17.02.19 – Many Of You Are Moving Beyond The Old Paradigm And Embracing The New, The New Dawn That Is Coming Upon Us Now

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“Many Of You Are Moving Beyond The Old Paradigm And Embracing The New, The New Dawn That Is Coming Upon Us Now”.  –  Saint Germain and OWS

 “St. Germain” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

 (Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on February 19, 2017)


St. Germain

I am “St. Germain”.

 I am often with this group; it is often that I can make my presence known. It is so important to offer to you this continuing program, this continuing process that we have been working with you. When we work with you, you work with others. When we share with you, you share with others.

 This is how it is all happening. It is all happening for a reason.  Everything that you are aware of, everything you spoke about in your discussion. As you have heard many times, everything is being orchestrated. Nothing is happening by chance here.

 You, yourselves, are creating the entire process. As you have heard many times there would be no process, no Ascension Process here. But because of all of you who are awakening and will yet awaken, because of all of you this is possible.

 So we work with you, we work closely with you.  Some we work very closely with, more individually with you. More than you can even know. Many times we will whisper in your ears. Many times we share with you and you do not hear those whispers. But yet they are there, the information is there. It is getting into you. It is becoming a part of you. Your awareness is increasing in many different ways. The old programming is dropping away for many of you, most of you. Many of you are moving beyond the old paradigm and embracing the new, the new dawn that is coming upon us now.

 I say “us” because not only you are going through this Ascension Process for we are as well. We are all moving inour various ways into our higher vibrations. Everything is movement. There is very little stagnation in life. We continue to move on just as you continue to move on. As we help you, you are helping us.

 You have heard many times that things are changing or about to change. Or the word “soon” is often on your mind and often shared with you. But I, as “St. Germaine” was with  you. I was one of you over many lifetimes. Even those in this room or on this phone or read these words have been with me and I with you in past lifetimes. We have shared bread together, we have shared wine together. We will do so again.

As these times continue on many changes are about to unfold. Various announcements will come forward. Many truths that have been hidden behind the scenes, behind the veil will come forward, will become known. Many will become shocked by these truths.

Those of you who have become acclimated to these energies, have been working with them are going to be ready to receive the news, ready to receive the various truths. Nothing can stop it now. It is a tsunami that is coming through and you have been given this analogy many times. It is the analogy that works here.

As the tsunami moves across land it continues to gather force and sweeps away everything in its path. This is the tsunami of truth, the tsunami of love that is coming forward. It will be revealed in many different ways, many different fashions. From all different angles truth will be revealed.

 Even that of the New Republic in the sense that it has not been with you in a long time. But the New Republic is going to be what it was meant to be. You are going to be a part of bringing this together. A part of sharing with all those out there who are not aware yet of these changes. Not aware yet of these truths coming forward. We will be there to help share with them. Help them to understand. Help them grow just as you have grown in awareness, in knowing.

My brothers, my sisters trust yourselves. Trust in all that is coming. Trust all that is happening within you. It is all for a reason. It is all about to explode within your realm, within your vision, within your knowing.

I am “St. Germain” and I leave you now but I leave you only temporarily. I want you to know that I, as many others, am always here with you. We are only a whisper away in coming into complete understanding and knowing. 

All of my peace and love be with you as you continue to work within the Violet Flame of existence, the flame of health.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here and we are only going to take questions here now. No message to come to follow that at this point.

Much is being gathered here for the coming times here. They are fairly close now. You are going to experience many different things. Even now as we speak there are changes, things happening in the background that you are not yet aware of but are going to come forward.

You spoke of this earlier when you spoke about various places on the planet, the Antarctica, all of these things. There are going to be many discoveries, many truths that are coming from many different directions. Those of you who are awakened here and are continuing the awakening process you will hear these things and share them with many others. Because the truth is out there!

It is out there and it is going to be revealed. As it is revealed you will be able to turn to others and share with them, to help them understand. Not to say that you have known this all along or to say you were right all along. Although you are (laughter). But to say to everyone else, “it is time”. It is time to move on. It is time to reach out. Now is the time for the New Dawn to begin.

It is time for questions. We do not have “Ashira” because Susan is not available yet. Still under the weather somewhat. Get better! Enough of this nonsense, OK?

 Do we have questions here for “One Who Serves”?


Question: Last week we talked about the sun. I look at it and it is no longer a ball of light, it is a disc with rays shooting out. Why?

It is again for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. You are one as all here who are resonating to these words will all see this if you allow it to be. The sun is changing, it is changing very much. The entire solar system is moving through many changes even the galaxy itself is moving through changes here. You are going to experience more and more energies as they are coming into the planet.

You are already being bombarded by these as they have come in but they will become greater and greater. You will experience them in many different ways. You are working with these energies and are able to withstand them and work with them.

Many of these energies moving in now are creating a misalignment you might say in many people here. Many will not understand those changes. Medical science will be baffled by these things. Not to understand it at their level yet. It is happening. It is happening more and more.

These energies are going to come in to alter you. They are altering your DNA. They are altering your cellular structure. All of this is happening as it needs to. It is being orchestrated as part of this Ascension Process.

