“Ancient Awakening’s” 2019 August Advance Ufo Sighting! Once again, like last April, we captured a quickly morphing, very colorful object in the sky. Played the captured video through ‘VLC’s’ video player and moved it forward by using ‘Frame by Frame’, then capturing each one, then cropped images approximately the same size, then ran the jpg images through an animated Gif Maker and this is what you’re seeing. You can right clic on the Gif if you desire to copy it.

Ufo Sighting quickly morphing in different colors & shapes August’s 2019 Advance
Ufo Sighting quickly morphing in different colors & shapes April’s 2019 Advance

Heart, Head, Hand Decree by Master El Morya

Heart: Violet flame, thou Love Divine, Blaze within this Heart of Mine! Thou art Mercy forever true, Keep me always in tune with You.

Head: I Am Light, thou Christ in me, Set my mind forever free. Violet Fire, forever shine Deep within this mind of mine. God who gives my daily bread, With Violet Fire fill my head Till thy radiance heavenlike Makes my mind a mind of Light.

Hand: I Am the hand of God in action, Gaining Victory every day. My pure soul’s great satisfaction, Is to Walk the Middle Way!