16.05.11 – Wednesday Night Call

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Wednesday Night Call

“One Who Serves” #1 and #2 channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Wednesday PFC group in Glendale,

AZ on May 11, 2016) The question/answer part of this session has been omitted from the

transcription. If you would like, you can go to our website and listen to the audio.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. It is good to share with you again in this way, in this time

and in moments coming. Are they wonderful moments you are approaching



We understand from your conversation earlier, yes, we were eavesdropping,

as always. And we understand all of your questions such as who is involved,

when will it be and so on and so on. So many questions. So many questions

going on. But where is the go with the flow, people? Just let it be. Go with

the flow. Let it happen. Be in joy! Everything is wonderful. There is not

going to be martial law, people. There is not going to be a pandemic of any

kind. There is not going to be nuclear war or anything of this nature. There is

not going to be an asteroid hitting into the planet. There is not going to be

the sun exploding.


None of these things are going to happen. You are in the right place at the

right time for all that you have been preparing for and working for so long.

You the volunteers, the Lightworkers, the Light Sharers, you are the ones

who are making this happen as we have said many times. We want you to

understand the importance you each are, as individuals, and you as a group.

You as a collective group. All of the groups that have been working on this.

You have been so diligent that we salute you. You have been doing so much.

All of you.


There is not one who has not been doing something. There is not one who is

doing more than another. You must understand this. Yes, there are the ones

you read about who are in the forefront of telling all and bringing out the

truth and all of these things. And yes, they are wonderful and they are

important but so are you! Each one of you. Each one has their part to play.

So, there is no greater or lesser just as there is no greater or lesser in the

Galactics. Or the Ascended Masters or the Agarthans. Because if there were

a greater and a lesser there would be power involved here. There would be a

place like in your corporate structures. It is not the corporate structure as you

know it. This is not the way of the future.


All of this is going to change and yes, in some ways it will change in a blink

of an eye. In other ways it will be a slow, gradual transition. That is

necessary so as not to blow out people’s nervous systems. What would an

abrupt change do, if you think about this? Not for the Lightworkers who

have been preparing for this. Not for you who have been acclimating, as

Sananda said not too long ago, acclimating toward these energies. What of

those who have no idea of any of this? They would listen to these words and

turn the TV off if they heard this. You see? It would blow them out to even

think in these respects.


So what if for them, it were to be an announcement that would come out and

shock the world? You see? Now that is not to say that there will not be

announcements but we cannot tell you how it is going to be because we

don’t know yet how it is going to be. We can’t, because in one moment it is

going to be this and then in the next moment it changes. In the next moment

it changes again and again.


We have spoken of this as the probability. The probabilities are what we go

  1. Not predictions. We don’t make predictions. We go by probabilities. The

probability of all of these happening that we speak of, it is in the matter of

happening now.


You hear about the release of the money. Yes, the money has been released.

That is true and it is going to filter out to all of you in many different

respects, many different ways. So, sit back in your easy chair and watch

things go by. Be in the flow. Be in the now and enjoy the show because the

show is getting ready to begin. OK?


One Who Serves #2


Did anyone notice a little bit difference in the initial “OWS” who spoke

here? That was a different “OWS”. It was not myself and he does not come

very often. We wanted to point him out for you.


Shante, Peace Be with you. Be the ONE!



I am “Ashira” Thank you for your time and participation this evening.


You could tell by the “OWS” today that he was very excited. We are all very

excited. We have been talking to you about soon for a couple of years. Now,

though you can see things as they are unfolding. Now you can feel things as

they are unfolding before you. As you continue to raise your frequency you

will continue to see things unfurl in your world.


These are good times, our friends. Good times for all of those things that you

wonder about and ask about. As he said, go with the flow. Don’t worry

about solving all the questions you have in your mind. Solving other

questions from other sources.


Maintain your center in meditation. Know that each day you are moving

forward in exactly the way you are to move.


We give you our blessings and our love. Namaste.

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