings come we will be the ones who will be spreading out to all of you to become the mentors that you have been waiting for, that you have been hearing about. And we are so longing for this time to occur. For this is what we have come here for, this is what we are parked out in your atmosphere, above your atmosphere and sometimes within it, so that at a moment’s notice we can begin to move through the process of showing ourselves. And show ourselves we will.

I Am Aramda and I have come to share this brief message with you. I will return at another time not too far off to share more with you as these times move ahead and we get closer and closer to what could be considered the green light being given, the signal that all is about to begin. May you all continue to move in love and light for we are all in this together.

Own Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Hum. Hum.

Greetings to you. One Who Serves here with you to continue this process to continue to send out this love and sharing and oneness and light and all these wonderful things that are happening. Is this not all wonderful people? Do you not feel the energy, the love, the experiences of all that we are trying to share with you? Did you not feel the bliss as Sananda spoke of here? This is what it is all about. This is why you meet every week to have these experiences to prepare you, to prepare you for the changes as they come so that when these changes come more fully you will not be shocked. Well some of you will still be shocked [Laughter] but you will not be as shocked as you could have been as many out there will be.

You are the ones that have been planning and working and training toward being ready for these changes, ready for this day of shift, ready for these waves of energy that have been coming to you and you have been experiencing so many things. Your dreams, oh my goodness your dreams are becoming amazing are they not? Many of you, and some are saying oh my dreams are always the same. When are we going to get some good dreams here? And we tell you that they are coming and if you have not had them yet or if they are interspersed and not as much as you want them to be, they are coming, they’re going to be here. You cannot stop them if you wanted to. Okay? You are going to have so many more experiences waking experiences where you are walking in your daily life and all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye is a glimpse of something that is there but yet not there. You see what we’re saying here? It is something is moving in the corner of your eye and you turn and you look and there is nothing there. And then you look away and all of a sudden it is there again in the corner of your eye and you turn toward it and again nothing there. But one of these times you are going to turn and guess what there’s going to be a lot there. Maybe you’re going to see dead people! [Laughter] Who knows!

But there is going to be so many things that are coming and are going to happen you have no idea. But we try and we try and we try to give you these glimpses and get you prepared but we could not even begin to prepare you for the way it is going to be.

And yes, those of you that say it is not going to happen in our lifetimes, this is going to take lifetime after lifetime just as it always has, and if that is what you think then maybe for you that is what it will be. But we tell you now it is not going to be for the majority of the population. Now hear what I just said: the majority of the population we are not talking about the small minority, the 1% of anything of this nature. Not even that 30%! We are talking about much more than this. Much more are going to have the capacity and the capability to move beyond this three-dimensional illusion and I tell you now many of you have already moved beyond this three-dimensional illusion in many respects. Many of you are operating daily in the fourth dimension even into the higher levels of the fourth dimension and occasionally shift into the fifth dimension. We are not speaking in terms of your dreams we are talking in your waking state; whenever you feel that sense of bliss come over you or that unconditional love for whatever might be bringing it about. This is that moment where you have moved into higher vibrations moved into fifth dimensional frequencies. Do you stay there? Most likely not because you are not quite ready for this yet. If you were you would have no attachments, nothing would pull you back. But you have your attachments. Your attachments are your loved ones, your attachments are your animals, your attachments are your things your stuff, all of these things attached to you and hold you back.

But when the mentors are introduced to you, you will have the experience of being able to move through these attachments. They will assist you in moving through these attachments.

Imagine just for a moment being up on a ship. You aren’t going to feel much attachment anymore. I tell you, you won’t want to go back to all your stuff, your home, all of this. You will be looking out in wonder and seeing — just imagine if you were on the New Jerusalem and you see this huge ship… especially as you are coming up to it and it is huge beyond your imagination. Something what is it 2000 miles wide by 2000 miles across each one. Can you imagine the size here, the immenseness? But then when you move inside the ship and you see the ocean! Did I just say the ocean? Yes there is an ocean there. Can you imagine?! There are plants, there are deserts, there are mountains, rivers, streams, valleys. It’s a planet itself you see. And you would be within it and on it. You see? It is amazing what is coming.

