Arcturian Message

Arcturian Message ~ Fall Equinox 2015


Salutations of love and excitement dear Earth People!

We, your Arcturian friends, are jumping time lines to communicate with you right now. It was not always foreseen that you would receive our frequency or indeed, welcome it, in this time window. The variables were massive ~ would planet Earth succeed in bringing Her people into 5th dimensional frequency in time? Would the energies of resurgence available in your solar system succeed in activating humans to their full potential? Would enough of your populace be willing to extricate themselves from the net of disempowerment cast over your race for so long?
Depending on the answers to these questions, there was the potential for us to insert ourselves into your reality and help you make the leap. And the answers to all 3 questions posed are not black and white – there is a continuum along which the answers are placed, as your drama unfolds on the stage of your physical planet and in your beauteous galaxy. Most importantly, we must tell you quite clearly that you are on the way – that you are succeeding in extricating yourselves from the net, and that you are in the process of receiving the photonic input which is activating you into your full potential. And is this not wonderous news, worthy of trumpets and fanfare from the angelic choirs? Let us elucidate.
As a race, you are indeed moving towards fifth dimensional frequency. The fore-runners of this are already stabilised in this reality – perhaps 2 to 3 percent of your population are able to maintain this awareness as theirpredominant reality. Most of you reading this are within another 5 percent of the populace who are able to move into fifth dimensional frequency during your peak awareness moments – during orgasm, tantric practise, meditation, pranayama, moments of mergence with nature and so on. Our Star brothers and sisters from Sirius and the Pleiades teach the breathless state through this channel for this precise purpose – in order to temporarily sink you into the awareness of the ‘other’ reality – the non-physical realms of Light,sacred geometry, colour and harmony.
We are with you now not only to bring you these glad tidings, but to assist energetically through our frequency transmissions. You would call this healing – we prefer to call our offerings Light Chamber Transmissions.According to your need and our purpose, we send you different frequency grids at different times, as we are able to see into your Light Bodies and determine what is most appropriate in specific time windows. This September of 2015 on your planet is an extremely auspicious time for you. The equinox on the 23rd is the culmination of a rare series of portals opening energetically on Earth from the 5th of September onwards – the most powerful opportunity to integrate ascension codes since the December solstice of 2012.
You are given the opportunity to be stabilised at your present level of energetic upgrade – you have the potential to integrate all the activations and downloads thus far received. When this is achieved you truly are able to step into your power more completely. What will result is an experience of greater comfort and peace and empowerment. You will feel more stronger physically, more emotionally stable and more mentally clear and confident. We ask you to be very conscious of this potential over the weeks to come and to welcome it actively through stating with vigour:

▪ ‘I am ready for stabilisation & integration!

▪ I accept all upgrades and activations already available in my Light Body.

▪ I nurture my body with tender loving care to facilitate this stabilisation.

▪ I accept my power as a multi-dimensional Angel on Earth!’

With this declaration, coupled with your ongoing dedication to this process, you begin the journey. We will offer a further 2 Light Chambers for you to experience. In addition we ask you to spend more time in nature, more time in spiritual practise and more time nurturing your physical vehicle. Do not expect to attain spiritual heights without paying attention to your physical aspects dear people. How would it be possible to transmute from physicality into Light when there is density in the vessel? Avoid processed foods and stimulants such as caffeine and sugar. Eat a balance of cooked and raw fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses that are nurturing to your whole being. Balance and moderation is needed in all aspects of your lives to truly take advantage of this opportunity to come into energetic integrity.
We and all the Galactic Beings of Light are with you in this process. We radiate our frequency in loving turquoise wave bands into your reality right now. You receive this as a heart-opening, field-expanding experience. We repeat – do not seek to further activate yourselves in this time window, but rather to stabilise and integrate that which already within your Light Body. As our Pleiadian friends are fond of saying, The Time Is Now! Namaste.’

Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light ~ are you ready for an UPGRADE?

Dearest Light Tribe, this message from the Arcturian Star Councils is so welcome I am tripping the light fantastic! It appears that we really are getting somewhere, in Calvin Klein Espa�a consciousness terms. I will upload a 2nd and 3rd Chamber of Light in the coming weeks – in the meantime, do the if you have not already.
The Arcturians gift us with this healing session in order to allow our further activation – IF we are ready for an upgrade! Lie down to experience this ‘Chamber of Light’ – repairing on a cellular atomic level, repairing the electrical Light Body in order to repair your nervous system, so that your codes may be activated with more comfort in your physical body.
For the most powerful healing result, allow as much time & space to rest after the session as possible to integrate the healing, with no internet, telephone or any other electro-magnetic interference.
This was recorded live during my ‘Solstice Activation’ Retreat in Ibiza, but I was guided to make it available to you as it will assist many ~ you know who you are! The Time Is Now!
Download the soundfile here:
Love love love,
Solara an-Ra, Magic Weaver for Gaia

