15.11.29 – Enough Is Enough

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“Enough Is Enough!”

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

​​”Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on November 29, 2015)



Greetings to you. Good to be with you here again, always in this way, in your weekly get- togethers here. And as has been spoken of in this group, it is good to have this re-charge every so often here. Every seven days as we are finding it. Because it is very important to bring yourself out of the doldrums, out of the quagmire that you find yourselves in during the week, do you not? It is certainly important to raise your vibrations whenever you can and certainly, this particular group time is a good time to do it!

So, this is why this has been brought about to have this group, to have all the various groups that meet across the entire planet because it is all now about change. For some that is a bad six letter word. We know that. It is important to know that it is time. It is time to go through various changes in your life because you are moving on. You are moving out of the old paradigm, the old 3D paradigm. You are moving into the new Golden Age. Yes, some are moving kicking and screaming but they are moving, regardless.

It is time now. It is time to find yourself at the highest levels, the highest vibrations you can be in a given moment. And if it calls for letting go of various things in your life; relationships, items, various things you have held onto, we know that was part of the discussions held earlier. We actually prompted this part of the discussion because it is important to have this, it is important to know. It is important to know that you are moving on, you are letting go.

Let go. Go with the flow and as you do this let go of those things in your life that are no longer doing anything for you. They are holding you back. They are weighing you down. Not only those things that are items of substance but also various relationships. Also job situations that no longer serve you. All of these things are going to change!

Once Disclosure happens these things are going to change drastically. It is not going to be like the world you are in now. It is going to be so much different and so much more wonderful and loving. We know we have said this so many times, we say it is coming soon and it is! It certainly is. And it is not only our soon as it has been for several years now it is now your soon.

Be ready and embrace it. Let it come to you. Whenever you feel the urge to move on and do something, whenever you feel that urge deeply within you let go. Go with it. If it is a garage sale to get rid of all the old things then have it, do it! If it is to move from a particular job that is no longer serving you, no longer has meaning for you, then move to something that does.

All of this. If it is a relationship that does not have a connection, a higher spiritual connection, and you feel ready to move beyond it, the karma is gone, then it is time to move on. If you feel that inner urge that is whispering deep within you that is saying “now is the time” then “NOW is the time people. Now is the time to wake up. Now is the time to move on.

And yes, it has been said that “enough is enough” and we are going to continue to use this terminology. As well as your terminology of “believing is seeing”. It is certainly no more “seeing is believing.” That is the old way. That is the old paradigm that has been programmed into you. That you have to see it and then believe it.

The things you will see will be scientifically provable. The science you have now is nothing compared to the science that you are going to have. With the healing chambers and all this but there is going to be so much more. The use of sound and color and vibration to bring about healing and to bring about the healing of broken bones and even to grow new limbs and things of this nature. All of this is coming.

So, we are going to let go of this message now and move on to questions if we have any for “Ashira” who is standing by and we, “One Who Serves”.


Question:  Can you tell us about the recent Cerne explosion?

OWS” : It is already affecting you. We are not going to speak of explosion or any of this nature but the activity that is occurring there is for the good of the masses. It is the ending of the old paradigm that was in the works and moving on. It is not going to concern you and never was anything that was going to concern you. It was not going to have any affect here. It was meant to hold off the Ascension process but nothing can do that now. Do you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

No. Good job! “Ashira” adds.


Question:  I had a dream two nights in a row. The dream included three women and I was one of the women. There was a male involved who gave us money. The next night I had the same three women and I was one. I was telling them what I had dreamed. Can you tell me about the dream?

OWS”:  “Ashira” would you like to start with this one?

Ashira”: I will start with this. When one repeats a dream, this is one to be paid attention to. This is a good one to bring to us.

What I would say to you is that the three women are all aspects of you. Receiving money would be good for you at this time! You would love to receive money, would you not? This dream is telling you that in the highest way you know that you are cared for. You know that you will not end up on the street with your children. You will not end up on the street with your animals. There is a pathway for you to walk. You are cared for and loved. “One Who Serve”?

OWS”:;I will add this. It is an indication of the release of various monies that are coming across the board. Not only to you but for many who have been in preparation of these monies being released. But it is not for money purposes. It is not for someone to become rich and all of this. That is the old paradigm. It is to come to a point of balance into the world situation. That is what these various releases of money will do. It is to move things in that direction and then there will be the advent or the introduction of NESARA and all of this is coming.

Would there be other questions here?


Question: I am seeing all kinds of mountains as I look out on a view and there is much turmoil around me. What can you tell me?