If you think that it is something just to travel around your planet though many of you have not even traveled out of your state. Can you imagine though not only traveling across the planet like in the blink of an eye but traveling to the moon, going to Mars, or to Saturn, or out of the solar system entirely, out of the galaxy and back to your home world. Yes you have a home world! You all have a home world many in some cases many home worlds. And you will have that opportunity to move back to those home worlds if you wish but we know that many of you being of mind of service to others will want to turn right around and say I want to do what you are doing One Who Serves. I want to do what you are doing Sananda. I went to assist I want to be here and assist those who need our help, who need our guidance just as we received our guidance from you. You see? This is where you are headed.

Does it sound like we are excited? We are excited we are so excited because it is coming near to the end. It is, even in your idea of the end, it is coming near to it. Now before the end can come there will be changes. There are shifts that are happening. What is your saying, ‘shift happens’? Put your own words in there if you want. [Laughter] You know what we speak of here. You see?

We did not mean to go on and on here but you’ve given me the stage and I just take off here. I just love the stage! There was a time when the others here, those of us, the One Who Serves, the collective here would not give me the stage, but you know what, now they cannot take me off. They tried to bring that hook out but I just dodged it. [Laughter] Anyway.

We are ready now for questions. And we do not have our beloved Ashira. Susan of course is in recovery. We will say recovery. We will not say the state that she was in. We’re going to say she is in recovery and you all need to see and believe and visualize her recovering and being here within the group again.

And certainly within the group when we again have our next advance which is going to be the most amazing advance or retreat or whatever you want to call it that you have ever been to. And we’re setting this up as a potential here; a potential and a probability. James does not know this yet but we are preparing for an amazing time which will include many sightings of the ships that Aramda has spoken of. They are going to be there enmass and it is going to be an amazing time. Those of you that will not be able to be there in person you can join on the phone as we are doing here and it is going to be even sensational in that respect. You will not be able to necessarily see with your physical eyes but you will be able to operate within your third eye sensor and see as much as they are seeing if you allow it. Quite a buildup, no? Get ready because the ship is sailing and you are needing to be on that ship. Okay? That is a hint people! Take it as you want but that was a major hint to you. [audience: Sounds like good ship to me!] The good ship lollipop! [Laughter]

Now we are ready for questions. Do you have questions here?

Question and Answer Session

Q: Can you tell us some of the names of the 12 councils?

OWS: You know what, there are so many councils we have lost track of all of them. There councils for the solar system; there are councils for the galaxy; there are councils for the planet; there are councils for each individual planet; there are councils for the Federation; there are councils for the Ashtar Command; there are councils for the councils. [Laughter] But see, we cannot even begin. You hear of those of the Council of Nine, the Council of Heaven, the council of the solar system, there are councils of this Galactic Federation, Council of the Intergalactic Federation of planets and so on and so on, you see. So you are going to have a rather interesting education when you come into the galactic organization here, when we all move into the galactic organization when the Earth, Gaia herself, becomes again – and I say again – becomes a member of the Galactic Association of Planets and the Galactic Federation of Planets.

Q: During the meditation I felt someone cradling my face and possibly kissing me on the left side. Do I have a connection to Aramda?

OWS: My dear, now that you have brought this up — we would not bring it up if you had not. But yes, you do as many here in this room also do and also many here listening in on this also have a connection with this one Aramda. It is because of your connection to those times in Lemuria, many of you know who this one was. We are not going to tell you now but he was one of the elders, one of the great elders at that time and you all knew of him. Many of you knew of him. There were those of you that were what would be also called The Watchers and you were the ones that were watching from above, observing. Not necessarily participating but watching and observing so that one day you could come in as you have in this lifetime and know from experience all that is being shared here because you were there observing it. Not necessarily living it directly but observing and watching. You are The Watchers. Some of you already know who you are.