The Latest From Montague Keen

Montague Keen – August 30, 2015

There is a wonderful awakening happening in your world. It has caused consternation among your controllers. They have rushed their plans forward, but I can assure you, no matter what yeezy pas cher they try, they will not succeed. Their takeover of the Earth will NOT HAPPEN. They will try everything in their MAGIC BOOK OF TRICKS to fool you into accepting them and their plans. I have always told you that they will not accept defeat easily. When 99% refuse to accept them, fight for them, kill for them, and serve them and their evil plans, they will be left with no other choice but to leave the Earth.
September will bring many problems that you will have to give serious thought to. The Cabal will make a major push forward with their takeover plans. Be on guard in September, and do not take anything at face value. Make preparations so that you are prepared for all eventualities. FEAR has always been their greatest weapon. They will use it to scare you into submission. Your future does not include serving them. Your future is discovering who you are, and your role in the Transition, working together to create a world where peace and love is the driving force that brings the whole of humanity together to live in harmony. No one people will ever be allowed to rule over humanity again. All humanity will live in peace.
The EVIL that almost succeeded in creating their ONE WORLD ORDER will disappear without trace. They have no place in the future. Now that you can see them clearly for the PARASITES that they are, you can see how they have used humanity as FOOD and ENERGY to enable them to survive on Earth. Take off the rose-coloured spectacles, forget all you were taught that made slaves of you, as you were never meant to be slaves.
It has been hard work for us in spirit to help you to open up and SEE who your slave masters are, and how they enforce their so-called LAWS on you. You do not need them, you never did. See all religions for what they are; they control you through FEAR and there is no truth in them at all. Take back control of your own lives. Refuse genetically modified food. Refuse to be drugged by the water you drink and the air you breath. Ask why your government is doing this to you and making you pay for it !
Even though it may seem that everything is stacked against you, there are good people such as Harald Kautz-Vella, who has stepped forward to share his knowledge with you. Calzoncillos Slip Calvin Klein The pharmaceutical industry was designed to make you dependent on their drugs, the very same drugs that create huge problems in your lives. You do not need them. It was all designed to shorten human life and to destroy the human being. They want obedient slave robots, always at their service.
You should refuse to play their games one moment longer. You have stepped out of the prison box that you existed in, and you now see it for what it is. Everything on Earth was stacked against you, and it was all created by the Cabal, to ensure its existence on Earth, and to ensure your service as slaves to them. Everything they have, they took from you, and they showed no mercy as they took it. Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos Do not feel guilty as you say, enough is enough, I take back what is rightfully mine.
Your number one priority should be an immediate ceasefire in all wars. Peace must be restored, so people need not flee in desperation. This was planned to happen, as the Cabal wants to bring down Europe. They do not care what suffering their plans bring about. The bottom line always is WHAT SUITS THEIR PLANS TO BRING ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER. They enjoy wiping out a few thousand of what they call the USELESS EATERS. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos It all becomes clear when you step outside the box. Then you realise, that actually, you are in control of your future. Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer Good people have done their homework and learned the best ways to provide good wholesome food and energy, etc. All this they will share with you.
We will create our Centres. Unfortunately, the Cabal was successful in postponing the establishment of our first one in Ireland. When enough money is available, we will go ahead with this. The Cabal has the ability to get to people who are still in 3D, to attack what they do not want. Such people unknowingly act as agents of the Cabal. Discarding the 3D thinking is difficult for many of you; you are frightened to see it for what it is. We will, without doubt, succeed. Hard work and patience is needed.
My dear, you have survived so much. I have not forgotten that this day, last year, your life was almost snuffed out by those you went to Ireland with. We were not ready to receive you in the world of spirit, so we had to prevent their dark deeds from succeeding. You have work to do, my dear, and you will do it.
Always, your adoring, Monty.
NOTE FROM VERONICA: Regarding the ley line work in Ireland, I encourage you to watch the videos of Harald Kautz-Vella, in order to understand the great importance of these ley lines. This sacred energy must be taken back by the people for the people. A man in Ireland has offered to lead groups of you to do this work. The whole Earth will benefit.

Latest From Sheldon Nidle

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Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy


This one is about joy and about the realization that an important milestone has been passed. You are now much closer to your sacred goal of returning to your former status as physical Angels.

The final meetings are underway. Schedules are in place as a number of agreements have allowed a general release of funds and the merest of beginnings of the formal switch from the cabal to the Light.

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

13 Cauac, 13 Tzec, 12 Manik
Dratzo! The final meetings are underway. Schedules are in place as a number of agreements have allowed a general release of funds and the merest of beginnings of the formal switch from the cabal to the Light. These operations are to yield the start of the manifesting of a new reality. As stated last week, the new financial system is done and is to be gradually moved on line. Those in charge of special security for the new republics are confident that these long secret entities can at last be properly announced. This process is happening only because we have made it clear that Heaven’s programs rely on the formation of new governance and an end to the continued use of an easily manipulated fiat currency. Hence, there is to be a global prosperity based on a worldwide resetting of currency and most importantly a currency, which has a true value. That is, it is founded on the use of precious metals backing. This is at best a temporary measure as monies are shortly to disappear as processors and other related technologies appear. These devices are to be both Earth-based and Federation technologies. You are entering a time of increased consciousness and the knowledge that you are not alone.
The new governance is to be founded on the transforming of debt slavery into liberation. What does this really mean? It implies that you have transcended a whole series of core perceptions put into you by the Anunnaki and their minions millennia ago. You have reached freedom and are putting behind you the concept of lack and the feeling of being useless. Successful men and woman go beyond these beliefs. You are to take this major set of perceptions that are to alter how you think and how you see this old reality. Calvin Klein Bañadores This prosperity is to become anchored within you. The true personality of a successful person is suddenly to emerge. Mixed with this is a great dose of humility and a need to help each other. You are to view this realm in a whole new Light! You are to see the importance of creating a true community. This community is to go global and aid in the process insuring that this newly forming realm forges an end to pollution of air, water and ground. This new world is to in joy link to Gaia and to its many aspects of your galactic human family.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 6.23.25 PM
As you can see, this prosperous new realm is to form numerous new outlets to express its mercy and show its grace. You are in this wonderful mode to go beyond money and to understand fully what you are. The age of survivorism and ‘every one for themselves’ is to be over and done with. It is these magnificent Beings who are to return in joy to full consciousness. We are watching as you use this growing consciousness to prevent war, cohere government to better serve you and grow your belief in ecology. These preliminaries are only the start of what your grand collective is capable of. Tangas de Calvin Klein As these various types of funds become available, you are to use this to aid each other by the use of healing centers, the rise of vast infrastructure projects and a collective “watchdog” approach to government. This is the rise of a grand feeling within you to live in a “decent realm” filled with joy, freedom and a firm set of constitutional protections that ensure your unalienable rights. This transformation is to be aided by both your Ascended Masters and us.
These alterations of your consciousness are greatly helped by the energies, which Heaven is moving here in greater and greater numbers. These energies are altering the hormonal structure of your physical self in a very subtle manner. It is making possible these changes, which are growing your consciousness and creating within you new perceptions of this reality and all in it. You are being prepared to emerge from your childhood (this 3-D realm) and slowly advance into the very edges of your new 5-D realm. Here, you need your own Crystal Light Chambers to complete this operation. We in the Galactic Federation are overseeing this along with your own physical body Angels. This procedure is about to reach a next critical stage as you are exposed to a special prosperity made to permit you to alter how you perceive this reality. Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos This rise in prosperity is to trigger new governance and with it, a new birth of your natural rights. This is as well to signal our arrival. This is to be a new time for your preliminary introduction to your true history and your coming new responsibilities!!!

