16.05.07 – As you are in the higher 4th and higher dimensions, nothing of the 3D world can harm you

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As you are in the higher 4th and higher dimensions, nothing of the 3D world can harm you”.  – One Who Serves and Ashira


“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on May 7, 2016)


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here. The vibrations are definitely higher here than when we participated Wednesday evening. So much different here. So much different in the body we are working through and for the energies in the room as well.

For those on the phone who are working through this, we commend you for you diligence to work through this entire process. And again, we say over and over, this is a process you are going through. It is not an overnight sensation. You are not going to go to sleep and wake up an entirely different being although some will have this experience but most will not.

Most will go through this process and it has been simplified. It has been made easier to transition here, to go through this over a period of time rather than abruptly. We knew that it did not go slowly that it would be very difficult in your human condition, on your central nervous system and all of this. So it was lessened. But many of you have been saying “bring it on!”. You do not know exactly what it will be like. We would say that you are not quite ready but you are moving in that direction.

That is what we would like to speak about here. In your discussion earlier of those attacking you, those of the Dark Forces. Yes, we listen in on your discussion and we certainly move it along in a certain direction. Those of you who are concerned about the Dark Forces and being attacked and all of this. If you are concerned about this and believe it can happen, than yes, it can happen. You can bring it on to yourself. You can draw it to you.

All of this attraction process is in play here. If you allow for this, if you allow for it to affect you then they can. They can get inroads as James used earlier. They can have access to you in various ways. But, if you will believe then you will see. Believe that you are protected. Believe that nothing can harm you. Nothing can affect you and you will not be affected. Unless you volunteered for this unless you allow it, then you can allow access to you in some way. But if you believe you are protected, you are.

You are moving into the higher vibrations more and more. To the higher frequencies. As you are in these higher frequencies, there is little that can affect you of the 3d world. As you are in the higher 4th and higher dimensions, nothing of the 3D world can harm you. That is in any way, illnesses, sicknesses, poisons or any of these things. They cannot harm you at all.

This was a programming attempt by the Cabal, by the Dark Forces, to hold you in their sway, to keep you controlled. They did this through fear and the use of anger and hate and negative emotions that come from these lower Chakra centers. But the energy is moving up from these lower centers into the higher centers. They are doing this without your knowing it very much of the time.

Every time you see the beauty around you. Every time you raise your vibration higher you are moving into those higher dimensional fields. You will have the experience of being in the higher dimension and you will not need to have thoughts about those things in the 3D experience.

This goes for any kind if energy, electrical energy, cellular energy, microwave energy, any of these cannot affect you because they are of the lower vibration, lower frequency. The lower vibration cannot affect the higher vibration. You see?

We hope you understand this. We are going to now take questions. “Ashira” is on standby too.


 Question:  I feel like I am the plug, plugging into the higher energy and sending it out wherever I go. I have been thinking about my early youth and I hardly remember anything, it is like a dream. Why?



Dear One, has this been an experience of your entire life or is this more of an experience you are having as you live in the present Now? Yes!

Many, many people are experiencing this. Many live in the Now. Part of that is letting go of family and friends and experiences from younger years. It is all part of what makes a person who they are today but it does not tie them to what has been. It is being in the Now and moving you into your future.

Do not be alarmed that you do not have specific memories. The more you can relax and let them go, the more easy it will be for you to live in the present and enjoy all the wondrous moments you have here now. OK?


Question: Did I experience a lucid dream the other day?


Would you say that in your dream state that you were aware of being dreaming?

 I was aware of what I was doing and had full awareness of what I was choosing.

Yes. This is the definition of being lucid. Being very much aware of the state you are in at the time. Yes, you were having a lucid dream. We are glad you brought this up. Many more of you are going to be having this type of dream. They are very important because they raise the vibration in the dream state. As you are in the dream state and let us say your understanding in the 3D world about dreams is really nothing that it is. You will come to understand the dream process when you move along here. They will come back in remembrances to you. Many of you will be having these experiences, more lucid, more aware of being in the dream state, more aware of your experiences there. More aware if what you bring back from the dream state. It is all a part of the veil dropping here.