Q: Well I just wanted to say that I need to trust myself more because last night I had a feeling that Aramda was coming today and he hasn’t spoken to us in a long, long time. I was rereading one of his stories and I just need more to trust myself more.

OWS: My dear sister, our dear friend the other One Who Serves, the one who has worked most closely with you over the years here is over there chuckling greatly as they can chuckle and he is smiling from ear to ear and saying to you, “It’s about time!!!” [Laughter] Trust yourself! How many times have they said this over and over: trust yourself. And this is not only for this one who has asked this question but for all. Trust yourself. Trust yourself in who you are because you are the creator source. That creator source that is within us all. And it is never not there. It is only the mind that creates the disconnect there from your higher god self, from the monad source and from the source above that, the Creative Source of All.

Q: A dog I’ve tried to help seems worse off now than before. The owner is retaliating from the help I was trying to give by crating the dog on the front porch. Can you give any advice of what I can do besides sending her love and light?

OWS: Normally this would be Ashira’s realm but we are going to attempt to assist here and say pretty much though what she would have also said. You are one who has been the do-gooder, you might say, the one who is always attempting to assist others, especially animals, whenever you see them in a plight. Whenever you see them having some difficulties you want to reach out to them and help them, as anyone who has a consciousness basically would want to. The difficulty in this though is, understand that this particular animal or any animal for that matter has come into this process for a reason, has come in here just as you have come in for a reason the animal has also come for a reason. And if it is going to go through some of this suffering and all of this it is doing so willingly. Not so much as you can see it, it looks like it is desperate or feeling discomfort and all of this, but at the higher levels of its soul consciousness it has come here for a reason and it is doing what it needs to do.

Now with that understood that does not mean that you as the human being who as the one with the loving consciousness cannot reach out and help wherever you can but you must be aware that there are situations that if you become involved in, yourself, you may upset the cart here as you might see it and it is maybe not meant to be. This is also for those who want to bring healing to an individual to a human being and want them to be healed. If they are in the hospital and they want them to be healed and want them to be walking out and all of that but you do not take into consideration the contract or the consciousness within that one that may not want to stay, that may be wanting to leave you see? You do not know or what the result, the life result will be as a result if that one were to pass on and the family that is left behind and the lessons that they are going to learn from that. You see you have to look at all of this. But then in the final analysis we would say to you as much as possible be unattached. Be neutral. It does not mean do not be loving, but do not be attached emotionally to the situation. Do what you can and then step aside. Send love and step aside. Let it go. Send light let the light hit the individual or the animal and then step aside and let the creator source do its thing.

Q: I am wondering if you can shed any light on any of these dreams: In one I was telling President Bush that the truth about pizzagate, pedophilia rings and those kinds of things was coming out. He got very nervous and tried to act like he had no idea about what was going on. In another dream, a most profound dream, I was doing a sort of training work with others, learning how to be friends with lions and tigers and learning how to walk with them as one. The name of my soul family or home star system came up as something like Quaa…

OWS: Both of those dreams are premonitional dreams. The one with the George Bush is premonitional in the sense that the truth is coming out. And when the truth comes out those — not only him but many of them — are going to do all that they can to act like there is nothing there that we or you are making this up, that it is simply conspiracy theory. You know that whole thing they’ve been using over and over and over but it is no longer working because everybody, many are coming to the understanding that conspiracy theory is now become conspiracy fact and this is what is going to shift here as a result of this. And if more and more will be confronted in this respect as you saw in your dreams and they’re going to do all they can to deny it but the truth will be revealed. It cannot be stopped.

As to the second dream you are correct in the respect that it is a language that you knew previously. It is part of the mother language that came here to this planet, has been lost over a long time back with Atlantis and Lemuria, the mother tongue and it is part of this. And you are bringing this forward here and the other part was with the animals and how you are going to be friendly with animals and they’re going to be friendly with you. Now remember back to what was said in the Bible in terms of the lion will lay down with the lamb. You have all heard this at one time or another. This is a premonitional dream that is saying to you and to all of you now this is saying to you that this will indeed be the case, that you will be petting tigers and lions all of this because they will no longer have the instinct to prey upon any other life forms when the change is fully up and you have gone through this ascension process because remember they are ascending along with you.