OWS”: You are in the “eye of the storm” although it is not the same analogy here. You are looking out seeing the distance seeing all that is out there and not feeling the turmoil around you. This is true in your life, is it not? You are here experiencing your life but you are not experiencing the 3D turmoil around you. “Ashira” do you wish to add anything?

Ashira”: Yes. You are here and yet you see that you have things to release to let the new unfold. Soon you will see your life as it unfolds in the days to come.


Question: When I see George H Bush throwing people under the bus I wonder if he is going to be taken off world for protection?

OWS”: There will be no concern whatever when these various entities, beings, whatever come forward and share or start to throw others under the bus. That is certainly what they will do to each other. They are squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. They are trying to protect their buttes you might say, cover their buttes. This is what they are in the process of doing now. They are doing all that they can to keep out of going to prison and all of these things. They can only do so much and there will only be so many concessions here that will be given. They must atone for some of their deeds. If that does not happen here it will come from their own Higher God Self when they are ready for that.


Question: When the Cabal is reigned in will our planet’s quarantine be lifted?

“OWS”: Oh my goodness! When all of this is lifted, when the veil is fully lifted you will have access not only to this world but worlds. Throughout the Galactic System and more!

What is your saying? “To boldly go where no one has gone before”.

Comment: That is my saying. Thank you!

More questions?

Question: When I meditate I go away. With these Ascension processes there are a lot more visualizations and I don’t do well with those. Should I stay with the meditation that makes me feel good?

“OWS”: What have we said to do so many times previously? Have we not said to go with the energy that you are feeling? Go with your particular way of doing things because of where you come from? You are not the typical human being here. Believing is seeing!

Comment: I have always believed.

Yes and that is why you are persevering through all of this. Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: Dear One, you find perfection in doing things in the way you are called to do them doing that which gives you pleasure, doing things that bring you opportunities to grow in your own way. You are not like others in the room and how they experience things because that is not your pathway. Yet, you find your pathway and it takes you beyond the moment and that is precious, Dear One.

OWS”: Any further questions here?


Question: I have two. One is about a dream and the other is about mental clutter at work. The mental clutter is when I get up in the morning I start thinking about work. I love the people I work for but I have challenges with office staff. (this is only paraphrasing this question as it was rather long and the questioner mostly answered his own question)


OWS”:  Yes. You certainly have answered your own question. It is not so much to move on to a new location but to move on in your consciousness. To know that you are on the right path in knowing you are assisting those who need your assistance, your help. And you are doing what you are called to do.

It is not so important that others around you are saying what to do or how to do it. You know what to do. So move on it from that sense. Move on with your inner knowing and move from that process. It will continue to blossom for you. Anything to add here,“Ashira”?

Ashira’”:We definitely agree with this. We can see and feel your frustration in the morning. We feel that this moves you into other things you can do. But you have developed relationships with those that you help. This is part of your opportunity to release and let go.

Moving into another similar situation may have you experiencing the same things if you, yourself, have not grown. This is your opportunity to examine your feelings about the people you work with not the people you work for in terms of those you take and deliver. Those you work with will change when you change.

It is time to release yourself from this in the morning. Get up with gratitude. Get up with love. Get up with joy in the sunshine each day, in every way. Does that answer your question?


Question: The circumstances happen when the timing is not correct and I am the one in the way and get people’s unhappiness shot my way. That is very difficult.


Yes. There are many people in this room that are looking for work or are engaged with work outside the home. There are many who would share with you many of the same frustrations with their job. Maybe not the same as you but frustrations with their job.

We are here to say that these are very short lived, our friends. Very short lived because the changes you are in the midst of now. This is not the only thing in your lives for there are other things you will be accomplishing in your lives. All of you that have work, we know that is a four letter word, work to go to, do it in the spirit of love and loving. It is your opportunity to be filled with grace and shine with light. See these situations melt away. We will be with you at times and whispering in your ear. Relax and let it go.


Question: May I ask about my dream? I was somewhere where there were huge strawberries like eight times the size of a tomato. They were vibrant red in color and the taste was out of this world. I fell into this recliner that wrapped around me and ate these strawberries. I felt sooooo good!

Ashira”: We will share with you that this is a trip you made to Hollow Earth, to Inner Earth. To enjoy those who are similar in mindset. You were enveloped in love enjoying the wonderful fruits that are down there. Tasting the best you have ever tasted and seeing the size of the fruit. For the fruits and vegetables there have great size and taste tremendous. You relaxed in the arms of those who love you. It was time for you to have a moment, a moment to bring back that memory to help you deal with what you deal with in your day to day life. “OWS”?