600 346690272
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This day marks a watershed in the struggle by surface humanity against the dark. Heaven has given your pathway to full consciousness. Today, you cleared a first hurtle in your slow but steady march. Toward achieving this grand goal, a benchmark can at last be noted. The minions of the Anunnaki have surrendered their power over you. Thus, the very first steps toward a much-needed prosperity are now accomplished! In addition, Heaven has authorized its various angelic guardians to ready another set of physical changes, which are to complete the first of many stages that are preparing you for full consciousness. This finished stage set the anchors for your new chakras and altered how the meridian system in your physical body operates. We are told that this foundation stage is next to lead to one in which more of your more ethereal layers are to be consolidated. This is to be monitored by the medical teams and by us.
We ask in lieu of what is happening for you to remain positive and whenever you need assistance ask for us. We are here to provide mercy and to help you learn grace in such difficult situations. We need to see ourselves as a spiritual community that is coming together to help each other through these present times. You, my Dear children, are special and are going through a most unusual operation initiated decades ago by Heaven. This sacred process is to continue and will cease once you have successfully navigated the wondrous nuances of the Crystal Light Chambers. Over 15 millennia ago, the Atlantean priesthood initially performed the first of many heinous experiments on you. This group of storied women and men were intent on preventing the breakdown of their society and wished to gain favor with their dark comrades. The outcome was odd experiments on your ancestors.

11951203 1615674622030760 1075872749598383764 n
We ask you to remain positive. In the very near future, we intend to enlarge on what we have just told you. Our joint history is a tapestry that needs to be gently unwound. Our purpose is to guide you into a full understanding of how you became a limited conscious Being and to explain in an understandable manner how you are being returned to your former state. Each of us has lived, like you, several lives of quiet desperation. Grace has given us a way acknowledged after these lifetimes to have ceremony, which returned us to our state of immortality. This state comes because Heaven wishes us to use mercy and the power of Love to guide you. Heaven wished us to represent the Divine since, in its holy judgment, we lived many spiritually exemplary lives. Thus, we were to transform through sacred ceremony and become Ascended Masters. We were sent to a spiritual “boot camp” and told about our divine service.
Today, we continued with our messages. This one is about joy and about the realization that an important milestone has been passed. You are now much closer to your sacred goal of returning to your former status as physical Angels. This journey is now ready to add some more satisfying twists.

Pillar of Light Phenomenon Occurring Again

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Keep your yeezy pas cher eye s open people

by on 18 Aug 2015 : 10:18

Keep your eyes open people. The pillar of light phenomenon is occurring again. It is nothing to be afraid of. This appears to be related to the changing of resonance of the Earth and to help it transition into a higher density in a less violent manner (EQ’s/Physical Pole Reversals etc…).

Previous scientific explanation of clear blue sky and naked eye sightings: “Ice Crystals”:


Just as some orbs are camera artifacts so are some light pillars I am sure. This does not explain why/how people are seeing these light pillars with their naked eyes and then taking video and photo’s of them. The PTB first put out articles saying they were caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere when people were reporting seeing them with the naked eye and some of these pillars were video’d and photographed from different directions by various people all seeing the same phenomenon often in the clear blue sky… Those videos and images have been pulled as fast as they are posted and the only ones left up are the ones with clouds in the bk ground to back up the ice crystal article put out when this occurred last time. There are quite a lot of images of camera artifacts of this type and of orbs that people do not see with the naked eye and only see on the image after the photo is reviewed later. Taking a photo of something you see before hand rules out a camera artifact. But this goes to show that any photo/video evidence that anyone puts forward can be debunked quickly by TPTB or skeptics. Nothing but a personal experience will suffice for most people. There will be a global event where every eye shall see and every ear shall hear (Not to sound Biblical).

The shadow wars between the cabal have heated up as well as the battle between Earth Alliance groups that have been infiltrated by the cabal and are now fighting over the financial system. There is much more going on in Asia than has been reported and there has been far more destruction in certain events than has been reported. There is heavy use of Energetic Weather and Earth Quake (EQ) technologies/weapons (Ground & Space based) as well as the use of the very few space based weapons in control of these groups (Low Earth Orbit weapons from the SDI/Star Wars Era).

Notice when these groups attempt to make good on their threat to bringing war and strife to the surface of the planet the Sphere Alliance makes a peaceful counter move that is helping change the harmonics of our planet.
The Draco Royals and Committee of 200 Chairmen are trying their best to make good on their threats after their deal of clemency was denied.

These groups are being so reactionary right now they do not realize that they are hastening their own exposure and end with each and every action they take.
Stay tuned for more information, I have a meeting tomorrow morning (early morning as usual) where I will receive more detailed information on recent events.


“Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11″

Russia Reveals 9/11 S Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein at ellite Imagery Evidence Indicating USA Gov’t Complicity In False Flag Attack


Pravda: “Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11″

PRESS RELEASE [sociallocker] This press release is perhaps the single most explosive revelation ever covered by State of the Nation. There is no story bigger than 9/11 as far as the U.S. Federal Government is concerned. Simply put, it is and has been their lynchpin. When the American people come to understand that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were in fact a false flag operation carried out by proxies of the U.S. Federal Government, everything changes. The transparent U.S. Government complicity in the coordination and coverup of the 9/11 crimes against its own citizenry has now been proven — UNEQUIVOCALLY — by mountains of scientific, circumstantial and anecdotal evidence. Only because the Mainstream Media (MSM) has relentlessly covered up this crime against humanity, for well over 13 years and counting, have the successive administrations been free from prosecution.  

That’s all about to change in 2015.

President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government have been pushed around and bullied, persecuted and prosecuted, for only defending their Motherland and their citizenry. The Western powers (a.k.a. the Anglo-American Axis or AAA) led by the USA and UK, Germany and France, Australia and Canada, as well as Israel have participated in one scheme after another in order to falsely implicate Russia for their (AAA) own crimes of genocide in the Ukriane, Palestine and elsewhere around the globe. How many fraudulent false flag operations is the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD willing to carry out in order to falsely accuse Russia? How many false flag attacks will the AAA cabal conduct … against the innocent Russian- speaking civilians of the Eastern philipp plein pas cher Ukraine ? Or, against the innocent people from other countries like those nearly 300 passengers on Malaysian Flight MH17 that Kiev military jets blew out of the sky. How many coverups can they maintain before their delusions of grandeur and illusions of faded glory catch up with them?