Q: I wonder if Masons and Freemasons are the same and if they are a good group or not. I hear that Donald Trump is a Freemason and my grandparents used to be very involved in the Masons and the Eastern Star I believe. I just wondered if you could tell something about those groups.

OWS: You have to understand that the idea of good or bad is subjective and it is based on consciousness and where one is at the time. So the concept of the Masons and the Knights Templar and what you call the Freemasons and so on, all of these secretive groups that have been in the past they all began with illumination. They all began in the light. And because of the process, the programming that has happened within the cabal and what you call the illuminati, the dark forces, because of this programming they have been infiltrated again and again. There are those aspects within these organizations that are wonderful, they do all kinds of things to assist mankind in many ways. But then there are other levels as they rise higher — and notice that the ones that rise higher within these organizations are the ones that are power-hungry or are the ones that are in the darkness, that succumb to the darkness here as they move up into the higher levels the 33rd-rank and so on. They are the ones that now understand the mysteries involved here but they also understand that those mysteries give them power and they then become more powerful and we speak of many of the various illuminati the cabal that have arisen in this respect to these higher levels. But at what you would call the lower levels of this there are those of you, same as you, that move into these organizations to be social to be helpful to their brothers and sisters in many ways and have no idea of what is occurring at those higher levels. And we speak now in terms of satanic and the pedophilia all of these things that are happening at those higher levels. But you see those are the ones that are going to be taken down and are being taken down as we speak now. So there is good and bad as you can look at it here but again it is subjective.

Oh yes, since you have brought up Mr Trump, we are going to speak just briefly about him. He is bringing light. He is bringing a light to the darkness. He is being the catalyst to open things up to make things go worldwide first here in the country and then it will spread worldwide. So is he a wonderful person? No, not necessarily from the way you would look at him. Is he of the light? Certainly yes he is. But he is also one that is somewhat attached to his ego in many respects and is doing what he needs to do what he thinks he needs to do and he believes in what he is doing. And he believes in the people. He is one that is wanting to bring back the Republic. You may not have thought of them in this respect but he is wanting to do that. But he must tread carefully as you know, just as one previous to him, the Obama came in with all of the light, a commander of light. He came in and had all the best intentions and was going to change the world, but as you know when power steps in, what is your saying: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You see? So in some ways he was taken over, not by the dark side so much but taken over by the dark side within himself and the ego in some respects took over here. But also he was also being threatened daily by those who were in control over him and they threatened him and his family and so on and so on and he eventually came to the point where he just said enough is enough. I cannot fight them anymore so I’m just going to go along. And then he became president that was doing next to nothing here to help the people. But he wanted to in the beginning. Now Mr. Trump is coming in and doing the same thing but he has the fortitude to see this through because he does not care about what others think about him. He cares about what others think of his family. He cares about what others think about you the American people. And he even cares about the people beyond his country but first he has to do what he can to right the ship here to, what is his saying: drain the swamp here first. This is what he is working on. Give him time but give him love, give him support, send him light so that he can do all that he came here to do to be the catalyst to bring about the new … rather the “Old Republic.”

Q: Do you have any more information on the language that was lost in Atlantis and the Lemuria?

OWS: There is much information that is out there in terms you can do research. Go on your Internet and put in terms mother tongue or Atlantean language or Lemurian language and see what comes up. There is much that is out there already. Books have been written about this. There are even those books by Churchward and others that have put the language in a book. You can see it. And the term that you use the Q-U-A-A is very close to being in there if you find the right volume the right book we are speaking of here. We are not going to tell you directly. We are not going to be your eyes and your ears we are only going to be the nudge on your shoulder to send you on your way so that you can be in your own journey. This is what is important.