OWS”: We cannot add anything to that. It was well said.

Anymore questions?

Question: I feel as if I have a love/hate relationship with my son. I call on my Light Mental Body but nothing changes. What can you say about that?

OWS”: When you call upon your Light Mental Body you are expecting certain things. You are expecting it to do whatever you are expecting. (I call to take my emotions away). It is not going to do that. It is not going to take your emotions away. It is going to enhance your emotions. It is going to add to it to help you through various situations.

But it is also within your expectation that you are to bring about what you are wanting. So, if you are expecting and not getting it, you are not supposed to get it at that time. You are supposed to work through this in various ways.

For you to have various emotional outbursts is not like you normally. It is important for you to put your foot down. In certain circumstances this is necessary for this one you are talking about. He has a mind of his own and is moving on and needs too! He needs to move on, not in terms of moving out of your home but to move on in his own spiritual evolvement here. His own growth. (I wish he would.)  Wishing is not bringing it about! Look within yourself. Is that really what you want? YES! Then you have come to a shift in your thinking here. Anything to add, “Ashira”?

Ashira” : What a good mother. What a wonderful mother. You have many changes that are taking place in all areas! You affect your children. Part of his reaction to you is that you are putting up new boundaries. You are putting up new goals for yourself and goals that will affect your son.

All of this is a time for critical growth for all of your family. All of this is part of your love but also part of establishing what needs to happen now.

Listen to your heart. Listen to yourself. We are proud that you have come to this point. We have answered before, walk away. Do not feel that it is important to answer at all times. It is important for him to come to his own decisions. He has played this game with you for a very long time. It is not necessary to play this game any longer. Bless you!

Question: I have a Pit Bull and he is very challenging. Can you help with him?

Ashira’: I will be happy to take this question. What is your dog’s name? Valentine. He has not had an upbringing that would benefit a health, loving being. He has not had the benefit of firm boundaries as we spoke about with the child. When he was young and at the he could learn this it was not established. This can be a part of the breed which is not always the case but in his case it is.

What we would recommend is to give him a life within your home. Give him a life that is limited to exposure to other beings, whether it be human or canine or feline or chickens or anything else he might come in contact with. Keep him in an area with closed pathways. This is where you go to the bathroom. This is where we can play and you can run. This is where you are allowed to do this. This is where you are allowed to do that.

This is not his fault. Even though you have given him love and tried to understand him, he is a broken being at this time. So your heart and his can join as one as you follow the path of limitation for this one. Does that make sense to you? (I believe in freedom and yet I can’t give him what I desire for all.)

And we believe this is true. Again it is not your fault or anything you have done. You love this animal and he LOVES you. Find the limits that you can live with and that will work for him. Report to us in a couple of weeks how both of you are coming along. Will that work for you? (Yes. )


We are going to move on and answer one more question that has come from a person in Europe.

The question is about the Paris Climate Talks and what is going to occur with this.

And we are going to say that much that is going on behind the scenes is not what you are going to see at the surface. The process there is going to bring about many changes. The World Leaders are moving to the Light in many respects. Not all and certainly it will not show that way in the media. But it will bring about great change through these World Leaders as they are able to operate here with this. It will be a part of the whole process that is going on but it will not be evident yet. All of these things that are happening deep within the rabbit hole. The rabbit is coming out soon. We just wanted to answer that question here. Anything else to add, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: No. That was beautiful. We all enjoyed that.

OWS”: We release channel. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Hello. I am “Ashira”. My message this week is about what each of you is going through.

Many times throughout the day you may have thought arise that do not feel like you. As these energies are moving across the planet, the Tsunami of Love and all of the energies that are coming in, they are knocking you off your feet sometimes!

Any sources that you have, there are times you decide not to check them out. There are times your thoughts are about others and there are times your thought are about you. All of this is normal. All of this is what is happening now.

We love the vibrations in this group during your Sunday meeting. We love to be here. We know that you walk and work and exist in a world where many are not yet awakened. The process of having you opened was to have you ready for those who are awakening and engage them and listen to them.

Know that this is, at times, challenging. Know that, at times, this stops you in your path. But there are times as Diana spoke today, of pure pleasure of watching those in her home engage one another. These are the times you are moving toward. Engagement. Laughing and playing with one another. Times we see you now manifesting this.

We send you our love and know that every day you look toward the heavens say, “We are ready”. We know that you are and that you are doing what you are called to do at the time you are called to do it.

We give you our peace and our love. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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