U.S. Foreign Policy has been run by dangerous amateurs and shameless provocateurs for decades

President Obama and VP Biden, Secretaries Kerry and Clinton, Senators McCain and Graham have each contributed majorly to the catastrophe that the Ukraine has become. George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama’s ‘illustrious’ unpaid foreign policy advisors have also substantially contributed to the diplomatic disasters that led up to the Ukraine civil war. All of these same players have likewise played significant roles in recklessly restarting the Cold War, as if the world doesn’t have enough to deal with during these tumultuous times. Now they (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, etc.) have pushed the Russians too far. Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet Let’s see what’s in store for the the present and previous U.S. Administrations that have unrelentingly used and abused Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union. The pattern of abusive statesmanship and economic terrorism began with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Comprar Bikini Calvin Klein That represents over 25 years of exploitation and victimization that Russia has suffered at the hands of the AAA. Putin’s Russia possesses indisputable scientific evidence of the real 9/11 crimes How will these same AAA politicos and power-brokers respond when Putin starts disseminating authoritative evidence which proves — beyond any doubt — that the U.S. Administration was directly involved in the 9/11 attacks? What follows is a rather crude translation of an article which recently appeared in PRAVDA, a now independent Russian news platform which is often used by the Kremlin to disseminate messages to the West. The title of the article has been translated as follows:

US fears Russian publication of satellite photos of the 9/11 tragedy

Moscow (Pravda): American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin caused Obama only small troubles so far. Analysts believe that this “calm before the storm”. Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. In the list of evidence is included the satellite images from 9/11. Published material can prove the US Government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but executed by using proxies, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression of international terrorism. The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle Eastern state corporations. The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government. Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in foreign countries. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery. If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts.. And then, how will the United States look in the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined thereby giving immediate advantage to the rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

Mystery of the “WAVE – X” & the “ARIES TOTAL BlOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE”, Sept 28th 2015

Mystery of the “WAVE Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos – X” & the “ARIES TOTAL BlOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE”, Sept 28th 2015

Portal Of The


Of the 14th Dimension

First we shall talk about the mysterious Wave – X!

Emerging from the most powerful period of the 144th Degree Lion Consciousness of the 8888, August 2015, we have now embarked upon another momentous milestone of the “COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE 14TH DIMENSION”. The Dolphins and Whales are helping birth a new Higher Consciousness within all of Humanity. However, the energy of Wave – X that is going to be released from the 28th of September, at the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, is of the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS from the 14th dimension, not of the earth dolphins at 3rd dimensional frequency. This is the Cosmic Oraphim Race Line, of which we are originally a part of. Moreover, the Wave – X of the Cosmic Oraphim Dolphin Race Line is now being released from the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, of which our solar system is a pivotal part. Just as the 144th Degree Lion Consciousness stemmed from the Great Central Sun (Sirius), similarly this new Energy of the Gamma Rays is going to descend from the second most powerful location of our galaxy, which is the Central Sun or the Galactic Core Centre. This is a Violet Sun of the Pleiades Star System. Its Hierarch is Lord Helios. Now, we have always been told by the Light to lift ourselves and stay in theVibration of Love and Joy at all times, irrespective of the karmic challenges and overwhelming drama, and this is exactly what is now going to become easier for us through the release of the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS. This is being referred to as Wave – X only because it has been a mystery till now. However, No longer! We know know what this new energy is and from where it is coming. So I shall not call it Wave – X but give it the respect it hugely deserves by referring to it with its rightful name – The COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS! The COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS shall open, or remove, the 7 SEALS that were locked into place when we first descended into dense embodiment. These SEALS locked our DNA at the cellular level, dis-abling our capacity to enlightenment, and the Illuminati helped by keeping us in a state of constant and perpetual fear. Our test has been so far to reach the elevated level of ‘Love and Joy Vibration‘ with our 7 SEALS at a locked-in position. The 7 SEALS are: Seal of separation, illusion, duality, self, sin, guilt, and suffering: all of which led us to blindness and fear. Although this was in keeping with the chosen Blueprint of earth – “Total Non-Remembrance of Source”, the Illuminati or the Dark Brotherhood made sure these Seals were never unlocked! But, overtime as the danger arose of humanity awakening from its slumber, the CERN was constructed to ensure that the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE 14TH DIMENSION did not touch earth so that the Seals would never be opened! However, the Karmic Ceiling of negative play has been reached and any further investment by the dark forces would only lead to a karmic spill-over that would affect the resonance of the entire galaxy and so, finally the Illuminati have been halted firmly in their attempt to carry on harm and retardation of the growth potential of humanity. The Universe has indeed intervened and are opening the Portal on the 28th of September, 2015, to allow the influx of theCOSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS FROM THE 14TH DIMENSION OF THE CENTRAL SUN! Now, human DNA can be activated by just a single element! And this element is the Vibration of Love. The Frequency of Love alone is needed to remove the SEALS of Fear. The Vibration of Love is but a Feeling. The Feeling of Freedom! Freedom from fear! The Feeling itself is actually the FREEDOM that comes when the seals, that which have been locking the DNA, are transmuted by the Higher Frequencies of the 14th dimensional Transmutation Energy of the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS. If these Transmutational Frequencies are not employed in dissolving the 7 SEALS, one’s that are lodged in the cellular memory, the Freedom of DNA activation cannot occur! Thus, what we need to personally and physically do, in the midst of our body chaos (the hugely challenging body changes and ascension symptoms) and trembling life, is TO BE Loving! The three words have a vibrational significance. TO BE is the highest vibrational state of existence. And Love by itself is the highest vibrational frequency of the Universe. By BEing LOVing to ourselves and all other life forms around us, on a micro and macro level, we are capacitating the opening of the SEALS. For which we must consciously breathe, slowly and deeply. As it is the BREATH that shall activate the Love Frequency through the Feeling of centeredness and calm, in the eye of the storm! Furthermore, the BREATH activates the LOTUS BODY Mer-Ka-Bah of the 14th Dimension.