It is similar to when we first told the James about the ancient records that were secreted away from Atlantis and Lemuria and we told him that these records were secreted away because the land mass Atlantis and before that Lemuria were going down and they knew this so they gathered all these records in many different ways and placed them into secretive locations. And when James heard this his Indiana Jones came up in him and he became Indiana James and he began to wonder, ‘well can I go find these records.’ And we said of course you can and he gathered a group together and they went trudging off to Mexico looking for these records and all along James kept saying well okay all I have to do is channel and they’ll come through and tell us right where the records are. And what is your saying … tell God your plans if you want him to laugh or something of this nature. Now that did not happen according to his plan but it put him on a journey, put all of those with him at that time on a journey.

And they were journeying to find those records. But not to find them, to remember them. To recover them because there were those within the group had actually placed those records there at that time. They only needed to remember. But in order to remember they had to move up into higher vibrations because within those higher vibrations this is how the records were placed. They were not placed in a three-dimensional illusionary state such as you are in now. They were placed in the 5th dimension and in order to find them again, in order to recover them you would have to move into that 5th dimension. And we did everything we could to assist the process: chanting and giving language, all kinds of things and they came very, very close. As a matter fact they do not know how close they came! But when they became so close they gave up, you see. And it is what you would call a shame but it is not for us because it was the journey that was so much more important here. If the records are never brought up so what?! They’re all within you already anyway, you see. Does this answer your question in a very long roundabout manner as we are so prone to do.

Q: The other vision I’ve been having and feeling lately is about you know I know St. Germain is working very closely with Pres. Trump and it seems that we’re kind of going towards the path of each almost like a president in each state. Is there any truth to that?

OWS: That is something that will need to come about in the changes as you continue to move here. We cannot give this because in reality that has not yet been fully decided but it is going to go back to when your ancient forefathers created the documents, created the Bill of Rights, created all of this to be the perfect Republic that they were envisioning for America. That is what it is going to go back to. And also since you have brought it up, yes St. Germain is very much involved in this process. Just as he was involved in the signing of the Declaration of Independence he is there now in the capital, in the white house with him, and he is assisting him from afar. Not so much visually appearing to him but he is over his shoulder and assisting greatly what you would call overshadowing. He very much wants this to be. It was what he would even say his baby at one time.

Q: It appears that Trump is doing more harm than good like rolling back EPA laws, allowing the Dakota pipeline, and the immigrant situation. Why does it appear that he wants to take the rights away from the people when you’re saying he wants the Republic and he is a light worker?

OWS: You have to understand that one individual cannot please everyone and so he is doing what he believes is right. Now he also has many around him giving him suggestions. Some which would call good and some not so. But it is all again about bringing out the truth, revealing, bringing things forward. And if he says do not worry about climate change and things like this then that is going to raise the whiskers … no, that is not you’re saying here. Raise the shackles. Is that the right word? – no whiskers, shackles. Oh raise something here and he is raising the alarm you might say and people are awakening, people are awakening because of this people are becoming more aware. They may be thinking, well he is not doing such a great job here but look over here, he’s doing something good over here. And over here it’s not so bad either. You see and it is raising awareness across the board. Think about yourselves now. You, those of you that are listening now and those of you that read these words as they get transcribed or listen later, think about this when you heard many things that were happening in the time of the election and all of this, weren’t you more than ever attuned to this process more than you ever had been before? Some of you watched the election results did you not? Did you ever watch election results before? Some of you listened to the inauguration speech. Now be truthful, did you ever listen to an inauguration speech before? Of course some of you did but many of you didn’t and what we are saying here as things are changing people are becoming aware and in this particular individual is helping to bring about that awareness even more than the one Obama did before him.

Obama did a lot to raise the shackles you might say he did a lot to do that. He did a lot to make people hate him in many respects, but in that hating they became aware. They came out of their slumber out of their sleep and instead said ‘no more! Enough is enough!’ And then the election happened and you elected president a businessman not a politician. And this was something tremendously beyond anybody’s wildest imagination as to those of the cabal. They never expected this. They never thought this would happen. They thought a buffoon against Hillary Clinton- no contest. That’s the way they looked at him you see? They looked at him as a place holder, just someone who could run against her and of course would lose. But they did not take into consideration the American people and the fact that they had had enough and they did not take into consideration the forces of light and how great they are and how much, much more they are growing all the time. And as we have said before so many times the light can no longer be stopped here. Did this answer your question?