This goes for all of you. All of the Lightworkers, the Light Warriors, the Light Holders. All of these. All of you are going to have this more and more. That is also for those who are in the sleeping process here. As they begin to awaken they will


Question: I have had a song in my head constantly. It is a little annoying now. It is “Jefferson Starship’s” “We Built this City on Rock and Roll”.


James just had a thought roll through, that he will have this song in his head now too! (laughter)

It is not so unusual for you to wake up from a dream state with a song in your head or have a song come in during the day from memory. What it means is different for everybody.

This particular song for you is because you are building something new within yourself. You are building a new level of consciousness in yourself, are you not? So this is the meaning for you. Not at the conscious level but that may be now too. This is to assist with your building of new vibrations and levels of consciousness. OK?

Change the “rock & roll” to whatever you want here that has more meaning for you, if you wish,


Question: Is it possible to build the command center by my house?


What have we been saying for a long time now and recently more regularly? Believe it and you will see it! Create it and make it yours and it will be. It will be whatever you wish it to be. It is a group collective here. It is not only your dream it will become group collective dream as well . You see?


Question:You have spoken about the gravitational pull. What is the right way to think about this or is it another Cabal programming?


There is no right or wrong here. This is just what it is and your Cabal has created the understanding that you re held by gravity. You are held by many things in your 3D understanding as they have created this. And you have been a participant in the creation of this as well. As you realize more fully who you are you will realize that there is no limitation. No limitation in time and space. No limitation in gravity. Anything is possible. Ask the James here about an experience they had with another who bent the quartz crystal. You cannot bend crystal, can you? They witnessed this happening. From that you can see that anything is possible. Including being able to fly.

If there is no gravity, you can lift off the Earth, can you not? It is only a belief system that has created this and that you are held here in that respect. Believe it and you will see it. You see?


There are so many opportunities for every one coming up. As you open up and come to understand that the world you had for your lives was not valid. Now, the rules are going away. You have new opportunities for building your own world with your own rules and allowing yourself and those you love to do all those things that you are dreaming of today. They will manifest for you.


 Question: I wanted to hear more about Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Can you tell me more?


You are so right. When you move into the higher dimension s all these terms for these relationships will not matter any longer. You will have many people cross your path. You will have relationships that are short term and long term. You will not need to place names on what these are. Feel free!

These are terms more for the 3D world that you have existed in. They are to give you hope. Hope for something better. Hope for something more fulfilling. The bonds of love are very different here that you will experience in other places in the new dimensions that you will be moving into.

That frequency gives you a very different perspective on the experiences you will have with love. Not only the love with someone you might have an intimacy with but the gift of love as it goes across your experience. OK?


We would add that your Twin Flame are one in the same of you. This is forever. It is not a temporary period where they are that and become your soul mate. Your soul mate are those you come in contact with during various lives, part of your soul group. They are the ones you resonate most closely too at that time. There are differences between you and sometimes karmic conflict and all of this.

But your Twin Flame is for eternity. It is one in the same with you. OK?

Please understand that these are very exciting times! You are moving into a period of frequency that you have been waiting for a very, very long time. You have been moving toward this particular moment in time. We are not going to say exactly when the domino starts to fall but it is very close. Those of you who spoke about this earlier were pretty much right on track.


You are in the moment. Just be patient a little bit longer. Move into whatever direction you need to raise your vibration. And be in the moment, be in the Now. Your future will come to be what you plan for it to be and it will be that.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. Happy Mother’s Day.

Recognizing your own mothers and recognizing your children today. It is time to day thank you for all that you have given and all that you have been given. This gets you where you are today.

This day is recognized around the world. It is also in acknowledgement of the Divine Mother. She builds world. She builds things for you to experience love. Father is the insinuator. The Mother is the machinery. She creates from the Father. This is so in your world as you experience it now.

We wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you. For the men in the room, you have been mothers! Never forget that. It is important to remember.

There are so many children around the world that have needs. There are so many children in this part of the world that have needs. It has not been an easy ride for very many people. The love of the mother is there for all around the world.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Spend time on the phone. Spend time out to dinner. Spend time thanking them for what they give to you.

We give you our love. We give you peace. Namaste.



Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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