Drake Bailey & Jim Willie Update Update – October 2, 2015

Drake Bailey Update

Octo Calvin Klein Espa�a be r 2, 2015

  • A reliable source has advised everyone to get ready. T Shirt Fendi The finishing job is about to be unleashed and everyone could participate.
  • US military are working with FBI and Federal Marshals at all levels;
  • Concentrated efforts are underway by Pentagon officially and other whitehats;
  • Nazis are fighting to the last man;
  • The Jesuits and Vatican are waiting for survivors;
  • The Jesuits and the Vatican are the last bad guys that we have to deal with, because the military won’t do it;
  • A lot of bad guys will be tried for treason;
  • Everyone is sovereign, free from external control; no governments are allowed to lord it over anybody, accept no less;
  • A literal “iron curtain” shutdown of 72 hours will be imposed;