Q: Well yeah but not really. It looks like he’s going to do what he’s going to do and he doesn’t care about what the people want.

OWS: Please, please look beyond the individual now. Look beyond the individual and look at the whole. Look at the entire process that is occurring here. That is what is important here: the journey not the destination. And look at how everything is changing, no matter who is in that position, and it is bringing awareness and that is what is important, awareness and people are awakening. And if they awakened to be against this one then so be it but they are at least awakening to something. They are coming out of their sleep they are coming out of their malaise and taking sides. And yes in some respects the taking sides thing is not what it is certainly not in the long run but it is at least doing something. It is bringing more and more awareness to the situation. And when awareness is brought in so is light.

Q: We have heard both ways about Paul Ryan, that he was of the light and then we’ve heard that he was taking money from the cabal. Which is it? We’ve also keep hearing that the new Republic is coming, it’s coming, it’s coming. If Trump is making all the changes that he is and he is of the light, I’m wondering if as long as Trump is making headway will that prolong the new Republic coming in?

OWS: There is much studies occurring and the Republic is coming. There is no question about this. It is coming. Actually in many respects it is already there, it is already in place it only needs to be announced and put into the process here. And then of course will come those other things of NESARA and all of this. But understand first there must be those happenings such as the many events that have been spoken of leading up to the more major events and those would be the various arrests of those ones who are still somewhat in control — although please understand they are not in as much control as you might think they are or as much as they think they are. Because if they were, and many of you understand the plans that they had for the world population. Many of them wanting to reduce the world’s population to a very small minimum here. And they had dastardly plans to do this in many ways: world war in terms of nuclear weapons, and pandemics of various kinds, diseases, and all of these created things that they were working on, your chemtrails, all of this was a part of this. But now look at the situation now. How much of this is happened?

Have you had a nuclear war? No. Can you have a nuclear war? No, you cannot it is not allowed anymore. Pandemics in terms of viruses and things, have they not attempted to do this? The Zika virus. Many of you, what happened when you heard about the Zika virus. You heard about it and wondered was there anything to this and then in your research on the internet you realized this is another kind of false flag that they are doing. You see? It is just something they are doing to spread fear. And this is what they have continued to do again and again. But you, the awakened ones, have said no way anymore we’re not going to listen to this anymore this is hogwash. This has no meaning in our lives, in our higher dimensional higher vibrational lives that we are working on being in now. You see? If you remain in the three-dimensional illusion then yes they are still having their effect, and those that wish to stay in that three-dimensional illusion they will have their pandemics, they will have their wars and all of this. This is going to be what they are asking for and they are going to have it. Ask and you shall receive. It works in all respects you see.

Now as to the one Paul Ryan we cannot give too much information on him. They are already over there saying you know, One Who Serves, (although they call me something different because they know who I really am, just as I know who they really are.) They say brother, what are you doing? You are giving so much information! But yet they are not stopping me. [Laughter] Now think about that for a second. If they did not want this information coming out they would be stopping me just as they have in the past. Just glue my mouth … what is your saying, put my foot in mouth and all of this. Many, many times and they did have that hook ready and pull me back but they’re not doing it anymore. And do you know why they’re not doing it anymore? Because it is time. It is time for the truth revealing. It is time for disclosure and they know that. And they are saying, okay go for it! (For the most part.) Now of course I know things, many things, and I know there are many things I cannot share at this point.