Now, the LOTUS BODY Merkabahof the 14th dimension of the Central Sun is the state of BUDDHAHOOD – a condition of absolute joy, freedom from fear and freedom from all illusions, a state that enables people to overcome problems and live a life fulfilled and active, fully engaged with others and with society. Rather than stressing the impermanence and the inconsequential need to eliminate earthly desires and attachments. There is no abstinence here, only Freedom. Which, remember is the Feeling of Love indeed! This is the state of perfect inner equilibrium and outer balance. The outside world may continue to wage wars but the self remains still and maintains a serene balance at the point of a needle thinness. This is the LOTUS BODY, vibrating at the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE 14TH DIMENSION! The Lotus flower has always been of great spiritual significance in Egyptian, Hindu, and Buddhist religions. Lotus Flower to the Ancient Egyptians: has been known to be associated with Rebirth and Ra, the Sun. For a long time the LOTUS flower had been portrayed in the hieroglyphics and in the art of Upper Egypt. Lotus Flower Meaning in Buddhism: In Buddhism the LOTUS is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. Bragas de Calvin Klein The flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and yet be perfectly clean & associated with spiritual enlightenment. The eight-petaled LOTUS used in Buddhist mandalas speaks of cosmic harmony. The Lotus Flower and its Meaning in Hinduism: In Hinduism it is a thousand-petaled LOTUS, which represents spiritual illumination. Many of the gods and goddesses of Hinduism are linked to the flower, for example the Goddess of Light and Abundance – Maha Lakshmi Ma, is usually depicted as being seated atop a fully opened Lotus flower. Likewise Lord Brahma, the Trinity God of Creation (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva – the God of All That Is in Trinity), is depicted as emerging from a Lotus that crawls from the naval of the sustainer Lord Vishnu. As the flower LOTUS is able to emerge from muddy waters un-spoilt and pure, it is considered to represent a wise and spiritually enlightened quality in a person; quintessentially signifying the Victory of the Spirit over that of limited human intelligence and knowledge, with full liberation from attachment. Subsequently, this is a state we can achieve through breathing in of Love and Joy with the inflow of the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE 14TH DIMENSION! This BREATH shall consequently activate the opening of the 7 SEALS, activate thereafter our Junk DNA and all strands of DNA, activate expand and erect the Pineal Gland, and finally activate the Thymus Gland that would inevitably initiate the creation of the 8th Chakra – the Higher Heart Chakraand resurrect thereby, the Three-Fold Flame (located in the Heart Chakra) into the “One White Flame of Ascension” that shall then be seated in the 8th Chakra of the Higher Heart. This shall eventuate when the transmuting energies of the 14th Dimension collapse our Mental/Emotional/Auric Bodies into condensation of One White Body of Ascension. This body corresponds to Ray 4, the white ray of God’s Purity, Resurrection, and Ascension.           The 8th Chakra, which is the HIGHER HEART CHAKRA, is exactly where the Thymus Gland is situated. When you develop your Higher Heart you shall feel that area protrude outward slightly. It is bony on touch. Now, we move a step deeper into fundamental understanding of the function of the Breath of Love. The BREATH that activates the Merkabah of the LOTUS BODY of the 14th Dimension activates primarily the pre-requisite, that which is the permanent “GOD SEED ATOM” within our cellular body. This step must be understood carefully. At first there was only Light everywhere. Nothing else existed in contrast. This was and is the Creator Source of All That Is. One day, the Creator decided to experience Itself from the outside, as it could not experience Itself simply by being exclusive. Therefore, It allowed sparks of it’s Energy to leave itself and venture beyond to create at will whatever it wanted. Lord Metatron is the Archangel who is the Lord in charge of the first light to leave the Source. Now, the Spark as it left became an Individualized Presence from which all its creation stems. This Spark is the original Monad Self. It then joined a number of other Sparks and formed a Monad Family. This Monad Family was allocated a Ray of God ( and so we have a Monad Ray) . This is from where it all began for us! The Monad then created a Soul, and this soul went out and joined another few souls and formed a Soul Family and received a Ray for its group (and so we have a Soul Ray). This Soul then created 12 souls from within itself, each of which went into various embodiment’s at different timelines of realities. One of which is you (the Physical Ray). So we all have a Monad, a Soul, and 12 oversouls. We have each in allocation a Monad Ray (that indicates to which Monad family we originally belong), a Soul Ray (this is where we find our Soul Family of Soulmates), a Physical Ray (on which we descended into form), a Personality Ray (that indicates our complete persona, also how we appear to others), a Mental Ray (that confirms why we think the way we think), and our Astral or Emotional Ray (the Ray we are when we leave our body at night and travel). Now, in an unawakened being his soul connection maybe at its minimal level nevertheless the GOD CELL ATOM remains untouched and pure. It is never diminished nor destroyed. Calvin Klein Mujer Ropa Interior It is a Permanent God’s Cell and though inactivated it remains intact. The GOD CELL ATOM (God Seed Code) contains the Blueprint of the Divine and of our Monad. It is located in the cellular area of our Higher Heart complex of the thymus gland. It is that which contains the whole story of universal creation within itself. It contains within itself, in the most refined form, the building blocks of all creation. It also contains the blueprint or the template for what God-Source intends to create. Moreover, the energy in the GOD CELL ATOM is not linear, as on earth time, but exists and operates on the Circular Timelessness of No Space. Moreover, the GOD CELL ATOM houses within itself a Flame of Amoraea, which is living spark of God Consciousness.




  Now, when we evolve, and as we evolve, we bring into our bodies higher and higher percentages of our original Soul. Which at the start is only 1/6th of an inch in connection. But, to attain full enlightenment we must bring into our body the fullest expression of our Monad Self.

The COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE 14TH DIMENSION is here to enable this to eventuate. This is the mission of every light being who is aiming for Ascension with the Physical Body. The BREATH is the technology to pull in the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE 14TH DIMENSION that shall allow the full entry of the Monad Self into physical body. Once the Monad of the Self connects with our body and enters our cellular structure it shall immediately connect with the Permanent GOD CELL ATOM, which shall therein come online. The activation of our GOD CELL ATOM will cause changes in our heart patterns, our hormones, our endocrine biorhythms like a domino-effect. This GOD CELL ATOM is what contains the BluePrint of God Consciousness, the Blueprint of our Monad and the Blueprint of our Crystal Lotus Body. This is what the Illuminati never wanted! They have tried so hard for millions of earth’s existence to prevent God’s Light from ever entering the GOD CELL ATOM! They knew, if that happened, their reign on earth shall end in a blink of an eyelid!

When the GOD CELL ATOM shall get activated, the Three-Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom, & Power (which has already reached its full bloom of 30 feet+ by the full entry of the Soul of the now enlightening human) would begin to spin at God Speed and turn the Three-fold-Flame into “ONE WHITE FLAME of ASCENSION” (Ray Four). This would then rise from its location of the Heart Chakra into the realm of the Thymus Gland and initiate the 8th Chakra of the HIGHER HEART. The Ray of Amoraea thereafter, embodied in the GOD SEED ATOM, would in turn spin the 3rd dimensional 6 Pointed Star Merkabah of the human at such Goddess Speed, that the hexagram would hurriedly convert into aDIAMOND MER-KA-BAH OF THE CRYSTAL LOTUS BODY of the 14th Dimension.

