Advance (formerly called retreats)

Our next Advance is scheduled for the 1st weekend in December (1st – 4th) and is open to accommodate up to 30 attendees in person and another 60+ via conference call. Each Advance (held 3 or 4 times per year) promises to be more intense and rewarding than the previous with the Ascended Masters providing all the orchestration to make it so. More details to follow shortly.

Hello Light Warriors,

The Next Advance is December 1, 2, 3, through the morning of the 4th.  The information is pasted into this email and also there is an attachment.

It is extremely important to the work and our mission to awaken as many as possible and spread the word with our light and love.  Through your attendance, our numbers grow strong and we join as One to help Mother Gaia bring us along to a greater experience of the 5th Dimensional life.  If you feel in your heart that it is time to join us in person, please let us know now by responding to this email.

In our last Advance in August we had 19 attend in our home and we were bursting at the seams!  It is our mission to expand this event to as many as possible (up to 30) so we have picked a location in Payson that will provide many amenities and help each per person to have some private time and get plenty of rest between sessions.

Here are flyers for the December Advance.

Believing is Seeing!

James and Joanna


The Journey Continues…….

Advance dates: December 1, 2, 3 leaving the 4th


The Road is Peace

The Way is Love

We have been blessed to offer eight “Advances” throughout the last 4 years. We need to urgently step up the work so that more can be included.

We are offering the next Advance and the next step in our own spiritual awakening by expanding our efforts to include 30 people. We will be reserving rooms at a beautiful lodge known as Majestic Mountain Inn in Payson, AZ, where we will be meeting in their large meeting room more cohesively and more often to offer and expanded experience. Private room accommodations are offered.

BE the ONE

We are the Light-Warriors that have come to show the way through shining our Light into the dark places. We are here to anchor our Light to the Light of Gaia through our Love for all things.

Let us come together again and continue the journey…

Where: Majestic Mountain Inn, Payson, AZ

When: Arrive by 1 pm on December 1st (Friday). Advance will continue until mid morning Monday, December 4th.

Included: All Meals, snacks, beverages.

Room: PRIVATE room accommodations

$165.00 per person plus room fees – see attached. Room fee required to reserve hotel room by September 30th. Advance deposit $75, bal due Nov. 1st $90

reserve now

NOTE: If you are part of the telephone attendees, please pay $15 for the entire Advance which will include all guided meditations and experiences and Q&A and channeling sessions via telephone. You will receive phone and pin upon payment.

As Always, expect a beautiful experience of Oneness and Love


Yes, I will be attending this event: Please contact Joanna at: to check available space and if available, reserve your space.

The Journey Continues……

Advance dates: December 1st to 4th 2017


Phone Number_______________________________________________



Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover:

Number__________________________________ Exp. Date__________

Special Code___________

Billing Zip Code to card_________

Amount to charge today:_______________ ($75 minimum deposit or $165 in full)

Balance due_______________ will charge by November 1st , 2017


Majestic Mountain Inn, Payson AZ

Room Rates for our Group December 1st to 4th 2017

Call Majestic Mountain Inn to make reservations under Group Name: Ancient Awakenings800-408-2442 ask for Linda. (Do this only after first contacting Joanna by email)


Standard Room Rate $107 per night inc. tax

$321/Fri, Sat, Sunday

Double occupancy $161.50 each for entire weekend

Triple occupancy $107.00 each for entire weekend


–1 King Bed or 2 Queen Beds
–Desk, Coffee Maker, Mini Fridge, Microwave, Flat Screen, DVD, HBO, Wi-Fi
–Bottom floor rooms with patio


Deluxe Room Rate $113 per night inc. tax

$339/fri, sat, sunday

Double occupancy $169.00 each for entire weekend

Triple occupancy $113.00 each for entire weekend

-1 King Bed or 2 Queen Beds

–Desk, Coffee Maker, Mini Fridge, Microwave, Flat Screen, DVD, HBO, Wi-Fi
–Fireplace and Back Patios


King Luxury Room* $124 per night inc tax

$372/Fri, Sat, Sunday

*Suitable for couple or double occupancy

-Fireplace and Jacuzzi in every room

–Desk, Coffee Maker, Mini Fridge, Microwave, Flat Screen, DVD, HBO, Wi-Fi
–Cathedral Wood ceilings or back patio in every room


Roll away beds available from hotel for extra charge