And to this one you have asked about Mr. Ryan, cannot share too much about him other than he is on the fence. He is on the one side the light, and the other side teetering toward the darkness. And there are those forces that are pulling him in each direction but at this point he is not that … we are going to use a subjective terminology here but he is not that important to the situation yet at this time so there’s no need to be concerned about him. As far as that he was going to become the president in a coup or whatever it is, much of that was disinformation that was created on the Internet so that you, all of you light workers would be thinking that, here’s the Republic, we have it now we have no concern anymore, we don’t even have to go and elect anybody because it’s not going to be a concern so therefore we are not going to vote. That’s what they wanted, you see? They wanted you to not vote and in not voting you voted for Hillary Clinton. You see? But that did not happen as you know. That is history now. Does this answer your question?

Q: Do you have anything you want to say about the Pope? [Laughter]

OWS: We are going to hold off on that one because we could get into too much trouble here. He is not who you think he is, let’s just put it that way. That could go either way, yes.

Q: For many years now I’ve been curious. Exactly what is my purpose in life for being here and in the future. Can you help me?

OWS: Now that is akin to “X” Marks the Spot and as we said earlier we could not give to James, we cannot give it to anyone. As much as I myself would like to do that, they’re over there saying, “Don’t you dare do that!” That is too far going over the line so we cannot say what your purpose is or anything. What we will give, when others have asked this question before we will give a similar and very much the same answer: There is no ‘one’ purpose. You never came here with one purpose; you came here with many purposes, and those purposes change every moment with your thoughts so you never have one purpose. You never have the poem earlier, ‘one final station to reach.’ It is all in the journey. In that journey that you are taking now your purposes shift constantly. Yes you came in here with a blueprint. Now that is different. You came in with a blueprint that you are following, your guides are helping you to follow; your Higher God Self is there nudging you all the time saying, well, you’re getting off the path a little here so we are going to give you a nudge to push you back. Or you came to a fork in the road here. We want you to go left, you want to go right, so which is it going to be here? And your free choice will always win out. But let’s say you turned to the right and you go off in a different direction. Well there are going to be other turns ahead that are going to shift you back to the original path that you were on to begin with. That is the blueprint, you see.

Q: I’d like some understanding of an experience I’ve had many times in my life that is from my third eye seeing a wall of energy moving through everything. It’s like a paper-thin transparent wall of energy. And I can feel it when it’s like maybe 60 feet in front of me moving toward me.

OWS: As we look into this we are seeing this energy this wall of energy as you are speaking of, but it is not what you may be thinking, if you have thought about before and come to a conclusion, it is not necessarily what you are thinking it is. It is not the veil as you may be thinking. This is an energy barrier that is in front of you and moving into you and you moving into it. Much of this comes from where you come from in terms of home world or whatever you might wish to call it, other civilizations you have been a part of. And you bring this energy with you. You are very much a being of energy, are you not? Do you have great feelings yourself? Do you feel intensely more so than maybe your neighbor does? This is what we are talking about here. You have a great deal of energy within you and you feel this energy and you brought it here from where you came from. And somewhat you feel energies more than you see them or hear them or experience them in other ways, you feel them. And this is an indication of the energies being beyond yourself but yet being within you as well at the same time. We know this is somewhat difficult to understand but at the three dimensional mind construct, it can be difficult. But you are dealing with Source Energy here.

Q: I read an article that said they are starting to microchip Australians. It went on to say they had intended to microchip the citizens of the US first. They gave examples of how proud some people are [to be microchipped] because they can make doors open for them, they could do all their banking with this microchip in them and I guess I got a little alarmed and thought you could help us understand what the plan is and if indeed this will get anywhere, will they advance their plan?

OWS: The simple answer the short answer is no. They will not advance their plans. The other part of this is that they wanted to do this. They were working toward this, they had all intentions of making this happen. They had all the intentions of installing chips in every individual on the planet and how much control would they have had if this were the case. If it happened here in the US, in America, it would have created a great shift in their direction, in their control direction. Yes you would be able to open doors with your mind or with this chip or whatever. So what? You can’t put your hand out and open a door? [Laughter]

So you have to understand where these things come from and that they are going to be stopping, are being stopped. They will be stopped. There is no way they can continue on with this because all of you listening here, how many of you would want this chip in you? [audience: No one!] I would say not a single one would want that here. Just as all of you how many of you would want a vaccination of any kind after what you have learned about vaccinations? Most of you would say no way not even your flu vaccine. This is how consciousness is shifting and it is continuing to shift and will continue to shift. And everyone, more and more and more out there are saying enough is enough. We want freedom. And that is what you are here for is to create freedom within the world here now.