3rd Dimensional Wheels Within Wheels Hexagram Merkabah

14th Dimension Crystal Lotus Body Diamond Mer-Ka-Bah

The Amoraea Ray is the Holy Spirit of God (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) that can only be ignited by the full entry of our Monad Self. It is the Monad Spirit that, which when enters our cellular body, connects immediately with the GOD SEED ATOM and activates its Amoraea Ray that which in turn causes the activation of the Higher Heart, the One White Body of Ascension and the Diamond Mer-Ka-Bah, our Diamond Light Body of Ascension! This is the State ofBUDDHAHOOD then achieved!

When we wish to locate our true blood light family, it is our Monadic Family, that whose Monad Ray is the same as ours. This is the highest truest family to which we fully belong and must return to. Moreover, when we reach this level of enlightenment our human blueprint is superimposed by our Monadic Blueprint of Universal Imprint. And that is when we enter the Divine Plan of God for earth! The COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS makes its grand entry through the GANESHA PORTAL, that which has already opened on September 23rd Equinox, at the exact time of the last 4th TOTAL LUNAR BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE. With this ends the two year Blood Moon Corridor of 2014-2015!

It’s an Aries Full Moon and Total Eclipse. An Aries Full Moon is very powerful and fiery that is balanced however by its opposite polarized sign of the Libra. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes completely through the Earth’s dark shadow, or umbra. During this type of eclipse, the Moon will gradually get darker and then take on a rusty or blood red colour. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of North and South America, Europe, Africa, and western Asia. It is through the chaos of the present momentum within our bodies, that we shall find the light within! The key to ignite such passion of Total Enlightenment, however, has not yet been experienced through this vehicle of our choice. The clearing and purification phase, which has indeed been on the agenda since the last few weeks with the opening of the Lion Consciousness Portal from Sirius, is now approaching its end and a New Era of Enlightenment is entering our cognitive reality! We are rising from the shoulders of the 144TH LION CONSCIOUSNESS OF SIRIUS to the Altar of THE COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE 14TH DIMENSION OF THE CENTRAL SUN!

The BREATH of Love, Joy, Freedom is the technology to take in the COSMIC DOLPHIN CONSCIOUSNESS so remember to start breathing slow and deep from now onward, and sit in preparation for this to start at the following timings:

TIME FOR FULL MOON ECLIPSE: September 28th, 2015

02:50 am UTC 08:20 am IST (India) Information for UTC and India: Event UTC Time Time in Mumbai* Visible in Mumbai Penumbral Eclipse begins 28 Cheap Burberry Cashmere Scarf Sep, 00:11:47 28 Sep, 05:41:47 Yes Partial Eclipse begins 28 Sep, 01:07:13 28 Sep, 06:37:13 No, below horizon Full Eclipse begins 28 Sep, 02:11:12 28 Sep, 07:41:12 No, below horizon Maximum Eclipse 28 Sep, 02:47:09 28 Sep, 08:17:09 No, below horizon Full Eclipse ends 28 Sep, 03:23:05 28 Sep, 08:53:05 No, below horizon Partial Eclipse ends 28 Sep, 04:27:05 28 Sep, 09:57:05 No, below horizon Penumbral Eclipse ends 28 Sep, 05:22:31 28 Sep, 10:52:31 No, below horizon Duration of Total Phase – 01 Hour 11 Mins 08 Secs Duration of Partial Phase – 03 Hours 18 Mins 43 Secs Duration of Penumbral Phase – 05 Hours 09 Mins 07 Secs Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver September 27, 07:50 pm (PDT) Denver, Salt Lake City, Calgary September 27, 08:50 pm (MDT) Chicago, Houston, San Antonio September 27, 09:50 pm (CDT) New York, Toronto, Atlanta September 27, 10:50 pm (EDT) London, Manchester, Dublin September 28, 03:50 am (GMT/BST) Paris, Rome, Berlin September 28, 04:50 am (CEST) Athens, Istanbul, Helsinki September 28, 05:50 am (EEST) Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat September 28, 06:50 am (GST) Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi September 28, 08:20 am (IST) Singapore, Kuala Lumpur September 28, 10:50 am (SGT) Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing September 28, 10:50 am (WST) Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne September 28, 12:50 pm (EST) Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) – Sept. 27, 2015 Partial umbral begins: 6:07 p.m. Total eclipse begins: 7:11 p.m. Greatest eclipse: 7:47 p.m. Total eclipse ends: 8:23 p.m. Partial umbral eclipse ends: 9:27 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) – Sept. 27, 2015 Partial umbral begins: 7:07 p.m. Total eclipse begins: 8:11 p.m. Greatest eclipse: 8:47 p.m. Total eclipse ends: 9:23 p.m. Partial umbral eclipse ends: 10:27 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT) – Sept. 27, 2015 Partial umbral begins: 8:07 p.m. Total eclipse begins: 9:11 p.m. Greatest eclipse: 9:47 p.m. Total eclipse ends: 10:23 p.m. Partial umbral eclipse ends: 11:27 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) – Sept. 27, 2015 Partial umbral begins: 9:07 p.m. Total eclipse begins: 10:11 p.m. Greatest eclipse: 10:47 p.m. Total eclipse ends: 11:23 p.m. Partial umbral eclipse ends: 12:27 a.m.

Sheldon Nidle Update

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Calvin Klein Espa�a in er fix”>



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Caban, 10 Uo, 12 Manik

Selamat Balik! The present world is one in which the old ways are still strong. Both financial and cultural events are getting ready ralph lauren pas cher to occur. The dark ran this surface world for nearly 13 millennia. Such a lengthy degree of control has set a number of cultural precedents that now need to be adjusted. You are to be freed from a seemingly endless debt slavery and a constant need for survival. These two items are to end with a debt jubilee and a coming prosperity. The dark cabal understands that its basic underpinnings are to be transformed and that they are to be isolated from you. These things are an anathema to them. Their fight-to-the-death attitude may have delayed things, but their fate is truly sealed by Heaven. The dark sits in a corner of its own making. It is bankrupt, filled with a useless fiat currency and unable to maintain its lies and massive innuendos. In short, it is quickly setting the stage for its demise. Forces are currently reviewing a number of scenarios by which all this is to end. This is to involve arrests, scandals and a reform of governance that is to permit you to learn the truth of what happened since the end of World War II.