Ascension is not easy. It just is. Ascension is going to come whether people are ready or not. Some will be able to go along with it and some will not. Some will not be a part of this entire process. Those of you who came in with the choice to be a part of it you ae ready to be a part of all of this and will experience these changes that come in, these energies and part of this is seeing the sun herself, himself, there is more of a him there. The solar sun.


Q: What percentage of the Earth’s population has said yes to ascending now?

It is difficult to say this directly, it is more than in your 2012 time. At that time there was a 30%. Now we would say it is 50%, 60% or even more than this. It is not so much those are awakened and ready for this. They are not so much ready.


When these changes happen, when the Galactic Central Pulse hits the Earth then many will shift at that point. That is why we are saying it is a higher percentage than what you might think. Not now but when the shift hits many more will come aboard at the time.


Q: Ashtar spoke about trillions of ships up there. We don’t need trillions of ships, what are they doing?

First of all that was only the Ashtar Command. There are many who are awaiting their process, their portion of what they are here for. It’s as if they have their responsibilities and they are following through on many different levels.

There are so many different types of civilizations, so many different types of ships, all of this awaiting the call, the final countdown you might say. When this happens all will go into their various responsibilities, what they came here for. Some are here to watch. Some are here to participate fully. Some are here to be a part of first contact. Some are to work with the energies such as the Blue Avian and the spheres and all this. They are here to work with the energies and to modify them so they are not overpowering to the Earth at this time.

There are many different processes going on now and there are many ships besides the ones “Ashtar” spoke about now. Many aspects of  healing as well. Ships for healing. 
Cities of Light. Going down to Hollow Earth for healing. All of this.


 Q: I heard about mentors coming to us. Can you help with this?

Yes, the mentors are already here now. They are part of the process. Many have contacted the ones they are working with. Not so directly in most but in the whispers we are speaking of. They are helping you, guiding you. Much of the transition you are going through is letting go of the old. That includes letting go of old guides who have been with you a very long time. This is many lifetimes in some cases.

Many of these older guides and mentors have left you and have been replaced by newer guides and mentors. They are already here working with you but there will be a time after first contact your guides will be here more physically with you. You will have the same one and a slightly Pleidian mentor force will be present. They will be here to assist you and this will be a part of the orchestration that is going on here. OK?


Q: I have read that part of our guides could be a deceased family member. What do you think?

That can be but for the most part it is not what is. It is mostly ones who you have known previously but not so much family from this lifetime but soul family from long ago.  It will be recognition, a remembering that will occur. It will be as if you come back to an old friend. That will be in the physical form after the event.


Q: Do you have anything we can do to speed this process?

You are already doing it. Being here. Being part of this process on a weekly basis as much as you can. Whether it is here in person, over the phone, whatever it might be. You ae already a part of this process. Doing a meditation is being part of this process. Whether it is an individual or a group meditation as you have done each week.

You do not have any idea of how important those meditations are. How much you are affecting the entire planet when you do these meditations. It is not just an exercise in futility as some might think. Or the visualization process which you think has no meaning. Has much meaning. What you visualize, you create. That is what you must come to understand. Visualization leads to creation. Visualization is what you will be using more as you get into the higher vibrations. In the fifth dimension visualization is the thought process that is used there. OK?


Q: Given the current frequencies will we see the event in 2017?

We would love to say yes but we cannot say directly because we do not know ourselves. We have not been given this information because “Prime Creator” has not stated when this is to occur, not in his, her or its understanding yet.

It is all based on probability, it is based on frequency. As the frequency raises across the planet, which it is, it is coming closer and closer when these energies can be released from the Central Sun.  When that happens, that will be the “Event”. That will be the Galactic Flash or Galactic Pulse that has been spoken of many times.

We cannot say when it will exactly be because no one knows but the Creator himself. This was even in your Bible as it was spoken of by Yeshua. No one knows the date or the time except the Creator (the Father).

We are ready to release here. Just continue on with this program you are on. Individually and as a group. It is important to work with those things you understand. Work with the energies. Acclimate to the energies as you can. Work with visualization; do your affirmation, meditation whatever it might be.

Find yourself more and more out in nature. If you can, those that feel ill, that have  misbalances within them, the more you can be in nature, to feel the pure energy that is around them. That which come from the water, the trees, the plants and animals. The more crisper air, clearer air can be very important for coming to a place of wellness within them.

It can be done within the cities, the smog and all of these kinds of things but it takes much more effort on your part to have this happen. If you are out in nature where you can see the beauty and feel the beauty and know the higher vibrations and when you are in the higher vibrations there can be no illness. Anyone feeling a sense of illness, get out in nature.

Feel the sun on your back. Feel the sun on your neck. It can do wonders for you. It can raise your vibrations. This can be difficult for those in illness states but if you can do it, it will greatly enhance your healing capabilities. Healing is all within the mind. Know that. It is all within the mind and that is all that it is.

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Channeled by James McConnell 

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“Believing is seeing!”

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