Q: The pharmaceutical industry is fighting tooth and nail to disclaim the truth about what’s in the vaccines and it’s such a huge power struggle. Are we going to win that battle soon or are we going to continue having children unable to go to school unless they’re vaccinated? Children and people are dying from them, and they can’t even sue the pharmaceutical industries. What chances do we have?

OWS: They are already winning. Not the pharmaceutical companies but the forces of light are already winning in this because again, consciousness is shifting and as consciousness shifts no one will have any need of any of this. Think about this for a second, if you are rising in vibration into the higher dimensional frequencies there will be no more illness, no more sickness, none of this. So what need would you have of vaccinations anymore? They are doing everything they can — they the cabal, the dark forces are doing everything that they can to hold this back because they know once you move ahead and fully move into higher vibrations they’re gone they’re done. As a matter of fact they will not be able to survive in those higher-dimensional frequencies. They cannot do it. It is almost as if you’re vampire analogy, those fables and this type of thing. And if a vampire goes out into the light what happens? They burn up. Well if a vampire, in this case these being vampires, if they go into the higher frequencies they will shrivel up, their nervous systems will not be able to handle it. They will be taken off of here.

Anne: One Who Serves, the caller was asking if the light will win soon. We still have all these little remnants in these different areas like vaccinations and microchips and they’re scattered all over the place. I think your answer telling us that, as the energies go higher they will shrivel up and blow away. Is that pretty much how it’s finally going to clean up so we can move on with our own lives?

OWS: That is correct.

Q: I would just like to ask One Who Serves — I don’t want to get him into too much more trouble — but can he say anything about the three large ships that supposedly were found under Antarctica. They are supposed to be like 30 miles in diameter. David Wilcock and Cory Goode have been releasing that information and I wondered if you could say anything about that.

OWS: You have already said that they have said about this and more are coming forward, more what you would call whistleblowers, more will be bringing this truth out. This is something, one of the things that is going to break wide open. This along with your human trafficking, along with various arrests, along with the vaccine situation, the pharmaceutical companies, all of these things are going to break wide open and there will be no question anymore. People will no longer be looking at this as conspiracy theories or what is the newest thing the false news and all of this. They will be looking at the ones that have been holding it back such as your mass media, they will become the false news. They are already becoming that. Because many of you know, even those of your neighbors, those of your brothers and sisters out there, how many of them do you find that listen to the regular news anymore? Very few. Certainly you don’t but there are many out there that do not anymore either. Many of them even what you might call the senior citizens, even they are turning to the Internet now. Not that the Internet is all truth — certainly not — but it provides truth and falseness so therefore you can use your ability to discern.

Q: I’m a school bus driver and the children’s energies are becoming erratic to the point that I’m not sure if what I’m doing is the correct healing processes for them anymore. I don’t seem to be able to get through to some of the not so pleasant ones. Is there anything else I can do with the children that are not so positive or is my light even penetrating them anymore?

OWS: Simply be yourself. In all respects be yourself. Spread light, share light, send love, be love where ever you can and let it take care of itself from there. You cannot change anyone you can only assist them only guide them only nudge them just as we do. We don’t do anything to change you. We do all we can to nudge you toward change. You see?

Anne: That ends our very robust question-and-answer session. So much good information. I will turn it over to you for your final closing remarks.

OWS: Very good. We’ve come to end of time here so we need to make this brief. And as you can probably tell already, we have banished the other one here because he manages to go on and on and on [Laughter] so we say now, you know, this is where we just have to say goodbye. Because again, so many changes are coming, so much is happening. So just be yourself in all respects. Be who you are, be true to yourself, be in love with the journey that you are on whatever it might bring, because whatever it brings is what you came here to do.

So be at peace, be in love, and Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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