   America became a world power and quickly reversed every scenario it had followed since the end of the Civil War. America failed to embrace its civilian and isolationist tendencies and instead quickly became the new British Empire. This process seriously altered how America works. It became a land seeking to establish itself as a vast defender of the old empire it used to resist. We watched as America created a set of lies that forged the present UFO cover-up. It fought illegal wars and persisted in keeping a draft that utterly altered the lives of many young Americans. America was doing the bidding of an oligarchy that was flexing its muscles to see just how powerful it had become. America was losing its soul and turning itself into something that Jefferson and his many associates warned about. America was creating an empire to aid the wealthy and powerful. The powerful had grown in great numbers following the culmination of the Civil War. By the beginning of World War I, this new clique had assumed its formal position of power.

   The rest of the 20th century was a repeat of what England did to maintain its status as a great power. The artificially produced depression was in fact a prelude to the Second World War. America left the war as a dominant power and created a cold war to continue its dominance. Its means of following the cruel lead of the Anunnaki assured it the role as the major nation from which the dark selected its primary minions. Nevertheless, the proclamations of Anchara and the leaving of the Anunnaki in the mid 1990s created a stumbling, which was finally highlighted by 9/11 and the resulting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These temporarily permitted them to grab an additional decade plus and brings us to the present dilemma. This is the final time when the inevitable really does occur. The present world is in a lockdown as to what our allies and us are setting up. We have promised both Heaven and our Earthly allies not to disclose much more. The dark knows that a number of cases were adjudicated against them and that a grand legal force is readying to take them down.

   We presently stand at a precipice. A number of actions continue to move forward at their own assigned pace. We are watching intently as it all plays out. This time is to end your judgment of yourselves by the perceptions you have had since childhood. With the fall of the dark, you can at last know what freedom is truly all about. When the Anunnaki left 20 years ago, they sincerely asked the cabal to give it up their ways and instead permit abundance and new governance to blossom. The cabal decided against this and, in the next decade, the American cabal assured its dominance. This dominance has worn off as the world recovered from the deeds of the Americans. We ask you to be patient and to realize what is happening behind closed doors and kept secret. The cabal seeks to somehow overturn this. There are too many who are now wise to the ways of the cabal to let them win yet again. Therefore, know deep in your heart that you have won and that this is to be manifested shortly. Then, you are to be freed and a new realm manifested before you!

   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This world is now in a great transformation. Over two decades ago, Heaven brought in a first contact team whose grand supervisors were to be the blessed orders of sisterhoods and brotherhoods, which comprise Gaia’s orders of Ascended Masters. In the beginning, it required us to formulate a plan to replace the dark with a new Light for this divine reality. After a decade of missteps, the tide slowly turned in the latter part of the first decade of the 21st Century. We became able to forge a number of suitable strategies quite capable of achieving our various goals. The most important part of this was to explain to the many ancient families how the great resources collected over the centuries were to be used to undo the power and resources of the dark cabal. This is presently fully explained to Philipp Plein Pas Cher these numerous factions and a plan is currently in effect. The deadline for this sacred plan’s conclusion is coming into view.

   This plan is approaching even as the dark threatens to pull the surface realm back toward an economic disaster. Here, we ask you to focus on success. The dark is not to be allowed to throw this realm into any form of chaos. Whether it is economic, philosophic or even a pretense to cover for another war, So far, their attempts are failing. The dark cannot escape its chosen fate. Heaven’s time to permit their silliness and keep you in the dark is finally at its end. The traps put in the dark’s plans are being revealed to them as they watch. Hence, my dear blessed Ones, be strong and trust in the Creator and the many appointed to bring Heaven’s grand plans to fruition. The information needs to remain secret until the unseen parts of our plan are fully manifested. Dear Ones, be grateful as this time is nearly at hand.

   We conclude our message filled with joy and the impending success for all. Long ago, Heaven gave this surface land to the dark for a set number of millennia. This “lease” is now ready to expire. The Light was given a sacred mandate and is readying itself to oust the dark and bring you into a new land where you are free and truly prosperous. Take this time to prepare how and where you are to put into action the divine ways by which you can achieve the true goals of your heart. Together, we are to remake this realm and unite with our spiritual, Inner Earth and space families. In this time of full consciousness, you are to learn about your spiritual and intuitive abilities. Notice how these powers are rising and know, dear Ones, that you are being readied for a most glorious set of times! We are to see how Gaia prepares for this and how you are to meet your brothers and sisters of the Light! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

   Today, another message has gone out. The decrees of the Creator are being manifested. Be in Joy and be ready to receive many gifts. Be be well prepared to use your abilities to forge a new and magnificent reality! Good things happen to those who wait! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

More About the Wave – Cosmic Awareness: Wave X

Cosmic Awareness: Wave X

“WAVE X” Cosmic Awareness, Sept. 20, 2015 Archives/20150920M.pdf That which is coming is that which has long been underway. That this Awareness will not go into great detail, but It will highlight some very relevant points It will start by highlighting that event that has been underway for several months that many are aware of, that which is called “Wave X”. That “Wave X” represents and holds within it the energy of higher consciousness, of that which this Awareness would call Divine Consciousness. It is approaching this planet, Planet Earth, Gaia, for the purpose of shifting consciousness, of breaking the strangle-hold that has been on the planet for so long by a select few, extraterrestrial ones and those that serve them. That the ones in power know this, and that there have been attempts to divert this “Wave,” notably the firing up of the Cern Hadron Collider, which was meant to send a beam x split this “Wave”, divert this “wave”. This attempt failed. Therefore, those in power are faced with having to take another course of action. That course of action is to rather create the New World Order, that which has been striven for and driven for and towards for so long. That there will be an attempt in this week coming, through the auspices of the organization known as the United Nations to present an agenda that is allegedly for the benefit of humanity. This agenda will be known by a title such as “Agenda 2030”. That the Pope will also be arriving to address the UN Council in this time period. Indeed, his will be an address that is meant to fire up humanity so that they come together to assist and help those who are underprivileged, the impoverished, the poor, those who have the greatest needs. He will of course be seen as the Great Spiritual Leader who is trying to spark human responsibility towards this. That this will occur on the 23rd of September, and that this will be followed a few days later on the 25th with this agenda of action that will be presented to the member countries of the United States and the world in the United States, at the UN Council, to create a plan of action. Calzoncillos Boxer Baratos Needless to say, this plan of action, this agenda is already drawn up, and while it may seem to be a document of great significance, highlighting the need to come together to help those who have the greatest need and to help the environment and the sustainability of the environment, its true purpose is something completely different. It is the public declaration finally and at last of the true purpose of the New World Order. That the many who have so long worked diligently to bring the planet and to bring humanity to this point, must finally declare this publicly, and it will be so. This is the true intent and purpose of this new “Agenda 2030”. That this is all within this week coming. This is so that the minds and the attention, and the beliefs of humanity can be misdirected. If they could not divert the “Wave” that would hit and cause many to awaken, then it is at least their hope, their intent and their plan to capture the minds and divert them, misdirect them, as is the usual way of things, as they have always done. That the energies of this week will be quite extreme and for many who are sensitive to energy, that they may find this a challenging week, especially on the 27th of September when this Wave of Divine Consciousness engulfs the world, the planet itself. That this week is a week to be reflective, to listen deeply to those who present the plan of New World Order, One World Governance, One World Government. That this is a week unlike any week ever, and that the potency and power can be used for good or ill, depending on how one looks at things, how one acts or reacts, what one believes in. This Awareness would ask all to be aware at this time that this extraordinary event is indeed coming, is indeed almost here. That those in power, in their desperation, will try many things to misdirect attention and focus so that they, those who might be affected will not look upward, will not look inward, but rather will follow the calling of those who have so long misled and deceived. Bikini Calvin Klein That it is a time for choice: to choose the highest and the most positive, or to believe the liars and deceivers and to be misled down a garden path. That this week coming is a week of greatest importance for all. Thank you Awareness. Well it seems to me that the One World Government is another hierarchical system, just like all of the other Babylonian systems that have been in place on this planet for many thousands of years. So far their track record has not been very good as far as the majority of the population is concerned. This will not be any different and people need to realize that. This is correct, people do need to wake up to this hierarchical structure, this Babylonian way of staying in power. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos It is a system designed for an elite few. That what has been used traditionally to describe this system is that of the pyramid. That the ones at the top are the ones that have the most power and privilege, they have acted always to ensure that the elites at the top, the Powers That Be that control, remain in control, and continue to have the benefit of their position. This is the Babylonian model, and that it has been remarketed many times over since those early times in Sumer, in Sumaria, when in the Mesopotamian region, those extraterrestrial beings came to this planet and established themselves as “gods”. That these ones are still behind this, are still at the top of the structure of the pyramid, and have continually since that time remarketed themselves over and over again into their roles of prestige and power and privilege. There was a that time when they did this openly. That they calzoncillos boxer baratos were the “gods” and they were to be honored, and they created class structures at the top: the elites, at the bottom: the lower ones, the ones that were unimportant to the ones at the top, for they did not see them as relevant, but they did see them as slaves, to be used for their own purpose. That this has continued to be the case and one can go through history and see always the elite classes, the ones in power, at the top and how they have been held in their positions of privilege by the ones upon whom they have used. They have ridden upon the backs of those below them, and this continues to be so. That this is a Reptilian/Orion/Anunnaki extraterrestrial model, for those are the ones that are at the top. They are still at the top, and they are still trying to retain this hierarchical order. The base of the pyramid, the great unwashed, if you will, from their point of view, is to be used. It is the power upon which they ride and if it were not for the base they could not be sustained. Bañadores Calvin Klein Hombre That when there is talk of sustainable resources, remember that these ones are also referring to the humans at the bottom, upon which they ride and are supported by. But if the base were to collapse, if the corner for example of a pyramid is removed, would not the whole pyramid be disrupted, would the whole pyramid not come down? That is what is about to occur: that base to this structure of power and deservedness that has so long been in place, is about to be removed, and these ones at the top are desperate that this does not occur, for if this were to occur, they would come down, their structure would collapse. Thank you Awareness. We’ve heard about how the Wave is going to affect humanity, but we also know that our Mother, Gaia Sophia herself, is also using this Wave in order to make her correction. Would you like to comment on that? That this Awareness will simply say that this is so. That the Earth is a sentient being, that the Earth is conscious and that she too, for it is a feminine energy that is the consciousness of Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia, Sophia-Gaia, that she is as well ready for a shift in consciousness, to move forward in her own evolutionary process. That as she evolves, those on the planet who are in alignment with her will also evolve. Those who are not in alignment, those who have abused Mother Earth for so long, will go another direction. That this becomes complicated, for this becomes an issue in a matter of timelines, and following certain timelines. But that the timeline of Mother Earth that would take her to her Ascension in consciousness, into her expanded consciousness, is of a nature that those who are themselves seeking to expand their consciousness, their awareness, will also move with her. And what sort of actions would she be taking? From physical actions, geological, geophysical actions. That the types of actions that could occur are those that are already happening, such as earthquakes. This Awareness reminds all that most recently within the last week that there was a major earthquake off the coast of Chile and that there is seen that there are other geological events that could well happen as she shifts, as she moves. Weather events, not necessarily those that are artificially induced, such as the HAARP and Tesla technological attack upon the United States, upon the West Coast which has created a shield that has diverted the jet stream northwards, thus perverting the normal flows that would have brought, and would bring moisture. That these are artificial, these are manmade, if you will. But it is seen that as Mother Earth shifts and moves, there can be more extreme weather events, volcanic eruptions and other natural events that will occur because of the movement of Mother Earth, the shifting of the geomagnetic lines of force as well. These are but a few events. But rather than focusing on such events, to understand that if one is in alignment with the spiritual consciousness of both Mother Earth as well as Divine Source, that one will not necessarily be devastated or destroyed, even if one is in such an event. Thank you Awareness. There are many questions that I could ask but right now is not the right time. So I just thank you for what you have told us today and no doubt we will be hearing more news as the days go past. Thank you for this session. That this Awareness would end by simply saying the week ahead will be unlike any that has yet been. Many will never even understand or recognize this while it is happening, but many will certainly be affected and feel something is different. This something is the arrival of that spiritual consciousness that has ratcheted everything up to the next notch. Know this and work with this, and know also that this is part of that which is the Divine Plan, and that it is time to bring down the pyramid. It is time to dethrone those pretenders who have so long manipulated and controlled humanity. It is time for humanity to really and truly start its long journey back to its own former glory, its own true state of being, that it is the time and the time is now.